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private signingGreat job on getting the card done and returned promptlyTrade LVgrapher (387)2/23/2023
sellerthanks for the quick paymentTrade gcasia23 (1)11/3/2022
private signingPerfect signatures exactly where I asked for themTrade beezer341 (101)10/28/2022
private signingGreat autograph. Nicely done and quick return.Trade lutherlafy (720)9/24/2022
private signingThanks...quickly shippedTrade LVgrapher (387)7/30/2022
sellerNice quick payment. Good communiction.Trade gcasia23 (1)7/12/2022
tradeGreat trading partner. He did all the work setting this up.Trade Kaneen (210)7/10/2022
buyerGreat card, quickly shipped. Good communicationTrade cathy (249)6/9/2022
50-50 / consignmentFinished 2 of 4 sent but they were nice.ThanksTrade dugoutdug (659)2/6/2022
sellerthank you for quick paymentTrade Carolinahalls (8)1/28/2022
sellerNice quick payment. Good communication.Trade 01MikeP (111)1/31/2021
private signingPerfect signature as I would have hoped. Thanks!!Trade bluejay50 (470)7/5/2020
sellerNice fast payment. Thanks!!Trade campryan (101)5/31/2020
sellerQuick payment. ThanksTrade uaa5246 (63)2/27/2020
tradeThanks for quick paymentTrade sox1 (224)3/11/2019
sellerPrompt payment. ThanksTrade LawrenceH68 (5)2/22/2019
buyerGreat card as described. Quick safe shipping!!Trade prestomets (234)2/3/2019
50-50 / consignmentMy cards arrived too late to get signed. He sent them back paying for postage.Trade cort10 (527)1/26/2019
private signingThank youTrade Autographsink (314)12/11/2018
buyerGreat card. Quickly delivered. Thanks LamarTrade tha-rock (661)9/28/2018
50-50 / consignmentGreat as always. Thanks DougTrade 4192HITS (688)6/30/2018
buyerGreat price for SCN members. Quick shipping.Trade ddtjman (374)6/14/2018
buyerJohn...thank you so much for helping me get German stamps!!Trade doublex (210)5/8/2018
private signingSigning took place and card signedTrade Badgley_Signings (371)1/22/2018
private signingGreat as always. Thanks ChrisTrade Rip8cp1 (316)10/21/2015
sellerNice quick payment. ThanksTrade seanbaseball99 (192)6/30/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat as always. Perfect signature!! ThanksTrade 4192HITS (688)6/8/2015
sellerNice quick payment. Thank youTrade CenterFieldSport (78)4/13/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentThese cards were great.Trade 4192HITS (688)3/31/2015
private signingEverything was perfect. Great deal on a card I never thought I'd bne able to get signed.Trade THEKID1 (184)3/22/2015
sellerCheck sent right away. ThanksTrade seanbaseball99 (192)2/18/2015
sellerNice quick payment. ThanksTrade nottheface (29)1/6/2015
private signingGreat as always. Thanks for taking the time to do this.Trade doliveira8 (171)5/7/2014
private signingOutstanding member of our community.Trade orr23mj (1572)12/22/2013
private signingMagnificent as alwaysTrade orr23mj (1572)12/22/2013
private signingGreat as always Tom. ThanksTrade orr23mj (1572)9/14/2013
private signingTwo great signed cards. Had them signed just as I asked. Thanks!!!Trade Badgley_Signings (371)8/14/2013
private signingCard was signed perfectly as wanted. ThanksTrade Badgley_Signings (371)8/14/2013
buyerGreat card. Quickly shipped. Thanks Tom.Trade orr23mj (1572)8/11/2013
private signingAnother great deal. Thanks ChrisTrade Rip8cp1 (316)7/23/2013
50-50 / consignmentCards were signed just as I wanted. Thanks !!!Trade luckymike32 (305)7/9/2013
50-50 / consignmentThank you. Card was perfect.Trade ultimatemma (84)6/16/2013
50-50 / consignmentVery nicely done. Thank you for doing this!!Trade ultimatemma (84)6/16/2013
private signingGreat as always. Thanks Tom!!Trade orr23mj (1572)5/31/2013
private signingOutstanding care in making sure my card was signed the way I wanted.Trade doliveira8 (171)5/11/2013
tradeA great asset to our site. Trade with confidence.Trade chisox5967 (58)2/18/2013
private signingGot my card signed for me. Thanks for your effortsTrade crash (161)1/4/2013
private signingCards were signed just as I wanted. Thanks!!!Trade FJ_Foundation (188)12/30/2012
private signingCard signed just as I wanted. Thanks for your help!!Trade bfreese (195)12/10/2012
private signingThanks for going the extra mile to get mine signed!!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)12/2/2012
private signingCard signed perfectly as asked. Thanks Tom !!Trade orr23mj (1572)11/27/2012
private signingGreat card. Signed just as asked. Thanks Tom!!Trade orr23mj (1572)11/27/2012
private signingAnother great successful transaction. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)11/25/2012
private signingGreat autograph and service from ChrisTrade Rip8cp1 (316)11/25/2012
private signingGreat as always. Thanks Tom!!Trade orr23mj (1572)11/22/2012
private signingGreat as always Tom. Thanks !!!Trade orr23mj (1572)10/14/2012
private signingThanks Tom. The card was signed as I wanted.Trade orr23mj (1572)9/20/2012
private signingThanks Chris. Everything was signed perfectly!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)9/17/2012
private signingThree cards perfectly signed as I wanted. ThanksTrade bamarichard (182)9/12/2012
private signingGreat signature placed where I wanted it. ThanksTrade bamarichard (182)9/12/2012
private signingAwesome card as always. Great signing.Trade deano (916)8/16/2012
private signingGreat as always. Thank you Chris!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)8/14/2012
private signingCard signed just I asked. Great job. Thank you!!Trade JustCrazy (884)8/14/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat job!! Just as I asked for. Thank you.Trade jeserone (778)8/14/2012
private signingGreat as always. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)7/25/2012
private signingGreat card. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)7/25/2012
private signingGreat job on this card.Trade Rip8cp1 (316)7/25/2012
50-50 / consignmentCards came back great. ThanksTrade Time2Graph (249)7/6/2012
private signingCard came back perfect. ThanksTrade deano (916)7/6/2012
50-50 / consignmentCard was just fine. ThanksTrade Time2Graph (249)7/6/2012
private signingThe cards were great. Thanks for the care in getting them to me!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)5/8/2012
private signingGreat card. Signed as I asked for. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)5/3/2012
private signingGreat as always. Signed just as I wanted. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)4/26/2012
private signingCard signed exactly as I wanted it signed. thanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)3/12/2012
private signing2 great signed cards. ThanksTrade Silverbacksports (821)1/28/2012
private signing4 great signed cards. ThanksTrade Silverbacksports (821)1/28/2012
private signingTwo cards signed exactly as I wanted them. Thanks!!Trade hgreene24 (253)12/27/2011
private signingMcLain canceled. Hope you can get him again.Trade Rip8cp1 (316)12/18/2011
private signingGreat as alwaysTrade Rip8cp1 (316)12/4/2011
private signingAnother great cardTrade Rip8cp1 (316)12/4/2011
private signingGreat as alwaysTrade Rip8cp1 (316)12/4/2011
buyerAll cards signed exactly as asked. Great pictures too.Trade jamieblye (1476)10/30/2011
private signingNice quick return. ThanksTrade Silverbacksports (821)10/8/2011
private signingGreat as always. Thanks!!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)10/5/2011
private signingGreat as always. ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)10/5/2011
private signingBummer he backed out, but thanks for trying!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)9/27/2011
private signingAnother nice smooth transactionTrade Rip8cp1 (316)9/24/2011
private signingA great signed card just as I asked to have it signed.Trade Rip8cp1 (316)7/8/2011
private signingGreat signing. Just as I asked for the card to be signed.Trade Rip8cp1 (316)7/8/2011
private signingCard returned after Mr Queen passed away.Trade Rip8cp1 (316)7/8/2011
private signingGreat card. Will be back. Thanks!!Trade SIGNATURES (940)5/5/2011
private signing2 great looking cards!! ThanksTrade Rip8cp1 (316)4/24/2011
private signingAll three cards came back just as I wanted them. Thanks!!Trade Rip8cp1 (316)2/23/2011
tradeGreat items for my collection. Thanks Marty!!Trade martyesullivan (314)2/3/2011
tradeAlways great to work with agee. Thanks!!Trade agee (185)1/11/2011
tradeThanks for the quick payment Brain.Trade Chode36 (315)2/13/2010
tradeNice quick payment. ThanksTrade esiason14 (187)8/29/2009
tradeCheck arrived promptly. Thanks for making this so easyTrade rynohof23 (366)8/27/2008
tradeThanks Bob...always great to trade with you!!Trade ducky1978 (276)3/24/2008
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