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PLAYERS & TEAMS > BASEBALL TEAMS > Cleveland Indians >

Team OverviewPlayer RosterLatest Sigs By MailPrivate Signings

45 Players Found - 40 Deceased Players - 5 Hall of Famers
Averill, Earl Jr 7198Add to Favorites
Avila, Bobby 01713Add to Favorites
Bell, Gary237514Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Bragan, Bobby 5238Add to Favorites
Brodowski, Dick 7596Add to Favorites
Brown, Dick 079Add to Favorites
Carrasquel, Chico 12011Add to Favorites
Churn, Chuck 033Add to Favorites
Colavito, Rocky 09216Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Constable, Jim 017Add to Favorites
Doby, Larry  05613Add to Favorites
Ferrarese, Don14819Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Garcia, Mike (1948-61) 02714Add to Favorites
Geiger, Gary 01612Add to Favorites
Gordon, Joe  089Add to Favorites
Graber, Rod 001Add to Favorites
Grant, Jim "Mudcat" 119418Add to Favorites
Hardy, Carroll 10629Add to Favorites
Harrell, Billy 2184Add to Favorites
Hatfield, Fred 01912Add to Favorites
Held, Woodie 32718Add to Favorites
Hunter, Billy6489Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Jackson, Randy "Ransom" 106312Add to Favorites
Kelly, Bob096Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Lemon, Bob  67920Add to Favorites
Maris, Roger 02613Add to Favorites
Martin, Morris "Morrie" 42313Add to Favorites
McLish, Cal 54012Add to Favorites
Minoso, Orestes "Minnie"  49318Add to Favorites
Moran, Billy 16528Add to Favorites
Mossi, Don 229512Add to Favorites
Naragon, Hal 128211Add to Favorites
Narleski, Ray 3426Add to Favorites
Nixon, Russ 226013Add to Favorites
Porter, J.W. 6467Add to Favorites
Power, Vic 02915Add to Favorites
Raines, Larry 002Add to Favorites
Ridzik, Steve 21513Add to Favorites
Score, Herb 10718Add to Favorites
Tomanek, Dick 5166Add to Favorites
Vernon, Mickey 69017Add to Favorites
Ward, Preston 12612Add to Favorites
Wertz, Vic 04320Add to Favorites
Wilhelm, Hoyt  08926Add to Favorites
Woodeshick, Hal 31813Add to Favorites
  Denotes Hall of Famer
  Denotes the person is Deceased
  Denotes the person requires a fee or donation to sign.
  Denotes the community has added info for this person.
  Denotes there is an upcoming Paid/Private Signing.
  Denotes information for Premium Subscribers only
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