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PLAYERS & TEAMS > BASEBALL TEAMS > Cleveland Indians >

Team OverviewPlayer RosterLatest Sigs By MailPrivate Signings

44 Players Found - 40 Deceased Players - 7 Hall of Famers
Aguirre, Hank 01816Add to Favorites
Altobelli, Joe 326610Add to Favorites
Avila, Bobby 01713Add to Favorites
Colavito, Rocky 09216Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Daley, Bud339211Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Dente, Sam 088Add to Favorites
Doby, Larry  05613Add to Favorites
Evers, Hoot 01714Add to Favorites
Fain, Ferris 2329Add to Favorites
Feller, Bob  222909Add to Favorites
Foiles, Hank 128016Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Garcia, Mike (1948-61) 02714Add to Favorites
Gray, Ted 42511Add to Favorites
Harrell, Billy 2184Add to Favorites
Hegan, Jim 22915Add to Favorites
Houtteman, Art 01511Add to Favorites
Kiner, Ralph  51349Add to Favorites
Kuhn, Ken 043Add to Favorites
Lemon, Bob  67920Add to Favorites
Locklin, Stu 002Add to Favorites
Lopez, Al  35617Add to Favorites
Maglie, Sal 13613Add to Favorites
Majeski, Hank 01111Add to Favorites
Mitchell, Dale 01210Add to Favorites
Mossi, Don 229512Add to Favorites
Naragon, Hal 128211Add to Favorites
Narleski, Ray 3426Add to Favorites
Newhouser, Hal  1368Add to Favorites
Pawloski, Stan001Add to FavoritesAdd Request by MailAdd In Person Request
Philley, Dave 05121Add to Favorites
Pope, Dave 0106Add to Favorites
Regalado, Rudy 273Add to Favorites
Rosen, Al 301559Add to Favorites
Santiago, Jose (1954-56) 073Add to Favorites
Score, Herb 10718Add to Favorites
Simpson, Harry 0913Add to Favorites
Smith, Al 22813Add to Favorites
Strickland, George 53211Add to Favorites
Wertz, Vic 04320Add to Favorites
Westlake, Wally 168513Add to Favorites
Wight, Bill 02014Add to Favorites
Woodling, Gene 05616Add to Favorites
Wynn, Early  19216Add to Favorites
Young, Bobby 039Add to Favorites
  Denotes Hall of Famer
  Denotes the person is Deceased
  Denotes the person requires a fee or donation to sign.
  Denotes the community has added info for this person.
  Denotes there is an upcoming Paid/Private Signing.
  Denotes information for Premium Subscribers only
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