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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerGreat!!bkritz (562)5/14/2021
tradeGreat transaction, thanksraynlib (114)12/12/2020
tradeGreat to work with sccrow (119)12/11/2020
tradeGreat to work with sccrow (119)12/11/2020
tradeGreat to work with sccrow (119)12/11/2020
tradeGreat to work with sccrow (119)12/11/2020
sellerGreat cards, great deal - always a pleasure to work with A+++royboyct (164)12/7/2020
tradeEasy to work with - thank you!ucffans (237)12/6/2020
tradeShould have sent positive feedback sooner. RIP frienducffans (237)12/6/2020
tradeAlways a pleasure. Thank you!jkovach (29)3/14/2020
buyerGreat to work with. Thank you!jkovach (29)3/11/2020
tradeA+jaycoutta (50)2/25/2020
tradeGreat trade and thanks for the extras!j24g34 (253)12/10/2019
sellerNice card and auto Peppmeier (44)12/9/2019
tradeThanks Jerry!TD30forHOF (80)12/8/2019
tradeTTD30forHOF (80)12/8/2019
sellerThank You. Fast turnaroundSteelieMike82 (55)12/8/2019
sellerGreat seller fast shippingyborrajessi (54)12/6/2019
tradeAlways great to deal with. Thanks!!!!!dabulls (616)11/22/2019
sellerWho dat? Card looks good-thanks.Mark22 (142)11/21/2019
tradeThanks! Fast! Great Member! chevimpala00 (47)11/19/2019
offer 50-50 / consignmentAAA+++orr23mj (1570)11/8/2019
buyerA pleasure, thanks againDodgerDog (735)11/3/2019
tradeThanks for PIFRass83 (149)11/2/2019
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (671)10/26/2019
tradeLove the PIF threads! Enjoy!devilsfan15 (406)10/26/2019
tradeGlad I could help. Enjoy the card. D-Rock (273)10/24/2019
tradeGood communication and trade, thanks for the extras!ironcity1979 (34)10/22/2019
tradeAwesome member. Thank you for your generosity.phillyfan44 (156)10/15/2019
tradeGreat member. I hope you enjoy the card.phillyfan44 (156)10/5/2019
tradeThanks for the great trade! Easy to work with. ducky1978 (276)9/30/2019
tradeThanks, Jerry, for the Cassell and the Patriots rookie cards!ddtjman (374)9/24/2019
tradeAlways a pleasure! ddtjman (374)9/18/2019
tradeGood job keep posting in PIF. BensonTim (326)9/15/2019
tradePIFRass83 (149)9/13/2019
tradethanks for the PIF auto!devilsfan15 (406)9/7/2019
tradeglad you liked your card!devilsfan15 (406)9/7/2019
sellerPerfect, thank you...Gremedies (218)9/4/2019
sellerSmooth transaction - great to work with - thanks!ILikeAutos (130)9/4/2019
tradeAlways great to deal with. A+++ Member!!!dabulls (616)9/2/2019
tradeGood Marcus Allen card. Enjoy your Yepremian card. ThanksNeddcardz (174)8/31/2019
tradeVery glad to help out- Thanks!maxthepupp (93)8/6/2019
tradeSimple easy trade, thanks.BensonTim (326)8/5/2019
sellerGreat cards, great deal, quick shipping. Thank youroyboyct (164)6/15/2019
sellerAlways great to trade with, thanks!rynohof23 (366)6/14/2019
sellerGot them today as described, Thanks! and for the extras!blee1 (70)6/13/2019
tradethank youblah (55)6/12/2019
buyerQuick payment. Enjoy the card!fishlips (267)6/6/2019
tradeThanks!leslierockstravi (232)6/1/2019
tradethanksjbeiermann (671)3/30/2019
tradeThank you for the card!tryfinski (528)3/8/2019
tradeSmooth trade, thanks. A+CopperJJ (282)3/4/2019
tradeGreat SCN memberorutulsa (178)2/16/2019
sellerAAA +++ thanksmidog (421)2/2/2019
tradeThanks, enjoy the card. A++ Member!!dabulls (616)1/22/2019
buyerGreat to work with!rjp85 (168)1/22/2019
sellerGot the cards today. Awesome as always. Thanks Jerry! TD30forHOF (80)1/18/2019
sellerAAA+++ thanksmidog (421)1/15/2019
sellerAAA+++ thanksmidog (421)1/15/2019
sellerthank youjcq08 (551)1/11/2019
tradeGreat guy! Happy collecting Jerry!kevin34 (432)1/9/2019
tradeCard Looks great. Thanks for the Brady as well.tecumesh44 (72)12/24/2018
tradeEasy to work with - no problemsucffans (237)12/10/2018
tradeenjoyjcq08 (551)12/3/2018
tradeThanks for your generosity!philly84 (495)12/1/2018
tradeThanks for the auto . Much appreciateddrwinkie (251)11/30/2018
tradeGreat transaction will do business with againqriggins (195)10/27/2018
tradeThanks!Cowtipper (48)10/17/2018
tradequick shipping awesome card great to deal withce1012 (757)8/20/2018
tradeI hope you enjoyed the cards.BensonTim (326)8/14/2018
tradeThank you!iamfess (132)7/23/2018
tradeThanks Jerry! You're the best!TD30forHOF (80)7/23/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat Card. Thank You .Neddcardz (174)7/19/2018
tradegreat thank you blah (55)6/29/2018
sellerGreat to work with!casey15 (50)6/25/2018
sellerThank You! You was Awesome! Thanks for the Help! Glitter (10)6/13/2018
tradeeasy to work withsccrow (119)6/9/2018
tradeThank Neddcardz (174)6/7/2018
tradeAwesome as always!TD30forHOF (80)6/7/2018
tradeGreat card. Thank You. Neddcardz (174)6/5/2018
tradeFantastic to work with; thanks!orutulsa (178)6/4/2018
tradeJerry's the best!TD30forHOF (80)5/30/2018
tradeAwesome card! Thanks!TD30forHOF (80)5/30/2018
tradeGlad I could help, Jerry.byamrcn (109)5/29/2018
tradeThank you. Enjoy. Neddcardz (174)5/29/2018
tradeAwesome Card, Thanks!!!teleman911 (303)5/27/2018
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with. Thanks!!!!dabulls (616)5/14/2018
tradeAlways great to deal with. Thanks for the card. dabulls (616)5/14/2018
tradeGreat member. Thanks for paying it forward!rmw10 (214)5/14/2018
selleran abolute pleasure dealing with a great member of this site, thank you again!hawaiianbambam (210)5/13/2018
tradeGreat member!ucffans (237)5/11/2018
tradeTwo thumbs upucffans (237)5/11/2018
tradeGreat member - enjoy working with himucffans (237)5/11/2018
buyergreat member to work withmilb08 (326)5/8/2018
tradeOn its way ! Thanks for PIF-ing !maxthepupp (93)5/1/2018
tradeThanks for the auto drwinkie (251)4/28/2018
tradeThanks for the trade! Great communication - helped me finish up a set! Winters02 (88)4/23/2018
sellerthanksscottdfran (320)4/22/2018
tradeThank youjcq08 (551)4/21/2018
buyerQuick payment great to deal withce1012 (757)3/9/2018
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (671)3/4/2018
tradeEnjoy the card and pay it forward drwinkie (251)2/18/2018
sellerGreat autographed card, very fast delivery, thank you!!Bernie (328)2/6/2018
tradeThank you for your generosity. Awesome member. phillyfan44 (156)1/24/2018
tradeEnjoy the auto. Thanks dabulls (616)1/23/2018
tradeEnjoyjcq08 (551)1/23/2018
tradeI hope you enjoy the card, pay it Forward!Bernie (328)1/1/2018
tradeThx, great to deal withxtrain000 (251)12/18/2017
tradeGreat Member. Thanks!!!dabulls (616)10/12/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (671)10/10/2017
buyerThanksmunson1978 (330)10/5/2017
tradeAwesome member.ddtjman (374)10/3/2017
buyerquick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)7/27/2017
buyerThanks for an easy transaction!cardsfan41 (151)7/17/2017
tradeThanks for participating. D-Rock (273)7/16/2017
tradeThanks for Paying Forward!clocker_rdw (165)7/12/2017
tradeYou're awesome Jerry!TD30forHOF (80)7/9/2017
tradeGreat to work with daveteach (156)7/8/2017
buyerGreat Member. Enjoy your auto card. Thanks!!!dabulls (616)6/12/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (671)6/7/2017
tradethanksjcq08 (551)10/31/2016
tradeFantastic member - and thanks for the Boilermaker extras!!! :-)orutulsa (178)9/17/2016
tradeThanks so much!hartwick11 (174)9/9/2016
tradePay it forward!iamfess (132)9/7/2016
sellerA+++ best trader on the site!cusesteve (26)9/7/2016
tradeThank you for the generositytryfinski (528)8/29/2016
tradeThanks Jerry! Great member to deal with.tigernut (190)8/24/2016
tradepay it forward!tryfinski (528)8/12/2016
tradeGreat!bewers91 (112)8/9/2016
tradeAwesome member. Thank you!ucffans (237)8/6/2016
buyerThanks for the purchase!clarkzac (108)7/12/2016
tradeGreat card and I love the Von rookies!! Thank you my friend!!TD30forHOF (80)6/28/2016
tradeThanks again!pmpage (110)6/21/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (671)6/10/2016
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (916)6/7/2016
tradeGreat trader. Thanks for the great cards!pmpage (110)6/3/2016
buyerGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)5/23/2016
buyerQuick payment thanks bowme1 (205)5/23/2016
buyerQuick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)5/19/2016
tradenice cards, thanks!LSUby50 (440)5/18/2016
tradeThanks for your generosity and for the extras!rynohof23 (366)5/13/2016
tradethanks for the Cliff Harris auto.devilsfan15 (406)5/10/2016
tradeQuick and easy payment, Thanks!!radconjohn (129)5/8/2016
tradethanks for the card!!LSUby50 (440)4/25/2016
tradeawesome member, great card!!dak190 (221)4/23/2016
tradeThanks for the Yankee autos & Jeter rcdevilsfan15 (406)4/12/2016
tradeokbigtex72 (64)3/25/2016
buyerQuick payment great to deal with ce1012 (757)3/19/2016
tradeThank you.DeadHorse (157)12/9/2015
tradeEnjoy your card - pay it forward!ucffans (237)8/30/2015
tradeThank you very much. Great transaction.jkovach (29)7/25/2015
tradeThe best! Great Trader! Thanks So much!lukebeyer33 (87)7/18/2015
tradeSmooth and easy trade. Thank you.ucffans (237)6/12/2015
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)6/3/2015
tradeEnjoy the signature.Glad I could add to your collection.Great to deal with!tigernut (190)5/16/2015
tradeThanks for the card Jerry, it is a great addition to my collection. Thanks so much. God Bless!!!!!!!D-Rock (273)5/3/2015
buyerthank you for trusting me with your collecting needs!!!jeserone (778)4/24/2015
tradeA+, never an issue! jbeiermann (671)4/16/2015
tradePIF Great Member!Dirkasaurus (94)4/8/2015
sellerThank you very much for the PIF Bartkowski signed card:)Bernie (328)3/27/2015
tradeThanks for your generosity!rynohof23 (366)3/27/2015
tradeGreat SCN member, Thanks.A+++++z722 (262)3/27/2015
tradeGreat member to deal with. Thanks again.backroadcat (268)1/26/2015
tradethanks for the help!jcq08 (551)1/21/2015
buyerQuick Pay A+++ Shipped the card 1/7 ThanksTim328 (158)1/8/2015
buyerthank you very much!dw1017 (665)12/19/2014
tradeGreat communication. Thanks for the trade.michaeland (472)11/8/2014
tradeTHANKSbigtex72 (64)10/27/2014
tradeAwesome trader. I offered free cards and he gave me cards for my collection unsolicited. Many thanksMattingly23 (59)10/20/2014
tradeA++, the man the legend- very timely and great communicationjbeiermann (671)10/4/2014
tradeNo issues at all, thanks! Would gladly trade with any time. A+jbeiermann (671)9/19/2014
tradeThanks, no issues, good to deal with!jbeiermann (671)9/3/2014
buyerShipped July 14alexizhot (119)7/14/2014
buyerShipping out July 7. Thanks!alexizhot (119)7/5/2014
tradeEnjoy the signature.Glad I could add to your collection.tigernut (190)7/1/2014
tradeAwesome cards. THANKS - as always!MadHatter (88)6/23/2014
tradethanks for the cards!jcq08 (551)6/21/2014
buyerSuper fast payment, thank youbiggez99 (280)5/2/2014
tradeVery nice card, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!den7373 (233)3/7/2014
tradeThanks for the card Jerry, it is a great addition to my collection. Thanks so much. God Bless!!!!!!!D-Rock (273)2/9/2014
tradeAweaome card. Thanks for your generosity!greg2876 (175)11/17/2013
tradeEnjoy the cards, glad I could add to your collection!tigernut (190)11/17/2013
tradeThanks...nice trade!!midog (421)11/13/2013
tradeGreat cards - thanks!MadHatter (88)10/28/2013
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick Shipping. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)10/28/2013
tradeGreat card - thanks for your generosity!lczx02 (136)10/21/2013
buyerExcellent transaction, would do business againkstateforever (228)10/15/2013
buyerGlad I could help, Jerry--good luck with the collection.byamrcn (109)10/14/2013
tradeEnjoy the cards, glad I could add to your collection!tigernut (190)10/13/2013
tradeThank you so much!sallylggrapher (67)10/13/2013
buyerGreat member to deal with. Enjoy the card.backroadcat (268)10/7/2013
sellerThanks for the cards - very much appreciated!MadHatter (88)10/5/2013
tradeThanks!Royals_Chiefs (323)10/3/2013
tradeFantastic trader; great transaction! Thank you!orutulsa (178)9/30/2013
tradegreat thanks!!sallylggrapher (67)9/30/2013
tradeAwesome trader Thank You!!!!!!!!!!Philliesdad (45)9/29/2013
tradeAwesome trader Thank You!!!!!!!!!!Philliesdad (45)9/29/2013
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)9/28/2013
tradeAwesome card from Nevin a lifelong thorn in my side!!teleman911 (303)9/28/2013
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)9/28/2013
tradeAwesome trader Thank You!!!!!!!!!!Philliesdad (45)9/26/2013
buyerEasy to deal with!wingedfoot97 (60)9/21/2013
tradeAwesome to work with! Hope to do it again soon.den7373 (233)9/8/2013
tradeKind enough to include a JJ Watt rookie card as well for free.wlbolton (17)9/5/2013
tradeCards are sent... Enjoy. Pay it forward!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)9/4/2013
tradeAWESOME!!!teleman911 (303)9/3/2013
tradeThanks for a great trade!Hope to deal with again.tigernut (190)8/31/2013
tradeGood deal -- thanks for the card!!rynohof23 (366)8/28/2013
tradeGlad I could help you with your collection.Thanks.tigernut (190)8/26/2013
tradeBoth cards look great!Arrived promptly.Hope to trade with again in future.tigernut (190)8/25/2013
buyerNever paid for itemsSLNoble01 (514)7/18/2013
buyerThankssethd (208)7/8/2013
buyerFast Payment & Good Communication! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)6/25/2013
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