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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1572)2/17/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1572)2/5/2023
tradeThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1572)1/21/2023
buyerGreat member, thanks A+midog (421)3/19/2021
tradegreat workbowers28 (198)2/3/2021
private signingGreatbkritz (562)1/10/2021
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)12/30/2020
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (365)12/10/2020
private signingGreat thx Silverbacksports (821)11/27/2017
private signingGreat Member - Herm Winningham signingRip8cp1 (316)11/27/2014
private signinggreat thxSilverbacksports (821)10/5/2014
private signingGreat member, A++++ Sam McDowell signingRip8cp1 (316)4/29/2014
private signingGreat member, A++++ Rip8cp1 (316)4/29/2014
private signingGreat member, A++++ Nixon signingRip8cp1 (316)4/29/2014
tradeGreat Member,A++++++++++++++++++++michaeland (473)2/20/2014
buyerfast payment thank you.invctrl (355)2/18/2014
tradegreat card and auto, thank youlevi (229)2/11/2014
buyerfast payment cards out 2/11 thanksdeano (916)2/11/2014
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)2/9/2014
tradeNice cards. Thanksrockinace (404)2/9/2014
tradegreat card, thanks for tradingbluesnowman (59)2/8/2014
tradeGreat to trade with you again. . . always a pleasure.justgreg (780)2/7/2014
tradeGreat card and trader. Thank you!GBessette (64)2/7/2014
tradenice to trade withdodgerman55 (106)2/6/2014
tradeall as described - thank you!erocmace (130)2/6/2014
tradeawesome killer trademesarosfamily (298)2/6/2014
tradeQuick trade - nice card. Thanks!MadHatter (88)2/3/2014
private signingThankdhofcs (965)11/23/2013
private signingThanks/Hope you enjoy the card!gsherban (205)11/6/2013
private signingGreat Member - Sammy Stewart SigningRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Vida Blue signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Burda signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Garland signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Keough signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Camacho signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Colbern signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Schiraldi signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Breeden SigningRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGlad I could help. Thanks for participatingLinkinprk813 (399)9/19/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)9/9/2013
private signingEasy transaction thanks again!bfreese (195)9/3/2013
private signingGreat Doing Business with You! toddschafer (718)8/21/2013
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)5/30/2013
private signingthanksHtownGrapher (271)5/17/2013
buyerEric's great super communication fast payment pleasurerileywfs (207)5/15/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)5/5/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)5/5/2013
tradeawesome card thanks. lets trade some more!!!thebug (82)5/4/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)4/27/2013
buyerA+++++++Mookie41 (190)4/6/2013
private signingGreat transaction, would deal with again, A++Badgley_Signings (371)4/3/2013
private signingGreat transaction, would deal with again, A++Badgley_Signings (371)4/3/2013
private signingGreat transaction, would deal with again, A++Badgley_Signings (371)4/3/2013
private signingGreat transaction, would deal with again, A+++Badgley_Signings (371)4/3/2013
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)3/29/2013
private signingGreat To Deal With, Hope you enjoy the card!!!gsherban (205)3/28/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)3/27/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)3/27/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)3/15/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
tradeGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
tradeGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
50-50 / consignmentThanks for trying.redwolf_b_03 (182)2/1/2013
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)1/29/2013
50-50 / consignmentthanks for taking partrifon (1222)1/29/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)1/29/2013
buyerA pleasure to deal with. Thanks!brl212 (307)1/17/2013
private signingThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (720)1/15/2013
tradeAnother great trade with Eric, Thanks for the helpagee (185)12/26/2012
tradegreat card thank u!! jcq08 (551)12/25/2012
private signingGreat to deal with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)12/20/2012
tradegreat transactionrifon (1222)12/19/2012
private signingGreat communication and easy to work with - enjoy the Juan Nieves autos!JustCrazy (884)12/7/2012
private signingGreat communication and easy to work with - enjoy the Brian McRae autos!JustCrazy (884)12/7/2012
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)11/27/2012
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)11/24/2012
buyerThanks EricMacey225 (657)11/24/2012
tradethanks for taking partrifon (1222)11/19/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)11/19/2012
buyerGreat member!christprotected (87)11/13/2012
buyerFast payment, cards to ship 11/9/124donovans (498)11/8/2012
private signingAwesome thanks alot!!!!Silverbacksports (821)10/15/2012
private signingthanks!!!deano (916)10/8/2012
private signingthanks!!!deano (916)10/8/2012
private signingthanks!!!deano (916)10/8/2012
private signingthanks!!!deano (916)10/8/2012
tradeThank you so much Eric!!!Macey225 (657)9/19/2012
private signingThanks for participating and enjoy the Randle autos!JustCrazy (884)9/18/2012
sellerGreat to Deal with, Great Price, Fast Shipping, Thanks!bqueen1 (79)9/13/2012
sellerGreat trade..Thanksdlwoodard (224)9/12/2012
buyerFast payment, cards to ship 9/11/124donovans (498)9/10/2012
private signingthanks!!!deano (916)9/9/2012
tradeTrade with you anytime,thanks! A+++roguechessman (14)9/9/2012
tradeThanks for the cards! Great cards! A++SLNoble01 (514)9/8/2012
buyerThanks so much!!VitoCo1972 (234)9/4/2012
buyerquick payment, thanksred_eye_rick (140)8/30/2012
tradeGot the card, thanks!ddtjman (374)8/26/2012
private signingThanks for participating in the RJ Reynolds signing!JustCrazy (884)8/25/2012
tradeGreat card! THANK YOU!!!!kevin34 (433)8/23/2012
buyerThanks Eric!frankhardy (180)8/23/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)8/20/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1222)8/20/2012
tradethanks Eric, good trade, nice autotomjoannmi (159)8/18/2012
buyerVery fast payment. no problems at all. A pleasure to deal with. Enjoy your cards.Thanks againhawaiianbambam (210)8/17/2012
private signingTRANSACTION COMPLETEDSIGNATURES (938)8/15/2012
tradeThanks A+++++++kdubs (359)8/9/2012
buyerGreatbzito4life (332)8/8/2012
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)8/3/2012
private signingThanks for participating... Enjoy!bigdog24 (312)7/31/2012
tradeGREAT AS ALWAYS. THANKSmesarosfamily (298)7/26/2012
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)7/23/2012
private signingthanksdeano (916)6/28/2012
buyerGreat to work with...A+++morells86 (127)5/9/2012
tradeExcellent!!!bluejay50 (470)11/18/2011
private signingThanks for participating - enjoy the Ed Glynn autos!JustCrazy (884)5/13/2011
private signingThanks hofcs (965)3/6/2011
tradeEverything went good! Thankscardfan4ever (262)3/3/2011
buyerAwesome, Fast payment A+cort10 (527)1/18/2011
buyerAwesome, Fast payment A+cort10 (527)1/18/2011
buyerThanks EricRic4ky (316)1/2/2011
private signingQuick and easy transaction. Thanksrsanmat (70)12/30/2010
tradeGreat Communication & Smooth Trade! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)12/27/2010
buyerquick payment, thank you!!!red_eye_rick (140)12/27/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Wonderful ball. bbhof07 (116)12/27/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)12/27/2010
tradeWould like to trade again since we are both Red Sox fansagee (185)12/23/2010
buyerthanks Eric..Mr Mac on your wayPHENIAFILMS (83)12/23/2010
buyerThanks for the fast, easy and hassle-free transaction. Enjoy!!graph4ever (130)12/20/2010
tradeAnother great trade with Eric. . . thank you,justgreg (780)12/18/2010
tradeGreat card and fast shipping! Thanks!dhawkinsva (212)12/18/2010
tradeThanks!FeycoBexar (181)11/30/2010
tradeNice trade - fast and dependable. Thanks!MadHatter (88)11/18/2010
tradeQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (686)11/17/2010
tradeWonderful to deal with and thanks for making my first private so successful4581 (44)11/5/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Terry Whitfield signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Piersall, Baumann, Sisler signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Dean Chance signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (720)11/1/2010
tradeThanks!!!deano (916)10/27/2010
tradereceived card lightning fast. thanks for the trade!dersfan81 (88)10/4/2010
tradeVery good trader, cards came very quickly. dodgerman55 (106)10/4/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)10/4/2010
tradegreat dealingcalunitas1 (294)10/1/2010
tradeGreat to Trade with!Ric4ky (316)9/27/2010
tradeGreat to work with! Glad I could help.astrosfan (126)8/24/2010
tradeThanks!!deano (916)8/12/2010
tradeQuick payment. Good communication. Thanks!jbsouth (686)8/8/2010
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (404)8/3/2010
tradethaks alot for getting in on the frank white signingluckymike32 (305)8/1/2010
tradeGreat transaction!!!ahmartin (150)7/28/2010
tradegreat transactionSIGNATURES (938)7/22/2010
tradegot my card today, thanks!ducky1978 (276)7/19/2010
tradeVery pleased as alwaystommergun (87)7/19/2010
tradeThanks for the good tradegarylcampbell (40)7/15/2010
tradeGreat buyer, prompt payment. Thanks! Bababoey!kdunkin (32)7/8/2010
tradeGreat deal!translatordude (120)6/9/2010
tradeGreat Member - Sudakis signingRip8cp1 (316)6/9/2010
tradeGreat Member - Wright SigningRip8cp1 (316)6/2/2010
tradethanksorr23mj (1572)5/25/2010
tradeTHANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING.. jeserone (778)5/24/2010
tradegood traderDOSH77 (36)5/15/2010
tradeGreat member - Jeff Burroughs signingRip8cp1 (316)4/27/2010
tradeGreat!PatrickD (153)4/26/2010
tradeA+++++scottdfran (320)4/25/2010
tradefast payment, thanks sugarcult2 (263)4/23/2010
tradefast payment, thanks sugarcult2 (263)4/23/2010
tradethanks for participating in the jones signingthehalk (703)4/22/2010
tradethanks very much!medic-34 (707)4/19/2010
tradeGreat transaction! Very smooth! Thanks, again!WVU Rocks (335)4/16/2010
tradeSimple easy transaction. Thanks again.bfreese (195)4/13/2010
tradeGreat Member - Tom Hume signingRip8cp1 (316)4/13/2010
tradefast payment thanksdeano (916)4/12/2010
tradeWill Trade With Again In The Future A++87donruss (274)4/1/2010
tradeFast Payment & Great Communication! Thank You!Calpounder (405)3/21/2010
tradeGreat, quick ship, thanksGOOGLE (59)3/15/2010
tradeGreat, quick ship, thanksGOOGLE (59)3/15/2010
tradefast payment thanksdeano (916)3/8/2010
tradeA pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)3/4/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)3/1/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanks so much!vincev39 (293)2/27/2010
tradeI really needed help with Greenwell. Thanks so much for coming through. You are a legend.MarcoBresciano (35)2/25/2010
tradecool cards-thanksmedic-34 (707)2/24/2010
tradeFast payment. Pleasure to work with. Thanks.docv28 (282)2/19/2010
tradeThanks for the tradeagee (185)2/19/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanks!!vincev39 (293)2/19/2010
tradeExcellent card and a pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)2/16/2010
tradeNice card a pleasure to trade with.hollywoodfootbal (25)2/3/2010
tradeGreat person to work with! Thanks for taking part in the Carlos May signing!darnfloor (160)2/3/2010
tradecards look great, thanks for the tradesalsmanado (146)2/1/2010
tradeGreat trade, excellent communicationagee (185)2/1/2010
tradegreat sig...thanks!baseballmom27 (38)1/29/2010
tradeawesome card thanksce1012 (757)1/28/2010
tradenice ones thanks EricPHENIAFILMS (83)1/27/2010
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks!tommergun (87)1/27/2010
tradeGreat trader, look forward to trading with againtomjoannmi (159)1/14/2010
tradegreat!bowers28 (198)1/13/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Dean Chance signingRip8cp1 (316)1/11/2010
tradealways a pleasure to deal with!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)12/28/2009
tradevery nice card thanksikegiambi (135)12/21/2009
tradegreat trade, thanks!tplamer (319)12/12/2009
tradeGreat person to deal with!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)12/11/2009
tradeoutstanding to work withrashonq (77)12/9/2009
tradeUnfortunately Burns cancelled the show for personal reasons.Macey225 (657)12/4/2009
tradealways great to deal withmesarosfamily (298)11/19/2009
tradeglad I could helpDaNotoriousNIC (93)11/19/2009
trademy pleasurecowboys22 (95)11/13/2009
tradeThanks EricRic4ky (316)11/8/2009
tradefast payment and smooth transactionEr21 (806)11/6/2009
tradenice looking autos hope to trade with againfelix4 (116)10/29/2009
tradeexcellant trader as alwaysmesarosfamily (298)10/29/2009
tradeAlways a great trader.tommergun (87)10/21/2009
tradeAwesome cardsrockinace (404)10/17/2009
tradeanother great trade..thanks EricPHENIAFILMS (83)10/17/2009
tradeNice ones toast...always a favorite trader..thanksPHENIAFILMS (83)10/16/2009
tradeNice card Eric..thanksPHENIAFILMS (83)9/24/2009
tradevery pleased. thank you.dryden29 (263)9/17/2009
tradeGREAT TRADE THANKS AGAINmesarosfamily (298)9/14/2009
tradeA pleasure to deal with, hopefully again. Thank youden7373 (233)9/9/2009
tradeThank you for sending in your items for my Johnny Ray private signing lutherlafy (720)8/31/2009
tradeGreat to trade with!!! A+++stonecoldbear (80)8/10/2009
tradegreat deal, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/29/2009
tradegreat deal, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/28/2009
tradegreat deal, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/28/2009
tradeexcellent trader will work with anytimemort1007 (21)7/25/2009
tradeGreat to work with!!! Thanks!ethanoah (349)7/20/2009
tradeGreat trader.. thanks again for the cards!Chew (53)7/10/2009
tradeAnother swell trade, great cardrockinace (404)7/2/2009
tradeAAAAAAAAAAAA NUMBER 1 GUY!!!!!!!! rube26105 (234)6/21/2009
tradeWill trade with any time, thanks.griffin (1)6/18/2009
tradeGreat communication.griffin (1)6/12/2009
tradeThanks for the card!!cook4888 (30)6/11/2009
tradeGreat trade, thanks a lot!rangersfan1982 (138)6/11/2009
tradeThanks for the quick payment, Eric!philly84 (495)6/11/2009
tradeAnother great trade mate-Thanks rockinace (404)6/5/2009
tradeGREAT TRADER AS ALWAYSmesarosfamily (298)5/19/2009
tradeGreat cards, fast shipping. Thanks a bunch.andypierucci (36)5/19/2009
tradeCard looks great, shipped fast and in great condition, thanks!brink1546 (57)4/17/2009
tradeThanks! Great Trade! Recommended Trader!westland (16)4/14/2009
tradethank yourlbdjones74 (271)4/14/2009
tradePerfect, Thank you!invctrl (355)4/10/2009
tradegreat card quick shipping thanksce1012 (757)4/4/2009
tradeAlways a great asset to SCN. . . recommended trader.justgreg (780)3/30/2009
tradeGot cards today, thank you, very happy with themj24g34 (253)3/27/2009
tradeA+...Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)3/18/2009
tradeFast payment, great communication, perfectmistercelery (51)3/17/2009
tradeanother great trade, thanks!tommergun (87)3/16/2009
tradeanother nice one thanks EricPHENIAFILMS (83)3/16/2009
tradeAwesome trader, thanks!!rangersfan1982 (138)3/5/2009
tradeIts been a pleasure adding to your collection. thanks.jeserone (778)3/5/2009
tradeAwesome trade. Hope to trade againagee (185)2/28/2009
tradeglad you enjoy them!gkoz316 (403)2/7/2009
tradeSaid he never received my $5.00/SASE. . .justgreg (780)2/7/2009
tradethanks for the great trade Eric..big boost to the 1990 set!PHENIAFILMS (83)2/5/2009
tradeGreat transaction! Thanks!munsen02 (27)2/5/2009
tradewould definately trade with againtryfinski (528)2/5/2009
tradeA fantastic trader!tryfinski (528)2/5/2009
tradefast payment, thankssugarcult2 (263)1/26/2009
tradeGREAT TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!milkyworgen (31)1/25/2009
tradegreat deal...thanks!nstale (213)1/12/2009
tradethank you!doublex (210)1/4/2009
tradeglad i could help with your collectionjeserone (778)12/23/2008
tradethanks for another great trade all look greatmesarosfamily (298)12/22/2008
tradeThanks for another great traderockinace (404)12/20/2008
tradevery happy, card looks great and came fastjaygross (89)12/18/2008
tradeGreat trade. Thanks!pmpage (110)12/17/2008
tradequick payment and great communications!!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)12/16/2008
tradePaid promptly, very patient, smooth transaction. D-Rock (273)12/10/2008
tradeGreatbzito4life (332)12/9/2008
tradeGreat cards. Excellent trader.pmpage (110)12/7/2008
tradethanksMacey225 (657)12/5/2008
tradeQuick payment..excellant transactionseaner (396)12/4/2008
tradeGlad I could help with the Gilmore's!mrsromek (263)12/2/2008
tradeThanks Eric!! Great deal.bryanwood (147)12/2/2008
tradeAnother Great Trade-Thanks rockinace (404)11/28/2008
tradeGreat buyer, thanks again!alanmoore (344)11/20/2008
tradethanx for the trade - always a pleasure to trade withdrichards3 (187)11/12/2008
tradeGreat trader A++++tommergun (87)11/9/2008
tradeThank you for the smooth trade!boswell423 (235)10/30/2008
tradeFast payment! Cards were mailed 10/25philly84 (495)10/28/2008
tradeThank you!! Quick paymentdiesel43228 (98)10/24/2008
tradePerfect! No problems whatsoever.randy91200 (27)10/22/2008
tradethanks for the trade, your magazine is on its way. enjoy. jeserone (778)10/8/2008
tradequick payment. Hope to deal with againdiesel43228 (98)10/6/2008
tradeA pleasure.shawnmcnair (349)10/3/2008
tradefast and smooth transaction. thank you very much.Er21 (806)10/1/2008
tradeNice card, thanks for the trade.schnepa (282)9/21/2008
tradeGot card. LMK if you have anymore Mets cards.robb (60)9/15/2008
tradegreat cards..great trader..thanks againtheautographdude (16)9/5/2008
tradeanother great trade..thanks EricPHENIAFILMS (83)9/4/2008
tradeVery pleased. Fast and trustworthy.tommergun (87)8/11/2008
tradeGreat card, great trader, A++++andypierucci (36)7/31/2008
tradeanother great trade..thanks EricPHENIAFILMS (83)7/21/2008
tradeSmooth Deal! Thanks!mikevalic (125)7/21/2008
tradeGreat trade, wonderful to deal with.2000rad (229)7/20/2008
tradeGreat card, quick shipping.andypierucci (36)7/19/2008
tradevery happy...thanks!nstale (213)7/19/2008
tradeAwesome trader. Fabulous packaging, nice cards, fast delivery!agee (185)7/18/2008
tradeAnother great trade A+rockinace (404)7/17/2008
tradeGood trade!rmstone1s (115)7/12/2008
tradeNice,easy trade. I hope we can trade again. Thanks.tomseaver (149)7/10/2008
tradeglad i could help with your collectionjeserone (778)7/6/2008
tradesmoothe transaction!drichards3 (187)7/4/2008
tradequick shipping great traderce1012 (757)6/16/2008
tradeGreat communication. A+++. Will trade again with.military11b2001 (473)6/9/2008
tradeGreat ball, better than expected. Great traderjslaw (279)5/15/2008
tradecards arrived quickly and as promised great tradertheautographdude (16)5/2/2008
tradeGreat cards, thanksMacey225 (657)4/19/2008
tradeNice card, great trade!!!baseballmom27 (38)4/17/2008
tradereceived some very nice cards today, thanks!!!ducky1978 (276)4/16/2008
tradeAwesome Trade!A++++++++++ THANKS!caribbeankid92 (10)4/10/2008
tradeA+++ Traderrockinace (404)4/9/2008
tradeNice Cards! Shiiped Quickly and Packed Tightly! THANKS!!mikevalic (125)3/12/2008
tradeNice card. Thanks for the trade!schnepa (282)3/7/2008
tradegreat card Eric! nice tradePHENIAFILMS (83)3/7/2008
tradeNice looking trading card. . . hope to trade againjustgreg (780)3/7/2008
tradethanks ericPHENIAFILMS (83)1/23/2008
tradeawesome transaction and great guy to deal with.chicago30 (85)1/20/2008
tradenice trade Eric,and a great touch adding Hurst's address!PHENIAFILMS (83)1/11/2008
tradegreat trade Eric! great upgrades! let me know if i can help with your 1981 ToppsPHENIAFILMS (83)12/11/2007
tradenice trade...thanks toast!PHENIAFILMS (83)10/25/2007
tradegreat trader, fast shipping, great communicationmesarosfamily (298)10/22/2007
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