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sellerGreat trade partner. Quick and secure delivery. Highly recommend.tamu11 (41)4/21/2023
sellersmooth transaction, very happy with card, thank youlevi (233)4/10/2023
sellerGreat cards! Thanks for helping me with my set.Nishi96793 (211)3/25/2023
sellerAwesome, thanks!TheDugout2 (142)2/27/2023
sellerAwesome, thanks!TheDugout2 (142)2/27/2023
50-50 / consignmentA+++++ (please leave me feedback if you haven't already!)chickenlittle (550)2/15/2023
sellerGreat item and service - thanks again!bart (111)2/1/2023
sellerThanks for the deal on the Galassos. Much appreciated!thepil (330)12/22/2022
tradeGreat deal, thanks againwlf3 (47)12/14/2022
sellerGreat deal, thanks againwlf3 (47)12/14/2022
buyerfast pay thanks.cccp (284)12/13/2022
sellerreceived, thanks!!4jwilsons (130)12/7/2022
seller an absolute pleasure dealing with this great member, no problems at allhawaiianbambam (210)12/4/2022
seller an absolute pleasure dealing with this great member, no problems at allhawaiianbambam (210)12/4/2022
sellerThankx for your helppopbottleman (310)11/8/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/3/2022
sellerPleasure to work withpopbottleman (310)11/2/2022
buyerThanks A++++++kdubs (360)11/1/2022
buyerThanks A+++++kdubs (360)11/1/2022
buyerThanks A+++++kdubs (360)11/1/2022
sellerGreat seller, fast shipping!dmattingly23 (1)10/18/2022
buyerGreat SCN members to deal with! Cards in the mail 10/1cathy (255)10/2/2022
sellergreat!CDietz (66)9/20/2022
sellerAwesome to deal with, highly recommend! Thanksjamflicker (100)9/16/2022
sellergreat cards and shippingCDietz (66)9/16/2022
sellerGreat to work withkralik46 (129)8/18/2022
sellerAA++redberkey (88)7/31/2022
sellerThank you!pistol (190)6/26/2022
sellerThank you!pistol (190)6/26/2022
sellerGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)6/24/2022
sellergood transactionMarchillo (54)6/23/2022
sellerThank you very much, great experience!Yankeesfan428 (30)6/19/2022
sellergreat to deal with!pdg16 (279)6/18/2022
sellergreat to deal with!pdg16 (279)6/18/2022
sellerAwesome transaction!juando19 (102)6/14/2022
sellerAwesome member, A+muddogs21 (275)6/8/2022
sellerThank you for the Cubs cardsandmanibc (167)6/6/2022
sellercards look great . . . thanks!mike888 (182)6/4/2022
sellerThanks again!ny1996dj (126)5/24/2022
sellerVery nice, thanks, Scott :)Bernie (328)5/24/2022
sellerTHXgkoz316 (404)5/21/2022
sellerTHXgkoz316 (404)5/21/2022
sellerThanks again!!walkmen (177)5/20/2022
sellerGreat to deal with thanksMarisfoever (336)5/17/2022
sellerGreat card and fast shipping. Thanks again!droidtrade (79)5/14/2022
sellerNice cards. Quick shipment. Thanks!mrmiscut (39)5/11/2022
sellerThanksscfdff (128)5/10/2022
sellerVery nice signed Teddy Martinez cards, thank you!Bernie (328)5/10/2022
sellerGreat cards. Thanks!jbsouth (690)5/4/2022
sellerThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)5/2/2022
sellerGreat card, fast and secure shipping. Thanks!droidtrade (79)5/2/2022
sellerFantastic!Martin101 (160)4/30/2022
tradeThank you for the trade....roosterrooh (287)4/21/2022
sellerCompletely satisfied. Thank you!flowride (76)4/19/2022
sellerThanks so much!ny1996dj (126)4/16/2022
sellerThanks for the nice cardsMarisfoever (336)4/12/2022
sellerReceived thanksMinors2Majors (311)4/11/2022
sellerThanks for the autos!bigdaddy (55)4/9/2022
sellerThanks for another nice trade. Ebanks14 (224)4/5/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)4/4/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)4/4/2022
sellerThanks, Scott, loved the signed Taveras card :)Bernie (328)4/2/2022
sellerAlways a great deal, thank you!Bernie (328)4/2/2022
sellerGreat to deal with Marisfoever (336)3/31/2022
sellerGreat card. Great communication. Thanks.7088 (37)3/30/2022
sellerNice and Easy transaction ! Nice cards. A+++++steve549 (207)3/28/2022
50-50 / consignmentGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)3/26/2022
sellerGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)3/26/2022
sellerNice card thanksytme2 (218)3/26/2022
sellerThanks Nickk96 (231)3/25/2022
sellerThanks Nickk96 (231)3/25/2022
sellerAlways a pleasure, thanks.jamflicker (100)3/24/2022
sellerThanks again. Any more Phillies Iggles73 (58)3/23/2022
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (231)3/23/2022
sellerGreatDanoman419 (57)3/23/2022
sellerThanksDeadHorse (157)3/22/2022
sellerThanks so much!ny1996dj (126)3/22/2022
sellerThanksny1996dj (126)3/22/2022
sellerItems received as describedmsdean16 (47)3/22/2022
sellergreat seller, thanks!danrog (90)3/22/2022
sellerThanks! Nice cardsjeffnash (477)3/21/2022
sellerItems received as describedmsdean16 (47)3/21/2022
sellerItems received as describedmsdean16 (47)3/21/2022
sellerGreat lot. Thanks!jbsouth (690)3/21/2022
sellerGreat cards, very fast shipping!billdo5420 (83)3/19/2022
sellerThanksny1996dj (126)3/18/2022
sellerThanks again!ny1996dj (126)3/18/2022
sellerAnother smooth transactionny1996dj (126)3/18/2022
sellerA++ thanks againusctrojans (212)3/17/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)3/15/2022
sellerThank you! Murphy_jared1978 (15)3/15/2022
sellerThanks again for the great looking card.DodgerDog (740)3/15/2022
sellerThank you A+++yanks39 (213)3/14/2022
sellerThanks DeadHorse (157)3/13/2022
sellerCard received today and it looks great....thank you!thepil (330)3/13/2022
sellerPleasure to deal with, thanks!rondell22 (290)3/13/2022
sellerThank you for the Stan Javier upgrade!justgreg (783)3/12/2022
sellerA++, an asset to SCN!mike73 (78)3/12/2022
sellerA++, an asset to SCN!mike73 (78)3/12/2022
sellerVery happy with results. Thanks86fan (157)3/12/2022
tradeThanks again!DodgerDog (740)3/11/2022
sellerFast shipping A+4donovans (501)3/10/2022
sellerGreat card, thanks!thelo (182)3/10/2022
sellerNice card. Thanks again!FrankM (181)3/10/2022
sellerPerfect transaction...Couldn't ask for nicer cards !kcotsmoc (44)3/10/2022
sellerThanksny1996dj (126)3/10/2022
sellerA+EffectivelyWild (231)3/9/2022
sellerA+++ as always...Thanksmmadd29 (238)3/9/2022
sellerAwesome to deal with, highly recommend! Thanksjamflicker (100)3/8/2022
sellerThank you A+++yanks39 (213)3/7/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)3/4/2022
sellerGreat cards! Thanks!Steverino85 (50)3/4/2022
sellerReceived card quickly-thanks!datsyuk13 (95)3/4/2022
sellergreat price and received quickly-thanks!datsyuk13 (95)3/4/2022
sellerA pleasure to deal with, thanks!jamflicker (100)3/3/2022
sellerNice card. Quick shipment. Thank you!FrankM (181)3/3/2022
sellerA pleasure as always. Thanks Scottbobby25 (156)3/3/2022
sellerAwesome cards as always. Thanks Scottbobby25 (156)3/3/2022
sellerExcellent transaction, thanks for the help with my sets!!jimmyrow (336)3/3/2022
sellerno problems and thanks!datsyuk13 (95)3/3/2022
sellerGreat seller!megs (21)3/2/2022
sellerA+++++....thanksmmadd29 (238)3/2/2022
sellerCard looks great!Danoman419 (57)3/2/2022
sellerGreat autos, thanks. CopperJJ (285)2/28/2022
sellerGreat cards, thank you for the help!schnepa (287)2/28/2022
sellerThanks! Nice cardsjeffnash (477)2/27/2022
sellerPerfect thank youleeburtt (124)2/26/2022
sellerThanks!ddtjman (374)2/26/2022
sellerGreat card. Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Thanks very much.7088 (37)2/26/2022
sellerExcellent seller, thank youmuddogs21 (275)2/26/2022
sellerGot it fast!mjprigge (29)2/25/2022
sellerThanks Scottscottp (103)2/25/2022
sellerNice card. Thank you!FrankM (181)2/25/2022
sellerThanks for hooking me uprockinace (404)2/24/2022
sellerGood deal on a lot of 88T's for my set. Thank you.yankeesfan64 (254)2/24/2022
sellerOne of the best folks on this site!bumelfesan (57)2/19/2022
sellerAwesome. Great card + Great price = Happy me. Thank you!bumelfesan (57)2/19/2022
sellerAwesome Thank you dukemiller (135)2/19/2022
sellerThanks!01MikeP (112)2/18/2022
tradeScott is a person of great integrity and honesty.. Highly recommended. tamu11 (41)2/17/2022
sellerCards look great, thank youschnepa (287)2/17/2022
sellerCards look great! Thank you!GEEMAN100 (57)2/17/2022
sellerCards look great! Thank you!GEEMAN100 (57)2/17/2022
sellerThanks Iggles73 (58)2/15/2022
sellerNice card. Thank you!FrankM (181)2/11/2022
sellerThanks Scott. Cards look fantastic.bobby25 (156)2/11/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)2/10/2022
sellerGreat transaction- pleasure doing business with Bigmatt (10)2/9/2022
sellerSmooth txn...thanks!andybam (302)2/9/2022
sellerAwesome to deal with, highly recommend! Thanksjamflicker (100)2/7/2022
sellerGreat scn member A+Crunk57 (149)2/6/2022
sellerGreat Looking cards, great to deal with. Will purchase from again! Thanks Scott!Drexel6 (47)2/5/2022
sellerGreat Looking cards, great to deal with. Will purchase from again! Thanks Scott!Drexel6 (47)2/5/2022
sellerGreat Transaction!! A+++Vanslykefan (107)2/4/2022
sellerCard looks great!Danoman419 (57)2/4/2022
sellerGreat cards. Thank you A+++yanks39 (213)2/3/2022
sellerAwesome to deal with!jamflicker (100)2/1/2022
sellerThanks Scott...bobby25 (156)2/1/2022
sellerAwesome autograph cards. Thank you.9phoneman (70)1/31/2022
sellerA+++++....thanksmmadd29 (238)1/31/2022
sellerThanks, great autos. A+CopperJJ (285)1/30/2022
sellerVery nice transactionmilbravesboy (111)1/30/2022
sellerA+ seller on this site! Thanks againcpanebab (56)1/28/2022
sellerThanks for the nice cardsMarisfoever (336)1/28/2022
sellerThanks for the nice cardsMarisfoever (336)1/28/2022
sellerGreat Transaction! Thanks!lmcmahon (157)1/27/2022
sellerThanks leeburtt (124)1/26/2022
sellerThanks Iggles73 (58)1/26/2022
sellerThanksscottforbes (48)1/25/2022
sellerAlways a pleasure!ddtjman (374)1/25/2022
sellerThank you Scott A+++4donovans (501)1/25/2022
sellerGreat cards, thanks!thelo (182)1/24/2022
sellerAwesome, thanks!TheDugout2 (142)1/24/2022
sellerExcellant transaction!!! Thanks!!!!ytme2 (218)1/23/2022
sellerThanks a lot!walkmen (177)1/23/2022
sellercard is as advertised, thanks!!ehans83 (127)1/23/2022
sellerItems received as describedmsdean16 (47)1/23/2022
sellerGreat cards. Thanks!jbsouth (690)1/22/2022
sellerno problems and thanks!datsyuk13 (95)1/22/2022
sellerawesome Thank you dukemiller (135)1/22/2022
sellerGreat looking lot of signed cards - many thanks!fredmed (265)1/21/2022
sellerThanks for a smooth transaction and for helping me with my '92 Upper Deck collection!txtribefan (155)1/21/2022
sellerA plusbowers28 (198)1/21/2022
sellerThanks again!Ebanks14 (224)1/20/2022
sellerGreat cards, fast delivery. Thank you!sverteramo (54)1/20/2022
sellerA plusbowers28 (198)1/20/2022
sellerGreat card, thanks!thelo (182)1/19/2022
sellerGreat cards...George Bell and Jon Gray...Thank you!Clubnuts (217)1/19/2022
sellerThank you!Mahoney911 (62)1/19/2022
sellerGreat cards, servicesccrow (119)1/19/2022
sellernice to deal with!dukemiller (135)1/17/2022
sellernice to deal with!dukemiller (135)1/17/2022
sellerGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)1/15/2022
sellerGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)1/15/2022
sellerThanks for the help with my collection!dugoutdug (666)1/15/2022
sellerThanks for the help with my collection!dugoutdug (666)1/15/2022
sellerGreat card...thanks!WatsonBoys (164)1/15/2022
sellersuper!roosterrooh (287)1/15/2022
sellerGreat SCN Trader…received cards as described and in timely manner. Thankseracer24 (131)1/14/2022
sellerGreat cards...Thank you Scott for taking the time to go thru my wish list!!! Clubnuts (217)1/13/2022
sellerThanks!!mike888 (182)1/13/2022
sellerThanks again for the great looking card DodgerDog (740)1/12/2022
sellerHappy returnsDanoman419 (57)1/12/2022
sellerExcellent seller, thank youmuddogs21 (275)1/11/2022
sellerExcellent seller, thank youmuddogs21 (275)1/11/2022
sellerThank you,justgreg (783)1/11/2022
tradeThank you, appreciate you for going the extra mile.justgreg (783)1/11/2022
tradeQuick and easy! Thank youtourze (103)1/11/2022
sellerThanks for the killer wants for my setsrockinace (404)1/10/2022
sellerFantastic member to work with. Card looks great. Thanks Scott.bobby25 (156)1/10/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)1/9/2022
sellerNice deal. Thanksyankeesfan64 (254)1/8/2022
sellerGreat service A+4donovans (501)1/8/2022
sellerCards look great, thanks for the fast shippingKurtek (16)1/8/2022
sellerNice card. Excellant service.ytme2 (218)1/8/2022
sellerHard to find signers. Great autos. Great pricing. A +.azgrapher85345 (217)1/6/2022
sellerA+EffectivelyWild (231)1/6/2022
sellerThanks for hooking me uprockinace (404)1/6/2022
sellerCard looks great. My bad I asked for wrong card. Lol.bobby25 (156)1/6/2022
sellerExcellent!!lostdart (187)1/4/2022
sellerAnother smooth transaction, thanks!jamflicker (100)1/4/2022
sellerGreat cards, thank you!!!clseland (116)12/31/2021
sellerGreat cards, thank you!!!clseland (116)12/31/2021
sellerFirst-class experience! Would recommend to anyone! moose2438 (114)12/31/2021
sellerGreat cards, thanks!schnepa (287)12/31/2021
sellerCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (345)12/30/2021
sellerCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (345)12/30/2021
sellerGreat cards, thank you Scott!4donovans (501)12/29/2021
sellerThanks!!!ny1996dj (126)12/29/2021
sellerThanks!!!ny1996dj (126)12/29/2021
sellerThanksthelo (182)12/28/2021
sellercards look great, ThanksRossiMcgee71 (207)12/27/2021
sellerNice cards! Fast shipping!dugoutdug (666)12/27/2021
sellerA++mike73 (78)12/27/2021
sellerA++mike73 (78)12/27/2021
sellerA++mike73 (78)12/27/2021
sellerAwesome seller!jamflicker (100)12/25/2021
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)12/25/2021
sellerThanks!!!ny1996dj (126)12/24/2021
sellerthank you for your help with my 84 D projecttplamer (321)12/23/2021
sellerthanks for the 1972 Cedeno!devilsfan15 (406)12/22/2021
sellerGreat deal on a tough sig. Thanks A+++yanks39 (213)12/22/2021
sellerThanks for the nice Cedeno card! Ebanks14 (224)12/22/2021
sellerExcellent seller, thank youmuddogs21 (275)12/22/2021
sellerGreat Cesar Cedeno signed cards, thank you!Bernie (328)12/22/2021
sellerGreat signed cards of Dan Ford, thank you!Bernie (328)12/22/2021
sellerCool cards. Fast shipping. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)12/21/2021
sellerThanks Nickk96 (231)12/21/2021
sellerGreat transaction. Thanks!! slaneti (78)12/21/2021
sellerPost office issues but seller was great to work with and things worked out. Would recommend drwinkie (254)12/21/2021
sellerThanks for the great communication and sending a replacement card. Much appreciated drwinkie (254)12/21/2021
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)12/21/2021
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)12/21/2021
sellerThanks!philly84 (496)12/21/2021
sellerThanks for the deal!tryfinski (529)12/20/2021
sellerEverything was perfect! Ebanks14 (224)12/20/2021
sellergreat price and received quickly-thanks!datsyuk13 (95)12/20/2021
sellerThanks for the Bell cards. Great set help.yankeesfan64 (254)12/20/2021
sellerThx for the card!!!4jwilsons (130)12/20/2021
sellerSmooth transaction. Thank you.JNeel15 (163)12/20/2021
sellerSweet cards quickly shipped - GREAT member!!jimmyrow (336)12/20/2021
sellerThankx for your helppopbottleman (310)12/20/2021
sellerHappy with trade. Smooth transaction.nbpierce (31)12/20/2021
sellerGreat card, thanks!!Dustin82 (43)12/20/2021
sellerLooks great! Fast ship!Danoman419 (57)12/20/2021
sellerLooks great! Fast ship!Danoman419 (57)12/20/2021
sellerGreat card, thanks!Yankeesfan428 (30)12/20/2021
sellerPleasure to work withpopbottleman (310)12/19/2021
sellerA+++megs (21)12/18/2021
sellerA+landcontroller (202)12/18/2021
sellerCards look great! Thank you!GEEMAN100 (57)12/18/2021
sellerThank you for the cardcjw916 (85)12/18/2021
sellerCards arrived fast and looked great. Thank you!Kurtek (16)12/18/2021
sellerCards arrived fast and looked great. Thank you!Kurtek (16)12/18/2021
sellerShipped quickly, packaged well, cards look great! THANKS!!ejmalteza (119)12/18/2021
sellerlooks great, thanksdon markle (65)12/17/2021
sellerNice cards, smooth transaction. Thanks!schnepa (287)12/17/2021
sellerAwesome SCN'er!ddtjman (374)12/16/2021
sellerThanks a bunch Nickk96 (231)12/16/2021
sellerNice card!!ytme2 (218)12/16/2021
sellerExcellent to work with; thank you!orutulsa (179)12/15/2021
sellerno problems and thanks!datsyuk13 (95)12/15/2021
sellerGreat scn member A+Crunk57 (149)12/15/2021
sellerA+ thanksleeburtt (124)12/15/2021
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)12/15/2021
sellerGreat to work with!ny1996dj (126)12/15/2021
sellerThanks again, great to work with.ny1996dj (126)12/15/2021
sellerCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (345)12/14/2021
sellerA real pleasure to deal with DodgerDog (740)12/14/2021
sellerGreat deal and an even better card.Thankssideshow (162)12/13/2021
sellerthanks for the autos!devilsfan15 (406)12/13/2021
sellercards look great, ThanksRossiMcgee71 (207)12/12/2021
sellerThanks again! A+++stonecoldbear (81)12/9/2021
sellerFantastic card. Fast shipping. Thank you! embagley (85)12/9/2021
sellerGreat transaction!chancew (6)12/9/2021
sellerCard looks great. Thank you!j_bodensteiner (345)12/8/2021
sellerThanks. Easy to work withrockinace (404)12/8/2021
sellerThanks for the cards!bigdaddy (55)12/6/2021
sellerCards as described, Thanks!!!!vikingtwin (141)12/4/2021
sellerA++ member deskjockey730 (95)12/2/2021
sellerReceived today, thanks!ducky1978 (278)12/1/2021
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)11/30/2021
sellerReceived in fine order. Thanks for the deal! A+MooseDog (57)11/29/2021
sellerGreat to deal with!deskjockey730 (95)11/27/2021
sellerVery good cards. Thanks.Mark22 (144)11/27/2021
sellerA+ Metscollector81 (15)11/26/2021
sellerFast shipping and cards are great! Thanks!twinsfan34 (129)11/26/2021
sellergreat price and received quickly-thanks!datsyuk13 (95)11/26/2021
seller card looks greatdon markle (65)11/25/2021
sellerThanks for the nice cardsMarisfoever (336)11/24/2021
sellerThanks for the nice cardMarisfoever (336)11/24/2021
sellerThanks again!DodgerDog (740)11/23/2021
private signingThanks! A+bluejay50 (474)11/23/2021
sellerthanks for the deal!tryfinski (529)11/23/2021
sellerThanks!!ehans83 (127)11/21/2021
sellerGreat cards. Thank you A+++yanks39 (213)11/21/2021
sellerHappy with cards and transaction. Thank you.cathy (255)11/21/2021
sellerExcellent, Thank you!!scottp (103)11/20/2021
sellerGreat card, thanks!thelo (182)11/19/2021
sellerThankscrazybob60 (223)11/19/2021
sellerCards look great, smooth transaction, thank you againGEEMAN100 (57)11/19/2021
sellerNice card - Good guy to deal withmilbravesboy (111)11/18/2021
sellerVery happy with results. Thanks86fan (157)11/17/2021
sellerThank you!FrankM (181)11/17/2021
sellerThank you! floridaillini (85)11/17/2021
sellerGreat guy to do business with! Thanks so much!rondell22 (290)10/9/2021
sellerthanks Scottnoach2343 (319)8/30/2021
private signingThanks! A+bluejay50 (474)8/20/2021
buyerSmooth transaction, outstanding SCN member!PastorN8 (166)8/16/2021
buyergreat person to deal with. Thank youtlake22 (69)8/11/2021
buyertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (663)7/13/2021
buyerGreat to deal with. Thank you.tecumesh44 (72)6/29/2021
private signingThank you for participating A+++Er21 (813)6/2/2021
buyerGreat!bkritz (567)5/14/2021
sellerThank you! Great looking card.pncted (324)3/4/2021
sellerNice sig, thanks for the signing!!bigdaddy (55)1/17/2021
50-50 / consignmentGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)12/30/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)12/30/2020
buyertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (663)12/29/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1227)12/17/2020
private signingThanks for wanting to be part of this signing hofcs (974)12/13/2020
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buyerGreat Trade. Thanks!philendris (243)9/1/2013
tradeGreat Trade. Thanks!philendris (243)9/1/2013
buyerA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)8/30/2013
tradeEasy to work with despite me not being able to complete entire order. Thanks.docv28 (282)8/30/2013
tradeThanks for the trade!Bostnfn (201)8/26/2013
buyerGreat as usual-thanksmedic-34 (707)8/22/2013
buyerthank you. psugator01 (543)8/20/2013
50-50 / consignmentsorry i wasn't able to get it done. he's horribly difficultpsugator01 (543)8/20/2013
50-50 / consignmentgot it from another member jcq08 (551)8/20/2013
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buyertha-rock sez thanks for the great trade!tha-rock (663)4/4/2013
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tradeHighly recommended!! Lots of luck with your set!Nails4 (116)2/2/2013
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offer 50-50 / consignmentsorry i tried, next time.. sorry for delay w feedbackhheroes10 (365)5/11/2012
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buyerGreat to work with.Metrotheme (264)4/28/2012
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private signingThanks for participating - enjoy the Dozier autos!JustCrazy (901)4/6/2012
sellerAwesome cards! Cantryfinski (529)4/2/2012
tradeawesome...thanks!!!!rlbdjones74 (272)3/22/2012
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tradegreat Lynn signed SI. thanks!dbuff (45)3/12/2012
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sellergreat as always! jeffnash (477)3/10/2012
sellergreat as always! jeffnash (477)3/10/2012
sellergreat as always! jeffnash (477)3/10/2012
sellergreat as always! jeffnash (477)3/10/2012
buyerQuick payment. Easy to deal with. Smooth transaction. Thank you!azpharmd1 (113)3/9/2012
sellerGreat as usual-thanksmedic-34 (707)3/6/2012
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sellergreat trade thanks for help with the 1990 score set, hope to trade againniveklunar (138)3/4/2012
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sellerAwesome. Scott is always a pleasure to deal with.steveg (313)11/23/2011
sellerThanks Scottwoods1999 (230)11/19/2011
buyerdeal was not completed, but communication was great thanks again and hopefully we can do biz soonjamieblye (1498)11/15/2011
buyerQuick payment. Thanks as always!jbsouth (690)11/8/2011
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tradeGreat to work with,smooth trade. . . thank you,justgreg (783)10/1/2011
50-50 / consignmentFast payment & easy transaction. Thanksdan5 (118)9/26/2011
50-50 / consignmentFast payment & easy transaction. Thanksdan5 (118)9/26/2011
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50-50 / consignmentthanks!craigbnyman (508)7/25/2011
buyerlightning quick payment. A+ SCN Member. Ball is on the way. - Nate2004ToppsTotal (107)7/10/2011
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buyerFast payment. Thank you.dryden29 (264)5/17/2011
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sellerabsolutely awesome trader. hope to work with you again.packfan84 (175)5/10/2011
sellerthanks!jeffnash (477)5/7/2011
tradegreat traderendbox (174)5/2/2011
tradeGreat to deal withendbox (174)5/1/2011
50-50 / consignmentitems doneBabio556xht (244)4/29/2011
50-50 / consignmentitems doneBabio556xht (244)4/29/2011
sellerQuick shipment, a pleasure to deal withpooh528 (395)4/20/2011
tradeexcellent transactiontanner88 (221)4/14/2011
tradeQuick shipment, a pleasure to trade withpooh528 (395)4/12/2011
buyerFast payment. Thanks!!Liptorn (172)3/30/2011
tradeCards came out awesome! Thanks!e6process (47)3/29/2011
buyerSorry I couldn't get them done. Thanks.Jwolfer (51)3/26/2011
tradePaid promptly once the item was signed. Thanks a lot!Jwolfer (51)3/26/2011
buyer fast payment thanks,shipped 3/21/11midog (421)3/21/2011
buyerGreat deal, easy to work with!!!2000rad (230)3/19/2011
tradeThanks againmedic-34 (707)3/18/2011
buyerexcellent to deal with,A++++++++++++++raider1088 (184)3/16/2011
50-50 / consignmentEnjoy the Madlock auto!JustCrazy (901)3/9/2011
buyerDavid Green 85TT - easy guy to deal with.ricke2 (239)3/7/2011
tradeThank you!frankhardy (182)3/3/2011
buyerNice and easy transaction! Thanks!hryb14 (168)2/24/2011
sellerGreat as usual-thanksmedic-34 (707)2/18/2011
tradeThanks againmedic-34 (707)2/18/2011
buyerFats paymentLVgrapher (393)2/2/2011
buyerthanks for quick payment sent 1/28gwbaseball (166)1/27/2011
tradeGreat trade! Quick and easy! Highly recommend, thanks!hryb14 (168)1/24/2011
buyerGreat to trade with - Cards are on the way - Nate2004ToppsTotal (107)1/8/2011
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buyerQuick Paymnet!!!cardsfan06 (202)12/19/2010
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tradeGreat! Thanks so much!JBirk (89)5/3/2010
tradethanks!hofcs (974)5/2/2010
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tradegreat SCN member with excellent service and communication...thanks again!eracer24 (131)4/28/2010
tradePerfect Transaction!!Great Service+++THANKSkang (149)4/26/2010
tradeGreat service, great auto's. Thanks Scott!!!!!!4donovans (501)4/26/2010
tradeExcellent as always!!! Thanks!!!! A++++z722 (262)4/26/2010
tradeScott D is one of the best!tryfinski (529)4/25/2010
tradethanks very much!medic-34 (707)4/25/2010
tradeThank you, I'm very happy with the cards.toastwrpi (152)4/24/2010
tradeThanks for your help in growning my collectioncirclecity22 (109)4/24/2010
tradeThank you for the fred lynn!!invctrl (355)4/24/2010
tradeThanks so much! I really appreciate it.abishop000 (35)4/24/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Loving the Fred Lynn Ball. erba (254)4/23/2010
tradeThanks for the great Fred Lynn signing. Smooth!aja4rayb (13)4/23/2010
tradeLynn cards look great Scott..a well done signing thanksPHENIAFILMS (83)4/23/2010
tradeThanks for the tradeagee (185)4/12/2010
tradeThanks Scott. Sorry for the problems on my end.bigjohn (103)2/17/2010
tradenicegkoz316 (404)2/6/2010
tradethank you jeserone (792)2/3/2010
tradeFast payment. A+landcontroller (202)2/1/2010
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tradenice lot of cards thanksjross24 (233)1/24/2010
tradeQuick Paymenttrav1105 (253)12/28/2009
tradePAID SUPER FASTmesarosfamily (298)12/23/2009
tradeExcellent transaction. Thank you!!!32Ford (48)12/20/2009
tradeawesomerlbdjones74 (272)10/18/2009
tradeTough autograph for the 1987 Topps set. Nie deal!justgreg (783)10/16/2009
tradegreat cards and a great tradertryfinski (529)8/22/2009
tradethanks for the card... jeserone (792)6/21/2009
tradeHope I can help you again in the future. jeserone (792)8/14/2008
tradeSmooth transaction as always. Great communication, autos, shipping, etc. Thanks!!!ILikeAutos (130)5/1/2008
tradeGreat!!!!!!!!!dk14 (143)12/21/2007
tradesmooth trade. Thanks Scottnoach2343 (319)11/18/2007
tradeA fair trade. bensont99 (30)8/11/2007
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!! glad to be able to help ! tha-rock (663)3/19/2007
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