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buyerFast payment, thanks!jdurdle (115)11/30/2021
buyerThanks. imn875 (144)3/31/2021
tradeThank you, the cards arrived today in perfect shape. Kurtek (16)3/5/2021
tradegreat to work with, A +++++don markle (65)3/4/2021
buyerFantastic! thanks for the great payment.hotrodcollectibl (46)2/23/2021
tradeGreat to deal with!!bigcruzer (141)2/19/2021
tradeThank you!!bigcruzer (141)2/19/2021
buyerGreat member! Thankscanttouchkg (108)2/12/2021
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (210)1/31/2021
tradeThank you for the trade!250autos (11)1/31/2021
sellerGreat to work with. Would trade with anytime. The best! Marisfoever (336)1/28/2021
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)1/28/2021
buyerthank you for trusting me with your collecting needs. Enjoyjeserone (778)1/19/2021
sellerperfect, thanks!chefjeffwilson (40)1/14/2021
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (354)1/11/2021
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (210)1/9/2021
buyerThanks again for the great transaction and speedy payment DodgerDog (735)12/19/2020
private signingA+. Great asset to the room! THEKID1 (184)12/17/2020
private signingTransaction completed.hofcs (963)12/16/2020
private signingTransaction completed.hofcs (963)12/16/2020
tradeGreat card! Thank you!!!Hitman97 (196)12/13/2020
tradeGreat to trade with. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (614)12/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentNice communication trotfan33 (123)12/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentGreatjslaw (279)12/12/2020
buyerInstant payment, more importantly a great member!cosmo (578)12/12/2020
tradeThank you so much for helping Issiah !cosmo (578)12/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (674)12/11/2020
buyerA pleasure to do business with. Thank you!FrankM (180)12/8/2020
buyertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (660)12/4/2020
buyerGreat Communication & Quick Paymentrwilcox12 (139)11/29/2020
tradeGreat trading with you!Bernie (326)11/28/2020
buyerThank you!FrankM (180)11/23/2020
buyerA pleasure to do business with. Thank you!FrankM (180)11/21/2020
buyerGreat to deal with, thanks A++qmjhlfan (29)11/10/2020
buyerexcellent tradehotrodcollectibl (46)11/6/2020
buyerThanks!! A+++brl212 (306)11/6/2020
buyerThanks!jdurdle (115)10/15/2020
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanks again.seaner (396)10/3/2020
buyerSuper quick payment, great to deal with!!frosejr (298)9/27/2020
buyerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (671)9/25/2020
buyerThank you for the purchase!boswell423 (235)9/21/2020
buyerThank you for your payment, enjoy your cards!roosterrooh (280)9/18/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1220)9/1/2020
tradeThank you for the tradeblazinblair (4)8/27/2020
buyerEnjoy the card!fishlips (267)8/13/2020
buyerThank you for another easy transaction :)Bernie (326)8/10/2020
buyerQuickly paid. Thanks and enjoy josh96 (378)7/25/2020
tradeAlways glad to trade with this guy. A+rockinace (403)7/2/2020
tradethanks for the tradegator11 (197)6/30/2020
buyerthanks for the purchase, enjoygator11 (197)6/30/2020
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (210)5/30/2020
tradeAlways like trading with another cool Edrockinace (403)5/29/2020
sellerThank you for another easy transaction :)Bernie (326)5/16/2020
buyerGreat thank you !Silverbacksports (821)5/4/2020
tradegreat trade! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)5/2/2020
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)4/20/2020
buyerThanks!philly84 (495)4/17/2020
buyerGood deal thanks jamieblye (1475)4/5/2020
buyerAwesome person and great to work withmunson1978 (329)3/30/2020
buyerThank you! Mailed 3/24/20 :)Bernie (326)3/24/2020
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (685)3/21/2020
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks again!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)2/18/2020
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1475)2/6/2020
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)2/5/2020
buyerA pleasure to deal with as always DodgerDog (735)2/2/2020
buyerThanks againDodgerDog (735)1/25/2020
buyerAnother great transaction. Thanks :<)imn875 (144)1/24/2020
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (354)1/18/2020
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (735)1/5/2020
buyerThanks againmedic-34 (707)12/29/2019
buyerAAA+++orr23mj (1569)12/28/2019
buyerThanks for the purchase!tryfinski (528)12/19/2019
buyerThank you for your purchase and for the fast payment dryden29 (262)12/15/2019
buyerCard sent ChrisGraphs (108)12/9/2019
private signingThanks for participating in my signings!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)12/5/2019
buyerThanks again for a easy going transaction. DodgerDog (735)11/29/2019
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)11/16/2019
buyerFast payment thanks you. CopperJJ (282)11/14/2019
buyerAAA+++orr23mj (1569)11/12/2019
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (671)11/7/2019
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (735)11/5/2019
buyerAlways an easy transaction!bkritz (562)10/31/2019
buyerThanks deano (916)10/31/2019
buyerenjoyjcq08 (551)10/29/2019
tradeAMAZING THANK YOU!Gremedies (218)10/1/2019
tradeglad you liked your card!devilsfan15 (406)9/19/2019
tradethanks for the PIF auto!devilsfan15 (406)9/19/2019
buyerFast payment and great communication! Thank you Ed!kevin34 (432)9/19/2019
buyerenjoyjcq08 (551)9/13/2019
private signingThank you!!ridiculousxdream (984)8/23/2019
buyerAnother smooth transaction with this great SCN member!prestomets (233)7/31/2019
buyerreceived quick payment!! Thanks!radconjohn (129)7/29/2019
tradeGlad I could help. imn875 (144)7/28/2019
tradeAwesome guy to trade withrockinace (403)6/22/2019
buyerAwesome SCN member!prestomets (233)6/21/2019
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)6/19/2019
buyerEd's the best, thanks again!ddtjman (374)6/14/2019
buyerGreat guy !!!!!!!!!noach2343 (318)6/7/2019
buyerAlways a pleasure to trade, buy, sell, and chat with this guy.wavefan1960 (102)6/6/2019
tradeFast shipping. Great trader. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)6/4/2019
tradeGreat trader. A+ deal. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)5/31/2019
private signingThanks for Participating Quigs (375)5/28/2019
tradeAnother Great trade with Ed! Thanks so much and look forward to another one soon!dhawkinsva (212)5/26/2019
tradeAlways a pleasure dealing with Ed!ddtjman (374)5/25/2019
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (210)5/12/2019
buyerAwesome to work with!!pdg16 (278)5/2/2019
buyertha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (660)4/5/2019
buyerGreat member happy to work with again!jp1bearsfan (240)3/26/2019
tradeOne of the best!philly84 (495)3/6/2019
tradeGood Trade! chevimpala00 (47)2/25/2019
buyerA pleasure as alwaysDodgerDog (735)2/12/2019
buyer$ arrived, ship tomorrownoach2343 (318)2/7/2019
tradeSuper guy to deal withwavefan1960 (102)1/22/2019
private signingEasy to work with and fast paymentbfreese (195)1/21/2019
tradeGreat blind trade. Thanks!pmpage (110)12/29/2018
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (671)12/24/2018
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (365)12/18/2018
buyerAAA+++orr23mj (1569)12/12/2018
buyerSmooth transaction, great member to deal with!prestomets (233)12/12/2018
buyerGreat SCN member. Thx. imn875 (144)11/25/2018
buyerThanks!Gasypo (157)11/20/2018
buyercards mailed...thank you for the easy transaction...sorry for the delaydukemiller (135)11/16/2018
buyerQuick payment. Thank you! A+rewing32 (66)11/15/2018
buyerFast Payment. Always great to deal with. Thanks!!!dabulls (614)11/14/2018
buyerThanksmedic-34 (707)11/8/2018
buyerThanks!gkoz316 (402)11/8/2018
buyerEasy transaction...thank youdukemiller (135)10/28/2018
buyerGreat to deal with DodgerDog (735)10/28/2018
buyerSmooth transaction. Quick payment.kokoloak (120)10/15/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)10/2/2018
buyerthanks4192HITS (684)9/26/2018
buyerPayment recieved, shipping 9/26worldwideed (367)9/25/2018
tradeGreat guy. Very generousiamfess (132)9/14/2018
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)9/14/2018
buyerSmooth transaction - easy to deal with!prestomets (233)9/10/2018
private signingAsset to SCN, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.TuckerKCRoyals (364)9/2/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (671)8/27/2018
buyerEasy to deal with thanks Marisfoever (336)8/26/2018
private signingThank you for participating in our signing!! A+++basesareempty (142)8/10/2018
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)8/9/2018
buyerFast payment, thank you! Will be mailed 7/23/18Bernie (326)7/22/2018
buyerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (671)7/21/2018
buyerImmediate payment, to be mailed 7/16/18Bernie (326)7/15/2018
buyerGreat dealing with you - thanks!erocmace (130)6/29/2018
tradeHappy to help, PIF is awesome!loringslegends (82)6/29/2018
private signingEasy transaction A+++bfreese (195)6/19/2018
buyerAlways Great to deal with. Super fast Payment. Enjoy the autos. Thanks!!!dabulls (614)6/18/2018
tradeGreat member and great cards! Thanks!dhawkinsva (212)6/9/2018
buyerFast paymentStanesq (206)6/8/2018
buyerFast payment, great member!Pavelbure10x (64)6/8/2018
tradeAwesome member -- thanks!heartchamp (176)6/6/2018
tradeThank for a great trade!ddtjman (374)6/5/2018
tradeThank You. Excellent .Neddcardz (174)6/1/2018
tradeThank You. Enjoy your card.Neddcardz (174)5/30/2018
buyerThanks deano (916)5/17/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)5/17/2018
tradeAuto looks great. Thanks for the trade. A+++ Memberdabulls (614)5/11/2018
buyerGreat SCN member A+++4donovans (498)5/11/2018
buyerA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (671)5/6/2018
buyerA++DodgerDog (735)5/5/2018
buyerThanks deano (916)5/4/2018
buyerEasy to deal with, thanks!jamflicker (100)5/2/2018
sellerThanks!rlbdjones74 (271)4/30/2018
buyerfast payment thanksLSUby50 (440)4/11/2018
buyerthanks for the purchase!....easy to work with!thepil (325)4/6/2018
tradeThanks!woody (179)4/4/2018
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (926)3/26/2018
buyerFast Payment. Always great to deal with. Thanks!!!dabulls (614)3/21/2018
buyergreat to deal with, thanksjamieblye (1475)3/8/2018
buyerThabnks for the fast payment! Great Member!Pavelbure10x (64)3/6/2018
buyerquick payment, great communication!!marty0419 (74)2/4/2018
tradeThanks!! Appreciate all the help!!stem6891 (123)2/2/2018
tradeBlind trade. Very pleased. Thank you.dryden29 (262)1/28/2018
private signingA+++ easy transactionbfreese (195)1/20/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)1/20/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)1/20/2018
buyerGreat for SCN. Thanks for your patience.Er21 (803)1/12/2018
buyerGreat transaction! Thanks!timbo05 (188)1/11/2018
buyerGreat SCN Member! A+chrisminelli (71)1/9/2018
buyerA+ bought wwe hof Pete rose! Class act memberjbeiermann (671)1/6/2018
buyerGreat transaction! Thanks!timbo05 (188)1/4/2018
tradeenjoy the card, happy holoidayscosmo (578)12/19/2017
buyerFast payment, great member to deal with. Thanks!jih11 (145)12/7/2017
buyerGreat communication. Would highly recommend Thanks!getwild (113)12/3/2017
buyerGreat to work with!Metrotheme (264)11/24/2017
buyerQuick payment. Great to deal withPenguinblewis (163)11/24/2017
buyerThanks FeycoBexar (181)11/23/2017
buyerTwist my arm a little.... good deal here. CPT_K (231)11/22/2017
private signingGreat to deal with, thanksjamieblye (1475)11/4/2017
tradeThanks!Cowtipper (48)10/14/2017
buyerfast payment AAA+midog (421)9/13/2017
buyerAn assest to the site. Great transaction.sox1 (224)8/19/2017
buyertha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (660)8/15/2017
tradeGreat SCN Member - Card Mailed 8/10/17FDJC2090 (221)8/9/2017
tradeEnjoy & pay it forward!devilsfan15 (406)8/8/2017
tradeI hope you enjoy the card, pay it Forward!Bernie (326)8/6/2017
tradeI can't recommend this member highly enough, a pleasure to trade with. Thank you!jih11 (145)7/27/2017
tradeThumbs up!heartchamp (176)7/23/2017
tradeFantastic!heartchamp (176)7/23/2017
tradeThank you. sccrow (119)7/22/2017
tradegreat pay it forward! Thankstrotfan33 (123)7/18/2017
tradeVery generous member!iamfess (132)7/16/2017
tradeThanks for claiming my card!!!car308 (146)7/16/2017
buyerquick pay, thanks! tracking # just added.dw1017 (664)7/14/2017
tradeThanks for Paying Forward!clocker_rdw (165)7/12/2017
tradeGreat card, great SCN member, Thanks!clocker_rdw (165)7/10/2017
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)7/9/2017
tradeThank you for 'paying it forward'.justgreg (778)7/7/2017
tradeEd is an excellent asset to this community!TD30forHOF (80)7/5/2017
tradeGreat trade - would deal with any time!hartwick11 (174)7/4/2017
tradeThanks for the awesome card. A pleasure to deal withvdrwinkie (251)7/2/2017
tradeQuick and easy trade. Look forward to more in futureucffans (237)6/30/2017
buyerGreat Member A+++++ Tim328 (158)6/30/2017
buyerAlways a pleasure. Thanks! luhein24 (54)6/29/2017
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)6/26/2017
buyerGreat Transaction...Thanks!erba (254)6/7/2017
tradeThank you for the great card sccrow (119)6/4/2017
tradegreat SCN member - enjoy your card!devilsfan15 (406)6/4/2017
tradeThanks for your generosity!lczx02 (136)5/28/2017
tradeItem arrived as promised. Thank youden7373 (233)5/25/2017
tradeGreat PIF! Thankstrotfan33 (123)5/23/2017
buyerThanksbiggez99 (280)5/19/2017
buyergreat buyer. Glad you like it. Look forward to the next dealLordstan (139)5/12/2017
buyersmooth transaction. great membersexymanvan (73)4/28/2017
buyerGreat Transaction...Thanks!erba (254)4/26/2017
buyerGreat to work with A+++satanman (42)4/11/2017
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)3/27/2017
buyerFast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (614)3/16/2017
buyerEd is a great member, We have had 4 transactions and all have been fantastic. Thank you Ed.Er21 (803)3/6/2017
buyerA+, Class act, prompt, fast, thanks for helping!!jbeiermann (671)2/4/2017
buyerOutstanding. Thank you very much!!!luhein24 (54)2/3/2017
buyerA pleasure again, look forward to future dealsdrichards3 (187)1/26/2017
buyerFast Payment. Great Member. Thanks!!!dabulls (614)1/21/2017
buyerA+, Class act, prompt, fast, thanks for helping!!jbeiermann (671)1/16/2017
buyerQuick payment. Thanks very muchsunsetmain (66)1/16/2017
buyerThanks, A+, class act!jbeiermann (671)12/17/2016
tradeThanks for the great IC for my Reds collection! Merry Christmas!Kaneen (210)12/5/2016
tradeThank you!! Merry Christmas!jeffklein (120)12/5/2016
tradeA+dmb71vw (57)12/3/2016
tradeThank you so much for the autograph!!lczx02 (136)12/2/2016
buyerSuper Fast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (614)11/26/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (671)11/20/2016
buyerSmooth transaction with a great CUBSdewey29 (77)11/10/2016
private signingthx4192HITS (684)10/26/2016
tradeCards arrived fine! Just need PP for return after draft. THANKS A+jbeiermann (671)10/25/2016
tradegreat trade!acguy (56)10/21/2016
tradeThanks!kenhastings (105)10/13/2016
buyerA,+ class act, painlessjbeiermann (671)10/10/2016
tradeVery Fast Transaction, thank yousexymanvan (73)10/5/2016
buyerA,+ class act, painlessjbeiermann (671)10/2/2016
tradeThanks for the cardssexymanvan (73)9/30/2016
buyerQuick payment. Enjoy the card!fishlips (267)9/30/2016
buyerGreat buyer, easy transaction.rad32lefty (113)9/29/2016
tradeThank you for the cards! :)coasttopost (19)9/23/2016
tradeEnjoy the card bud!coasttopost (19)9/23/2016
buyerquick payment , great to deal with ESD (190)9/20/2016
tradeglad you got your card! Gotta love the USPSdevilsfan15 (406)9/19/2016
tradePay it forward drichards3 (187)9/17/2016
tradeThanks for the Power Play tall boy autos!devilsfan15 (406)9/13/2016
tradeThanks AAA+midog (421)9/12/2016
tradegreat!bewers91 (112)9/12/2016
tradeGreat member. Pay it forward!iamfess (132)9/7/2016
buyerGreat member to deal with, thank you!!biggez99 (280)9/7/2016
tradeThanks!kenhastings (105)9/6/2016
buyerFast Payment. A+ Member. Thanks!!deron51 (29)9/1/2016
buyerGreat and easy to deal with. ThanksMarisfoever (336)8/24/2016
tradeThanks for the card! Great autograph!lczx02 (136)6/25/2016
tradeglad you like the card. Keep paying it forward!devilsfan15 (406)6/11/2016
tradeEnjoy the cards!ucffans (237)6/11/2016
buyerQuick payment + Good Communication = A+travel (17)6/4/2016
tradeEnjoy!jdurdle (115)5/22/2016
tradeSmoothe, easy, transaction.wavefan1960 (102)5/19/2016
tradeGreat card, thanksjdurdle (115)5/12/2016
tradethanks for the Hockey PIF autos!devilsfan15 (406)5/10/2016
buyerAwesome Guy to Deal with A+++++Jshock80 (67)5/1/2016
tradeGreat member, pay it forward iamfess (132)4/28/2016
tradeThanks for the cards!! Much appreciated!LSUby50 (440)4/27/2016
private signingTrust this member! Sent items in and paid in time! Hope he sends in for future signings!cpdinc (579)4/21/2016
tradeThank youtrydel (103)4/18/2016
buyerThanks for the fast payment, great member to deal withbiggez99 (280)4/16/2016
tradeThanks!!jcq08 (551)4/15/2016
tradeFantastic member; thanks!orutulsa (178)4/15/2016
buyerThanks for your purchase and fast payment!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)4/14/2016
tradeA+ Sorry for the mixup.dmb71vw (57)4/12/2016
tradethanks againdrwinkie (251)4/11/2016
tradeThank you for a nice pleasant transaction. trydel (103)4/11/2016
tradeGreat Member- Active in giving back to others- Enjoy the Suter Card!jaycoutta (50)4/7/2016
tradeEnjoy the card - thanks!lczx02 (136)3/28/2016
buyerSmooth transaction. Thanks!diamondboy (164)3/28/2016
tradeQuick and Easy trade - thank you!ucffans (237)3/18/2016
tradeThanks!!lczx02 (136)3/17/2016
tradeA+, painless, would deal with again!jbeiermann (671)3/14/2016
tradeThanks for paying it forward!midog (421)3/11/2016
trademake sure to post something on Pay it Forwardroosterrooh (280)3/6/2016
buyerThank you!ridiculousxdream (984)3/5/2016
buyerThanks for the purchase!Gasypo (157)2/26/2016
buyerGreat buyer! Excellent communication! A+missionaborted (40)2/26/2016
buyerExcellent member, smooth transaction!gallagher (102)2/23/2016
buyerthank you once again! always a pleasure! great communication! tourze (103)2/8/2016
private signingthanks jamieblye (1475)2/1/2016
buyergreat communication! Enjoy the card! thanks again!tourze (103)1/22/2016
private signingA+ thanks Ed!!franco858 (635)9/3/2015
buyerThankscrabbygraphs538 (67)9/2/2015
buyerThanks!hutch5831 (259)7/27/2015
buyerGreat transactionmunson1978 (329)6/13/2015
buyerFast payment! Thanks!radconjohn (129)6/10/2015
sellergreat signature. thank yourubymike (31)5/21/2015
buyerThank you so much!ramjaksports (29)5/12/2015
offer private signingGreat signing. Highly Recommended. dbarilla (83)5/4/2015
offer private signingGreat job on the Campbell signingthehalk (691)5/3/2015
offer private signingCard looks great!!! Thank you so much!!!SteveD71 (21)5/1/2015
tradeAwesome SCN member!ddtjman (374)4/30/2015
offer private signingGreat SCN member! Thanks for getting my items signed for my collection!lutherlafy (720)4/29/2015
offer private signingprogram was signed the way i wantedanswerman (89)4/29/2015
offer private signingGood job Ed! Photos look great. Thanksrlynch8175 (121)4/28/2015
offer private signingthanks for the card, nice autobroncomaniac53 (133)4/28/2015
offer private signingGreat job with signing+++++1658 (207)4/28/2015
offer private signingcards showed up Monday and looks great, Thanks so muchRossiMcgee71 (207)4/28/2015
offer private signingGreat, Thanksbrewers (76)4/27/2015
offer private signingGreat person to deal with. Thank you for the signing.stabilio (108)4/27/2015
offer private signingGreat to work with. Perfect signing could not ask for more.Smitty227 (19)4/27/2015
tradeEnjoy the cards!lukebeyer33 (87)4/26/2015
tradeGreat trader! Thanks so much!ucffans (237)4/21/2015
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (926)4/15/2015
buyerPleasure to work with A+++satanman (42)3/24/2015
buyerPayment received, thanks!radconjohn (129)3/21/2015
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)3/19/2015
sellerThank you for the signed Ripley card, "Pay it Forward."Bernie (326)3/19/2015
tradeThe best!lukebeyer33 (87)3/19/2015
tradeEnjoy the signatures.Glad I could add to your collection.tigernut (190)3/18/2015
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)3/16/2015
tradeThanks for sending, enjoy cardJ_a_s_z (302)3/14/2015
tradeExcellent!!! A++++ z722 (262)3/12/2015
tradeEnjoy the Card!!!teleman911 (303)3/5/2015
tradeThanks for making my first trade an easy and smooth successiowaninja (11)3/2/2015
tradeFantastic trader; thanks!orutulsa (178)2/23/2015
tradeThanks again AAA+midog (421)2/21/2015
tradePay It ForwardRass83 (149)2/17/2015
tradeThank you for the card!nickmuse (137)2/17/2015
buyerPhoto was mailed yesterday! Thanks!deron51 (29)2/15/2015
tradeWill continue to work with in future deaks, thanks!Jhnsn17 (41)2/14/2015
tradeGotta love paying it forward!TD30forHOF (80)2/14/2015
tradePay it forward. Thanks.josh96 (378)2/11/2015
tradeGreat Card - thanks for Paying it Forward!MadHatter (88)2/11/2015
tradeThankstrydel (103)2/10/2015
tradeThanks againtrydel (103)2/10/2015
buyerGreat Customer A++++ ThanksTim328 (158)2/9/2015
buyerFast payment, great communication, thanks!aro13 (34)2/5/2015
tradeEnjoy the card!ddtjman (374)2/2/2015
tradePay it Forward sent! Enjoy - and thanks!MadHatter (88)1/31/2015
buyerQuick Pay A+++ TransactionTim328 (158)1/15/2015
tradeexcellent, would do business again, A+++++fritzdan (98)1/15/2015
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)1/9/2015
tradeThanks again! I appreciate the tradeJhnsn17 (41)12/5/2014
buyerfantastic to deal with!dw1017 (664)12/5/2014
buyerImmediate payment. Thanks Ed!Robtimms (135)12/5/2014
tradeGlad I could add to your collection.Take care and Happy Holidays.tigernut (190)12/2/2014
private signingGreat Member - Hal Lanier signingRip8cp1 (316)11/27/2014
buyerSmooth transaction. Thank You!andybam (302)11/23/2014
tradeAwesome act of generosity - thank you so very much!!lczx02 (136)11/20/2014
tradeAwesome autographs!!eddiemoney (120)11/20/2014
tradethank you so much Dustin was one of my favorite hawksmancini7481 (177)11/20/2014
tradehope you enjoy happy holidays!!!mancini7481 (177)11/19/2014
tradeThank you very much! Enjoy the cards!Jhnsn17 (41)11/14/2014
tradeGreat looking cards,received fast.Thanks so much.tigernut (190)11/10/2014
tradeGreat transaction. Happy to "Pay it Forward."Bernie (326)11/7/2014
buyerPhoto sent today, thanks for a great deal and great communication!BigWenker (31)10/30/2014
buyervery good transaction, very happyhotrodcollectibl (46)10/20/2014
tradeAwesome cards thank you!rgehron (97)10/18/2014
buyerthanks .fast payment,shipped 10/16midog (421)10/16/2014
tradeAnother great trade, easily done!Bostnfn (201)10/16/2014
tradeGreat trade and memberiamfess (132)10/11/2014
buyerExcellent scn member! Thank you again! A++RCrowell14 (50)10/11/2014
buyerFast Payment, Thank yourogich24 (47)10/10/2014
tradeAlways awesome to work withrockinace (403)10/10/2014
tradeGreat trade!!!!!! Fast shipping and fast feedback.trydel (103)10/9/2014
tradeVery pleased with blind trade. Thank you.dryden29 (262)10/9/2014
tradeOne of the best guys in the trading communityrockinace (403)10/3/2014
buyerGreat member to deal with, A+ all the way! biggez99 (280)10/2/2014
buyerEd is honest and has always been a great addition to SCN. A+++Er21 (803)9/30/2014
tradeGreat blind trade. Dig my cardstrydel (103)9/24/2014
buyerFast and smooth transaction. Thanks!RCrowell14 (50)9/10/2014
buyerGreat buyer!RedBird25 (88)8/15/2014
tradeA+, no issues!jbeiermann (671)8/10/2014
buyerGreat transaction - quick paymentspoliz911 (75)7/21/2014
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (660)7/10/2014
private signingthanks for takin gpartrifon (1220)6/24/2014
tradeGreat looking cards,extremely pleased!Hope to deal with again.tigernut (190)6/6/2014
tradeOne of the best on here!philly84 (495)6/5/2014
buyerExcellent User to deal with, thank youjoltinjoed (7)5/31/2014
tradeEnjoy!!!teleman911 (303)5/24/2014
tradeA+++ Thanks!!!!teleman911 (303)5/24/2014
tradegreat use! included extra index cardnick_vice (13)5/23/2014
tradeEnjoy the signature.Glad I could add to your collection.tigernut (190)5/19/2014
private signingGreat member, A++++ Joey Jay signingRip8cp1 (316)4/29/2014
tradeLooking forward to working with you again.den7373 (233)12/30/2013
buyerFast payment, thanks a lot!aro13 (34)12/30/2013
tradeGlad to help. Enjoy the card and have a very happy new year!lczx02 (136)12/30/2013
tradeGreat Member. Happy Holidaysnymautocollector (117)12/26/2013
tradeThe card looks great ! Thanks very much !nickmuse (137)12/26/2013
tradethanks great cardjcq08 (551)12/23/2013
buyerA pleasure to deal with. A+brl212 (306)12/16/2013
tradeBest of luck on the setJ_a_s_z (302)12/14/2013
tradeGlad I could help with your collection & Merry Christmas!tigernut (190)12/12/2013
tradeEnjoy your card! Merry Christmas!rgehron (97)12/10/2013
tradeQuick shipping and outstanding communication - thanks for the autograph!!Winters02 (88)12/4/2013
buyerFast payment and great communicationPenguinblewis (163)12/3/2013
tradeThe signatures look great,Thanks a ton Ed.Great to trade with!tigernut (190)12/2/2013
tradeAAA+ Perfectly Smoothekillian (24)11/22/2013
tradeA+ card, thx so muchJ_a_s_z (302)11/15/2013
buyerGreat Buyer, Thanks a lot!rad32lefty (113)11/15/2013
tradethanks so much...i will pay it forwarddeano (916)11/8/2013
private signingGreat Member - Menke signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Duke Sims signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
tradeGreat cards - much appreciated - thanks!MadHatter (88)10/28/2013
tradePerfectly Smooth and Quick. Now I just need to ID what I'll post to Pay it Forward.ekillian (24)10/25/2013
tradethanks great cardjcq08 (551)10/24/2013
tradeCards going in the mail today - hope you enjoy! Pay it forward!MadHatter (88)10/23/2013
tradeThank you very much! Great member!Jhnsn17 (41)10/22/2013
buyerquick pay, good communicationdrichards3 (187)10/19/2013
tradeFantastic trader; thank you!orutulsa (178)10/15/2013
tradeThanks for your active involvement in paying it forward. Thanks again. God Bless. D-Rock (273)10/9/2013
tradeWhat a guy - thanks for your generosity! Truly appreciated!lczx02 (136)10/8/2013
tradeGreat! Thanks so much for the cards!MadHatter (88)10/7/2013
tradethanks for the cardjcq08 (551)10/2/2013
tradeawesome,thanks for the help for my son's collectionsharpes84 (43)10/2/2013
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)10/1/2013
tradeGreat to trade with!Glad I could add it to your collection.tigernut (190)9/29/2013
tradeGot the card and it`s great!Hope to do more trading with in the future.tigernut (190)9/28/2013
tradeGlad you enjoyed it.Hope to trade with again in the future.tigernut (190)9/24/2013
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)9/23/2013
tradeGlad to help - pay it forward! Happy collecting!lczx02 (136)9/20/2013
tradeAwesome TraderPhilliesdad (45)9/20/2013
buyergreat transaction! Hope to do business with again..realgood10 (44)9/18/2013
tradegreat cards thanksjcq08 (551)9/12/2013
tradeReceived the cards,very pleased with the trade,great to work with!tigernut (190)9/12/2013
buyerSmooth transaction & fast paymentrealgood10 (44)9/10/2013
tradeThanks so much great cards, much appreciatedniveklunar (138)9/6/2013
tradeENJOY!!!teleman911 (303)9/3/2013
tradeAwesome to work with! Hope to do it again.den7373 (233)9/3/2013
tradeAwesome! Thanks for the help!!Evanalmighty (8)8/30/2013
tradeQuick,smoothewavefan1960 (102)8/27/2013
tradeVery pleased.dryden29 (262)8/26/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentOld feedback. Got my item done, and it looks greatBostnfn (201)8/26/2013
tradeGlad I could help you with your collection.Thanks.tigernut (190)8/26/2013
tradeGreat card and prompt shipment! Asset to the hobby. Thanks!lczx02 (136)8/22/2013
tradesent card today. Glad I could help out.carolinel (78)8/21/2013
tradeThanks Ed ! Glad you like it !maxthepupp (93)7/3/2013
tradeClaimed a Card and Paid it forward. Thanks.DeadHorse (157)6/29/2013
tradeClaimed a Card and Paid it forward. Thanks.DeadHorse (157)6/29/2013
tradeenjoyLIEZELEJIM (69)6/26/2013
tradeThankskkirsch (21)6/16/2013
tradeAwesome to work with! Hope to do it again.den7373 (233)5/30/2013
buyerFast payment,great buyer,Thanks54os90 (146)5/16/2013
buyerEd it AWESOME! GREAT communication! GREAT stuff! THANK YOU!!!kevin34 (432)5/3/2013
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)3/29/2013
private signingSincerely appreciate your confidence. Awesome!chisox5967 (58)3/19/2013
tradethankstryfinski (528)3/8/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
tradeThanks a lot for supporting Miracle League Baseball!!!mrmain18 (79)1/9/2013
buyerglad you liked everything. great to deal withhockeydan (262)12/27/2012
buyerExcellentsethd (208)12/25/2012
tradeAwsome stuff, Thanks so much!!J_a_s_z (302)12/17/2012
tradeitems look great thank you!Babio556xht (243)12/17/2012
tradeEd is a rock star!!!!!pumbaa673 (211)12/17/2012
tradeThanks for your generosity Ed!cosmo (578)12/15/2012
tradeAwesome person! Thanks for the cards.cvdeerhunters (36)12/14/2012
tradeThank you very much for the index cards! Merry Christmas!autochaser (28)12/14/2012
tradeAWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Thank Youteleman911 (303)12/14/2012
private signingThanks for participating and enjoy the Hal McRae auto!JustCrazy (884)12/12/2012
tradeThanks a lot for the trade!!!mrmain18 (79)12/7/2012
buyergreat guy, fast paymentsps23lab (235)12/3/2012
tradeA great scn trader!graphhound1 (336)12/1/2012
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (660)11/14/2012
buyerGreat trader a++++++kdubs (359)10/29/2012
buyerFast Payment & Great Communication! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)10/22/2012
buyergreat to deal with, thanks!ducky1978 (276)10/12/2012
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanksvincev39 (293)9/23/2012
private signingThanks for participating in my signing.crash (161)8/15/2012
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (926)8/7/2012
private signingthanksdeano (916)6/28/2012
buyerThanks Ed, card to ship 6/2/124donovans (498)6/1/2012
buyerThanks!! Nails4 (116)5/23/2012
private signingGreat Member - Doug Rader signingRip8cp1 (316)5/17/2012
sellerNice pictures, fast delivery, A+!!!bebisaok (252)5/3/2012
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)4/30/2012
tradePerfect trade! Thanks!Overton19sellers (20)4/25/2012
tradeGreat Member Thanks.............michaeland (472)4/23/2012
tradeAwesome blind trade thanksgowizards0 (12)4/21/2012
buyerGreat Communication & Fast Payment! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)4/19/2012
tradeVery nice....thank you for the index cards I love them....spoetic (1)3/31/2012
private signingThanks for participating in the Eric Anthony signing - enjoy the auto!JustCrazy (884)3/15/2012
buyerthanks for the purchase...enjoygator11 (197)3/14/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentthanks for getting the graphs...good to deal withgator11 (197)3/14/2012
buyerFast payment, many thanks!dugoutdug (658)3/6/2012
buyerFast payment, cards shipped 2/9/124donovans (498)2/9/2012
50-50 / consignmentThank you very much! A+cort10 (527)2/3/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat member - Dave May signingRip8cp1 (316)1/22/2012
buyergreat deal as alwaysvincev39 (293)1/15/2012
buyerexcellent trade, thanks for the deal!frosejr (298)1/3/2012
tradegreat transaction, thanksgraphhound1 (336)12/30/2011
buyerExcellent member - look forward to working with againJustCrazy (884)12/16/2011
tradeAlways great to deal withvincev39 (293)12/14/2011
tradeThank you!ka0grp (197)12/10/2011
tradeGreat Photo of Mr Spinks!!!! Will trade again!!!.... Fast shipping with DC number.....deano (916)11/28/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade withrockinace (403)11/25/2011
buyer fast payment thanks,shipped 11/21/11midog (421)11/21/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure!philly84 (495)11/5/2011
buyerquick shipment, a pleasure to deal withpooh528 (395)11/3/2011
tradeCool card. Thanks!ackerson22 (127)10/22/2011
tradePerfect photo, and a great trader, thank you so much!Mrkoontz (21)10/20/2011
tradeA+++ voidedwarrenties (153)10/16/2011
tradethanks for another great trade!ducky1978 (276)10/11/2011
tradeGot me the postcard quicklyFudukume (161)10/8/2011
tradeNice card! Easy transaction!maddog (261)10/3/2011
buyerGREAT communication! FAST payment! THANK YOU!!!kevin34 (432)10/3/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat guy to deal with. Enjoy your Quilici group photorlynch8175 (121)10/2/2011
tradeVery cool offer and was packaged like a high dollar item. Thanks so much!jschris (85)9/29/2011
50-50 / consignmentThanks so much for participating in the Frank Lary signing!bamarichard (182)9/25/2011
buyerFast payment, great to deal with, Thanks Ed!bamarichard (182)9/15/2011
buyertha-rock sez thanks !!!tha-rock (660)9/13/2011
buyergreat member!dw1017 (664)8/11/2011
tradeEd - always a pleasure!philly84 (495)8/1/2011
tradeOne of the best on the net. Another great trade-Thanks Edrockinace (403)8/1/2011
tradeGreat trader, even sent an extra card...thanks!ddtjman (374)7/27/2011
50-50 / consignmentthanks againpumbaa673 (211)7/24/2011
tradeOne of the best on this site-Thanksrockinace (403)7/23/2011
buyerFast payment...pleasure to do business with! Thanksbamarichard (182)7/11/2011
tradeAmazing Trader! Thanks, Ed!!mikevalic (125)7/10/2011
buyerFast payment! Great communication!graphage (121)6/26/2011
buyerFast payment. Great to deal with. A+ transactionLiptorn (172)6/20/2011
buyertha-rock sez thanks again !tha-rock (660)6/15/2011
buyerQuick payment, sorry about the delay durazo0004 (40)6/2/2011
tradeOne of the best to trade withrockinace (403)6/1/2011
tradeGreat ti trade with, smooth trade, quick shipping, awesome!justgreg (778)5/31/2011
tradeTHANK YOU BMarshalfan4life (63)5/27/2011
tradegood mix of cards for a blind trade-would do it again anytime!einho (477)5/25/2011
tradevery glad with what I got Thnakszachco (70)5/19/2011
tradetha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (660)5/19/2011
buyerThank you! Going out tomorrow.frankhardy (180)5/9/2011
tradeAwesome to trade with!tryfinski (528)5/9/2011
tradeAnother excellent trade-A+rockinace (403)4/28/2011
buyerA+! great buyer & great communication! Thanks!philrob24 (140)4/19/2011
tradeA textbook trade--thanks very much!jschris (85)4/18/2011
tradethank you very much for the trade!hutch5831 (259)4/17/2011
buyerGreat guy to trade with!mightyswede (418)4/11/2011
buyerFast payment...great to deal with :)4donovans (498)4/6/2011
buyerGreat, as always!martyesullivan (313)4/2/2011
tradenice card thank you!!!invctrl (355)3/24/2011
tradeGreat item & communication. Hope to deal with again!joveracre (53)3/24/2011
buyerexcellent to deal with,A+++++++++++++++++++raider1088 (184)3/18/2011
50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating in the Chris James signing!!!rangersfan1982 (138)3/7/2011
tradeAnother smooth transaction. Only 744 left to comp my signed 83 Topps baseball set. A+++++++++++++ =)signatureworld (212)3/4/2011
tradeReceived on 3/4/11. Thanks! A++++++ =)signatureworld (212)3/4/2011
tradeCard looks terrific! THANKS for the trade! Will hold up my end of the deal when cards are ready!!!Hitman97 (196)2/28/2011
buyerQuick and easy transaction; a real pleasure to work with. Thanksrsanmat (70)2/27/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat Member - Bobby Doerr signingRip8cp1 (316)2/20/2011
buyerGreat to deal with. thanks!!vincev39 (293)2/15/2011
buyerEasy Transaction! maddog (261)2/15/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat Traderjslaw (279)2/13/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentthanks for your effortsjross24 (233)2/4/2011
offer 50-50 / consignment they look great, thanksgraphhound1 (336)2/3/2011
tradeAwesome to deal with!!!! Helped me so much on my project!Bostnfn (201)2/3/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for trying Ed...maybe he will show next year! I appreciate it!pncted (324)2/3/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat trader! Excellent communication!Dirkasaurus (94)2/2/2011
buyergreat to deal withcathy (248)1/29/2011
tradeThanks for participating in the signing!!!thehalk (691)1/28/2011
buyernice transactionDougMcD (106)12/29/2010
buyer83T Kennedy mailed 12/28. Thanks & enjoy!mrsromek (263)12/28/2010
tradeConsignment deal: Great transaction. Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)12/27/2010
tradeThx for swapStanesq (206)12/17/2010
tradeQuick tradeStanesq (206)12/17/2010
buyerVery fast payment. Thanks, and enjoy the item!jjaro01 (28)12/13/2010
tradeGreat member to deal with all around,good guy as well!bgred82 (93)12/10/2010
tradeAwesome trade, great communication, very pleased,tommergun (87)12/6/2010
tradethanks for taking part, rifon (1220)12/3/2010
buyered is a great graphernoach2343 (318)12/1/2010
tradeThanks for the great trade!tryfinski (528)12/1/2010
tradegreat pictures , great trade , Thanks ESD (190)11/27/2010
tradeAlways good to deal with!Ric4ky (315)11/26/2010
tradeOne of My favoritesRic4ky (315)11/9/2010
tradegreat transaction thankstanner88 (221)11/5/2010
tradeGreat Person to Trade With. Awesome! Thanks.Eef979 (122)11/1/2010
tradeThanks for your patience!!!orr23mj (1569)11/1/2010
tradeGood guy, immediate payer, thanks again!purelypsa (137)10/29/2010
tradethanks again!thestork7 (160)10/25/2010
tradeThey don't get any better than Ed! Another excellent trade and addition to my collection. Thanks!darnfloor (160)10/23/2010
tradeVery happy with the photo, thanks Edj24g34 (253)10/19/2010
tradesweet cards. thanks. great to trade withmesarosfamily (298)10/16/2010
tradeGREAT looking photo, and FANTASTIC trade! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hitman97 (196)10/14/2010
tradeLezcano Deandeano (916)10/14/2010
tradeLezcano Deandeano (916)10/14/2010
tradeThanks, awesome cardsmidog (421)10/12/2010
tradeEd is a FANTASTIC member and the trade was exellent! Thanks alot.4581 (44)10/12/2010
tradeGood guy, good card, thanks!purelypsa (137)10/7/2010
tradethanks ,fast paymentmidog (421)10/7/2010
tradenice card, Thanks!!!pops (101)10/4/2010
tradethanks a ton!thestork7 (160)10/3/2010
tradeThanks for the good tradegarylcampbell (40)9/29/2010
tradeAlways Great to Trade With!Ric4ky (315)9/27/2010
tradeAs always, a great guy to deal with.Tunis (187)9/25/2010
tradeGreat cards, great transaction! Thanks Ed! A+gmrose91 (108)9/23/2010
tradeawesome card. great to deal withmesarosfamily (298)9/22/2010
tradevery nice trade, very easy to work with and professional, thanks so much for the extra photoj24g34 (253)9/22/2010
tradeGreat to deal with.....thanks!vincev39 (293)9/22/2010
tradegreat card with super quick shippingDougMcD (106)9/20/2010
trade jakre88 (56)9/17/2010
tradeFast transaction!!Tunis (187)9/7/2010
tradeThanks Ed. Always a Pleasure.Ric4ky (315)8/18/2010
tradethanks for a fine, fast, fair trade!ducky1978 (276)8/17/2010
tradeGood trader.tpsc (14)8/13/2010
tradeVery satisfied with the trade! Hope to work with again!!cardsfan41 (151)8/12/2010
tradeThanks!!!!!deano (916)8/11/2010
tradenice blind trade thanksgkoz316 (402)8/10/2010
tradeGreat experience and will certainly trade again with in the future!giubileo (22)8/10/2010
tradeExcellent mix of cards-Thanks Edrockinace (403)7/10/2010
tradeglad you liked the personal sig EdPHENIAFILMS (83)6/21/2010
tradeAlways good to Deal with.Ric4ky (315)6/20/2010
tradeGreat sig. Added an extra sig for nothin. Great guy!mecconn (119)6/11/2010
tradeGreat member - Clyde Wright signingRip8cp1 (316)6/9/2010
tradegreat guy to trade with! would do again anytime.lugan329 (28)5/28/2010
tradeGreat communication and great cards. Very happy!!oldirtyfishkilla (57)5/27/2010
tradeOne of my Favorite people to deal with.Ric4ky (315)5/26/2010
tradethanks!!!deano (916)5/26/2010
tradeGreat guy to trade with, nice autographtommergun (87)5/16/2010
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (74)5/11/2010
tradethanks!thestork7 (160)5/9/2010
tradeThanks for participating in the Jones Signing! Good guy!thehalk (691)5/6/2010
tradefast pay, went perfectnoach2343 (318)4/18/2010
tradeSuper Fast trade AAA+++aghileman (68)4/2/2010
trademade payment. thank youjmatthewhill (135)3/30/2010
tradeGreat Trader!!jasonw37 (25)3/27/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, Thanks! A++martyesullivan (313)3/22/2010
tradeGreat to work withtryfinski (528)3/12/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with!! AAA+++orr23mj (1569)2/26/2010
tradeFast payment, good to talk to. Would highly recommend. Thansk!RedSox82696 (22)2/20/2010
tradeGreat deal. ThanksCajun9201 (127)2/17/2010
tradeExcellentz722 (262)2/16/2010
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (74)2/16/2010
tradeGreat Traderjslaw (279)2/10/2010
tradethanks midog (421)2/6/2010
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!tryfinski (528)2/6/2010
tradeAwesome. . . always a pleasure working with Ed.justgreg (778)1/29/2010
tradeGreat communication and a pleasure to deal with!jamflicker (100)1/27/2010
tradethanks for getting these signed...trustworthygator11 (197)1/25/2010
tradeThanks again.woods1999 (229)1/22/2010
tradeGreat job of getting my items signed! Hope to do this again.rlynch8175 (121)1/22/2010
tradeThanks!ackerson22 (127)1/22/2010
tradeEd did a great job getting my cards signed for mericke2 (238)1/21/2010
tradeGot the Pierce cards signed & refunded Kittle, no show and threw in extra card.josh96 (378)1/20/2010
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (74)1/19/2010
tradeGreat deal thxStanesq (206)12/16/2009
tradegreat dealingscowboys22 (95)12/12/2009
tradeThqanks EdRic4ky (315)12/7/2009
tradeNice mix of cards for my collectionrockinace (403)11/27/2009
tradethanksgkoz316 (402)11/23/2009
tradeFast Payment & Great Communication! Thank You!!Calpounder (405)11/19/2009
tradeQuickpayment. Thanks!jbsouth (685)11/11/2009
tradeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++rube26105 (234)11/11/2009
tradeGreat to deal with...Thanks!!!jw247305 (67)11/2/2009
tradegreat guy and trader...thanks for the bonus!tryfinski (528)11/2/2009
tradequick payment - thanks!devilsfan15 (406)10/27/2009
tradegreat!Kingman15 (47)10/21/2009
tradea++++++bg20001 (121)10/13/2009
tradetha-rock sez thanks!!!tha-rock (660)10/3/2009
tradeAnother Great Transaction with rynohof23! Thanks!gmrose91 (108)9/27/2009
tradeGreat to deal with, very smooth! A+gmrose91 (108)9/24/2009
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!tha-rock (660)9/24/2009
tradeAwesome trade! Nice signatures; great to deal with. Thanks!emmonz2000 (9)9/16/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)9/14/2009
tradeNice book shipped quickly. Recommended.thenavarro (88)9/12/2009
tradeed was amazing to deal with, great looking cardthehalk (691)9/8/2009
tradeGreat to deal with as always!!bigcruzer (141)8/31/2009
tradeperfect!!calleaguer (53)8/31/2009
tradeReally Nice card-Thanks Edrockinace (403)8/21/2009
tradeFast paymentbrandonspears (108)8/12/2009
tradePrompt payment! Great transaction!trauty (52)7/25/2009
tradequick payment. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks!diesel43228 (98)7/19/2009
tradethanks!wesley (60)7/17/2009
tradeGreat Trade. A+ in my bookrockinace (403)7/17/2009
tradeGreat to work with! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)7/11/2009
tradefast payment, thanksshawnmcnair (349)7/3/2009
tradeGreat Deal. Thankscardfan4ever (262)6/15/2009
tradethanks for the feedback and great communicationorr23mj (1569)6/11/2009
tradeFast payment A+++pastimeauthentic (142)6/10/2009
tradeEd is the man! Always a great trader/buyer.philly84 (495)6/4/2009
tradeCards look good trade went smoothCajun9201 (127)6/1/2009
tradeanother great trade. Thanks!devilsfan15 (406)5/26/2009
tradegood trade.. very fair valuehheroes10 (365)5/19/2009
tradeGreat Trade, A+++++++++++++Thanks Againmichaeland (472)4/15/2009
tradegreat communication.. A+++hheroes10 (365)4/4/2009
tradequick and easy deal...thanksseanbear (141)4/3/2009
tradeThanks for the cardsrobertwyatt (10)4/3/2009
tradeQuick payment. Thank you!alhase430 (11)3/31/2009
tradeFast Payment, Smooth Transaction, Thanks again...seaner (396)3/29/2009
tradethxgkoz316 (402)3/28/2009
tradeGreat cards, thanks!michaeland (472)3/26/2009
tradeNice easy trade just like always. Thanks Edtomseaver (149)3/19/2009
tradeFast payment, smooth transaction....seaner (396)3/19/2009
tradefast payment thanksdeano (916)3/10/2009
tradePayed quick...item has been shipped!bdsports08 (122)3/10/2009
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!!tha-rock (660)3/3/2009
tradethanks! nice cardgkoz316 (402)2/23/2009
tradeGreat cards, thanks!Macey225 (649)2/21/2009
tradeNice trade - quick shipment and quality cardsmichaeland (472)2/19/2009
tradesent quick payment, thanks!lutherlafy (720)2/13/2009
tradeGreat card, thanksMacey225 (649)2/12/2009
tradeGreat trade, thanks Ed!tommergun (87)2/9/2009
tradeGreat Trade! Did Not Have To Send More! Thanks!!!historianmichael (172)2/6/2009
tradegreat trade Ryno, thanks buddy..JBPHENIAFILMS (83)2/2/2009
tradeVery quick Transaction. Thank You.Ric4ky (315)12/27/2008
tradeGreat trade! Thanks, Andytrauty (52)12/10/2008
tradeAnother excellent trade with Ed. GREAT guy to work with!darnfloor (160)12/6/2008
tradeEd is as good as they come-FAST shipment,EXCELLENT communication and QUALITY card! THANKS! darnfloor (160)12/4/2008
tradeGreat Blind Trade. Highly Recommend if you want to do a blind tradedabears1 (4)12/3/2008
tradePaid fast, great customer, thanks a lotsportlover10 (42)12/1/2008
tradeGreat Communication & Smooth Trade! Thanks Again!!Calpounder (405)11/29/2008
tradeFast payment and Honest trader. Thanks Ed!rileywfs (207)11/26/2008
tradeThanks! Card in tomorrow's mail!PatrickD (153)11/23/2008
tradeQuick payment..great communication..A+++ztien (149)11/19/2008
tradeTHANKS! Smooth transaction. A+++32Ford (48)11/9/2008
tradetha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (660)11/7/2008
tradeEd did his best to make this a good trade, and I appreciate it.nstale (213)10/26/2008
tradeHappy with cards in blind trade. Thank you!! AA+++invctrl (355)10/18/2008
tradeGood trade, thanks for the cardsStanesq (206)10/17/2008
tradeAAA+++keith12345 (74)10/9/2008
tradeNice blind trade. . .added extras. . . worth the effort!justgreg (778)10/9/2008
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the bonus as well!!schnepa (282)10/9/2008
tradeperfect!! thanks! fast shippingcort10 (527)10/6/2008
tradeGreat Trader, Thanks a lot! A++martyesullivan (313)10/1/2008
tradeSuper fast payment, Ed is great asset to this site.....seaner (396)9/25/2008
tradeA+!jazzooo (50)9/12/2008
tradeFast Payment, ThanksChode36 (315)9/12/2008
tradeEXCELLENT!!!! AAA+++keith12345 (74)9/12/2008
tradequick payment, will be shipped 9/2/08dw1017 (664)9/1/2008
tradeCheck arrived promptly. Thanks for making this so easymegaberry (45)8/27/2008
tradetha-rock sez thanks, Ed. great trader !!!!tha-rock (660)8/22/2008
tradeFantastic to deal with!ahmartin (150)8/16/2008
tradeGreat collector and very honest, thanks Ed!lutherlafy (720)8/11/2008
tradesuper fast payment. highly recommend.skorealot (20)8/2/2008
tradeQuick Payment, Great Buyer, Thanks again! Enjoy the card!baird34 (183)7/28/2008
tradeSmooth trade. Thanks a lot!martyesullivan (313)7/16/2008
tradeanother great transactioneda025 (241)7/11/2008
tradeQuick payment. Hope to deal with you again. Enjoy the cards! diesel43228 (98)7/9/2008
tradeperfect deal!! THANXdeano (916)7/7/2008
tradeVery fast payment. Thank yoU!boswell423 (235)7/2/2008
tradetha-rock sez thanks again, Ed ! Great trader!!tha-rock (660)6/28/2008
tradeQuick Payment, Great Buyer, Thanks again, enjoy the pics!baird34 (183)5/13/2008
tradeGot 2 signatures on cards that could look better. But, still playersjeterfan94 (195)5/12/2008
tradequick pay, good communicationMTHARR (31)4/29/2008
tradeGood blind tradeMacey225 (649)4/24/2008
tradeGreat trade and very good communicator.josh96 (378)4/23/2008
tradeGreat cards, loved them.andypierucci (36)4/20/2008
tradegreat transaction!!!noach2343 (318)4/20/2008
tradefast great tradenoach2343 (318)4/9/2008
tradegreat trader, quick payment!dw1017 (664)3/4/2008
tradeVery fast payment, Item will ship 3/3/08Qualityteamsigs (20)3/2/2008
tradeThanks Let's do it again.pje427 (5)2/18/2008
tradebeautiful auto and photo great to deal with A+marty0419 (74)1/19/2008
tradeRec'd Cash & SASE very Fast ! Great PM's too ! A+ All the way.jays1fan (31)1/17/2008
tradeGreat Transaction!eda025 (241)1/14/2008
tradeGreat trade! Thanks, Andytrauty (52)1/10/2008
tradefast payment thanks alotbosoxfan (5)1/5/2008
tradeA fantastic 8x10 with great shipping. The autograph is perfect. Thanks. A++ramsrule (87)12/31/2007
tradetha-rock sez thanks again, Ed, Great to do business with you! tha-rock (660)12/29/2007
tradeAlways a good and honest trader.philly84 (495)12/26/2007
tradeGreat trader A++++++kdubs (359)12/20/2007
tradeThanks for such a quick payment!boswell423 (235)12/17/2007
traderocket shipment overall great transactionchicago30 (85)12/15/2007
tradequick pay...great communication and friendly :)drichards3 (187)11/28/2007
tradeThanks. I appreciate the tradejeffnash (476)11/11/2007
tradeGreat trader!!yankeesfan1 (57)11/6/2007
tradenever got my part of the trade because postal service lost what I sent, deal worked out though.thnkscort10 (527)9/6/2007
tradequick payment as always thanksce1012 (757)8/28/2007
tradeReceived the check 8/14/07justgreg (778)8/14/2007
tradetrade not completedbeachbum (19)8/13/2007
tradeGreat trader. . . added a 'bonus' card in addition to the trade items.justgreg (778)8/5/2007
tradeJust another great trade with Ed, that's all!!!ducky1978 (276)7/30/2007
tradeGreat Trader, enjoy the cardsteleman911 (303)7/21/2007
tradeAwesome trader!!!yankeesfan1 (57)7/14/2007
tradeThanks bagsfan52 (152)7/14/2007
tradeGreat trader,Prompt Shipping A+++ traderJuicedForLife (41)7/8/2007
tradeGreat sig and good quick shipping! Thanks!rmstone1s (115)7/5/2007
tradecool. thanksduffman (3)7/3/2007
tradegreat photo, good communication, quick response, good trade all around. thanks much!imonlyslpng24 (31)7/2/2007
tradeFast & Easy Trade As Usual! Thanks Ed!!!Calpounder (405)6/26/2007
tradeOutstanding Communication & Fast Delivery. Thanks Once Again Ed!!Calpounder (405)6/14/2007
tradegreat to deal with,A+++++++++++++++++++++raider1088 (184)5/11/2007
tradeFast A+ZacC (11)5/11/2007
tradeNice Autograph & Received Very Quickly. Great Communication!Calpounder (405)5/3/2007
tradegreat looking auto thanksce1012 (757)4/24/2007
tradetha-rock sez thanks ! great trade!tha-rock (660)4/21/2007
tradegreat!calleaguer (53)4/16/2007
tradegood trader - hope to trade again with rynohof23devilsfan15 (406)4/15/2007
tradeBeautiful Auto!! Very fast trade. Thank you!!gometsny (20)3/30/2007
tradeNice transactiontrauty (52)3/26/2007
tradegreat photo and autograph!skins76 (5)3/21/2007
tradeAwesome transaction and great communication!!!yankeesfan1 (57)1/15/2007
tradeGreat trade transaction sportsfan23656 (60)1/13/2007
trade+sportsfan23656 (60)1/13/2007
tradeanother super trade, thanksducky1978 (276)1/9/2007
traderecieved card looks great thanksce1012 (757)1/6/2007
tradeNice Card Fast Tradebeachbum (19)12/18/2006
tradeThanks for the GREAT Card, I hope you enjoy the Card I traded you, Another GREAT Trade with Ed.chiefwahoo (3)12/7/2006
tradethanks again Ed for a super trade!ducky1978 (276)11/30/2006
tradeGreat card and smooth trade. Thanks!!schnepa (282)11/29/2006
tradeExcellent trade as always. Thankstomseaver (149)11/28/2006
tradeGreat to trade with! would love to trade again!caseyg (51)11/22/2006
tradeFast and easy, just like always. Great trader.tomseaver (149)11/17/2006
tradeAnother Easy & Worry Free Trade!! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)11/9/2006
tradeThanks for another great trade! tomseaver (149)11/8/2006
tradeGreat Cards! Fast Shipping!! Thanks...chris3 (3)11/3/2006
tradefast, perfect trade, thanks!ducky1978 (276)11/2/2006
tradecards look great thanksce1012 (757)10/22/2006
tradeGreat trade. Always a pleasure to trade with. A+++Er21 (803)10/19/2006
tradeGreat to trade with. Nice card, well packaged and sent quickly!tomseaver (149)10/16/2006
tradeThere was not a lack of interest,Trader pulled the trade off the table before i could respond to himdk14 (143)10/7/2006
tradegreat looking card thanks a ton.ce1012 (757)10/5/2006
tradeBlind Trade Received & Very Happy!! Thank You!!dk14 (143)9/5/2006
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