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private signingthanks for participating in my signing!Goodbyehalloween (448)3/30/2023
tradeThank you!Neilpollard (52)3/25/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1572)3/25/2023
tradeCard delivered. Thanks it looks great great trade easy to work with michaeland (473)3/20/2023
tradeAwesome trade, fast and easy. A++Pothole069 (5)3/9/2023
tradeGreat transaction! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)2/16/2023
tradeAlways a great trader! A+++pmpage (110)2/15/2023
tradegreat trade, thank you!Goodbyehalloween (448)2/12/2023
tradeGot them today thanks for the trade!nexus8793 (65)2/4/2023
tradeThank you!danrog (85)2/4/2023
buyerGreat member to deal with. Thank you!cathy (249)1/11/2023
buyerThanks again as alwaysDodgerDog (735)1/6/2023
private signingThanks for sending in!ridiculousxdream (984)12/19/2022
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)11/14/2022
tradeGreat Trade! Thanks a Million!curtisc (94)11/12/2022
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)11/8/2022
buyerAlways a pleasure to deal with, thanks again DodgerDog (735)10/18/2022
50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with. Thanks!!!elpasodiablos (177)10/17/2022
tradeGreat Trade for both of us +++bigmike04 (334)10/17/2022
tradegreat SCN member to help each other out +bigmike04 (334)10/8/2022
tradeI got the card great guy to deal with.Michael123 (8)10/5/2022
buyerThank you for a great transaction! Cards in the mail 9/14.cathy (249)9/14/2022
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for the help!PeteA (318)9/11/2022
private signingThanks for supporting our signingsAutographsink (314)9/10/2022
buyerAlways great to deal with. Thanks!!dabulls (616)8/27/2022
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (284)8/18/2022
tradestuff looks great. Thanks.BensonTim (327)8/7/2022
buyerThanks for submitting! Great to deal with! micmac (215)8/7/2022
50-50 / consignmentSigned and sent, thank you for 5050reccles (38)7/27/2022
tradegood to deal withcoaches (284)7/15/2022
tradeA great addition to my 83T baseball collection signatureworld (212)5/29/2022
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)5/25/2022
private signingMy pleasure!jbautos (243)5/15/2022
private signingMy pleasure!jbautos (243)5/15/2022
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)4/9/2022
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (284)3/28/2022
tradegreat trade, thank you!Goodbyehalloween (448)3/26/2022
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (284)3/25/2022
tradeSo happy to knock two cards off of my main project. Would definitely trade with again!azgrapher85345 (216)3/22/2022
private signingThanks for sending in to Dwight Evansthehalk (703)3/14/2022
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1222)3/5/2022
buyerFast and easy very Smoothmunson1978 (330)2/28/2022
tradeAlways enjoy trading! Thanks for helping my set again!woody (180)2/22/2022
buyerthanks. Sending on mondayscottdfran (320)2/20/2022
buyerThanks!jbeckett19 (70)2/8/2022
private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks for sending in! toddschafer (718)2/7/2022
buyerThanks for the purchasewoody (180)2/4/2022
private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks for sending in! toddschafer (718)1/29/2022
private signingThank you for participating in our signing.Farace73 (381)1/25/2022
private signingThanks for participating in my private signing!!ncc500 (606)1/23/2022
private signingThanks for participating in my private signing!!ncc500 (606)1/23/2022
private signingA++ Thanksjamieblye (1476)1/14/2022
private signingThanks! A+bluejay50 (470)1/12/2022
buyerthanks. Sent today 9416428206335585163999scottdfran (320)1/7/2022
buyerthanks. Sending on mondayscottdfran (320)1/1/2022
private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks for sending in! toddschafer (718)12/27/2021
buyerSmooth Transaction, Thanks! SetsSports.ComSetsSports (83)12/24/2021
tradeThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (665)12/23/2021
tradeFun trade! Thanks for the deal - Nice member!cal4redsox4 (114)12/8/2021
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)11/30/2021
buyerthanks. Sent todayscottdfran (320)11/24/2021
private signingThank you for participating in our signing.Farace73 (381)11/20/2021
buyerGood transaction easy to deal withmunson1978 (330)11/13/2021
private signingfast shipment / payment - thank you!Goodbyehalloween (448)10/28/2021
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1476)10/28/2021
private signingGreat thank you Silverbacksports (821)10/26/2021
50-50 / consignmentThanks!elpasodiablos (177)10/25/2021
buyereasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (355)10/23/2021
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)10/22/2021
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (884)9/16/2021
buyerGreat transaction, thanks a lot. Cooptown (160)9/14/2021
buyergreat as always, thanksjamieblye (1476)9/13/2021
tradeGreat and easy trade! Thank you!cal4redsox4 (114)9/13/2021
tradeGreat Job!! Pleasure to deal withgmatthews (50)9/3/2021
tradeGreat Job!! Pleasure to deal withgmatthews (50)9/3/2021
buyerThanks for a quick and smooth transaction! PastorN8 (165)8/30/2021
tradeQuick shipment! A+! moose2438 (113)8/23/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)8/21/2021
tradeThank you!pncted (324)8/15/2021
buyerThanks! Card has shipped! jeffnash (476)8/15/2021
tradeSweet cards… Thanks!sju3com (28)8/9/2021
private signingThanks!vinniemiller (675)8/9/2021
tradeThanks for trading!!!!baseballmom27 (38)8/5/2021
private signingThanks! A+bluejay50 (470)8/4/2021
private signingThanks! A+bluejay50 (470)8/4/2021
private signingThank you for participating in our signing.Farace73 (381)7/31/2021
sellergreat member of this groupstat192 (250)7/4/2021
tradeThank you for the huge trade! A+JNeel15 (159)6/25/2021
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (735)6/5/2021
private signingThanks!vinniemiller (675)6/3/2021
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysjamieblye (1476)5/31/2021
private signingThanks for supporting our signingsAutographsink (314)5/31/2021
buyerGreat!bkritz (562)5/14/2021
tradeAwesome tradermesarosfamily (298)5/12/2021
tradeAmazing cards for my collections. Thanks!Boribaseball (109)4/30/2021
tradeThanks!PeteA (318)4/28/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)4/26/2021
buyerEasy deal Thanks!dcpolak (355)4/25/2021
buyerVery happy with tradeAllanwhitt (57)4/20/2021
tradeFantastic member, thanks for the trade!ajspills (135)4/19/2021
buyerThanks for the deal!coltsfan1 (103)4/18/2021
buyerGreat trader. Thanks!timbo05 (188)4/7/2021
tradeVery generous member; great tradephilliesphan (218)4/3/2021
tradeFantastic! Thanks so much for the twins!lukebeyer33 (87)4/1/2021
buyerGreat to deal withjamieblye (1476)3/31/2021
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysjamieblye (1476)3/11/2021
buyerGreat buyer and quick payment. Thanks so much! cjw916 (83)3/9/2021
tradeAnother fantastic trade. Thanks!JNeel15 (159)3/8/2021
buyerThanks for the quick payment!pncted (324)3/6/2021
tradeeasy, great transaction. Thanks!dw1017 (665)3/5/2021
buyerGreat buyer and quick payment. Thanks so much! cjw916 (83)3/3/2021
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1476)2/28/2021
tradeThanks Ed, another nice trade mesarosfamily (298)2/27/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)2/27/2021
tradeGreat trade - Thank youbtief (13)2/26/2021
tradegreat trade! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)2/26/2021
private signingThanks for participating in my signings!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)2/25/2021
tradeThank you for the nice trade!JNeel15 (159)2/22/2021
private signingThanks!bluejay50 (470)2/21/2021
private signingThanks!bluejay50 (470)2/21/2021
tradeThanks!bluejay50 (470)2/21/2021
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)2/21/2021
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1476)2/21/2021
private signingthank you!kentjordan (72)1/22/2021
tradeAlways a pleasure; Thanksphilliesphan (218)1/19/2021
tradeAlways a great member to trade with A++dodgerman55 (106)1/8/2021
tradeShipped quickly, packaged well, cards look great! THANKS!!ejmalteza (114)12/27/2020
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)12/26/2020
private signingMy pleasure!jbautos (243)12/23/2020
buyerAwesome SCN'er, pleasure to work with!ddtjman (374)12/21/2020
tradeThanks as always, Ed!MarinersFan (149)12/20/2020
tradeGood trade for both of us.BensonTim (327)12/17/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1222)12/17/2020
tradeGreat Member to the boardsdfan08 (143)12/14/2020
private signingThanks for participating and enjoy the Bobby Brown auto!JustCrazy (884)12/12/2020
tradeA+pmpage (110)12/12/2020
tradeA+pmpage (110)12/12/2020
tradeGreat member. CopperJJ (282)12/11/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks again!dbacksfan4life (150)12/10/2020
tradeAwesome great buyer nosamm (551)12/10/2020
tradeAwesome great buyer nosamm (551)12/10/2020
tradeThanksazgrapher85345 (216)12/10/2020
buyerFast payment, thank youj24g34 (253)12/7/2020
buyerGood deal thanks jamieblye (1476)12/6/2020
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks Haleysdaddy0304 (821)12/3/2020
buyerGreat Communication & Quick Paymentrwilcox12 (140)11/30/2020
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (884)11/27/2020
buyerGreat person to deal with, A++bds258 (60)11/24/2020
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)11/22/2020
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (673)11/19/2020
private signingThanks hofcs (965)11/14/2020
buyerGreat thank you Silverbacksports (821)11/13/2020
tradeGreat to work with! Thanksorutulsa (178)11/6/2020
buyerThank you for the purchase and quick pay.dryden29 (263)10/25/2020
tradealways great to trade with!!!dodgerman55 (106)10/15/2020
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)10/13/2020
private signingthank you!Goodbyehalloween (448)10/12/2020
tradegood trader. Thankscoaches (284)9/26/2020
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (673)9/24/2020
tradeGreat traderPeach (2)9/24/2020
private signingthanks alot, great to deal with\jamieblye (1476)9/19/2020
tradeAnother good tradecoaches (284)9/14/2020
tradeGreat Item. Would trade with again!Farace73 (381)9/3/2020
tradeGreat communication. Would trade with him again.CodyKressmann (13)9/2/2020
tradeCards look great. Always great to trade with. Thanks!!!dabulls (616)8/31/2020
sellerNice signature and card. Thank yougreyling2 (130)8/26/2020
private signingThanks for participating in my signings!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)8/21/2020
tradegood tradercoaches (284)8/21/2020
50-50 / consignmentThank you for sending!Podcast2020 (124)8/15/2020
tradePerfect as alwaysphilliesphan (218)8/13/2020
buyergreat buyerjrt2121 (64)8/12/2020
tradeVery generous member; great tradephilliesphan (218)8/12/2020
tradegood tradercoaches (284)8/12/2020
tradeA pleasure to do business withpolish1948 (32)8/10/2020
tradeGreat trade; nice selection of cardsphilliesphan (218)7/29/2020
tradeCards look good. Thanks.BensonTim (327)7/26/2020
tradeGreat trade; nice selection of cardsphilliesphan (218)7/23/2020
tradeAnother great blind trade, thank you, Ed!Bernie (328)7/18/2020
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)7/7/2020
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)7/6/2020
tradeQuick shipment - A+! moose2438 (113)7/3/2020
private signingAwesome thank you!Silverbacksports (821)7/2/2020
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with - A+++ !rynohof23 (366)7/2/2020
tradeThank you, great signed cards!Bernie (328)7/2/2020
private signingThanksjamieblye (1476)6/24/2020
tradeEasiest trade I’ve ever done! Will trade with again! Thanks!Rjhgraphs (9)6/22/2020
tradeAwesome autograph Cards. Thank you 5 Stars.9phoneman (70)6/20/2020
tradeNo hassle! As described! Look forward to working together again! rickyluke16 (22)6/19/2020
buyerGreat thank you !Silverbacksports (821)6/17/2020
tradeExcellent member, thanks for the trademuddogs21 (273)6/11/2020
tradeAwesome to deal with! Look forward to working together in the future! rickyluke16 (22)6/8/2020
tradeAnother smooth transaction with a great SCN member! rynohof23 (366)5/30/2020
tradeGreat sign! Thanks!buscadorpr (72)5/29/2020
buyerQuick payment from this great SCNerStanesq (207)5/28/2020
tradeThanks!Nickk96 (229)5/23/2020
tradeAnother great trade. Thank you and good luck.7088 (37)5/22/2020
tradeGreat trade. Great communication. Thank you and good luck.7088 (37)5/22/2020
tradeExcellent member, thanks for the trademuddogs21 (273)5/21/2020
tradeAlways great to trade with!pmpage (110)5/20/2020
tradeAwesome! I love my cards. Thanks for the twins. Please trade any time.lukebeyer33 (87)5/20/2020
buyerThank youjamieblye (1476)5/16/2020
tradeThanks for the trade! Glad I could help with your setSLNoble01 (514)5/7/2020
tradeAwesome thank you!Silverbacksports (821)5/7/2020
buyerGreat thank you !Silverbacksports (821)5/4/2020
tradeThank you! Good trade!JRoland (82)5/2/2020
tradegreat trade! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)4/29/2020
tradeGood member, easy to work withucffans (237)4/29/2020
tradequick shipmentStanesq (207)4/28/2020
tradeAppreciate your patience dealing with an old-timer making his first SCN trade. Great cards, tkx Ed!pbones (8)4/25/2020
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysjamieblye (1476)4/25/2020
tradethank-youNickk96 (229)4/16/2020
buyerGreat thank you Silverbacksports (821)4/2/2020
buyerGreat to deal withjamieblye (1476)3/29/2020
tradeThanksmedic-34 (707)3/10/2020
tradeSimply the best! Thanks buddy!GBessette (64)3/6/2020
private signingGreat thank you !Silverbacksports (821)2/29/2020
private signingthank youjamieblye (1476)2/24/2020
private signingthank youjamieblye (1476)2/24/2020
tradeGreat card...Thanks!!!WatsonBoys (164)2/22/2020
tradeThanks for the blind trade!devilsfan15 (406)2/21/2020
tradegreat trade for both side A++bigmike04 (334)2/21/2020
tradeHow is a pleasure to trade with you thanks for the great autographssalsmanado (146)2/20/2020
buyerThanks for your patience lol!!!Silverbacksports (821)2/14/2020
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1476)2/9/2020
tradeWonderful guy to deal with - thanks Ed!ndengler34 (132)1/24/2020
tradeGreat trader A+++Nickk96 (229)1/18/2020
tradeExcellent member to trade with A++dodgerman55 (106)1/11/2020
tradetha-rock sez thanks for tha-trade! Awesome to deal with!tha-rock (660)1/2/2020
tradeThanks!! dw1017 (665)12/23/2019
buyerAwesome thanks Silverbacksports (821)12/18/2019
tradeExcellent member, thanks for the trademuddogs21 (273)12/9/2019
buyerThanks again for a easy going transaction. DodgerDog (735)11/29/2019
tradeThanks! Great tradefreepete (84)11/27/2019
tradeThanks, great to work with!ny1996dj (124)11/16/2019
tradeAnother fun trade. Thanks. BensonTim (327)10/28/2019
tradeThanks for trading!!!!baseballmom27 (38)10/27/2019
tradeThanks for the trade! Great member!SLNoble01 (514)10/19/2019
tradeThanks!dw1017 (665)10/18/2019
tradeThanks!cardsfan41 (151)10/9/2019
tradetha-rock sez thanks for tha-trade!tha-rock (660)10/8/2019
tradeAnother great assortment of signed cards, thank you!Bernie (328)9/22/2019
tradeThanks!cardsfan41 (151)8/30/2019
tradeThank you for another great trade :)Bernie (328)8/26/2019
tradetha-rock sez thanks for tha-trade! Awesome to deal with! tha-rock (660)8/24/2019
tradethank you for the trader0yals2012 (128)8/23/2019
tradeLet do this again next yr A+++++bigmike04 (334)8/23/2019
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)8/20/2019
tradeGreat signed cards via blind trade, thank you!Bernie (328)8/18/2019
tradeThank youPeteA (318)8/9/2019
buyerfast payment, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/31/2019
tradeThanks againmedic-34 (707)7/26/2019
tradeThanksbluejay50 (470)7/18/2019
tradeThanks for the trade. Quick and safe shipping.13goyankees13 (24)7/18/2019
tradeEasy to trade with! Thank you very much!g-bake7 (38)7/14/2019
tradeThanksMinors2Majors (309)7/2/2019
tradeThanks again for great tradeekendall (162)6/29/2019
tradeGreat to work with.. thankstweeter167 (261)6/27/2019
tradegreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)6/27/2019
tradeThanks for the blind!cardsfan41 (151)6/25/2019
tradeGreat cards...thanks!!!WatsonBoys (164)6/22/2019
tradeNice cards for a blind trade, thanks!rynohof23 (366)6/19/2019
tradeAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (735)6/17/2019
tradeThank Youdanlaw74 (76)5/30/2019
tradeGreat transaction! Glad to help your collection!dugoutdug (659)5/21/2019
tradeYou're the best there is! Thanks again!GBessette (64)5/21/2019
tradeGREAT CARDS, GREAT TRADE THANKSdeleon210372 (74)5/5/2019
tradeAwesome to work with!!pdg16 (279)5/2/2019
tradeGreat to deal with!pdg16 (279)5/2/2019
tradeThanks so much!aaronVD34 (32)4/29/2019
tradeThank youPeteA (318)4/26/2019
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)4/11/2019
tradeThanks for great trade! andrewgrafe (22)4/5/2019
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)4/4/2019
tradeAlways terrific to trade with.hartwick11 (175)3/9/2019
tradeGREAT BLIND TRADE, THANKS YOU!baseballexpert (262)2/16/2019
tradeThank you for the trade!Bostnfn (201)1/31/2019
tradeThanks for trade!TheChad (461)1/23/2019
tradeGreat as usual DodgerDog (735)1/23/2019
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)1/21/2019
tradeQuick shipping and fast, friendly communication, thanks!cor3y (569)1/20/2019
tradetha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (660)1/19/2019
tradeGreat to trade with, thanks!thelo (182)1/16/2019
tradeAlways great to trade with!!!dodgerman55 (106)1/14/2019
tradeGreat 25 card blind trade. Thanks!!!pmpage (110)1/1/2019
tradegood to deal withcoaches (284)12/28/2018
tradeHighly recommended and always a pleasure to deal with!azpharmd1 (113)12/19/2018
buyerGood deal thanks jamieblye (1476)12/16/2018
buyerThanks for a timely trade.rsanmat (70)12/13/2018
buyerGreat to deal with! Enjoy the cards!prestomets (234)12/12/2018
tradeEasy trader - never any problemsucffans (237)12/10/2018
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)12/10/2018
tradeGreat trade, easy to work with. Thank you!Corndog (89)12/8/2018
buyerGreat transaction - thanks!!!Cooptown (160)12/3/2018
tradethanks for the great trade!ajrose (17)11/21/2018
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)11/20/2018
tradeThank you for helping me with my set!nickmuse (137)11/14/2018
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (673)11/13/2018
tradeAlways great to work and trade with!nickmuse (137)11/6/2018
tradeAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (735)10/29/2018
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)10/26/2018
tradeEasy to trade with! Thank you very much!g-bake7 (38)10/26/2018
tradetrade went very well, thanks for working something out!ajrose (17)10/21/2018
tradeA great trade with a great group member. Thanks Ed!ducky1978 (276)10/20/2018
tradeEasy trade. Awesome cards and member!ekendall (162)10/9/2018
buyerAAA+++orr23mj (1572)10/3/2018
tradeFast shipping, great trade, thanks!billdo5420 (80)9/30/2018
tradeThanks Ed, great trade. worldwideed (367)9/22/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentExcellent to deal with, thanks very much!frosejr (298)9/20/2018
tradeThanks Ed!!kenhastings (105)9/19/2018
tradeGreat to trade with. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (616)9/19/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentOne of the best on here! nickmuse (137)9/18/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat member of the community! Highly recommend! nickmuse (137)9/18/2018
tradeThanks!jmonterofan45 (72)9/18/2018
tradeThank you for the blind trade!cardsfan41 (151)9/16/2018
tradeEd is rock-solid. Another great experience!ddtjman (374)9/12/2018
tradeA+ trader! moose2438 (113)9/6/2018
private signingAsset to SCN, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.TuckerKCRoyals (365)9/2/2018
50-50 / consignmentA+, no issuesjbeiermann (673)8/21/2018
buyerthank you for the purchase!tryfinski (528)8/18/2018
tradegood to trade withcoaches (284)8/14/2018
tradeVerry smooth trade would be happy to trade with againCoratti23 (23)8/9/2018
tradeShipping couldn't have been any faster! A pleasure to deal with :)eddiejr (57)8/6/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat as always!sheehy (228)7/19/2018
tradeGreat trade. Good communication and quick delivery.kgwatson (41)7/10/2018
tradeThanks so much!iamrs76 (33)7/7/2018
tradeA+ Thanks for helping with my set! Flawless transactionrewing32 (66)7/6/2018
tradeThanks Ed! Great CardsTime2Graph (249)6/19/2018
tradeAlways great to trade with!pmpage (110)6/9/2018
tradeThanks again.aaronVD34 (32)5/30/2018
tradeThank you very much, A+! cort10 (527)5/27/2018
tradetha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (660)5/24/2018
tradeExcellent member, great communication, highly recommended!azpharmd1 (113)5/22/2018
tradeawseome member, I look forward to my next transaction with Ed, great guycosmo (578)5/21/2018
tradeGreat member to trade with---A +++++dodgerman55 (106)5/17/2018
tradeAwesome memberucffans (237)5/11/2018
tradeGreat to deal with!rjp85 (171)5/5/2018
tradeGreat trade partner def recommend communication A+Crystalcleargrap (8)4/18/2018
tradeThank you for another great trade. . .justgreg (780)4/7/2018
buyerGreat to deal withjamieblye (1476)4/5/2018
tradeTrust this member! Item arrived quickly! Would trade with again!cpdinc (579)3/8/2018
50-50 / consignmentQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy! JustCrazy (884)3/4/2018
tradeAwesome trade. Super fast delivery. nate610 (2)3/2/2018
tradeThanks Ed!nate610 (2)3/2/2018
tradeAwesome to work with!nate610 (2)3/2/2018
tradeAnother great trade. . . thank you!justgreg (780)2/28/2018
tradeThanks!aaronVD34 (32)2/27/2018
tradeGreat to work with.DodgerDog (735)2/7/2018
tradeGreat to work with.DodgerDog (735)2/7/2018
tradealways a great member to trade with --A PLus!!!!dodgerman55 (106)1/12/2018
tradeThanks aaronVD34 (32)12/30/2017
tradethank you!BenB (146)12/26/2017
tradeYet another perfect deal with Ed. . . thank you!justgreg (780)12/26/2017
tradeNice and easy trade, thanks.alexl (269)12/23/2017
private signingThanks for participating in the Claudell Signing!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)12/18/2017
tradeThanks for the help! Great Trade!zagski6 (147)12/18/2017
tradecards received in expected conditiontigsfan (45)12/16/2017
tradeThank youworldwideed (367)12/14/2017
tradeAmazing! A++++++. Great guy!GBessette (64)12/14/2017
tradeGreat transaction. Smooth process. Recommend!jaydolen (9)12/9/2017
tradeAwesome trader, great to deal with....roosterrooh (280)12/6/2017
tradeGreat thanksbowme1 (205)12/5/2017
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (673)11/26/2017
tradePrompt in their replyBostnfn (201)11/24/2017
tradeExcellent transaction, would do business againkstateforever (228)10/31/2017
tradeThanks for the trade! JocsLFHecklers (86)10/27/2017
tradeFast Shipping! Awesome!berkman32 (3)10/19/2017
tradeAn assest to the site!!!! Great transaction. Thanks!!!!sox1 (224)10/6/2017
tradeGreat mix as well! Thanks for the blind trade!SLNoble01 (514)10/4/2017
tradeThanks for the great trade Ed!kevin34 (433)9/30/2017
tradeNice card. Fast shipping. Thank you.invctrl (355)9/26/2017
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)9/25/2017
tradeAn assest to the site. Great transaction. Thanks.sox1 (224)9/23/2017
tradeThanks, even knocked a few off active want lists!kenhastings (105)9/23/2017
buyerThanks! Great to deal with!kdubs (359)9/22/2017
tradeThanks! Great to deal with!kdubs (359)9/22/2017
tradeVery pleased as always.dryden29 (263)9/21/2017
offer 50-50 / consignmentAwesome member and would work with again!nickmuse (137)9/20/2017
tradeGreat help as always and cards came out great!nickmuse (137)9/20/2017
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for your help!nickmuse (137)9/20/2017
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat help as always and cards came out great!nickmuse (137)9/20/2017
tradeThank you for supporting the draft. . . enjoyed it.justgreg (780)9/14/2017
tradeThanks aaronVD34 (32)9/11/2017
tradeThanks for the cardsdrwinkie (251)9/9/2017
tradereceived the card!! No problems! Thanks! PIFradconjohn (129)9/9/2017
tradeThank you! BenB (146)9/8/2017
tradeThanks good trade Carolingraphing (37)8/27/2017
tradeGreat trade, thank you.worldwideed (367)8/11/2017
tradeThanks for the trade! Glad to add a few more set cards!kentuckygraphs (21)7/28/2017
tradeGreat trade!! Cards are great!!Gris29 (212)7/21/2017
tradegreat member, will work with again.bcards (58)7/20/2017
tradeGreat Trader like always!ucffans (237)7/18/2017
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)7/10/2017
tradethank you very muchjdmurphy315 (102)7/8/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!aaronVD34 (32)7/5/2017
tradeVery happy with deal, thank you very much! easy to deal with!trapped213 (250)7/1/2017
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)6/30/2017
tradeIncredible once again! Thanks!GBessette (64)6/28/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (673)6/24/2017
tradethanks for the trade!bookwyrm3 (307)6/19/2017
tradegood tradercoaches (284)6/19/2017
tradeGreat trade, fast shipping! Thanks for the set help.EllisShoe (71)6/13/2017
tradeGreat trade Carolingraphing (37)5/31/2017
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)5/19/2017
tradegreat to trade withdodgerman55 (106)5/17/2017
tradeAlways a great trader! A+++pmpage (110)5/14/2017
tradeefritzdan (98)5/1/2017
tradeIncredible as always!GBessette (64)4/30/2017
tradeFantastic dude as always!GBessette (64)4/19/2017
tradeEasy trader, did a great job of mailing the cardsAjkraz (15)3/12/2017
tradeNice cards, easy deal. dcpolak (355)2/19/2017
tradeGreat trade. Glad to add it to my collection.kentuckygraphs (21)2/18/2017
tradecards look great! Would deal with anytime! Thankssexymanvan (73)2/17/2017
tradeAce is the best!tomjoannmi (159)2/16/2017
tradeAnother great trade with a great member. . .justgreg (780)2/15/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!pncted (324)2/12/2017
tradethank you great for communitymcdsounds (30)2/9/2017
tradeAnother Great Trade with ED DA MAN....michaeland (473)2/6/2017
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)2/5/2017
tradeAll the cards look great. Thanks for the tradejosh96 (378)2/5/2017
tradeSUPER TRADE THANKS MANmesarosfamily (298)2/4/2017
buyerGreat scn memberdlbiri1s (476)2/3/2017
tradeGreat trader! Thanks for another great batch of cards.pmpage (110)2/2/2017
tradetha-rock sez thanks for tha-trade!tha-rock (660)2/1/2017
tradeA+++++ great member thanksmmadd29 (238)2/1/2017
buyerExcellent SCN member great to deal with.munson1978 (330)1/28/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!newyorkmets575 (198)1/27/2017
tradeVery easy to trade with. Great looking cards. A++++kgwatson (41)1/26/2017
tradeEasy to trade with as usual. Nice cardsjustin0467 (367)1/25/2017
tradegreat trade for both sidesbigmike04 (334)1/23/2017
tradealways the best to trade with!!!!dodgerman55 (106)1/14/2017
tradeThanks for the trade, cards received as discussed.jaydolen (9)1/4/2017
tradeThank you for a great transaction!!kentuckygraphs (21)1/3/2017
tradeAwesome to deal with! A+moose2438 (113)12/31/2016
50-50 / consignmentGreat member to work with, will definitely work with in the future.jsg1984 (120)12/19/2016
tradeLove to work this guy! Always easy to work with!nickmuse (137)12/12/2016
tradeThanks for the trade!sheehy (228)12/11/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (673)11/12/2016
tradeA+, painless, great member A+, & thanks for help with my son's collection!!jbeiermann (673)10/20/2016
tradeEd is a great guy to work with. Can't wait to deal with again bluesnowman (59)10/20/2016
tradeGreat trade! Thanksgraphhound1 (336)10/17/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (673)10/15/2016
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could helpbowme1 (205)10/15/2016
tradeThanks for the trade.BensonTim (327)10/7/2016
tradeGreat Tradegmatthews (50)10/2/2016
tradeA,+ class act, painlessjbeiermann (673)9/26/2016
tradeEasy to work with, looking forward to making more deals! tplamer (319)9/25/2016
tradeGreat trade. Thanks for answering all my questions525pine (2)9/25/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (673)9/24/2016
tradeOne of the best here on the board!nickmuse (137)9/21/2016
tradeThere is no better! Thanks as always!GBessette (64)9/21/2016
offer 50-50 / consignmentAlways a pleasure to work with ! nickmuse (137)9/21/2016
offer 50-50 / consignmentGoes above and beyond to get cards done !nickmuse (137)9/21/2016
offer 50-50 / consignmentThis guy's awesome ! Thanks for all the help!nickmuse (137)9/21/2016
offer 50-50 / consignmentA+, no problems at all !nickmuse (137)9/21/2016
tradetha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (660)9/20/2016
tradenice to deal with....thanksbluejay50 (470)9/19/2016
tradeAWESOME MEMBERmichaeland (473)9/17/2016
tradeGreat Fun Blind Trade, would Definately Do Againteleman911 (303)9/17/2016
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)9/15/2016
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)9/12/2016
tradeEd is a great trader! Super fun and a fantastic member!SLNoble01 (514)9/12/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (673)9/12/2016
tradeThanks for the trade...I sure appreciate it!thepil (325)9/11/2016
tradeGreat trade, appreciate the patience!!!2000rad (229)9/11/2016
tradeANOTHER GREAT TRADE THANXmesarosfamily (298)9/10/2016
tradeA+ painlessjbeiermann (673)9/6/2016
tradeLove trading with this guy!pmpage (110)8/28/2016
tradethanks man!!thebug (82)8/26/2016
tradeA+ painlessjbeiermann (673)8/22/2016
tradeAwesome trader. Look forward to working in the future!ucffans (237)8/17/2016
tradeThanks for the flawless trade!airreagan (81)8/16/2016
tradeThank you!MarinersFan (149)8/15/2016
tradeGreat trade! Thumbs Up!Mattd4905 (28)8/12/2016
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)8/11/2016
tradeGreat to work with! Highly recommended!SLNoble01 (514)8/8/2016
tradeGreat trade, thank you.worldwideed (367)8/8/2016
tradeThanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)8/6/2016
tradeGreat trade. Thank you.invctrl (355)7/31/2016
tradequick shipping awesome cards great to deal withce1012 (757)7/26/2016
tradeYou are the man! Great trader!GBessette (64)7/9/2016
tradealways a pleasure to trade with!!!dodgerman55 (106)7/9/2016
tradeGreat!bewers91 (112)7/6/2016
tradeExcellent trade parter. Look forward to trading in the futureucffans (237)7/5/2016
tradeGreat guy! This is who you should be trading with!pmpage (110)6/24/2016
tradegreat member. ThanksRDayJr33 (144)6/23/2016
tradeThanks for the trade!Btown24 (143)6/17/2016
buyercards mailed after receiving payament via PAYPALelpaso (123)6/17/2016
tradeA++++ Great Member...looking forward to trade againmmadd29 (238)6/12/2016
50-50 / consignmentExcellent memberJleeman (26)6/11/2016
tradeAwesome trade and big gain for both sides.DodgerDog (735)6/1/2016
tradeA+ class actjbeiermann (673)5/31/2016
tradeGood trader Jleeman (26)5/26/2016
tradeThe best! Thanks as always!GBessette (64)5/26/2016
tradeA+ class actjbeiermann (673)5/20/2016
tradeExcellent!gbober (239)5/20/2016
private signingGreat to Deal With/Enjoy your cardgsherban (205)5/19/2016
private signingThanks for participating in the Clay signing!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)5/4/2016
tradeBeautiful Cards Ed. Thank You!Ric4ky (316)4/28/2016
private signingGood transaction, A++Badgley_Signings (371)4/2/2016
tradeGreat!!! A+++bewers91 (112)3/27/2016
private signingThanks for sending in!!ncc500 (606)3/24/2016
private signingThanks for being a part of the signing...check back for more signings coming soon.Autocardguy (210)3/24/2016
tradeThe best! Thank you! Hope you enjoy the cards!lukebeyer33 (87)3/10/2016
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)3/3/2016
tradeGreat trade partner. Thanks again!ucffans (237)3/3/2016
private signingThanks for being a part of the signing...check back for more signings coming soonAutocardguy (210)2/28/2016
tradeNice card, thanks for the trade!schnepa (282)2/28/2016
tradeI really enjoyed trading with Ed. He's an excellent member to work with.Bostnfn (201)2/27/2016
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)2/25/2016
buyerThank you!yankeeno7 (212)2/24/2016
tradethanks!nstale (213)2/18/2016
tradeawesome trade thanks Lets do it again!!!thebug (82)2/15/2016
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)2/15/2016
tradealways the best to trade with!!!!dodgerman55 (106)2/12/2016
tradegreat first time trade. smooth will love to deal with you again.Cubs23Fan (160)2/10/2016
tradeGreat cards thanksbowme1 (205)2/2/2016
tradeA+, no issues at all, fast and quick responcejbeiermann (673)2/1/2016
tradealways a great member to deal withmancini7481 (177)1/30/2016
tradeA+ Ed is the man!jbeiermann (673)1/28/2016
tradegreat trade thanksmomo44 (333)1/27/2016
sellerOne of the best members on this site! Thank you for the tradeSLNoble01 (514)1/27/2016
buyerGreat guy! Awesome to deal with! Thanks!Chelly86 (234)1/24/2016
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)1/23/2016
tradeThanks Ed for the help...great autographs...Thank you!Clubnuts (216)1/19/2016
tradeGreat trader. Thank you. ucffans (237)1/16/2016
tradeEasy trade. Thanks a lot!dsm121906 (14)1/16/2016
tradeA+, Ed has +262 for a reasonjbeiermann (673)1/9/2016
tradeGreat trade. Nice items received in good time. Thank yousoixter49 (24)1/8/2016
tradeCards as described, very pleased, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!1vikingtwin (137)1/5/2016
tradeThanks for the blind tradePeteA (318)1/4/2016
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (707)1/2/2016
tradeno issuestigsfan (45)1/1/2016
buyergreat scn memberdlbiri1s (476)1/1/2016
tradeGreat trader, always a pleasure. Happy New Year 2016.ddtjman (374)12/31/2015
tradegreat trade thanksmomo44 (333)12/30/2015
tradeThe best there is! Thanks again bud!GBessette (64)12/26/2015
tradeGreat member of the community...Merry Christmas!Kaneen (210)12/25/2015
tradeSmooth trade, great to work with !!!heat17 (84)12/14/2015
tradeThanks for the trade and Happy Holidays!!nickmuse (137)12/12/2015
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (707)12/11/2015
buyerGreat to work with. Hope to work with again in the future.Metrotheme (264)12/9/2015
tradeThank you so much!!!teleman911 (303)12/6/2015
tradeno problem hope you enjoymancini7481 (177)12/5/2015
tradeAmazing trader. Highly recommended!pmpage (110)12/2/2015
tradeAwesome Cards Merry Christmasjmmagic1 (59)11/29/2015
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1476)11/29/2015
tradeThanks so much for the holiday cheer...Merry Christmas!Kaneen (210)11/28/2015
tradeanother great trade FROM ED THANKSmesarosfamily (298)11/27/2015
tradeA+ no issuesjbeiermann (673)11/26/2015
tradeAnother great trade with Eddaveteach (156)11/26/2015
tradeAwesome cards! Thanks for the help with my Orioles collection!rgehron (97)11/25/2015
tradeGlad I could help! Happy HolidaysSLNoble01 (514)11/22/2015
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (707)11/21/2015
tradeGreat guy and wonderful trader.pmpage (110)11/20/2015
tradeGreat trade. Thanks for helping my collection.PogoCards (54)11/20/2015
tradeThanks for the helpbowme1 (205)11/20/2015
tradeA+, painless as alwaysjbeiermann (673)11/20/2015
tradeReally looking forward to trading with him agian.1906Ultras (126)11/20/2015
buyerFast payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (616)11/18/2015
tradethanks a ton for the Christmas gift. I appreciate it!!backroadcat (268)11/17/2015
tradeHappy Holidays!tryfinski (528)11/14/2015
tradeThanks so much for your generosity! Merry Christmas!lczx02 (136)11/12/2015
tradevery happy with trade, thank you!!levi (229)11/7/2015
tradeWould trade with Ed any time!hartwick11 (175)11/5/2015
tradealways the best to trade with!!!!dodgerman55 (106)11/2/2015
tradeSuperstar stuff here, thanks againJ_a_s_z (302)10/29/2015
tradeGreat help and awesome cards, thanks for tradeJ_a_s_z (302)10/29/2015
tradeexcellent to deal withcoaches (284)10/29/2015
tradeGreat trade as usual. Thanks.trotfan33 (123)10/29/2015
tradeThink it was good deal for both sidebigmike04 (334)10/28/2015
tradeThanks!Gasypo (157)10/22/2015
tradeexcellent to deal withcoaches (284)10/22/2015
tradethanks very much. great to work with!dw1017 (665)10/20/2015
tradethank youmancini7481 (177)10/19/2015
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!PastorN8 (165)10/19/2015
tradeGreat trader, super fast turnaround....roosterrooh (280)10/18/2015
50-50 / consignmentThanks for sending in!nickmuse (137)10/17/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you for the help!nickmuse (137)10/17/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for your help Ed!nickmuse (137)10/17/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for the help this year !nickmuse (137)10/17/2015
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat member!!! A+++nickmuse (137)10/17/2015
tradeGreat trader. Easy to work with. ucffans (237)10/16/2015
tradeGreat transaction thanks!yrocks2001 (249)10/16/2015
tradeEd is excellent to work with!! Great guy, thank you! z722 (262)10/11/2015
tradeA+, painless transactionjbeiermann (673)10/8/2015
tradeThanks for being a good member!ucffans (237)9/29/2015
tradeEasy to work with, thanks!cardsfan41 (151)9/29/2015
tradeGlad I could help with your set.tigernut (190)9/26/2015
50-50 / consignmentThanks for sendingJ_a_s_z (302)9/25/2015
tradethanks, Ed...another great trade ! tha-rock (660)9/20/2015
tradeGood trader. Thanks!woody (180)9/18/2015
tradeGreat trader!sheehy (228)9/18/2015
tradeThank you Ed! Great surpriseSLNoble01 (514)9/15/2015
tradeA+, wish every member could be like ED!jbeiermann (673)9/14/2015
tradea+pumbaa673 (211)9/14/2015
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)9/10/2015
tradeGreat thank youSilverbacksports (821)9/4/2015
tradeThanks a ton!philly84 (495)9/4/2015
tradeGreat thanksbowme1 (205)9/3/2015
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)8/22/2015
tradeAlways great to work with. . . thank you for helping my son with his set.justgreg (780)8/21/2015
50-50 / consignmentA+, wish every member could be like ED!jbeiermann (673)8/15/2015
tradeThanks for the great trade!cardinalfan15 (238)8/13/2015
tradeGreat trade. Thanks.BensonTim (327)7/31/2015
tradegood tradercoaches (284)7/28/2015
tradegood tradercoaches (284)7/17/2015
tradeGot the card! Thanks!calvingreen (252)7/7/2015
tradePerfect!Therion (122)6/30/2015
tradegreat to trade with!!dodgerman55 (106)6/29/2015
tradeSo excited about each of these cards! Thanks!sandberg621 (1)6/29/2015
tradeGood trade for both.BensonTim (327)6/28/2015
tradeRockinace is great to work with! Thanks so much!ucffans (237)6/12/2015
tradeGreat member - very easy to work with!ucffans (237)6/12/2015
tradeAnother good trade with this SCN userStanesq (207)6/7/2015
tradeGreat trade, thanksJ_a_s_z (302)5/27/2015
tradeBest trade partner one could ask for!GBessette (64)4/27/2015
tradeVery happy with blind trade.dryden29 (263)4/23/2015
tradeGreat trade with a great trader! Thanks!sandeaux9 (65)4/19/2015
tradeGreat trade. A++++renaissancemanla (244)4/19/2015
buyerGreat scn memberdlbiri1s (476)4/3/2015
tradeGreat! Thank you!lukebeyer33 (87)4/2/2015
tradeGreat trade. Cards arrived quickly and communication was great. Would trade with again.RELWOB (24)4/1/2015
tradeThanks for the trade!bigslimdog (61)3/22/2015
tradeGreat trade with a great trader! Thanks!sandeaux9 (65)3/21/2015
tradegreat to trade with!!dodgerman55 (106)3/2/2015
tradefast delivery, good communication. Recommended trade partnerandyk (7)3/2/2015
tradeI look forward to working with Ed every season! Thanks!!GoYanks52 (508)2/26/2015
tradeOne of the best. . . thank you for the help.justgreg (780)2/16/2015
tradeA+, loving trading with EDjbeiermann (673)2/14/2015
tradeTHANK YOU . MY FAVORITE MOST MEMBER TO TRADE WITHmesarosfamily (298)2/13/2015
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!timbo05 (188)2/13/2015
tradeAlways a pleasure!sheehy (228)2/11/2015
tradeNice card, quickly shipped, & good communication. Thanks for the trade.josh96 (378)2/11/2015
tradethank you for the trade....roosterrooh (280)2/9/2015
private signingThanks for mailing in your items to my private signing!!!lutherlafy (720)2/8/2015
tradeGreat cards, wonderful to deal with.2000rad (229)1/30/2015
tradeOne of the best! Thanks for the great trade.pmpage (110)1/13/2015
tradeThe best there is! Thanks again Ed!GBessette (64)1/7/2015
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (319)1/3/2015
tradeA+, fast & easyjbeiermann (673)1/2/2015
tradeGreat member to trade with!sheehy (228)12/21/2014
tradeAll as described - thanks for the great trade!erocmace (130)12/20/2014
tradeAwesome Cards, Great Member!EarlyBird7 (125)12/16/2014
tradethanks!nstale (213)12/11/2014
tradeOne of the best! A+++ traderpmpage (110)12/11/2014
tradealways great to trade withdodgerman55 (106)12/1/2014
tradeExcellent Trade as Alwaysbowme1 (205)11/13/2014
tradeCards arrived quickly, in good shape and as described.jdmurphy315 (102)11/4/2014
tradeEd is one of the best on here. A+++jbeiermann (673)10/27/2014
tradegreat trade partner, fair and easy to work with, smooth trade!levi (229)10/25/2014
tradeGreat card. Smooth trade. Thank you.njbearsfan (31)10/16/2014
tradeOne of the best traders on heremesarosfamily (298)10/14/2014
tradeEd is one of the best in the SCN community!! rynohof23 (366)10/10/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentA+military11b2001 (473)10/9/2014
tradeA+military11b2001 (473)10/9/2014
tradethanks for the great tradeyount19 (114)10/7/2014
tradeGreat trade - thanks for the set help!JustCrazy (884)10/6/2014
tradegreat trade as alwaysbowme1 (205)10/3/2014
tradeAs always, Ed provided some nice cards for a blind trade!rynohof23 (366)10/2/2014
tradeA+++, class act, good deal, an asset ro SCN!jbeiermann (673)10/2/2014
tradeAwesome cards in the blind trade! Great member!woody (180)10/1/2014
tradevery sweet trade by one of the best traders heremesarosfamily (298)9/29/2014
tradeExcellent memberbowme1 (205)9/29/2014
tradeGreat Trade Thanksbowme1 (205)9/29/2014
tradegreat trade thank youmancini7481 (177)9/25/2014
tradeThanks for cards, great traderJ_a_s_z (302)9/24/2014
tradeGreat cards. Thanks again for yet another great trade!bwk123 (102)9/21/2014
tradeFantastic as always! Amazing Ed!GBessette (64)9/19/2014
50-50 / consignmentEd is the new king of PA graphing! Thanks buddymightyswede (418)9/17/2014
tradenice cards. Thanks for the trade!andybam (302)9/15/2014
50-50 / consignmentGreat A+++Superhuskiefan1 (86)9/15/2014
tradeOne of the best guys on SCN. . . always great stuff.justgreg (780)9/12/2014
tradeThanks! Good transaction!kdubs (359)9/12/2014
tradeGreat honest member. Thanks.cwwhitt (224)9/10/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat 50/50. Thanks!jjbbcards (34)9/8/2014
tradeI wish all blind trades included such clean 'graphs as the ones Ed sent. Thanks a ton!philly84 (495)9/8/2014
tradeGREAT TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)9/6/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you for the opportunity. . .justgreg (780)9/5/2014
50-50 / consignmentThanks for the 50/50!graphhound1 (336)9/5/2014
tradeYet another great trade. Total class act. Thanks, Ed.hartwick11 (175)8/30/2014
tradeThanks for a smooth trade!mjsavage2001 (256)8/29/2014
tradeAsset to SCN, A++, always helps, fast shipper!jbeiermann (673)8/28/2014
tradeBest trade ever. Received cards in 1 day!bwowls (309)8/28/2014
tradethanks for the easy trade!ekendall (162)8/27/2014
tradeA+, asset to SCN. Always easy to deal with!jbeiermann (673)8/23/2014
tradePerfect Trade-Thanks for chance to add to my collectionHannah73 (109)8/23/2014
tradeGreat trade. daveteach (156)8/20/2014
tradeGreat blind trade!jbsouth (686)8/20/2014
tradeGreat trader. Fast and fair.JeffCinn (145)8/19/2014
tradeA+, no issues!jbeiermann (673)8/10/2014
tradeThanks for the trade! Great member zaid918 (155)8/10/2014
tradeGreat member, A+++++baseballexpert (262)8/5/2014
tradeexcellent trade thanksbowme1 (205)8/4/2014
tradeA+, very few if anyone better to deal with then Ed!!jbeiermann (673)7/31/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentgreat 50/50, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/23/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentaaa cards look great ,thanks for all your help kthudmon002000 (211)7/23/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentaaa cards look great ,thanks for all your help kthudmon002000 (211)7/23/2014
tradeGreat Cards, Thanks!!!teleman911 (303)7/17/2014
tradeCool cards, fast shipping. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)7/16/2014
tradeNice cards, thanks for the help!!dugoutdug (659)7/14/2014
tradeAlways a pleasure thanks!jayarasate (182)7/14/2014
tradethanks for the dealnymautocollector (117)7/12/2014
tradeGreat trade. Thanks!bwowls (309)7/11/2014
tradeGreat Trade. Thanks for the help.BensonTim (327)7/10/2014
tradeHappy to trade with Ed again. Great deal!hartwick11 (175)7/10/2014
tradeAlways great to trade withdodgerman55 (106)7/9/2014
tradethanks for another great trade!dersfan81 (88)7/8/2014
tradeNice cards, good trade. Thanksshawnmcnair (349)7/8/2014
tradeAlways pleased with a rockinace trade!tommergun (87)7/5/2014
tradeanother great trade from Ed.mesarosfamily (298)7/3/2014
tradeExcellent trade, quick delivery, thanks againpotzie165 (61)6/25/2014
tradegood tradercoaches (284)6/20/2014
tradeawesome as always thanksmesarosfamily (298)6/13/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentCards look awesome, Thank you! A++++nickmuse (137)6/13/2014
tradewife reported card arrived. yours is on the way from korea. justin0467 (367)6/5/2014
tradeThanks for another great trade!cardinalfan15 (238)5/23/2014
private signingGreat to work with and thanks for sending in!!!ncc500 (606)5/18/2014
tradeAnother addition to my Topps Archive collection. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ =Dsignatureworld (212)5/17/2014
tradeGreat member, fast shipping card looks greatSLNoble01 (514)5/15/2014
tradeGreat Trade, Quick sender, good communicaterEarlyBird7 (125)4/28/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you!invctrl (355)4/18/2014
tradeGreat trader! Looking forward to another opportunity!sandeaux9 (65)4/7/2014
tradethanks for the brewers cards...hope yours were to your likingthepil (325)4/7/2014
tradegreat cards and autos, class act trade partnerlevi (229)4/2/2014
tradeGREAT AS ALWAYS . ONE OF THE BESTmesarosfamily (298)3/29/2014
tradeThe best to trade with!!!dodgerman55 (106)3/24/2014
tradegreat trader with great communication.DodgerDog (735)3/24/2014
tradeGreat to deal with! Thanksthehalk (703)3/15/2014
tradeThanks for the cards!stymee316 (143)3/10/2014
tradeThanks for the blind trade!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)3/8/2014
tradeA++, Blind lot 25 card+=Successjbeiermann (673)2/28/2014
tradeAmazing as always! Thanks!GBessette (64)2/18/2014
tradeThankds for the tradej24g34 (253)2/13/2014
tradeIts always a good trade, thanks!tommergun (87)2/10/2014
tradeAwesome trader, great communication, easy to trade with, recommended!agee (185)2/7/2014
tradeGot the cards, thankstoastwrpi (152)2/6/2014
tradeNice addition to my 83T signed set project. A++++ =Dsignatureworld (212)2/2/2014
tradeGreat trade! Card is in great shape!recordi (19)1/27/2014
tradeThanks for the tradejbeiermann (673)1/25/2014
tradeGreat trade and communication. Cards are in great shape.hartwick11 (175)1/21/2014
tradeNice cards and great communication. Thanksthicks6 (14)1/18/2014
tradeA pleasure to work withjp1bearsfan (240)1/16/2014
tradeGreat cards, ThanksJ_a_s_z (302)1/11/2014
tradeGreat to deal with..thanks!! A+++++jbeiermann (673)1/3/2014
tradeexcellent trader, very cool cards Thanksdodgerman55 (106)1/2/2014
tradeA++++++++jbeiermann (673)12/23/2013
tradeAwesome again! Thanks Ed!GBessette (64)12/13/2013
tradeAmazing trade once again. Amazing trader!GBessette (64)12/6/2013
tradeEXCELLANT AS ALWAYSmesarosfamily (298)12/3/2013
tradeawesome thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thebug (82)12/3/2013
tradeAwesome deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)12/2/2013
tradeAnother great trade, Happy Thanksgiving!ddtjman (374)11/28/2013
tradeReliable and great stuff as always.tommergun (87)11/25/2013
tradeGreat cards and trader!GBessette (64)11/21/2013
tradethanks so much for another great trade!dersfan81 (88)11/19/2013
tradeGreat tradeDodgerDog (735)11/19/2013
tradeThanks for the fine trade, as always!ducky1978 (276)11/15/2013
tradegreat thanks alot!Silverbacksports (821)11/6/2013
tradetha-rock sez thanks for tha-trade! tha-rock (660)10/29/2013
tradeThanks for the great cards in the blind trade! woody (180)10/21/2013
tradeNice blind trade. . . thank you,justgreg (780)10/21/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat member to work with! A+++GoYanks52 (508)10/11/2013
tradegreat card and signature, top-notch traderlevi (229)10/6/2013
50-50 / consignmentthanks again glad i could helpnomarfan (149)9/30/2013
tradeGot the cards quickly and the look great. Thanks!thepil (325)9/29/2013
tradeGreat Member! Would work with anytimejp1bearsfan (240)9/28/2013
tradeI'm a happy camper!philly84 (495)9/18/2013
tradeGreat blind trade. Thanks.harrid4 (116)9/13/2013
tradethanks for the great tradedeano (916)9/12/2013
tradeGreat Member! A+nymautocollector (117)9/10/2013
tradeThank you for the blind trade.dryden29 (263)9/9/2013
50-50 / consignmentHope to work with Ed next year!mightyswede (418)9/8/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you Ed!mightyswede (418)9/8/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat A+++Superhuskiefan1 (86)9/7/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks Ed!pncted (324)9/7/2013
tradeThanks for the trade!pncted (324)9/7/2013
tradeGreat trade aghileman (68)9/4/2013
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)9/3/2013
50-50 / consignmentThank you for letting me help you out! I look forward to working with you again!stephanbennett (180)9/3/2013
tradeEd is awesome. . . thank you for the help with Wang and Neal.justgreg (780)9/3/2013
tradeThanks for the trade!schnepa (282)9/1/2013
tradeThanks!cardfan4ever (262)8/28/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for trying!sheehy (228)8/16/2013
tradeGreat autos, great trade. bwk123 (102)8/1/2013
buyerFast Payment! Great Communication! Thank you!stephanbennett (180)7/30/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)7/30/2013
tradeGreat cards, great trader dodgerman55 (106)7/22/2013
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!sallylggrapher (67)7/21/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmenthuge help! thanks!dw1017 (665)7/12/2013
50-50 / consignmentgreat person to deal with thanks again and glad i could helpnomarfan (149)7/9/2013
tradeAnother trade I am very happy withdryden29 (263)6/21/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat guy to work with! Hope to continue to work together in the future!GoYanks52 (508)6/18/2013
tradeGreat!kkirsch (21)6/16/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentVery awesome...thanks Ed!pncted (324)6/16/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentgood work, thanks!hutch5831 (259)6/13/2013
tradeRecieved both cards as described in great shape....Thank you!!venator12 (1)6/3/2013
tradegreat cards thank yougkoz316 (403)6/2/2013
tradegreat cards as usual. Thanks again Ed.tomjoannmi (159)5/22/2013
tradeGreat Deal. Thanks! A+nymautocollector (117)5/22/2013
tradeEd's one of the best...glad to help out!ddtjman (374)5/17/2013
tradeawesome cards thanksthebug (82)5/17/2013
tradeAnother smooth trade, Ed is great to trade withtplamer (319)5/11/2013
tradeQuick shipping, and great looking cards! A++vitamint (11)5/6/2013
tradeVery pleased as always with rockinacedryden29 (263)5/5/2013
tradegreat trade, thanks!!!ducky1978 (276)5/4/2013
tradegreat cards and autos thankslevi (229)4/18/2013
50-50 / consignmentgreat to work with. thanksPapi34Pierce34 (85)4/15/2013
tradeanother great trade. always a pleasure .thanksmesarosfamily (298)4/13/2013
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!tha-rock (660)4/13/2013
tradethanks for the cards!tryfinski (528)4/13/2013
tradenice cards, thanksgraphhound1 (336)4/11/2013
buyerThanks a ton!ohyeah29 (183)4/7/2013
50-50 / consignmentglad i could help you out. great memberasusundevils72 (263)4/3/2013
tradeGood 50-50jbsouth (686)3/31/2013
tradeGreat trade! Thanks again!hbcards (43)3/28/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat person to deal with, quick communication and send cards promptly... thanks!cor3y (569)3/23/2013
offer 50-50 / consignmentthanks for sending zquick (115)3/15/2013
tradeThanks for the great trade!cardinalfan15 (238)3/12/2013
tradeAmazing cards and great trade! Thanks again Ed!GBessette (64)3/11/2013
tradeThanks Ed!pncted (324)3/10/2013
tradegood trader, thanks againhickoryshad (36)3/4/2013
tradeAwesome trading partner, highly recommended!!agee (185)2/28/2013
tradeThx for the A+ trade!!J_a_s_z (302)2/23/2013
tradegreat cards!!!! Thanks jcq08 (551)2/22/2013
tradeExcellent to trade with and looking forward to dealing with again! Thanks!GBessette (64)2/7/2013
tradeVery pleased once again. Thank You.dryden29 (263)1/3/2013
tradegreat deal. Loved the cards daveteach (156)1/1/2013
tradeAnothe smooth trade, Ed is great to trade withtplamer (319)12/22/2012
tradegreat cards and autos...thank youlevi (229)12/20/2012
tradeVery good to trade with. Quick response A Plus!!dodgerman55 (106)12/20/2012
tradegreatdk14 (143)12/16/2012
tradeAwesome blind trade and would love to deal with again!philly84 (495)12/16/2012
tradeGreat Cardsharwell69 (14)12/10/2012
tradethanks for another great trade!dersfan81 (88)12/8/2012
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (319)12/7/2012
tradeGreat trader, would trade with again!diamondboy (164)12/7/2012
tradegreat trader!calunitas1 (294)12/5/2012
tradeEd is truly one of the BEST on SCN! Thank you for another awesome trade!!!!Hitman97 (196)12/1/2012
tradeGreat SCNer, Thx again for trade!!J_a_s_z (302)12/1/2012
tradeAlways a great trader.tommergun (87)11/30/2012
tradevery nice trade. thank youmesarosfamily (298)11/15/2012
tradeAnother great trade! Will trade again! Thanks Ed.bwk123 (102)11/14/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentgreat communicationKraft007 (94)11/1/2012
tradeGreataraine54 (31)10/28/2012
tradeAnother flawless trade.mjsavage2001 (256)10/24/2012
tradePerfect!yanksfan25 (10)10/2/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat member, smooth transaction!GoYanks52 (508)10/2/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat member, smooth transaction!GoYanks52 (508)10/2/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat member, smooth transaction!GoYanks52 (508)10/2/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat member, smooth transactions!GoYanks52 (508)10/2/2012
tradethanks for the trade A+jcq08 (551)9/17/2012
tradethanks for a great trade!ducky1978 (276)9/11/2012
tradegreat 50/50 easy to deal withtrotfan33 (123)9/9/2012
50-50 / consignmentThanks for the 50/50 Ed!mightyswede (418)9/6/2012
tradetha-rock sez thanks for another great trade! tha-rock (660)9/5/2012
tradethanks for the trade A+jcq08 (551)8/30/2012
tradegreat card thanks for the trade A+ jcq08 (551)8/21/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with A+++Superhuskiefan1 (86)8/13/2012
tradeThanks A+++++++kdubs (359)8/9/2012
tradeThanks A+++++++kdubs (359)8/9/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentgot everyone but Young, Thanksgraphhound1 (336)8/8/2012
tradePerfect as usual. . . thank you!justgreg (780)8/7/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat! Thank You for getting this Signed for me.Ric4ky (316)7/23/2012
tradeThanks for a smooth transaction!mjsavage2001 (256)7/22/2012
tradegreat trade, thanks againtomjoannmi (159)7/18/2012
tradeGreat trading with rockinace again!Duffman63 (123)7/9/2012
tradeEd is the best! Recommended!!agee (185)7/6/2012
50-50 / consignmentSent cards quick!!! Great communication!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)6/30/2012
tradeA+ as alwaysjayarasate (182)6/29/2012
tradethanks a lotjustin0467 (367)6/3/2012
tradeFantastic trader. Quick and easy. Duffman63 (123)6/2/2012
tradeLove the cards, always a good trader.tommergun (87)5/25/2012
tradeGREAT AS ALWAYS. THANKSmesarosfamily (298)5/20/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentfast shipping,nice cardszquick (115)5/10/2012
tradeAwesome trading partner, great communication, easy to trade withagee (185)4/23/2012
tradeThank you!!!invctrl (355)4/19/2012
tradeVery happy with my end of the Blind Trade. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)4/19/2012
50-50 / consignmentCards received. Will do my best!jbsouth (686)4/12/2012
tradeVery Easy to trade with. Highly recommended!cdefoort (83)3/6/2012
tradeVery good to trade withdodgerman55 (106)3/2/2012
tradeSmooth trade! Nice pick ups for the PC! ThanksSLNoble01 (514)2/26/2012
tradeexcellent traderuserwhite (51)2/13/2012
tradeAnother good trade. BensonTim (327)1/31/2012
tradeAwesome Transaction! Thanks!smanzari (225)1/23/2012
tradeGreat trade once again, thanks!bwk123 (102)1/19/2012
tradeGreat blind trade - Thank you!boswell423 (235)1/15/2012
tradeGood deal. Lets do another.BensonTim (327)1/14/2012
tradeGreat autos, great trader, can't go wrong here!bwk123 (102)1/14/2012
tradethanks for another great trade!dersfan81 (88)1/10/2012
tradeAnother successful trade with Ed, a great trading partner!agee (185)12/27/2011
tradealways a top tradermesarosfamily (298)12/15/2011
tradePleasure once again A+++roguechessman (14)12/15/2011
tradeexcellent, would do business again A++++++++fritzdan (98)12/13/2011
tradeAnother nice, smooth blind trade - thanks Ed! rynohof23 (366)11/25/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)11/16/2011
tradeThank you for the trade!cardinalfan15 (238)11/14/2011
tradeExcellent transaction. .Thanks !userwhite (51)11/3/2011
tradeThanks As Alwayscardfan4ever (262)10/24/2011
tradeAlways Great!!!cardfan4ever (262)10/24/2011
tradegreat trader cards arrived quickly easy to deal withcrash (161)10/23/2011
tradeThank you!ka0grp (197)10/19/2011
tradePerfect! AMAZING TRADE! Great asset to SCN!Phils4Life826 (80)10/17/2011
buyerthanks for the purchaseJonDailey1982 (203)10/15/2011
tradethanks!tryfinski (528)10/13/2011
tradeThanks a ton!philly84 (495)10/2/2011
tradegreat member of SCN, 10 card blind trade went smoothly!einho (477)10/1/2011
tradeanother excellent trade i am happy withdryden29 (263)9/29/2011
tradegreat trade as alwaysmesarosfamily (298)9/27/2011
tradeGreat trade, smooth trade. . . Thank you again Ed.justgreg (780)9/24/2011
tradeanother great trade!salsmanado (146)9/19/2011
tradeGreat trader!ddtjman (374)9/18/2011
tradeGreat cards awesome to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)9/14/2011
tradeA+++++ thanks kdubs (359)9/13/2011
tradeA+++roguechessman (14)9/13/2011
tradeThanks for my first trade, A+++ on your end!roguechessman (14)9/3/2011
tradeGreat cards, fast shipment, thank you!rcphi466 (251)9/2/2011
tradeGreat cards awesome to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)9/2/2011
tradenice cards, great trader. Thanks Edtomjoannmi (159)9/1/2011
tradegreat autograph, thanks for the tradesalsmanado (146)8/29/2011
tradeThank you. Cards look great. VERY fast shipping!game6_91 (11)8/16/2011
tradeAnother great, smooth trade with Ed! rynohof23 (366)8/15/2011
tradecard received quickly and in great shape...nice autolevi (229)8/1/2011
tradeGreat trade. Would like to deal with again! Thanks!game6_91 (11)8/1/2011
tradegreat person to trade with, highly recommendPessoa (7)7/29/2011
tradeBoth nice cards.bigjohn (103)7/25/2011
tradeReceived the cards today. Well protected and received quickly! Great trading experience!nitro350ss (25)7/21/2011
tradegreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (757)7/18/2011
tradeNice signed cards for a blind trade, thanks again!rynohof23 (366)7/18/2011
tradeFast shipment! A pleasure!edoggin84 (55)7/8/2011
tradeReceived the 3 cards on-time and exactly as described. Very happy with this trade. Thanks Ed!groark (4)7/6/2011
tradegreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (757)6/29/2011
tradeThanks for the deal !!userwhite (51)6/27/2011
tradeAnother great trade!ddtjman (374)6/27/2011
tradeGreat trade, thanks!ddtjman (374)6/27/2011
tradeAwesome trading partner, Ed has been a great help to me!agee (185)6/22/2011
tradethe cards are amazing quick shipping great to deal withce1012 (757)6/22/2011
tradeAnother great trade with a great member of this site. Thankstomseaver (149)6/16/2011
tradeGreat Trade Very Happy!cardfan4ever (262)6/16/2011
tradeGreat Trade Very Happy!cardfan4ever (262)6/16/2011
tradegreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (757)6/12/2011
tradeNice card for my 1981 Set!sportsamerica (4)6/8/2011
tradecards are in great shape and arrived quicklylevi (229)6/6/2011
tradegreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (757)6/4/2011
tradeNice autographed cards received quickly - thanks!rynohof23 (366)5/31/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)5/27/2011
tradeEd is a fabulous trading partner, I highly recommend him!agee (185)5/25/2011
tradenice blind trade, thanks!noach2343 (318)5/17/2011
tradetha-rock sez thanks for the great cards!!tha-rock (660)5/16/2011
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (319)5/15/2011
tradea classic trader. thanksmesarosfamily (298)5/11/2011
tradeThanks for another AWESOME trade!!!!Hitman97 (196)5/8/2011
tradegreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (757)5/4/2011
tradeWonderful trade, thanks!ddtjman (374)5/3/2011
tradeAnother successful trade with Ed. Great communication, fast shippingagee (185)5/2/2011
tradegreat card awesome to deal withce1012 (757)4/29/2011
tradeAlways great to trade with - thanks Ed!rynohof23 (366)4/25/2011
tradeA pleasure as always, A+jayarasate (182)4/21/2011
tradegreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (757)4/11/2011
tradeCards came quick, looked awesome!Cubsfan97 (11)4/11/2011
tradegreat cards awesome to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)4/7/2011
tradeAnother signed 83T baseball card to add to collection. Only 739 more to go. A++++++++++++++++++++ =Dsignatureworld (212)3/21/2011
tradeExcellent SCN Trader . . . .Thanks !!userwhite (51)3/18/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure, thanks!jayarasate (182)3/12/2011
tradeNice trade - cool items. Thanks!MadHatter (88)3/11/2011
tradeFast shipment, cards were great!!! THANKS!Cubsfan97 (11)2/28/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure, Ed. Thanks for another trade to help my Red Sox collection!agee (185)2/25/2011
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (319)2/23/2011
tradethanks for another great trade. pleasure to deal with.dersfan81 (88)2/22/2011
tradeRecieved on 2/14. Will add to my collection. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ =Dsignatureworld (212)2/14/2011
tradeEd went out of his way to make this a good experience. Great cards, great guy. Thanks!nstale (213)2/8/2011
tradeAnother successful trade with Ed. Great communication, fast shippingagee (185)2/7/2011
tradegood deal great trader...will do buisness with again!bigheadbenny (28)2/5/2011
tradeCards came quick, look awesome!!Cubsfan97 (11)1/31/2011
tradeVery good to trade with. Quick response A Plus!!dodgerman55 (106)1/26/2011
tradeQuality Blind Trade -- THANK YOUHOTLANTA (96)1/24/2011
tradetha-rock sez thanks, Ed !tha-rock (660)1/23/2011
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks.martyesullivan (314)1/21/2011
tradeAwesome trader, great communication, fast shipping. Would love to trade againagee (185)1/21/2011
tradeanother great trade.THANKS MANmesarosfamily (298)1/11/2011
tradeOutstanding trader! A+.ddtjman (374)12/24/2010
tradeGreat trade,nice signatures,Thanks Ed for a great tradetigernut (190)12/22/2010
tradeGreat trade once again, thanks!bwk123 (102)12/5/2010
tradegreat trade and cards, thanks!homerjg007 (65)12/3/2010
tradethanks for a fair, fast trade!ducky1978 (276)12/3/2010
tradevery pleased. thank you.dryden29 (263)11/23/2010
tradeGreat cards, nice trade...thx Ed!ksid (65)11/9/2010
tradeOnce again, a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)10/26/2010
tradenice cards. thanks!dersfan81 (88)10/25/2010
tradeAnother Great trade with Ed!!!pops (101)10/25/2010
tradeSuccessful trade, good communication. Would trade againagee (185)10/22/2010
tradegreat trade! Fast servic!trotfan33 (123)10/17/2010
tradegreat cards, thanksgraphhound1 (336)10/17/2010
tradeAnother great trade with Ed!salsmanado (146)10/7/2010
tradeGreat to work with, great transaction! Thanks!cardsfan41 (151)9/30/2010
tradeThanks Ed, another nice tradetomjoannmi (159)9/30/2010
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks!schnepa (282)9/27/2010
tradeAlways great to trade with. . . thank you again for a nice blind tradejustgreg (780)9/25/2010
tradegreat trade! Fast servic!trotfan33 (123)9/25/2010
tradeanother great trade. thanks manmesarosfamily (298)9/23/2010
tradeGreat Cards! Thankspelavegra (35)9/22/2010
tradeThanks Ed. Cards look great. A++++bbbuddy18428 (96)9/17/2010
tradePerfect!yanksfan25 (10)9/16/2010
tradeGreat Cards. Thanksharwell69 (14)9/15/2010
tradeexcellent trader, very cool cards Thanksdodgerman55 (106)9/13/2010
tradeGreat Trader!joetucker21 (94)9/12/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!tha-rock (660)9/11/2010
tradeGreat trade once again...looking forward to more!mightypecan (1)9/4/2010
tradeFast trade. Great to work with.bennyauto (35)9/4/2010
tradeThanks for the trade, two new Giants for the collectionj24g34 (253)9/2/2010
tradeGreat autos, a great trader, easy to deal with!baseballexpert (262)8/30/2010
tradeAs always..great trade. Thanks Ed!baseballmom27 (38)8/28/2010
tradefast service great tradetrotfan33 (123)8/21/2010
tradeGood tradertpsc (14)8/16/2010
tradealways great to deal with. put yours in mail friday. thanksmesarosfamily (298)8/13/2010
tradegreat card, thanks for another great tradesalsmanado (146)8/12/2010
tradegreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (757)8/11/2010
tradeExcellent autographs, fast shipping! Great to deal with!prestomets (234)8/7/2010
tradeNice cards. Thanks John.bigjohn (103)8/5/2010
tradeAnother Great Trade with Rockinace, Thanks ED!!pops (101)8/2/2010
tradeVery fast shipping! I'd trade with Ed again in a second!heartchamp (176)7/31/2010
tradeGot the cards and they look great! Thanks!!2000rad (229)7/31/2010
tradeAlways a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)7/29/2010
tradegot the cards, thanks.toastwrpi (152)7/29/2010
tradeAnother great trade. Thankstomseaver (149)7/28/2010
tradegreat trader, easy to work withtplamer (319)7/28/2010
tradeGreat trade and great trader!! Thanksschnepa (282)7/22/2010
tradeGreat first trade on here! Thanks Ed!mightypecan (1)7/20/2010
tradeGreat to deal with!!voidedwarrenties (153)7/20/2010
tradeAlways an awesome guy to trade with.tommergun (87)7/19/2010
tradeEd- Thanks again, very happy.tomjoannmi (159)7/18/2010
tradeNice mix of signed baseball cards for a blind trade - thanks!rynohof23 (366)7/10/2010
tradethanks for the good tradegarylcampbell (40)7/1/2010
tradeextremely fast shipping, another great trade!salsmanado (146)6/27/2010
tradeBeautiful cards!Really pleased,great guy to work with!tigernut (190)6/22/2010
tradePerfect trade, thank youdinofire (4)6/19/2010
tradealways a pleasure to trade withnoach2343 (318)6/18/2010
tradeGreat cards. Fast shipping. Trade with confidence!!!! A++++sox1 (224)6/17/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!!tha-rock (660)6/17/2010
tradethanks Ed, great tradertomjoannmi (159)6/17/2010
tradethanks for a nice group of cards!ducky1978 (276)6/17/2010
tradeNice card, another great trade. Thanks!schnepa (282)6/16/2010
tradeGreat trade, got it fast, thanks!baseballexpert (262)6/12/2010
tradealways great. thanks againmesarosfamily (298)6/10/2010
tradeGreat trade, thanks.garylcampbell (40)6/10/2010
tradeAnother great trade.bigjohn (103)6/10/2010
tradeAwesome cards, smooth transaction, hope to deal with again!bwk123 (102)6/7/2010
tradeGreat cards, thanks!schnepa (282)6/4/2010
tradeNice cards...thanks!pncted (324)6/4/2010
tradeNice trade. Thank you.Mattingly23 (59)6/2/2010
tradeExcellent trade, thanks a bunch!!!2000rad (229)5/28/2010
tradeGreat trade,nice signatures,Thanks Ed for a great tradetigernut (190)5/27/2010
tradegreat just like alwaysmesarosfamily (298)5/20/2010
tradeAlways a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)5/16/2010
tradegreat to deal withce1012 (757)5/12/2010
tradeAnother great trade with Ed. Thankstomseaver (149)5/6/2010
tradeGreat card, thanks!olds8898 (35)5/4/2010
tradeGreat card, nice trade...thanks Ed!ksid (65)5/3/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)4/27/2010
tradethanks for another great trade!dersfan81 (88)4/26/2010
tradeGot it fast, good tradebaseballexpert (262)4/23/2010
tradeWow!Beautiful cards and a great trade!hope to trade with again.tigernut (190)4/22/2010
tradegreat tradeasylvestre (37)4/21/2010
tradeFast, successful trade, would like to trade again!agee (185)4/12/2010
tradeANother great trade. Thanks!schnepa (282)3/25/2010
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the trade.potzie165 (61)3/17/2010
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with - Thanks!!pmpage (110)2/25/2010
tradeGreat as always, A+jayarasate (182)2/25/2010
tradegreat to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)2/20/2010
tradeawesome cards...thanks Ed!ksid (65)2/16/2010
tradeexcellant trade. thanksmesarosfamily (298)2/16/2010
tradeNice cards a pleasure to trade with.hollywoodfootbal (25)2/13/2010
tradeGreat Trade!!!milkyworgen (31)2/9/2010
tradeI'm extremely pleased by this deal... Thankstryfinski (528)2/9/2010
tradeGreat to do Trade with you Grade AAAaghileman (68)2/5/2010
tradeGreat to do Trade with you Grade AAAaghileman (68)2/5/2010
tradeanother great trade, thanks!tommergun (87)2/3/2010
tradeThanks. Would trade with this user again.mcschrem (2)1/31/2010
tradeNice sigs...thanksbaseballmom27 (38)1/29/2010
tradeanother great trade, very fast shipping, thank you!salsmanado (146)1/28/2010
tradeGreat trader, sweet card!ddtjman (374)1/28/2010
tradeGreat Trader, Great Cards Great Asset To SCN Thanksmichaeland (473)1/13/2010
tradealso thank you for the trade!charly57 (6)1/13/2010
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with, A+jayarasate (182)12/25/2009
tradeAgain nice cards nice tradehollywoodfootbal (25)12/19/2009
tradethanks for the trade!dersfan81 (88)12/18/2009
tradeSmooth trade, easy to deal with..tplamer (319)12/16/2009
tradegreat trader...simple and quicktplamer (319)12/8/2009
tradeFive nice signed baseball cards for a blind trade - thanks!rynohof23 (366)12/4/2009
tradeThanks for the great blind trade!boswell423 (235)12/3/2009
tradeyou are so good with your good looking autos thanks you are the best rockinacefelix4 (116)12/1/2009
tradeGood trader to work withPessoa (7)12/1/2009
tradeFantastic cards and fast shipping. Great trader!!!!sox1 (224)12/1/2009
tradegreat trade thanksdeano (916)12/1/2009
tradevery nice tradenoach2343 (318)11/30/2009
tradeNice Trade hollywoodfootbal (25)11/30/2009
tradeAnother great trade.......Thanks Ed!!!!Hitman97 (196)11/30/2009
tradeGreat card, thanks!homerjg007 (65)11/30/2009
tradegreat card awesome to deal with thanksce1012 (757)11/27/2009
tradeRockin A+++++++++++++++++,Great Cards,Wonderful Tradermichaeland (473)11/24/2009
tradeFast Payment... Check out my other private signings!flautosonline (335)11/23/2009
tradegreat cards awesome to deal with thanksce1012 (757)11/20/2009
tradeThanks for the great trade...lots of new additions to my collection!boswell423 (235)11/19/2009
tradeyour the best ed thank youfelix4 (116)11/3/2009
tradeSmooth transaction, would deal with again!!!diamondboy (164)11/1/2009
tradeGreat trade again with Ed dangle54 (19)10/31/2009
tradeVery nice cards. Thank you for the deal.worldwideed (367)10/30/2009
tradeNice cards, another great trade. Thanks!!schnepa (282)10/28/2009
tradeNice signed card-fast delivery. Hope to trade again.agee (185)10/28/2009
tradenice cards...smooth trade...thanks!ksid (65)10/23/2009
tradeVery pleased, thanks!tommergun (87)10/23/2009
tradeGreat Communication! Fast Shipping! Super Trader!!Calpounder (405)10/22/2009
tradegreat trader thanksce1012 (757)10/20/2009
tradeawesome cards as always thanksce1012 (757)10/19/2009
tradeawesome cards thanksce1012 (757)10/19/2009
tradegot the cards, thanks.toastwrpi (152)10/19/2009
tradeThanks!bigaj412 (59)10/19/2009
tradeANOTHER GREAT TRADE. THANKSmesarosfamily (298)10/17/2009
tradeAlways a great trader! A+++stonecoldbear (80)10/13/2009
tradeJust got the cards - they look great! ThanksMadHatter (88)10/10/2009
tradeReceived 10/9...Great!Steelerguy91 (9)10/9/2009
tradeQuick delivery, thankspotzie165 (61)10/7/2009
tradegreat cards great trader thanksce1012 (757)10/6/2009
tradeGREAT CARD THANNKSmesarosfamily (298)10/6/2009
tradeCard looks great and sent out promptly. Another great trade with rockinace!sweetal (24)10/5/2009
tradeawesome cards...another smooth trade...highly recommend!ksid (65)10/1/2009
tradeAnother quick shipment of nice autos from Ed.bigjohn (103)9/29/2009
tradeGreat trade...Thanks!!!jw247305 (67)9/28/2009
tradeNice card, Thanks!jeterfan94 (195)9/25/2009
tradeawesome guy to trade with, makes things really quick & easysalsmanado (146)9/24/2009
tradegreat trade! Fast servic!trotfan33 (123)9/24/2009
tradegreat trade! Fast servic!trotfan33 (123)9/24/2009
tradeGreat to work withdangle54 (19)9/22/2009
tradeGreat to work withdangle54 (19)9/22/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)9/18/2009
tradeAnother nice trade, thanks!jamflicker (100)9/18/2009
tradeEd is great to deal with, Thanks for understanding, great tradertroy (41)9/17/2009
tradeA++++++++++++++++++++++++raider1088 (184)9/17/2009
tradeExcellent trader, great auto, easy to work withtitantraining (14)9/17/2009
tradeGreat Trade. Definitely would trade with again and recommendgsherban (205)9/13/2009
tradegreat trade ed!!thehalk (703)9/12/2009
tradevery satisfied. thank you.dryden29 (263)9/10/2009
tradeThanks Rockinace!....Fast shipping, & card arrived safely in case.emmonz2000 (9)9/10/2009
tradegreat cards great to deal with thanksce1012 (757)9/8/2009
tradeAnother great trade. Ed is one of the best!tomseaver (149)9/6/2009
tradeThanks for the trade, nice cardj24g34 (253)9/4/2009
tradeA+...Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)9/3/2009
tradeAs always, fantastic trader! A+++pmpage (110)9/3/2009
tradenice cards and quick shipment, thanksbigdaddy (54)9/3/2009
tradeAlways a great trader.tommergun (87)9/3/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure, A+jayarasate (182)9/3/2009
tradethanks for another trademesarosfamily (298)9/3/2009
tradevery fast shipping..and very good person to trade with!!! thanks!ekenagy (2)9/3/2009
tradeGreat Trade with quick transaction/would deal with againgsherban (205)9/3/2009
tradeawesome to trade with! Fast too!Elrod77 (15)9/3/2009
tradeThank you for sending in your items for my Johnny Ray private signing lutherlafy (720)8/31/2009
tradecards look great...thanksdeano (916)8/27/2009
tradeAnother great trade, thanks Ed!!rynohof23 (366)8/23/2009
tradenice autos...smooth trade...thanks!ksid (65)8/22/2009
tradeCards look great...Thanks!jw247305 (67)8/21/2009
tradeNice card thanks for the TradeSuperhuskiefan1 (86)8/20/2009
tradeNice cards, great trader. Thanks!!schnepa (282)8/19/2009
tradeWonderful Trader! Quick Shipping!sbutler24 (6)8/18/2009
tradeGreat cards, super trade!!!2000rad (229)8/18/2009
tradeCards look great! Thank you!!!!32Ford (48)8/17/2009
tradeanother great trade, always a pleasure to trade withsalsmanado (146)8/15/2009
tradeas always great to deal with love the cardsce1012 (757)8/14/2009
tradefast return, very pleasedtryfinski (528)8/11/2009
tradenice autos hope to trade with again your so coolfelix4 (116)8/11/2009
tradegreat cards as always thanksce1012 (757)8/11/2009
tradeVERY PLEASED! THANKS!!tommergun (87)8/10/2009
tradeAnother Great trade with Rockinace!pops (101)8/10/2009
tradeNice Jeff Branson..thanks Ed as alwsys!!baseballmom27 (38)8/6/2009
tradeAnother nice trade, thanks!jamflicker (100)8/6/2009
tradeJust as before, great trade, quick and will deal with again.gsherban (205)8/3/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure, thanks again!jayarasate (182)8/2/2009
tradeGreat to trade with!!! A+++stonecoldbear (80)7/30/2009
tradeGreat cards, fast shipment. Another great trade. Thanks Edtomseaver (149)7/29/2009
tradeGreat cards, great trader, Thanks!clocker_rdw (165)7/28/2009
tradeGreat cards, easy to trade with!salsmanado (146)7/28/2009
tradeEd's great, highly recommendnoach2343 (318)7/27/2009
tradeGreat card, super quick shipping. Thanks.yankeesfan64 (253)7/24/2009
tradeGood card good trader thanxdoyledl27 (71)7/21/2009
tradeanother great trademesarosfamily (298)7/19/2009
tradeNice autographed cards received quickly - thanks!rynohof23 (366)7/17/2009
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks Ed! A+++++++++++Hitman97 (196)7/17/2009
tradeA+...Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)7/16/2009
tradeGreat trader, super fast shipping!!!!2000rad (229)7/15/2009
tradeThanks EdPHENIAFILMS (83)7/13/2009
tradeAwesomeLonestreet (165)7/8/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure, thanks Ed!jayarasate (182)7/8/2009
tradeThanks on your wayPHENIAFILMS (83)7/8/2009
tradeTy very muchtadoww (6)7/6/2009
tradeAwesome trade, thanks!jamflicker (100)7/3/2009
tradeGreat Trade/Quick and cards well protectedgsherban (205)7/3/2009
tradegot the cards, thankstoastwrpi (152)7/2/2009
tradeanother great trade. thanks!dersfan81 (88)6/30/2009
tradeGreat person to deal with!!!!!!dangle54 (19)6/29/2009
tradethanks very muchmedic-34 (707)6/29/2009
tradeGreat to deal with as always thanks edce1012 (757)6/27/2009
tradeGreat trader, the card looks great, thanks again!Chew (53)6/26/2009
tradeAnother great trade with Ed. Thanks again.tomseaver (149)6/26/2009
tradegreat addition to my astros team set, easy to deal withthehalk (703)6/21/2009
tradeGreat card thanksce1012 (757)6/20/2009
tradePerfect Transaction...Thanks!!!jw247305 (67)6/16/2009
tradeGreat Deal. Thankscardfan4ever (262)6/15/2009
tradeThanks for the nice trade! Card received today.ducky1978 (276)6/13/2009
tradeThanks alot for the trade, very easy to deal with.netexan (66)6/13/2009
tradegreat card, smooth trade. Thanks!!schnepa (282)6/12/2009
tradeThanks Ed!tbrommel (25)6/11/2009
tradeAnother great trade with Rockinace!pops (101)6/11/2009
tradeThanks for the trade. Super fastcook4888 (30)6/10/2009
tradeGood fast trade.MarcoBresciano (35)6/10/2009
tradeAnother fast, easy trade with Ed. Highly recommended trader. tomseaver (149)6/10/2009
tradeGreat card on another great trade! Thanks Ed!Hitman97 (196)6/9/2009
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the trade!2000rad (229)6/8/2009
tradegot the card, thanks.toastwrpi (152)6/5/2009
tradegreat trademesarosfamily (298)6/4/2009
tradenice trade thanksmesarosfamily (298)6/4/2009
tradeone of the best traders!tryfinski (528)6/3/2009
tradeBest trader on the board. Thanks!!!pmpage (110)6/1/2009
tradeAwesome card, thanks!rangersfan1982 (138)5/26/2009
tradeGreat to deal with, thanks!tommergun (87)5/26/2009
tradereceived card as promised. Nice and easy 1st trade for meMarcoBresciano (35)5/26/2009
tradeAnother great trade. The best trader I've dealt with.bigjohn (103)5/22/2009
tradevery happy with transaction, thanksikegiambi (135)5/22/2009
tradethanks another great trademesarosfamily (298)5/15/2009
tradeOnce again, great card and great trade. Thanks Edtomseaver (149)5/15/2009
tradegreat card thanksce1012 (757)5/11/2009
tradegreat card thanksce1012 (757)5/11/2009
tradeNice card and quick shipping, thanks!jamflicker (100)5/11/2009
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)5/6/2009
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks for 07 Topps!pmpage (110)5/4/2009
tradeThanks for quick transactionmedic-34 (707)4/29/2009
tradeGreat trade...Thanks for the "Bam Bam"jw247305 (67)4/28/2009
tradevery nice autos hope to trade with again.....the bestfelix4 (116)4/27/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure, thanks!jayarasate (182)4/25/2009
tradeGlad to help with your collection. jeserone (778)3/15/2009
tradeGLAD to get this auto from this TTM toughie! Thanks Ed!!!Hitman97 (196)3/12/2009
tradeThanks again, always a pleasuremedic-34 (707)3/12/2009
tradeGreat trade, thanks!rangersfan1982 (138)3/2/2009
tradequick shipthehalk (703)2/26/2009
tradeThanks! Great Trade. A+ freepete (84)2/24/2009
tradeAnother Great trade. Thanksharwell69 (14)2/23/2009
tradeNice trade...thanks Edbaseballmom27 (38)2/22/2009
tradeGreat Trader!!!!dangle54 (19)2/22/2009
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with, thanks!jayarasate (182)2/20/2009
traderockin--another good trade.......A+++++++++++michaeland (473)2/20/2009
tradepleasure to do business againSPORTSMEM (80)2/17/2009
tradeNice to deal with; fast transactionphilliesphan (218)2/11/2009
tradeAlways a Pleasure! Thanks Again Ed!mikevalic (125)2/9/2009
tradeA pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)1/31/2009
tradeA pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)1/31/2009
tradeThanks. Good Trader.tadoww (6)1/31/2009
tradeThanks for another great trade!pmpage (110)1/30/2009
tradeNice card, thanks!2000rad (229)1/29/2009
tradeNice card, fast shipping. Thanksschnepa (282)1/28/2009
tradeA fantastic deal, thank youtryfinski (528)1/27/2009
tradeNice cards, thnxmedic-34 (707)1/26/2009
tradeFast shipping. Great cards. Thanks!Therion (122)1/23/2009
tradeLove the cards. Thanks for the trade. bigcruzer (141)1/23/2009
tradeanother great trade thanksmesarosfamily (298)1/23/2009
tradeFast payment, and very understanding. Thank you very much. Will deal with againandypierucci (36)1/23/2009
tradeAnother great trade with Ed. Thanks a lot.bigjohn (103)1/21/2009
tradeNice cards, great trade fast service..A++++baseballmom27 (38)1/16/2009
tradeanother great trade with Ed, Thanks!pops (101)1/9/2009
tradeanother good trade..thanks EdPHENIAFILMS (83)1/9/2009
tradeGreat Trader A++++++++kdubs (359)1/9/2009
tradeGreat trader great cards thanksce1012 (757)1/6/2009
tradeA+87donruss (274)1/6/2009
tradeA+87donruss (274)1/6/2009
tradeVery Fast shipment, Awesome tradeharwell69 (14)1/5/2009
tradegot cards they look great thanksmesarosfamily (298)1/5/2009
tradeGreat addition to the collection; Ed is a great trader.justgreg (780)1/5/2009
tradeGreat dealing with you EdRic4ky (316)1/3/2009
tradeanother great Ed...thanksPHENIAFILMS (83)12/29/2008
tradeGREAT TRADERmilkyworgen (31)12/28/2008
tradeGreat addition to the 2004 Upper Deck USA 25th set. . . THANKS again,justgreg (780)12/27/2008
traderecieved today great tradeBLASPDaley (2)12/26/2008
tradeQuick ship. Easy trade. Thanks.timbo05 (188)12/26/2008
tradePleasure to deal with!!! A++++++basebalbob (49)12/21/2008
tradeSuper Trader...Hope To Deal With Again Real Soonmichaeland (473)12/21/2008
tradeNice trade...always love to trade for Indians!!! Thanks.baseballmom27 (38)12/20/2008
tradeOnce again a great trade with Ed. Thank you.tomseaver (149)12/19/2008
tradeVery prompt in sending out my card, highly recommend as a trader!sweetal (24)12/18/2008
tradeThanks for another Great trade!pops (101)12/18/2008
tradeAlways Great Trading With You Ed! Look Forward to Next Time!mikevalic (125)12/8/2008
tradegot the card, thankstoastwrpi (152)12/8/2008
tradeVery pleased Ed. Thanks!tommergun (87)11/29/2008
tradeANother smooth trade. A+++ traderpmpage (110)11/29/2008
tradeAnother excellent trade, thanks Ed!jayarasate (182)11/28/2008
tradegot the card, thanks.toastwrpi (152)11/28/2008
tradenice auto..thanks again. great tradermesarosfamily (298)11/28/2008
tradeGreat Card, Thanks for the tradeharwell69 (14)11/27/2008
tradeGreat Trader.....A+87donruss (274)11/25/2008
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)11/23/2008
tradeGreat Tradepotzie165 (61)11/22/2008
tradethanks for the trade!dersfan81 (88)11/21/2008
tradeexcellent card Ed..thanksPHENIAFILMS (83)11/20/2008
tradeThanks for the trade!pops (101)11/17/2008
tradeGreat to deal with as always, A+jayarasate (182)11/16/2008
tradeGreat trade, thanksschnepa (282)11/8/2008
tradeThanks for a great trade. . .justgreg (780)11/4/2008
tradeNice Card ED...thanks buddy - Joe B.PHENIAFILMS (83)11/4/2008
tradeNice Trade Thanks Ed..nice onesPHENIAFILMS (83)10/29/2008
tradethanks got card fastmesarosfamily (298)10/22/2008
tradeGreat to deal with,,Thanks Edtroy (41)10/21/2008
tradeGreat trader! Quick Shipping!sbutler24 (6)10/17/2008
tradeAwesome Cards! Great To Deal With! THANKS Joe!!mikevalic (125)10/16/2008
tradeA+87donruss (274)10/15/2008
tradeAnother great trade, thanks!jayarasate (182)9/23/2008
tradeSmooth trade. Thanks!pmpage (110)9/21/2008
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks, Ed.bigjohn (103)9/18/2008
tradeGreat trader, thanks! A++martyesullivan (314)9/12/2008
trade Thanks for the trade!pops (101)9/11/2008
tradeGreat cards, smooth transaction as usual. Ed is great to trade with.Thankstomseaver (149)9/10/2008
tradethank. great graphmesarosfamily (298)9/9/2008
tradeNice looking autographs. . . justgreg (780)9/9/2008
tradeFlawless tradeLonestreet (165)9/8/2008
tradeThanks for the trade!tbrommel (25)8/27/2008
tradeGreat, easy trade. Very quick to ship. Thanks! GO REDS!freepete (84)8/17/2008
tradenice cardDOSH77 (36)8/13/2008
tradeGreat card great trader thanksce1012 (757)8/9/2008
tradeGREAT TRADE! AS DESCRIBED! THANK YOU!rlbdjones74 (271)8/6/2008
tradePerfect, Thankspops (101)8/5/2008
tradeGreat Trader! Highly Recommended!sbutler24 (6)8/5/2008
tradeGreat trade, thank you!jayarasate (182)8/4/2008
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks, Ed.bigjohn (103)8/4/2008
tradegood trader, great communicationstupidpunk (3)7/26/2008
tradesteady eddie..nice tradePHENIAFILMS (83)7/24/2008
tradegot the card, thanks.toastwrpi (152)7/18/2008
tradeexcellent trader, thanks!!!!ducky1978 (276)7/14/2008
tradegreat card thanksmesarosfamily (298)7/12/2008
tradegreat card thanksmesarosfamily (298)7/12/2008
tradeNice Cards, good trade...teleman911 (303)7/10/2008
tradeGood Member, Fast Shipping!psupuz31 (5)7/9/2008
tradeNice trade Thanks.tadoww (6)6/27/2008
tradeSuper Fast delivery again. Great cards. Thanks Ed.bigjohn (103)6/24/2008
tradeVery quick. Nice autograph. Thanks Ed.bigjohn (103)6/21/2008
tradePerfect Trade87donruss (274)6/21/2008
tradeAwesome card great member Thanksce1012 (757)6/20/2008
tradeGreat cards, quick shipping, nice guy. A++andypierucci (36)6/16/2008
tradeGreat card, smooth transaction!2000rad (229)6/14/2008
tradeNice trade. . . thank youSPORTSMEM (80)5/21/2008
tradeGreat trader. Very fair and easy to deal with. A+tomseaver (149)5/1/2008
tradegreat card arrived quickly..very easy to deal withtheautographdude (16)4/29/2008
tradegreat card, quick shipping, great trader. A++++andypierucci (36)4/27/2008
tradeQuick trade, thank you, A+jayarasate (182)4/26/2008
tradeNice Trade Ed..PHENIAFILMS (83)4/21/2008
tradeReceived card VERY quickly. Thanks for the trade!netexan (66)4/16/2008
tradeawesome. great trader. thanksJNeel15 (159)4/16/2008
tradeNice trade. . . easy to work with.justgreg (780)4/11/2008
tradeGreat trader! packed and shipped fast! A++sbutler24 (6)4/10/2008
tradeGreat trade, thanks.toastwrpi (152)4/9/2008
tradeNice card, easy trade. Thanks!!schnepa (282)4/7/2008
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