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tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)10/2/2023
sellerThank You! A+ Easy Transaction! Great Memberdanlaw74 (84)8/28/2023
tradeThanks!! Great cardsmedic-34 (719)8/17/2023
buyerGreat member to deal with!biggez99 (285)8/11/2023
tradeThanks for the trade.BensonTim (341)7/23/2023
buyerThanks again DodgerDog (752)5/2/2023
tradeA+ thanksjbeiermann (680)4/11/2023
tradeVery pleased. Thank you. Let’s do more!dryden29 (264)2/21/2023
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (680)2/21/2023
tradeThank you!Neilpollard (58)2/17/2023
tradeThanks for the traderockinace (406)2/16/2023
tradePerfect! Thank you so much!! mlaudens (1)1/28/2023
tradeThanks a lot! :DNotDennisBonvie (1)12/17/2022
sellerExcellent transaction! Packaged immaculately!shrevedude (9)10/3/2022
tradeThanks, brother! Was able to check 5 guys off my daughter's Wantlist!ejmalteza (130)8/2/2022
tradeThank you, appreciate the trade for all the Topps Allen & Ginter's. . .justgreg (792)7/17/2022
tradeThanks very much for the trade!DMatts23 (129)7/11/2022
tradeThanks, brother! Was able to check 4 guys off my daughter's Wantlist!ejmalteza (130)7/8/2022
buyerThanks again! DodgerDog (752)6/5/2022
tradeA great addition to my 83T collection. Thankssignatureworld (212)6/4/2022
tradeAlways great to deal with. Thanks!!dabulls (636)4/1/2022
tradeThanks for the trade!azgrapher85345 (219)3/22/2022
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!danrog (93)2/21/2022
tradeThanks for the trade!yankeesfan64 (255)2/7/2022
tradeThanks for the blind trade - nice assortmentdevilsfan15 (408)2/5/2022
tradeThank you!mcdsounds (36)1/3/2022
tradeThx for the easy trade!!4jwilsons (135)12/22/2021
tradeGood deal, thanks!DFWGrapher (72)12/12/2021
tradeGreat trade and even better member! Thank you cal4redsox4 (123)12/8/2021
tradeA+ trade!!!baseballmom27 (38)11/30/2021
tradeFun trade. Thanks.BensonTim (341)8/29/2021
tradeThanks for another solid deal!JNeel15 (165)6/28/2021
tradeThank you for the trade to upgrade Skip Jutze.justgreg (792)6/14/2021
tradeGreat trade! micmac (216)6/10/2021
tradeGreat draft. Thank youjiggy1973 (56)3/30/2021
tradeVery easy trade, thank you so much!Chrisjh (34)3/23/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)3/1/2021
sellerA great and easy SCN transaction. Thx!4jwilsons (135)2/24/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)2/16/2021
tradeGreat trade partner. Thanks again!JNeel15 (165)2/6/2021
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)1/28/2021
tradeGreat cards. Great Trade. Thanks!loringslegends (82)1/26/2021
tradevery good member to trade with A+++dodgerman55 (108)1/15/2021
tradeGreat trade again.BensonTim (341)12/15/2020
tradeCard arrived today. Looks great! Thanks for the connection.LcMurph (29)12/15/2020
tradeA+ thank you!leeburtt (130)12/15/2020
buyerVery easy to deal with, highly recommend DodgerDog (752)11/21/2020
tradeThank you,justgreg (792)10/21/2020
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (680)9/26/2020
sellerGreat service. Highly Recommend!!jsanders13 (53)8/22/2020
tradeLoved this trade. Thanks for your patience.BensonTim (341)8/15/2020
tradeGreat Cards, Great Trade!!!!loringslegends (82)5/18/2020
tradeThanks for the traderockinace (406)5/18/2020
tradeA+, thanksjbeiermann (680)5/14/2020
buyerPleasure to deal with!AZDbacks2027 (36)8/13/2019
tradeAnother great assortment of signed cards, thank you!Bernie (330)6/25/2019
tradeGreat deal. Thanks Patrick!FrankM (185)6/23/2019
tradeThank you for participating in the draft. . . appreciate the patience.justgreg (792)6/21/2019
tradeGreat assortment of signed cards, thank you!Bernie (330)6/18/2019
tradeGreat collector to work with daveteach (158)6/13/2019
tradeGreat person to trade with!!!mancini7481 (178)6/12/2019
tradeThanks for the tradeTRols19 (25)6/12/2019
tradegreat trade! Thanksgraphhound1 (338)6/5/2019
tradeNice mix of signed cards, thank you!Bernie (330)6/4/2019
tradeThanksmedic-34 (719)6/3/2019
tradeThanks!leslierockstravi (236)6/1/2019
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)5/30/2019
tradeTHANKS FOR THE CARD.deleon210372 (76)5/5/2019
tradegood tradercoaches (294)3/13/2019
tradegood to deal withcoaches (294)3/13/2019
buyerThanks for your quick payment. Enjoy!BensonTim (341)2/26/2019
tradeGreat to deal with.. Thanks again!DodgerDog (752)2/26/2019
tradeAlways a pleasure to deal with this member.wavefan1960 (102)1/22/2019
tradeSuper guy to deal withwavefan1960 (102)1/22/2019
tradeNice to work with!ny1996dj (130)1/20/2019
tradeGreat cards for a blind trade. Highly recommend. jakre88 (56)1/2/2019
tradeAlways a good guy to trade withrockinace (406)12/31/2018
tradeNice cards for a blind trade - thanks!rynohof23 (366)12/29/2018
buyerenjoyjcq08 (551)12/28/2018
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (680)12/21/2018
tradesuper fast, easy to work with; A+StLSparty (146)9/22/2018
tradeA+ Thank you!rewing32 (66)9/4/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)8/20/2018
tradeGreat trade. Good communication and quick delivery.kgwatson (41)6/23/2018
tradeAwesome to deal with!!!iamrs76 (33)6/12/2018
tradeAlways love trading with this guyrockinace (406)6/10/2018
tradethanks for the Cliff Harris signed card - I paid it forward!devilsfan15 (408)6/4/2018
tradeThanks for the card. A+++ Member!!!dabulls (636)5/14/2018
tradeGreat SCN member!orutulsa (179)5/10/2018
tradeGreat SCN member; thanksorutulsa (179)5/7/2018
tradevery good to trade with!!!dodgerman55 (108)5/3/2018
buyerGreat as always DodgerDog (752)4/30/2018
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (680)4/30/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)4/30/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)4/6/2018
tradeThanks so much!ucffans (237)4/5/2018
tradeThan you for the trade.justgreg (792)2/22/2018
tradeGreat to work with.DodgerDog (752)2/6/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (680)2/5/2018
tradeSmooth transaction - great traderucffans (237)1/16/2018
tradethanks again awesomethebug (82)1/11/2018
tradeThanks!!Macey225 (727)12/17/2017
tradeCards look great. Thanks a lot! Great communication.j_bodensteiner (348)12/14/2017
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (680)12/4/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)11/28/2017
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (680)11/27/2017
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (680)11/22/2017
tradeGreat cards, great trade!loringslegends (82)11/9/2017
tradeA+ The myth, the man, the legend! To be the best you must work with the best!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!jbeiermann (680)11/8/2017
tradeThank you for participating in the draft. . . it was a lot of fun.justgreg (792)10/2/2017
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)9/30/2017
tradeGreat communication, fast shipping, all around great!doug707 (24)9/28/2017
sellerCard was great shipped super fast. Thanks!buddha_51 (75)8/15/2017
tradethank you very muchjdmurphy315 (108)7/8/2017
tradeThanks for a fun trade!DBesse27 (38)6/17/2017
tradeGreat once again, thanks!DFWGrapher (72)6/4/2017
tradeAlways great to trade with this guyrockinace (406)5/14/2017
buyerThanks, Patrick--glad we could do another deal.byamrcn (111)5/4/2017
buyerGlad to help--good luck with the set!byamrcn (111)3/17/2017
tradeExcellent trading partner thank you!ucffans (237)3/4/2017
tradeAwesome! Would deal with any time.hartwick11 (178)2/23/2017
tradeExcellent member and a pleasure to deal with. A+++azpharmd1 (113)2/23/2017
tradeGreat cards, great trade. Thank you! loringslegends (82)2/22/2017
tradeOne of my favorite tradersrockinace (406)1/28/2017
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)1/25/2017
tradeAwesome trader and great trade!Mattd4905 (29)1/8/2017
tradeExcellent trade. Thanks so much!ucffans (237)12/1/2016
tradeThanks for the Trade!loringslegends (82)11/28/2016
tradeAwesome trade. Lets do it againthebug (82)11/25/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (680)11/19/2016
tradegreat member to work withbluesnowman (60)10/24/2016
tradeGreat trader. Easy to work withucffans (237)10/20/2016
tradegreat cards and signatures, high class traderlevi (233)10/20/2016
tradeThanks for the trade.BensonTim (341)10/6/2016
tradeReceived today, thanks!DFWGrapher (72)8/31/2016
tradeOne of my favorites to trade withrockinace (406)8/29/2016
tradeGreat transaction. Thanks again!ohyeah29 (184)7/22/2016
tradethanks for the tradejdmurphy315 (108)6/26/2016
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade withrockinace (406)6/24/2016
tradeVery good to trade with!!dodgerman55 (108)6/23/2016
tradeGreat Trade. Thanks.BensonTim (341)6/18/2016
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (719)6/4/2016
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (719)4/19/2016
tradeVery good to trade with!! A+++dodgerman55 (108)4/4/2016
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)3/28/2016
tradeGreat trader! Smooth process A+!GBessette (64)2/6/2016
50-50 / consignmentFast payment, thank you.worldwideed (371)1/29/2016
tradeA+, painless as alwaysjbeiermann (680)1/7/2016
tradesweet trade thanksmesarosfamily (298)12/18/2015
tradeLove trading with this guyrockinace (406)12/5/2015
tradeA+ no issuesjbeiermann (680)11/29/2015
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (406)11/19/2015
tradeThanks for the trade!!jsallee (17)10/26/2015
tradeThanks for the tradejsallee (17)10/21/2015
tradeGreat to work with, thank you!Corndog (90)10/2/2015
tradeGreat as alwaysendbox (175)9/24/2015
tradeVery generous member. Thanksbowme1 (212)9/22/2015
tradeThanks so much for the Tigers for my collection! Great SCN member.tigernut (191)9/20/2015
tradeThank you for the generosity!tryfinski (532)9/19/2015
tradeGlad I could add to your collection!tigernut (191)9/16/2015
tradePERFECT THANKSendbox (175)9/9/2015
tradeThanks for the tradejsallee (17)9/6/2015
tradethanks for the deal!tryfinski (532)6/1/2015
tradeThanks for the trade, great to deal with!!jbare24 (176)5/6/2015
tradeAwesome trade, thanks!sharmon_78 (42)4/9/2015
tradeGreat trade...A+++ fast shippingbaseballmom27 (38)2/4/2015
tradegood to trade withdodgerman55 (108)2/2/2015
tradeAlways good to trade with. A+rockinace (406)1/18/2015
tradeA+, thanks for the sweet wyoming autographjbeiermann (680)12/28/2014
tradeAlways a great guy to trade withrockinace (406)11/29/2014
tradeA+, asset to SCN. Always easy to deal with!jbeiermann (680)11/4/2014
tradePatrick is one of the best. A+rockinace (406)9/2/2014
tradeGreat guy! Would help out anytime!jbeiermann (680)8/29/2014
tradeGreat and fair.JeffCinn (145)8/19/2014
tradeA pleasure to trade with!! zaid918 (155)8/14/2014
tradegood to deal withcoaches (294)7/31/2014
tradeawesome thanks alot..thebug (82)3/3/2014
tradeAn asset to SCN A++jbeiermann (680)2/24/2014
tradeAn asset to SCN A+++jbeiermann (680)2/18/2014
tradeA++ very promptjbeiermann (680)2/18/2014
tradeFast shipping. Thanks.bigjohn (103)2/18/2014
tradeThanks!!!rangersfan1982 (138)5/9/2012
tradeAnother awesome trade! THANK YOU!!!!!!Hitman97 (198)8/26/2011
tradegreat member awesome cardsce1012 (770)6/4/2011
tradeA+military11b2001 (476)4/28/2010
tradethanks very muchmedic-34 (719)2/26/2010
tradeAnother sweet trade-Thanks Patrickrockinace (406)2/23/2010
tradegreat card awesome to deal with thanksce1012 (770)12/5/2009
tradePatrick is always great to trade with, great member, great items.justgreg (792)11/21/2009
tradenice card thanksmesarosfamily (298)11/20/2009
tradeGreat cards awesome to deal with thanksce1012 (770)11/19/2009
tradeawesome...thankstryfinski (532)11/19/2009
tradegreat card thanksce1012 (770)10/29/2009
tradethanks for the trademesarosfamily (298)10/23/2009
tradeReally nice cards-Thanks rockinace (406)10/19/2009
tradeawesome card thanksce1012 (770)10/19/2009
tradeGreat trade, quick delivery thanks.potzie165 (61)10/17/2009
tradenice autos, great guy to trade withsalsmanado (146)10/2/2009
tradeGreat cards. Thanks!!!jw247305 (67)9/24/2009
tradegreat looking card thanksce1012 (770)9/11/2009
tradegreat trade..I'm satisfiedtryfinski (532)9/10/2009
tradethanks for the trade. nice cardsmesarosfamily (298)9/3/2009
tradeYour one of the best. Thanks for the traderockinace (406)8/28/2009
tradeanother fine, fast, fair trade, thanks!!ducky1978 (279)6/13/2009
tradeGREAT CARDS Pat...thanks BuddyPHENIAFILMS (83)6/11/2009
tradeAnother 87 topps Braves player...Thanks!!!jw247305 (67)6/2/2009
tradeThanks for another awesome trade Patrickrockinace (406)6/1/2009
tradeAwesome deal. . . thank you againjustgreg (792)5/26/2009
tradeAwesome deal. . . thank you againjustgreg (792)5/26/2009
tradeGot quick reply from my offer and card was sent promptly. Excellent trader.sweetal (24)5/20/2009
tradeExcellent trade as alwaysrockinace (406)5/11/2009
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks...great to do business with you again!Hitman97 (198)4/11/2009
tradeGreat trade, thanks! rangersfan1982 (138)3/7/2009
tradeThanks so muchmedic-34 (719)2/27/2009
tradequick shipthehalk (725)2/26/2009
tradeThanks for another sweet trade buddyrockinace (406)2/2/2009
tradea fantastic card, thank youtryfinski (532)2/2/2009
tradeAwesome trader!!jasonw37 (25)12/26/2008
tradegot the card, thankstoastwrpi (152)12/13/2008
tradegot the cards, thanks.toastwrpi (152)12/13/2008
tradegreat trade. thanksmesarosfamily (298)11/30/2008
tradegreat looking card great trader thanksce1012 (770)11/29/2008
tradeThanks for another great traderockinace (406)11/28/2008
tradeA+87donruss (274)10/5/2008
tradeExcellent Traderockinace (406)9/25/2008
tradeA++ Trader and superfast.tommergun (87)9/25/2008
tradeNice cards and smooth trade. Thanksschnepa (291)8/18/2008
tradeNice cards and smooth trade. Thanksschnepa (291)8/18/2008
tradeGreat cards from a great trader! A+++encinododgerfan (0)8/1/2008
tradereceived cards in good ordertystates (6)7/16/2008
tradegood trade,will use againbsatrader (6)2/13/2007
tradegreat guy to trade with,A+++bsatrader (6)2/6/2007
tradegreat tradeKingman15 (47)2/5/2007
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the trade!schnepa (291)1/13/2007
tradeNice trade. ThanksEr21 (835)10/28/2006
tradeVery successful trade with fast shipment. A+++agee (185)10/28/2006
tradeGreat Trader, Quick Ship. Another good trade osslyn (33)10/25/2006
tradePat is great to trade with. Nice cards, packaging and fast shipping. I highly recommend him.tomseaver (156)10/23/2006
tradeonce more a fine trade!!ducky1978 (279)10/19/2006
tradethanks for the great tradeblueboy22 (38)10/10/2006
tradenice blind trade package received, this is a good trader!ducky1978 (279)9/24/2006
tradeGreat Autographs, very fast shipmentosslyn (33)9/23/2006
tradenice card, thanks for the tradeschnepa (291)9/19/2006
tradeGreat Trade Pat, Thanks Buddy!PHENIAFILMS (83)9/11/2006
tradereceived 5 great 87 Donruss cards today, thanks for a great trade!!!ducky1978 (279)9/8/2006
tradeTrade went smooth. ThanksEr21 (835)9/5/2006
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