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offer private signingExcellent, Thank you!!jensckj (111)1/10/2022
offer private signingExcellent, Thank you!!jensckj (111)1/10/2022
offer private signingthanks!leathtech (59)3/6/2021
offer private signingGreat!bkritz (565)1/10/2021
offer private signingThanks. The card looks great.redmondfan09 (23)1/6/2021
offer private signingThanks for the help with my collection!dugoutdug (665)12/9/2020
offer private signingThanks!canttouchkg (108)2/27/2020
sellerThanks for helping to get my Mini signedHannah73 (111)7/23/2019
offer private signingAsset to SCN, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.TuckerKCRoyals (383)2/23/2018
offer private signingGreat transaction!dprince (218)6/27/2017
offer private signingThanks for the carddprince (218)6/20/2017
offer private signingThanks for getting this one done for me!dprince (218)6/18/2017
offer private signingGreat transaction!dprince (218)6/7/2017
offer private signingOverall positive transaction. Ball returned scuffed up and no communication since...cssbluedevils07 (6)3/8/2017
offer private signingGreat looking bat and quick shipping. Thanks!macoates (34)2/18/2017
offer private signingGreat person to work with! Very well packaged!soxfan87 (42)12/1/2016
offer private signinggreat transaction. thanks for the help. I love the card.Cubs23Fan (160)11/14/2016
offer private signingThanks!! Great Service A+++Cdub15 (130)10/1/2016
offer private signingthanks,great jobhuntmil (52)10/1/2016
offer private signingGreat service!! AAA+++thomas (38)9/30/2016
offer private signingGreat service and communication. Thank you!hoops3790 (51)9/30/2016
offer private signingThanks for offering David Ross, great addition to my set. CopperJJ (284)9/30/2016
offer private signingGreat job on Ross/Rondon consignment!!!!!!!!!waterbill (179)9/29/2016
offer private signingAwesome service and autos! Thanks so much!CUBSBEESIRISHFAN (34)9/19/2016
offer private signingSuper fast shipping - very pleased - Thank you very much for the new additions to my collectionCalvinWatterson (107)9/15/2016
offer private signingAwesome signature..Thanks for having him Darrin521 (11)9/13/2016
offer private signingNo problems , thanksgraves9 (67)6/28/2016
offer private signingGreat service.....Terrific dealer...Hope to do morewmm13 (34)6/16/2016
private signingGreat transaction! Thank you!WVU Rocks (337)6/9/2016
offer private signingCard looks great. Thanks.j_bodensteiner (345)6/5/2016
offer private signingBoth cards look great; thanks for putting this signing together!koufax (146)6/4/2016
offer private signingThanks a lot!marker58 (39)1/19/2016
sellerThanksdetroitfan84 (101)1/14/2016
offer private signingThanks!mike73 (78)1/6/2016
offer private signingA+++++ Asset to the board A++++++gabegross (96)1/6/2016
offer private signingThanks so much for your help. Program looks great!Robtimms (137)12/19/2015
sellerAWESOME Poster! My daughter loves it! THANK YOU!!!!!kevin34 (435)12/15/2015
offer private signingPosters are great. Going to make great Christmas Gifts. Smitty227 (19)12/9/2015
offer private signingThanksxtrain000 (251)12/2/2015
offer private signingEverything came out amazing. If I could give you a higher rating I would. Thanksdbludevil (17)11/29/2015
offer private signingthanks for the great looking auto cardbroncomaniac53 (133)10/6/2015
offer private signingGreat cards, thanks!JustCrazy (899)9/8/2015
offer private signingAwesome ball, thanks!jeffklein (121)8/22/2015
offer private signingCard looks great! Thanks! dougp1978 (42)7/31/2015
offer private signingThanks! awesome item!patronstofliars (14)7/30/2015
offer private signingThanks for handling the Williams signing.rnpurdue (96)7/29/2015
offer private signingAwesome signing! Thanks a bunch!!lczx02 (136)7/27/2015
offer private signingAutographs turned out great; thank youwaterbill (179)7/25/2015
offer private signingPerfect signing. Thanks!hartwick11 (175)7/25/2015
offer private signingBill Williams Signing - Rcvd: 7/22. Easy to work with, good communication, nice job. Thank you !!!FDJC2090 (221)7/22/2015
private signingfantastic transaction. Thanks againMookie41 (190)7/16/2015
offer private signingthanks for the signed ball and the quick return!pleonard92 (11)6/7/2015
offer private signingthanks for the signed ball and the quick return!pleonard92 (11)6/7/2015
offer private signinggreat help; thanks!chasperkie (157)6/3/2015
offer private signingThanks for your helpbillw628 (42)6/1/2015
offer private signingEverything looks great. Great communication and fast return. Thanks.josh96 (380)5/22/2015
offer private signingCard looks great, thanks for setting this up! A+dougp1978 (42)5/22/2015
offer private signingThank you for your help!billw628 (42)5/21/2015
offer private signingGood communication. Thankscprnar (169)5/20/2015
offer private signingSignature came out great on the all star ball. Thanks again!!roguesapper (6)5/19/2015
offer private signingCard and autograph look great; thank you!waterbill (179)5/18/2015
sellerGreat seller to work with! Will use again!!soonerkj (1)5/17/2015
offer private signingJose Abreu card looks great, thanks for offering. CopperJJ (284)5/16/2015
offer private signingAbreu piece came out great...thanks!dkern1 (66)5/14/2015
offer private signinggreat signing...thank you!dkern1 (66)5/14/2015
offer private signingThe McLain auto turned out great - thanks!devilsfan15 (406)4/19/2015
offer private signingNICELY SIGNED CARDS RETURNED PROMPTLYGREG999 (40)4/15/2015
sellersmooth, great transaction on a super nice piece. couldnt be happier with it. Thank you!!!mancini7481 (177)3/17/2015
offer private signingThank you so much!! A+++zaid918 (155)2/21/2015
offer private signingGreat card, beautiful signature, smooth deal- thanks!fredmed (265)2/15/2015
offer private signingThanks.shawnmcnair (349)2/11/2015
sellerGreat cards & great communication. Thanks.mrsromek (263)2/5/2015
offer private signingThank you for the excellent service.RSTAND3 (106)2/5/2015
offer private signingGreat memberJerrynick (68)2/4/2015
offer private signingcard looks great thanks momo44 (337)2/4/2015
offer private signingSorry I missed the signings. Thanks for the communicationtoddmc9136 (164)2/2/2015
offer private signingcard was signed exactly like i askedanswerman (90)2/1/2015
offer private signingthanks for the great signingdeano (916)2/1/2015
offer private signingMaybe next time.D-Rock (273)2/1/2015
offer private signingGreat transaction will work with you again. Thankshappyhayes (26)1/31/2015
offer private signingGreat Singletary signing. Thank you !!bkatspt (95)1/30/2015
offer private signingSmooth transaction, thanks sabresfan (121)1/30/2015
offer private signingJersey looks great..... Thanksbillw628 (42)1/29/2015
offer private signingGreat transaction. Looking forward to the next signing.Smitty227 (19)1/23/2015
offer private signingtha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (663)1/21/2015
offer private signingAwesome guy and great transaction!!!!BobKat (2)1/12/2015
offer private signingGreat signing, thanks so much!peafour (2)1/12/2015
buyerGreat buyer. Enjoy the item. ThanksLordstan (141)1/9/2015
offer private signingFrank Thomas Card turned out awesome! Thanks!craigbnyman (508)1/8/2015
offer private signingthanks again for the great signingdeano (916)1/6/2015
offer private signingPerfect private signing. thank youastrosfan (126)1/5/2015
offer private signingGreat signing. Fast shipKnigget30 (60)1/5/2015
offer private signingthank you perfect signing A+roederb (155)1/4/2015
offer private signing Great looking autograph with HOF inscription. ThanksNtaylor3 (6)1/4/2015
offer private signingAwesome transaction with Thomas signing. Thanks!drk01knight (9)1/4/2015
offer private signingPiece turned out great and it was returned promptlyRangerDanger (27)1/3/2015
offer private signingPiece turned out great and it was returned promptlyRangerDanger (27)1/3/2015
offer private signingGreat to deal with. Would recommend to people. Everything was A+Gris29 (219)1/3/2015
offer private signingGreat job on getting the HOF ball signed. Thanks for the help.happyhayes (26)1/2/2015
offer private signingSmooth Frank Thomas signing. Thanks for the help on my son's memorial set.yankeesfan64 (254)1/2/2015
offer private signinggreat card awesome working with you. thank you very muchbobby25 (156)1/2/2015
offer private signingperfect jobhuntmil (52)1/2/2015
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)1/2/2015
offer private signingPromptly signed with inscription and returned quickly. Top notch sewrvicegrubbsy (65)6/26/2014
offer private signingGreat Transaction...Thanks!erba (254)6/21/2014
offer private signingAwesome to deal with! Really helped me out! All around 100% positive!NotLou (7)6/19/2014
offer private signingAAA+++ IN MY BOOK QUICK FAST GREATtonyt1957 (36)5/23/2014
offer private signingThanks for the card, looks great!!broncomaniac53 (133)5/23/2014
offer private signingThanks!Gasypo (159)5/21/2014
buyerGreat buyer. Fast Payment. Enjoy the Robinson.Lordstan (141)5/18/2014
offer private signingEverything looks great. Thanks!Bshbb (26)5/6/2014
offer private signingEasy to deal with - Recommendedcottonet (22)5/3/2014
buyerAwesome deal! Thanks!!packers4 (120)4/30/2014
buyerGreat buyer. Fast Payment. Enjoy the Ford.Lordstan (141)4/27/2014
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)4/1/2014
buyerAlways easy to work with! Thanks!! packers4 (120)3/3/2014
buyerA+++ Great SCN Member!CubsWin82 (162)2/24/2014
buyerGreat buyer. Thanks A+++redwolf_b_03 (184)2/21/2014
buyerGreat member!! Thanks!! +1packers4 (120)2/20/2014
buyerSmooth transaction, thanks!!!TheChad (463)2/1/2014
buyerGreat member! Prompt payment! Thank you!windcity2atl (96)1/19/2014
buyerQuick payment! Thanks!eda025 (244)1/18/2014
buyerQuick payment! Thanks!eda025 (244)1/18/2014
buyerImmediate payment and smooth transaction! Thanks!smanzari (225)1/18/2014
buyerGood buyer, A+automaster (436)1/18/2014
buyerGreat transaction... Thank youjamieblye (1491)1/12/2014
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