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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerThanks againDodgerDog (740)4/11/2023
private signingThanks for participating in the signing!JustCrazy (901)3/26/2023
50-50 / consignmentHappy to help with Steve Largent. . . thank you,justgreg (783)2/21/2023
50-50 / consignmentThanks for sending. Unable to obtain autographjhenderson1675 (262)1/22/2023
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (358)11/17/2022
buyerThanks a ton! Enjoy!philly84 (496)11/5/2022
buyerThanks again, a pleasure as always DodgerDog (740)10/22/2022
private signingThank you for supporting Signatures for Soldiers!Macey225 (697)8/25/2022
buyergood transaction. thanks and enjoy!tdrsnake (56)8/10/2022
buyerThanks again! Quick payment and great communication DodgerDog (740)6/24/2022
buyerThanks againDodgerDog (740)6/14/2022
tradeBeautiful cardsharwell69 (14)3/26/2022
private signingThanks for participating in my private signing!!TuckerKCRoyals (391)2/28/2022
private signingAll good thank you.Silverbacksports (831)2/18/2022
private signingThanks for participating in the Nelms signing! JustCrazy (901)1/16/2022
buyerThanks for buying one of my Bennett cards.alanmoore (344)1/14/2022
buyerA pleasure to do business with. Thank you!FrankM (181)1/4/2022
tradegreat trade, hope to deal with againroyboyct (164)11/19/2021
tradeThanks for the card. Received the card today. Happy to add to my collection.bill (10)4/24/2021
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (622)2/10/2021
buyerEasy deal Thanks!dcpolak (358)12/30/2020
buyerSuper quick payment - thanks once again!bart (111)12/21/2020
tradeThank you so much for doing this !cosmo (578)12/11/2020
buyerThank you Chris! A pleasure to do business with. FrankM (181)10/29/2020
buyerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)10/26/2020
buyerthank you for the purchase. jeserone (792)10/7/2020
buyerThank you for your purchase. Enjoy your item. Great buyer.Neddcardz (174)8/15/2020
buyerFast payment. A++ Member. Enjoy the autodabulls (622)8/5/2020
buyerThank you for trusting me with your collecting needs. Enjoy!jeserone (792)7/7/2020
buyerThank you for trustingjeserone (792)7/7/2020
tradeThank you again, sorry for the delay in feedback!Mahoney911 (62)5/4/2020
tradeThanks!!!!! Really appreciate the help. A++ Member!!dabulls (622)5/3/2020
buyerQuick Payment. Enjoy your stuff.BensonTim (330)4/9/2020
buyerThanks again for a pleasurable transaction DodgerDog (740)4/3/2020
buyerShow was cancelled but send/receive was flawlessMacey225 (697)3/26/2020
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (675)2/13/2020
private signingTrust this member! Items arrived on time! Hope he sends in for another signing!cpdinc (581)2/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with. Glad to help!jwiehe01 (108)1/30/2020
buyerThank you as always! If you are interested doing a Superbowl pool as well!monkabuda (96)1/10/2020
buyerGlad I could help, Chris.byamrcn (109)1/7/2020
private signingAwesome thanks Silverbacksports (831)12/17/2019
50-50 / consignmentThank you Chris. . . you are amazing.justgreg (783)12/14/2019
buyerQuick payment, great buyer, thanks!cor3y (574)12/5/2019
50-50 / consignmentA++ Great Communication! Thank you for trusting me with your collection!mwparry123 (268)10/22/2019
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/9/2019
buyerThank you for your purchase. Enjoy your card.Neddcardz (174)9/7/2019
50-50 / consignmentThanksdlbiri1s (477)8/10/2019
buyerThank you for your purchase. Enjoy your card. Thanks.Neddcardz (174)7/29/2019
50-50 / consignmentA++ Simply the best! Thanks!!!mwparry123 (268)7/24/2019
tradeGreat member. Goes above and beyond to help out.wavefan1960 (102)7/20/2019
buyerQuick payment. Enjoy the cards!fishlips (267)6/12/2019
buyerfadt payersajovie (160)4/27/2019
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/10/2019
private signingAsset to SCN, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.TuckerKCRoyals (391)3/29/2019
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (358)3/2/2019
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could help with Cliff Avril.justgreg (783)12/27/2018
buyerGreat to deal with, thanks again.DodgerDog (740)12/5/2018
buyerAwesome SCN'er!ddtjman (374)9/17/2018
50-50 / consignmentA++ Top Notch Member! Great to work with!! Thank you!mwparry123 (268)8/15/2018
tradeThanks! chevimpala00 (47)8/14/2018
tradeThank you!iamfess (133)7/23/2018
buyerGreat guy to deal with!gregm13 (160)7/22/2018
private signingThank you for participating in our signing!basesareempty (142)7/1/2018
buyerExcellent Buyer. Great to deal with. Enjoy your item. Thank You for your purchase.Neddcardz (174)6/15/2018
sellerThanks for the help!! You're the best!! AAA+++pmcder9902 (115)6/15/2018
tradeGreat Member to this site. Thank you so much!!! Appreciate all the autos. dabulls (622)6/11/2018
tradeGreat card. Awesome member. Thank you for your generosity.phillyfan44 (156)6/10/2018
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)6/5/2018
tradeglad you like the card!devilsfan15 (406)5/15/2018
50-50 / consignmentA+++ great member! Thanks for letting me help!mwparry123 (268)5/12/2018
50-50 / consignmentA+++ great member! Thanks! Easy transaction!mwparry123 (268)5/12/2018
tradeKeep it rolling!TD30forHOF (80)5/5/2018
tradeAwesome card! Thanks!TD30forHOF (80)5/5/2018
tradeOutstanding SCN member!orutulsa (179)5/5/2018
tradeGood member!TD30forHOF (80)5/3/2018
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade, buy, sell, and chat with this guy.wavefan1960 (102)5/2/2018
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)4/28/2018
buyergreat transaction!!!!!darrinmic (41)4/17/2018
sellerAwesome card, Thanks!midog (421)3/21/2018
buyerThank You - Glad I could help! FDJC2090 (221)3/20/2018
private signingAsset to SCN, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.TuckerKCRoyals (391)2/23/2018
sellerGreat seller. Very quick shipping. Recommend!bkatspt (95)1/27/2018
50-50 / consignmentYou are welcome. . . glad to help with Charle Young, David Wyman and Jacob Green.justgreg (783)12/24/2017
buyerExcellent transaction! One of the best members I've dealt with! Highly recommended A+++azpharmd1 (113)12/24/2017
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could help with Charle Young. . .justgreg (783)12/9/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal w/ - thanks!gregm13 (160)12/2/2017
50-50 / consignmentasajovie (160)11/25/2017
50-50 / consignmentThanks alotjamieblye (1498)11/10/2017
buyerA++ Chris you are the best! Thank you! Great Communication!mwparry123 (268)10/25/2017
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)10/9/2017
50-50 / consignmentSorry It Didnt Work Outabspimp99 (524)9/12/2017
50-50 / consignmentSorry He No Showedabspimp99 (524)9/12/2017
50-50 / consignmentThanks for trusting me with item. Sorry he didn't show!renaissancemanla (245)8/15/2017
50-50 / consignmentA++ Member! Top Notch Thanks for letting me help!mwparry123 (268)8/12/2017
50-50 / consignmentA++ Member! Highly Recommended! Thanks for letting me help!mwparry123 (268)8/12/2017
50-50 / consignmentA++ Member! Highly Recommended! Thanks for letting me help!mwparry123 (268)8/12/2017
50-50 / consignmentA+++ Awesome member! Top Notch! Highly Recommended! mwparry123 (268)7/22/2017
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1498)6/27/2017
50-50 / consignmentGreat Member! Easy Transaction! Highly Recommended! Thank you =)mwparry123 (268)4/11/2017
sellerGreat cards! Thanks!car308 (146)2/22/2017
sellerGreat member!iamfess (133)2/3/2017
seller+1 Nice looking autos here, Thank you siggy (103)2/1/2017
50-50 / consignmentThank you.invctrl (355)1/31/2017
sellerthank you jeserone (792)1/29/2017
tradeHope we can work on another deal soon. . . take carejustgreg (783)11/12/2016
50-50 / consignmentTop Notch member! Highly recommended! Thank youmwparry123 (268)10/25/2016
50-50 / consignmentclassic act member, great transaction, glad I was able to helpcosmo (578)10/14/2016
50-50 / consignmentA+franco858 (637)8/27/2016
50-50 / consignmentA+++ Awesome member!!! Top Notch!!! Asset to the community!!! Thank you! mwparry123 (268)8/10/2016
buyerGreat customer. Glad to work with him and willing to do so again!!!!!! Thanks. AA++D-Rock (273)5/1/2016
private signingthanks alot jamieblye (1498)4/17/2016
50-50 / consignmentA+++ Awesome member!!! Top Notch!!! Asset to the community!!! Thank you!mwparry123 (268)4/16/2016
private signinggreat to deal with thanksjamieblye (1498)3/24/2016
50-50 / consignmentChris is great to work with, hope to continue helping each other out for a long time!alexl (275)3/17/2016
buyerQuick and easy transaction -- thanks! Rocketman12 (36)3/3/2016
tradeGreat and very fair deal! Thank you Chris!craigmurden (39)2/24/2016
buyerA+, painless jbeiermann (675)12/20/2015
tradeThank you for supporting the team!monkabuda (96)12/12/2015
buyerA++++Mookie41 (190)12/4/2015
buyerThanks!hutch5831 (259)10/24/2015
tradeExcellent transaction! Thank you!ohyeah29 (183)10/14/2015
50-50 / consignmentvery smooth and thanks for letting me helpRDS22 (314)10/12/2015
50-50 / consignmentglad i could help get Jimbo for you.midwest-graphs (27)9/29/2015
50-50 / consignmentAwesome member! Super Highly Recommended! Thanks!!mwparry123 (268)9/26/2015
buyerGreat as always.. thanksjamieblye (1498)9/23/2015
buyerThank you for taking part in our signing!!basesareempty (142)8/11/2015
buyerA+++ Great transaction! Highly Recommended!mwparry123 (268)8/7/2015
buyerGreat guy to deal with...thanks!gregm13 (160)7/27/2015
50-50 / consignmentTypical A++++ transaction! Thanks for letting me get your cards signed!mwparry123 (268)7/14/2015
buyerThanks for the quick payment tryfinski (529)6/24/2015
buyerThanks for the quick payment tryfinski (529)6/24/2015
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)6/12/2015
buyerExcellent SCN. Pleasure to deal with.munson1978 (333)6/11/2015
tradegreat trade, fast shipping, thanks! LSUby50 (441)5/29/2015
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)5/25/2015
private signingReceived the cards and payment...thanks!bart (111)5/5/2015
buyerAAA+ shipped 5/5 thanksmidog (421)5/4/2015
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1498)4/20/2015
private signinggreat to deal with, thanks alotjamieblye (1498)4/20/2015
private signingthanks so much for taking part in the signing!FinFan1972 (375)3/29/2015
private signingA+++ Thanks alotjamieblye (1498)2/19/2015
tradeThank you very much for your support!monkabuda (96)1/13/2015
50-50 / consignmentTop Notch member! Asset to the community! Thank you!mwparry123 (268)12/21/2014
buyerFast payment thanks A++++++++Chode36 (315)12/20/2014
private signingAmazing SCN member, a real asset!franco858 (637)12/6/2014
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1498)11/11/2014
50-50 / consignmentGreat member! Great communication! Thank you!mwparry123 (268)10/23/2014
buyerGood communication and easy to work with - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)10/12/2014
buyerA++ Thanksackerson22 (127)10/2/2014
buyerGreat person to deal with, smooth transaction, thanks!biggez99 (282)9/24/2014
buyerThanks so much!VitoCo1972 (234)9/24/2014
buyerquick payment great to deal withce1012 (762)8/28/2014
tradeThanks againgtomew (29)8/19/2014
private signingGreat transaction. Thanks for sending items for the signing!campy (136)8/7/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/17/2014
buyerFast Payment, Thanks A++++++++Chode36 (315)4/27/2014
buyerLightning fast payment! Thanks for a smooth transaction!loumud (409)4/25/2014
private signingChris is great to work with!! Highly recommended!!!ncc500 (606)4/11/2014
buyerEasy to deal with...Great member....enjoymmadd29 (238)2/27/2014
buyerGreat Member A++++mmadd29 (238)2/26/2014
buyerA+, very prompt, great communication, easy transaction!jbeiermann (675)2/17/2014
private signingThanks for participating in the signing! Great SCN member!intheminors (53)2/16/2014
private signingGreat member to work with! Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)9/17/2013
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)8/15/2013
buyerAwesome bkritz (567)8/3/2013
tradeWonderful addition to my collection!Great to deal with!Thanks so much.tigernut (191)7/4/2013
tradeChris is awesome! Thanks for the card!!rynohof23 (366)7/3/2013
tradefine, fair trade!ducky1978 (278)7/2/2013
tradeEnjoy !LIEZELEJIM (69)5/24/2013
private signingAppreciate the kind words.den7373 (233)5/16/2013
buyerGreat transactionluckymike32 (305)3/18/2013
buyerQuick payment...thanks againbart (111)2/20/2013
tradeGood communication, good sport, enjoy the baseball!!pmcder9902 (115)1/12/2013
buyerGreat buyer! Rapid payment! A++++tommy78c2 (99)10/24/2012
50-50 / consignmentEasy to work with, thanks.raiderdan (78)9/23/2012
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks alotjamieblye (1498)9/11/2012
buyerThanks Chrisfrankhardy (182)9/2/2012
buyerthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
buyerFast PMT! Bethea, Thoms & Jordan mailed by 7/8. Enjoy!mrsromek (263)7/6/2011
tradeGreat trade, and a great guy!!!!!!!! A++++++alexl (275)4/19/2011
buyerThanks! Paid cash very quickly!frankhardy (182)4/7/2011
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