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tradeThanks for the help on my setthehalk (728)3/23/2023
buyerThanks again DodgerDog (759)2/19/2023
tradeGreat to deal with and everything delivered as promised. Thank you.sjkla706 (24)11/23/2022
buyerGreat transaction and great to deal with!tdrsnake (63)11/1/2022
tradeSeriously one of the best members on this site!! DJWilliams55 (20)7/29/2022
tradeGood once again, thanks!DFWGrapher (73)4/8/2022
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (759)7/13/2021
tradeGreat!bkritz (574)5/14/2021
tradeExcellent to work with; thank you!!orutulsa (181)4/24/2021
tradeAnogther great trade from a great memberroyboyct (164)4/22/2021
tradeGreat person to deal with! Appreciate the trade, thank you!!!spikeowen (83)3/3/2021
tradeThanks for the trade!tugboat2648 (90)2/1/2021
tradeExcellent member to work with. Thanks!ohyeah29 (184)1/30/2021
tradegreat trade, easy to work withbluesnowman (60)1/24/2021
tradeAlways great to trade with. A+pmpage (112)1/23/2021
tradeGreat cards, great deal. Thank you so muchroyboyct (164)11/23/2020
tradeThanks for the tradeiamfess (134)10/27/2020
tradeThank you, glad to help out. . . great stuff.justgreg (796)9/9/2020
tradeGreat trade. Thanks.tecumesh44 (75)8/19/2020
tradePerfect! Thanks. Hope to trade again.raynlib (114)8/10/2020
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!Cubs1876 (7)8/6/2020
tradeThanks for the Trade!tryfinski (532)8/3/2020
tradeThanks fro the trade! Highly recommended member!SLNoble01 (519)8/3/2020
tradeThanks for the trade. A++ Member!!dabulls (641)7/26/2020
tradeAwesome trade! DLT comes through as alwaysTD30forHOF (81)7/18/2020
tradeThank you for the trade, great cardsj24g34 (253)7/18/2020
tradeGreat trader. Fast and good communication. Thank you!JNeel15 (167)7/13/2020
tradeThank you! Hope we can trade again!DMatts23 (132)6/15/2020
tradeGot 'em yesterday, thanks!DFWGrapher (73)6/13/2020
buyerGreat memberTunis (190)5/31/2020
buyerGreat memberTunis (190)5/31/2020
tradegreat transaction!!!!! hope to trade with again!darrinmic (43)5/28/2020
sellerawesome thanks for everythingthebug (82)5/23/2020
tradeThank you for the trade :) jeserone (798)5/20/2020
tradeA+pmpage (112)5/17/2020
tradeGreat deal. Great to work with.bluesnowman (60)5/11/2020
tradeGreat trade and great trader. Thanks againroyboyct (164)5/10/2020
buyerGreat member on the site Tunis (190)4/30/2020
sellerExcellent member, thanks for the trademuddogs21 (315)4/29/2020
tradeThanks for the trade! Great memberucffans (237)4/29/2020
tradeGreat card...Thanks!!!WatsonBoys (165)4/24/2020
tradeGreat Card. Great To Trade With .Neddcardz (177)4/21/2020
sellerPain free transaction! Thanks againpdm68 (38)3/8/2020
tradeThanks againucffans (237)3/5/2020
tradeGreat card. Good trade. Thank You .Neddcardz (177)2/29/2020
tradeMany thanks for the trade!ddtjman (375)2/24/2020
tradeExcellent member to trade with. Thank you!ohyeah29 (184)2/23/2020
tradeGreat Trade...robzman (21)2/10/2020
tradePerfect in every way, thanks!ducky1978 (279)2/10/2020
tradeGreat cards, great trade, thanks. CopperJJ (288)2/3/2020
sellerThank you!jbrusby (10)1/31/2020
sellerAwesome thanksthebug (82)1/27/2020
tradeThanks for the trade! carolinel (81)1/19/2020
sellerThank you worldwideed (371)1/18/2020
tradeThanks!!!kenhastings (107)1/16/2020
sellerThankx for all your help!!popbottleman (317)1/16/2020
tradeGreat service, thanks!!!Bastian (41)11/30/2019
tradeThanks again! DodgerDog (759)11/11/2019
tradeThank you I mailed your card today ChrisGraphs (109)10/7/2019
tradeEnjoy the card!!!zevonfan (21)9/22/2019
tradeExcellent as always! Thx! A ++ SCN Memberz722 (264)9/22/2019
tradeThank you for the awesome card sccrow (121)9/10/2019
sellerGreat Cards...Thanks!!!WatsonBoys (165)9/9/2019
tradethanks for the PIF auto!devilsfan15 (412)9/7/2019
tradeThanksjbeiermann (686)9/3/2019
tradeThanks for the trade, A+CopperJJ (288)8/27/2019
tradegreat transaction!!!!! hope to trade with again!darrinmic (43)8/26/2019
tradeGreat trader and excellent card! Thanks! tugboat2648 (90)8/13/2019
tradethank youblah (59)6/12/2019
tradeGreat trade...robzman (21)5/21/2019
tradeThanks for the trade!midog (421)3/19/2019
tradeGreat trade, easy to work with. Thank you!Corndog (90)3/17/2019
sellerThanks!pncted (324)3/4/2019
tradeEnjoy! Thanksdabulls (641)2/26/2019
tradeThank you for the PIF!ucffans (237)2/17/2019
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (722)2/15/2019
buyerGreat guy to deal with!gregm13 (160)7/22/2018
buyerGreat guy to deal with!gregm13 (160)7/22/2018
tradeThanks, appreciate the help with my collection. dabulls (641)6/30/2018
tradeGlad I could help, David--good PIF thread.byamrcn (112)6/29/2018
tradeKeep it rolling!TD30forHOF (81)5/30/2018
tradeAwesome card! Thanks!TD30forHOF (81)5/30/2018
tradeEnjoy the card. Thanks!!dabulls (641)5/14/2018
tradeFantastic SCN member; thanks for the card!orutulsa (181)5/14/2018
tradeThanks for your generosity!rynohof23 (366)5/14/2018
tradeEnjoy the Bednarik Auto. Thanks!!!dabulls (641)5/10/2018
tradeAwesome card! Thanks!TD30forHOF (81)5/3/2018
tradeGood Cards. Arrived Fast. Thank You.Neddcardz (177)4/16/2018
buyerA+++++ great member thanksmmadd29 (238)4/4/2018
tradeGreat to deal with great cardESD (190)2/28/2018
tradegreat to work with, really helped with my collectionbluesnowman (60)2/27/2018
buyerGreat guy to deal with!gregm13 (160)2/19/2018
tradeGreat trader..DodgerDog (759)1/1/2018
tradeGreat card from a great trader. Thanks!ducky1978 (279)12/3/2017
tradeGlad I could help. Good luck with the rest of the set!byamrcn (112)11/30/2017
tradeawesome thanksthebug (82)11/20/2017
tradeGreat trade, credit to the sitebluesnowman (60)11/16/2017
tradeNice cards, great transaction, thanks.alennon (34)11/11/2017
tradeGreat trader. A+++pmpage (112)11/7/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (686)10/30/2017
sellerAwesome card great to deal withce1012 (773)10/23/2017
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (686)10/18/2017
tradeGreat Trade!!!!milkyworgen (31)9/28/2017
buyerA+++++dmullen84 (89)9/20/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)9/11/2017
tradeThank you for the opportunity to help with Paul Moyer.justgreg (796)9/2/2017
buyerEasy to work with! Great memberTunis (190)9/1/2017
tradeGreat to deal with!keithcloss (27)8/27/2017
tradePerfect trade!Lonestreet (165)8/24/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)8/11/2017
tradeGreat trade, Thank you!ohyeah29 (184)7/18/2017
tradeThanks for the trade. Another addition to my collection. A+++ =)signatureworld (212)7/15/2017
buyerGreat communicator with quick payment, thanks again.DodgerDog (759)7/13/2017
tradeThank you for the tradej24g34 (253)7/3/2017
tradeExcellent to deal with, thanks!ducky1978 (279)7/3/2017
tradenice cards , thanks, good tradetomjoannmi (159)6/29/2017
sellerGreat SCN Member! A+chrisminelli (71)6/27/2017
tradeThanks David - You're the best!!stem6891 (132)5/1/2017
trade'Pay it Forward' for Jacob Green. . . thank you for the opportunity to help.justgreg (796)3/16/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)3/13/2017
tradegreat trader, awesome cards, thanks Davidtomjoannmi (159)3/8/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (686)3/6/2017
tradeThanks for the smooth and easy trade!esiason14 (202)3/6/2017
tradeExcellent transaction. Thanks!ohyeah29 (184)3/4/2017
tradeGreat trader - thanks so muchucffans (237)3/4/2017
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)3/2/2017
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!carolinel (81)3/2/2017
tradeAwesome Member...Greatmichaeland (482)3/1/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!ducky1978 (279)2/24/2017
tradeA pleasure, to deal with, A+jayarasate (183)2/23/2017
tradeGreat trader. A++pmpage (112)2/23/2017
tradeAwesome! Would deal with any time.hartwick11 (179)2/21/2017
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)2/12/2017
tradegreat trade, thanks so much. appreciate itbearsfan3454 (18)2/11/2017
tradeGreat trade, great trader - thanks againroyboyct (164)2/10/2017
tradeGreat trading with you. Cards look greatehans83 (130)2/10/2017
tradeThank you for the trade for James Wilder.justgreg (796)2/8/2017
tradeA+, Class act, prompt, fast, thanks for helping!!jbeiermann (686)2/4/2017
buyerHighly recommend. Easy and smooth transaction DodgerDog (759)2/2/2017
tradeGreat trader, love the card, thanks!cor3y (587)12/10/2016
tradenice trade, thanks so muchtomjoannmi (159)12/8/2016
tradeGreat trade. Looking forward to the next one!pmpage (112)11/24/2016
tradeGreat trade! Thanks!carolinel (81)11/18/2016
tradeThanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)11/16/2016
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (410)11/14/2016
tradevery easy to deal with, thankssexymanvan (73)11/14/2016
tradeA+++++dmullen84 (89)11/1/2016
tradeNice trade, very easy to work withj24g34 (253)10/11/2016
tradeAwesome looking card, thanks for the trade!ddtjman (375)9/27/2016
tradeGreat trade. Nice cards and a pleasure to work with. A++++tugboat2648 (90)9/15/2016
tradeThanks for the trade!ucffans (237)9/10/2016
tradethanks Dave, effortless trade, nice cardtomjoannmi (159)9/9/2016
tradeThanks for the smooth transaction!conner415 (54)9/6/2016
tradeThanks! Nice Trade! Hope to do it again sometime.midog (421)9/6/2016
tradeGreat member, love the cardj24g34 (253)9/6/2016
buyerA+ painlessjbeiermann (686)8/31/2016
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