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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanks again.seaner (396)2/21/2023
private signingThanks for wanting to be part of this signing.hofcs (965)1/10/2023
tradeSigned and shipped. Enjoy! Happy Holidays! yanks39 (211)12/16/2022
buyerGreat to deal with!Bravesfan1968 (26)8/2/2022
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)7/6/2022
tradeQuick & flawless transaction. Thanks!cringehumor (73)12/27/2021
tradeEnjoy!cringehumor (73)10/1/2021
private signingThank you for participating in our signing.Farace73 (381)9/19/2021
private signingThanks for wanting to be part of this signing.hofcs (965)7/9/2021
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1476)6/30/2021
tradeGreat member!elpasodiablos (177)4/10/2021
private signingThanks for wanting to be part of this signing.hofcs (965)4/5/2021
buyerFantastic member, highly recommended!ChrisL999 (402)3/10/2021
tradeThanks!bigcruzer (141)2/25/2021
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (210)1/25/2021
tradeGreat Member to the boardsdfan08 (143)12/14/2020
private signingThanks hofcs (965)12/13/2020
private signingThanks hofcs (965)12/13/2020
buyerthanks!!gkoz316 (403)12/10/2020
tradeMerry Christmas!Hitman97 (196)12/5/2020
buyerSmooth transaction. Thank you!J-Orioles (189)9/14/2020
private signingThanksjdduck (190)9/12/2020
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (318)7/9/2020
tradeI will be giving a way a lot of coins on this channel; How to get a coin(s): Email me at coinrollwilds1 (191)6/28/2020
tradeEnjoy. Thanks!leslierockstravi (232)6/17/2020
tradesorry for the delay! Thanks on the dealjaycoutta (50)2/25/2020
buyerGreat to deal with DodgerDog (735)3/1/2019
tradeHappy Holidaysnickmuse (137)11/14/2018
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)11/3/2018
buyerThanks!Cowtipper (48)10/17/2018
private signinggreat membor to work with milb08 (326)10/9/2018
private signingThankshofcs (965)6/10/2018
private signingThankshofcs (965)6/10/2018
buyerfast payment and smooth transaction.Er21 (806)3/13/2018
buyerSmooth transaction... Thanks again....seaner (396)2/24/2018
buyerOne of the best around as always, enjoy my friend!ChrisL999 (402)2/15/2018
tradeA+++++ great member thanksmmadd29 (238)2/12/2018
tradeGreat member. Happy I could add to your collection.phillyfan44 (156)2/6/2018
tradeEnjoyjcq08 (551)1/29/2018
tradeThanks!!kenhastings (105)1/29/2018
tradeThanks for the card!! Great Member and great to with. dabulls (616)1/26/2018
buyerExcellent member, hope to help more in the future!ChrisL999 (402)1/15/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentreceived the card!! No problems! Thanks! PIFradconjohn (129)1/13/2018
tradeEnjoy the card and pay it forward drwinkie (251)1/2/2018
tradeHope you enjoyed it Scott, Merry Christmas to you alsotigernut (190)12/27/2017
buyerGreat as always DodgerDog (735)12/13/2017
buyerA++++DodgerDog (735)11/18/2017
tradeAlways a pleasure.den7373 (233)8/21/2017
tradeYour Welcome. Enjoy the card!! Thanks dabulls (616)8/8/2017
tradeThanks for the hookup, keep paying it forward. D-Rock (273)7/31/2017
tradeKept up his end as expected. Lets do it again !!!den7373 (233)7/12/2017
tradeThanks!heartchamp (176)6/27/2017
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/27/2017
buyerGreat transaction...Thanks a lot!Cooptown (160)6/27/2017
tradeThank you for 'paying it forward'.justgreg (780)6/27/2017
private signingThanks hofcs (965)5/25/2017
tradeEnjoy the card - PIF!rynohof23 (366)5/24/2017
tradeThanks for the cardsdrwinkie (251)5/22/2017
sellerPerfect, thanks!Tim18hart (41)5/16/2017
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)12/17/2016
buyerGreat communication and quick paymentmomo44 (333)12/13/2016
private signingA+franco858 (636)12/13/2016
tradeHappy Holidays!SLNoble01 (514)12/5/2016
tradeEnjoy the autograph & PIF!rynohof23 (366)11/28/2016
tradethanksmossy (269)10/19/2016
sellerThank you, nice cards and great transaction cathy (249)10/18/2016
buyerA+cardsfan06 (201)10/14/2016
tradeThanks Again. Great membernymautocollector (117)10/4/2016
tradeThanks for the awesome autodrwinkie (251)9/23/2016
tradeThanks for the free card. I posted some more.BensonTim (327)9/19/2016
tradeGreat SCN member; thanks for the card!orutulsa (178)9/19/2016
tradeThanks!kenhastings (105)9/17/2016
tradepay it forward!!!roosterrooh (280)9/17/2016
tradeGreat SCN member!orutulsa (178)9/13/2016
tradeEnjoy!cringehumor (73)9/10/2016
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)9/1/2016
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1572)8/31/2016
tradeGreat SCN member!!! 5 stars!!! Thanks.A+++++z722 (262)8/17/2016
buyerThanks again brother DodgerDog (735)8/14/2016
sellerGreat cards - thanks!longhornjunkie (29)8/13/2016
tradepay it forward!tryfinski (528)8/12/2016
tradeGreat!bewers91 (112)8/10/2016
sellerGreat cards and great transaction!cathy (249)8/8/2016
sellerGreat card, thank you!cathy (249)7/28/2016
tradeGreat member. Happy I could add to your collection. phillyfan44 (156)7/20/2016
tradeThank you for the cards!ucffans (237)7/5/2016
tradeGlad I could help. D-Rock (273)7/1/2016
tradeThanks Pay it Forwarddaveteach (156)6/30/2016
private signingThanks for being a part of the signing...check back for more signings coming soonAutocardguy (210)6/29/2016
tradeEnjoy the card, Pay it Forward!Bernie (328)6/28/2016
sellerThanksjeserone (778)6/27/2016
buyerExcellent, thanks Scott enjoy!ChrisL999 (402)6/26/2016
tradeGreat SCN member, Thanks.A+++++z722 (262)6/23/2016
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)6/18/2016
tradeEnjoy the card - Pay it Forward.rynohof23 (366)6/17/2016
tradeGlad I could help with Hank Stram. . . enjoy!justgreg (780)5/19/2016
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)4/24/2016
tradeGlad you can use the cards!prestomets (234)4/22/2016
tradeI hope you enjoy it!!!teleman911 (303)4/22/2016
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (916)4/19/2016
tradeNo problem! Enjoy!ucffans (237)4/14/2016
tradePay It Forward. Enjoyjosh96 (378)4/13/2016
tradeThank you very much for your generosity!rynohof23 (366)3/31/2016
tradeGreat SCN Member - Thank you for participating in Pay It Forward !!!!FDJC2090 (221)3/30/2016
tradePIF my friend!ucffans (237)3/25/2016
tradeThanks!chefjeffwilson (40)3/23/2016
tradeenjoyjcq08 (551)3/18/2016
private signingthanks so much for taking part in the signing!FinFan1972 (374)3/17/2016
tradekeep paying it forward!devilsfan15 (406)3/12/2016
tradeEnjoy the card!rynohof23 (366)3/11/2016
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)2/25/2016
tradethanks!nstale (213)2/18/2016
buyerawesome!!!vols243 (130)2/17/2016
buyerGreat Member. Fast payment. Thanks!!dabulls (616)1/29/2016
buyerGreat to deal with! Thanks!timbo05 (188)1/28/2016
tradeThanks!hutch5831 (259)1/24/2016
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (686)1/14/2016
tradeA+, no issues at all, fast and quick responcejbeiermann (673)1/6/2016
buyerpaid immediately--what else can a seller ask for? einho (477)1/2/2016
tradeGreat member - thank you for participating!ucffans (237)12/28/2015
tradeAbsolutely top notch trader!Lonestreet (165)12/16/2015
tradeGreat member of the community...Merry Christmas!Kaneen (210)12/15/2015
buyerquick payment, easy to work withtplamer (319)12/14/2015
buyerthanks again for a great transaction Mookie41 (190)11/30/2015
buyerEnjoy the cardsdabulls (616)11/20/2015
tradeHappy Holidays!tryfinski (528)11/14/2015
tradehappy holidays!jcq08 (551)11/14/2015
tradeMerry Christmasrockinace (404)11/13/2015
tradeEnjoy the cards,glad I could help you with your set.tigernut (190)10/26/2015
tradeGreat Member....Awesome..............A+++++++++michaeland (473)10/14/2015
tradeA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++raider1088 (184)10/12/2015
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)9/27/2015
tradeEnjoy the card!!!teleman911 (303)9/11/2015
tradeThanks and enjoy!sicknesseffect06 (165)9/5/2015
tradeFantastic trader; thanks!orutulsa (178)8/25/2015
tradePIT Thanks.josh96 (378)8/23/2015
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)8/18/2015
tradeGreat member of the site, nice card!longhornjunkie (29)8/15/2015
tradeThank you for participating!ucffans (237)8/12/2015
tradeReally glad you could use it,enjoy.tigernut (190)8/7/2015
tradegreat transaction, thanks!radconjohn (129)8/1/2015
private signingThankshofcs (965)7/27/2015
buyergreatgkoz316 (403)7/26/2015
buyerGreatbowers28 (198)7/23/2015
tradeGreat SCN'er! Glad you like the Ives Photo.ddtjman (374)7/11/2015
tradeThanks!!jcq08 (551)7/9/2015
buyerawesome member. thanks!chickenlittle (546)7/2/2015
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (938)6/7/2015
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)5/17/2015
50-50 / consignmentGreat member. Easy to deal with. Thanks.cwwhitt (224)5/14/2015
tradeThank you!ucffans (237)5/13/2015
tradegood transaction!radconjohn (129)4/11/2015
tradeReceived the card quickly,extremely smooth transaction,hope to deal with again. A+tigernut (190)4/1/2015
tradethank you for the card !nickmuse (137)3/31/2015
private signingthanks so much for taking part in the signing!FinFan1972 (374)3/30/2015
tradepay it forward!tryfinski (528)3/16/2015
tradeThe Best! Great Trader!lukebeyer33 (87)2/28/2015
private signingthanks for sending indeano (916)2/26/2015
tradeCool card, fast shipping. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (821)2/26/2015
tradeAwesome Trader......Wonderful To Deal Withmichaeland (473)2/25/2015
sellerThanks for the card!! Great memberwoody (180)2/22/2015
tradeGreat to work with. Thanks!Metrotheme (264)2/21/2015
tradeEnjoy the cards!ddtjman (374)2/18/2015
tradeCatching up! mdfriend (11)2/17/2015
tradeStand up guy and awesome member!ddtjman (374)2/14/2015
tradeThank you for you generosity. . . thank you for Eddie Goines.justgreg (780)2/14/2015
tradeThank you so much, Ed was very happy. jcq08 (551)2/13/2015
tradeGlad the card found a good homej24g34 (253)2/10/2015
tradeThanks for playing in PIF. A+jbeiermann (673)2/4/2015
tradeAwesome card! Thanks so much for the Pay it Forward!MadHatter (88)1/29/2015
50-50 / consignmentThank you for your donation.jholtz17 (53)1/26/2015
tradePay it Forward sent! Enjoy - and thanks!MadHatter (88)1/22/2015
tradeEnjoy the autographs! prestomets (234)1/19/2015
private signingA+, thanks!!franco858 (636)12/29/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)12/24/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)12/24/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)12/24/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)12/24/2014
tradeHappy Holidays!tryfinski (528)12/4/2014
private signingGreat Member - Mike Caldwell signingRip8cp1 (316)11/27/2014
tradeYour welcome. Happy Holidays!tigernut (190)11/23/2014
tradeGlad you like the cards!rynohof23 (366)11/20/2014
tradeglad to do it happy holidays!!!!mancini7481 (177)11/19/2014
tradegreat to deal withGOTGRS (61)11/18/2014
buyergreat member ty againNC30715 (240)11/17/2014
tradeenjoyjcq08 (551)11/16/2014
tradeA+dmb71vw (57)11/10/2014
tradeHappy to "Pay it Forward." Enjoy the card!Bernie (328)11/7/2014
buyerthanks for the paymenttryfinski (528)11/3/2014
tradeThanks for the cardsmbecher (83)11/3/2014
sellerThank you for the Pay it Forward signed card!Bernie (328)11/1/2014
tradeTHANKSbigtex72 (64)10/27/2014
tradeNo issues thanks.A+jbeiermann (673)10/24/2014
tradeThanks so much for the cardniveklunar (138)10/15/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)10/11/2014
tradegood deal. thanksjustin0467 (367)10/9/2014
tradeThanks for the pay it forward!teters2 (94)10/9/2014
private signingGreat to deal with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)10/7/2014
private signingGreat to deal with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1572)10/7/2014
buyerThank you!yankeeno7 (212)9/29/2014
buyerGreat working with you as well; thanks for quick payout. CPT_K (231)9/29/2014
private signingThankshofcs (965)9/20/2014
tradeGlad to help outcringehumor (73)9/16/2014
private signingThanks for participatingthehalk (703)9/9/2014
buyerQuick payment. Thanks.mecconn (119)8/20/2014
private signingThankshofcs (965)8/13/2014
private signingGREAT transaction! Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)7/19/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)7/17/2014
sellerGreat card. Thank you!natedogg4116 (59)6/23/2014
private signingReceived your items, thanks for participating thehalk (703)6/19/2014
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/3/2014
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/3/2014
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/3/2014
private signingThankshofcs (965)6/1/2014
tradeEnjoy the signature.Glad I could add to your collection.tigernut (190)5/19/2014
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)5/14/2014
tradeThanks for the card! nymautocollector (117)5/12/2014
tradeeverything worked out great!!radconjohn (129)5/10/2014
tradeawesome card great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (757)5/9/2014
tradeAwesome card - thanks so much!MadHatter (88)5/9/2014
tradeReceived the card quickly,extremely smooth transaction,hope to deal with again. A+tigernut (190)5/8/2014
tradeA real pleasure to deal with, thanks and enjoy the cardden7373 (233)5/5/2014
tradeThanks for participating, enjoy the cards & pay it forward. Glad I could help add to your collectionD-Rock (273)4/30/2014
tradeGlad I could add to your collection.Take care.tigernut (190)4/28/2014
tradeGlad I could pay it forward!!mrsromek (263)4/23/2014
tradeThanks for the card Scott, it is a great addition to my collection. Thanks so much. Happy Easter!!!D-Rock (273)4/20/2014
tradeenjoyrifon (1222)4/19/2014
tradethank you for the card!!jcq08 (551)4/18/2014
tradeEnjoy the card. Thanks for paying it forward! Haleysdaddy0304 (821)4/18/2014
tradeThanks for participatingj24g34 (253)4/18/2014
tradeenjoyjcq08 (551)4/17/2014
tradePay it Forward - EnjoyMadHatter (88)4/14/2014
buyerThanks so much!loumud (409)4/14/2014
tradeEnjoy!justbored (54)4/9/2014
buyerQuick payment. Thankstimbo05 (188)4/9/2014
buyerFast payment toddmc9136 (163)4/5/2014
buyerFast payment, Thanksgestes72 (194)3/28/2014
tradeGreat looking cards,smooth trade,will trade again in a heartbeat.tigernut (190)2/26/2014
tradeHappy to see you liked themden7373 (233)2/19/2014
buyerGreat transaction, thank youDodgerDog (735)2/3/2014
buyerLightning fast payment !!bballabro (266)1/24/2014
tradeEnjoy the Card!rgehron (97)1/11/2014
tradehappy new yearsjcq08 (551)1/3/2014
tradeenjoy!tryfinski (528)1/2/2014
tradeAlways a fantastic trader...thanks!orutulsa (178)12/30/2013
tradeThank you for the card, Scott, it's much appreciated!rynohof23 (366)12/30/2013
tradeGreat guy, hope we can do more!!!den7373 (233)12/28/2013
buyerthanksmossy (269)12/23/2013
buyerInstant payment! Easy transaction!maddog (261)12/23/2013
tradeGlad you like it! Merry ChristmasCPT_K (231)12/22/2013
tradeTHANK YOU!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!sharpes84 (43)12/20/2013
buyerA pleasure to deal with. Thanks! A+brl212 (307)12/16/2013
tradeEnjoy your card! Merry Christmas!rgehron (97)12/10/2013
buyerEasy transactionmaddog (261)12/9/2013
buyerEasy transaction!maddog (261)12/9/2013
tradePAY IT FORWARD - Photo sent. Enjoy!MadHatter (88)11/20/2013
tradeA++++++++++++LIEZELEJIM (69)11/16/2013
tradeA+++ Transaction, Thanks!!!teleman911 (303)11/11/2013
tradeCards received - thanks so much!MadHatter (88)11/1/2013
tradeenjoy the cardandybam (302)10/27/2013
tradeSmooth transaction! Jhnsn17 (41)10/24/2013
tradeSmooth and quick transactionwavefan1960 (102)10/24/2013
tradeFantastic trader; thank you!orutulsa (178)10/21/2013
sellerCards received - thanks so much!MadHatter (88)10/15/2013
tradeThanks!clocker_rdw (165)10/11/2013
tradePay It Forward cards sent - Enjoy!MadHatter (88)10/10/2013
tradeawesome,thanks for the help for my son's collectionsharpes84 (43)10/8/2013
tradeI'm glad to help - enjoy the cards!rynohof23 (366)10/8/2013
tradegreat to help a fellow collector! a +++++sharpes84 (43)10/6/2013
tradeGreat member enjoy the cardce1012 (757)10/3/2013
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)9/30/2013
tradeFantastic trader; great transaction!orutulsa (178)9/26/2013
tradeYou're welcome!tryfinski (528)9/26/2013
tradeGreat transaction; thanks!orutulsa (178)9/25/2013
tradePart of "Free Card Thread". Thanks for your support.DeadHorse (157)9/20/2013
tradeAwesome trader Thank You!!!!!!!!!!Philliesdad (45)9/20/2013
tradeThanks for the card! Nice gesture to send the card to me, thanks againcosmo (578)9/20/2013
tradeSmooth tradePhilliesdad (45)9/20/2013
tradeScott is AWESOME - thanks for the card!rynohof23 (366)9/19/2013
tradethanks for the cardjcq08 (551)9/17/2013
tradeGood looking card,smooth transaction.Thanks a lot.tigernut (190)9/15/2013
tradeEnjoy the card, glad I could add to your collection!tigernut (190)9/15/2013
tradeGreat transaction. Thanks!rmw10 (214)9/7/2013
tradeSmooth txnandybam (302)9/7/2013
tradetthanks againjcq08 (551)8/31/2013
tradeThanks, enjoy the card!midog (421)8/24/2013
tradeI'm glad you like the card, Scott! rynohof23 (366)8/22/2013
tradeGlad I could help you with your collection.Thanks.tigernut (190)8/18/2013
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