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Breakdown - trades: 17 - buyer:140 - seller:11 - signings:16 - consignments:6 - offer signings:0 - offer consignments: 0
 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerThank you for a great transaction!cathy (261)6/2/2022
buyerGreat to Work with!Ric4ky (349)4/14/2022
buyerGood to deal withcoaches (297)2/25/2022
buyerGood to deal withcoaches (297)2/15/2022
buyerThank you for the purchase and the prompt payment!cathy (261)2/9/2022
buyerThanksRitchietopps (127)10/28/2021
buyerThank you ... Card shipped 10/20/21sideshow (175)10/20/2021
buyerSmooth transaction great membermunson1978 (341)10/4/2021
buyerGreat communication and fast payment. Thanks!PastorN8 (169)9/4/2021
buyerThanks Jim! I always enjoy our transactions.JBirk (94)5/22/2021
buyerGreat!bkritz (574)5/14/2021
buyerGreat!bkritz (574)1/10/2021
private signingThanks!hofcs (996)12/9/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/30/2020
buyergreat trade!!aghileman (69)9/9/2020
buyergood to deal withcoaches (297)9/5/2020
tradegood to deal withcoaches (297)9/5/2020
buyergreat SCN memberendbox (175)6/29/2020
buyerGreat to deal with munson1978 (341)6/26/2020
buyerA+ Thanks! Great tradefreepete (84)6/9/2020
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (211)6/2/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transaction :)Bernie (330)5/10/2020
buyerThanks againmedic-34 (722)5/9/2020
buyerGreat to work with! Thanks so much.ny1996dj (132)5/2/2020
buyerGreat Communication & Quick Paymentrwilcox12 (145)4/30/2020
private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks for sending in! toddschafer (756)4/17/2020
buyerthanks againpumbaa673 (221)4/17/2020
buyerthanks, great to deal withjamieblye (1522)4/15/2020
buyerGreat Member. A+++avgst1 (106)4/12/2020
buyerThank you for a smooth fast transactiontrydel (106)4/11/2020
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)4/6/2020
buyerGreat!bkritz (574)4/4/2020
tradeGreat guy to deal with - thanks Jim!ndengler34 (135)4/2/2020
private signingThanks for sending in!!ncc500 (632)3/31/2020
private signingThanks for sending in!!!ncc500 (632)3/21/2020
private signingGreat transaction toddschafer (756)1/31/2020
buyerfast payment AAA+ sent 1/21/20midog (421)1/21/2020
private signingThanks for participating in the signing!!!!athleteconection (285)11/22/2019
buyerGreat Member! A++++SoxAutographs29 (350)10/8/2019
buyerFast payment! Glad I could help your collection.dugoutdug (684)9/23/2019
buyerA+++ Thank you . Enjoy the cards..yanks39 (215)9/14/2019
buyerFast payment. Thank youj24g34 (253)9/13/2019
buyerPerfect!bkritz (574)9/8/2019
buyerQuick payment. Glad I could help you out. Good luck with project. imn875 (144)9/7/2019
buyerThank you for your purchase.dryden29 (265)9/4/2019
buyerGreat to work with.Metrotheme (270)9/1/2019
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)8/28/2019
private signingThanks for participating in the signing!dugoutdug (684)8/12/2019
buyerThanksMarvelousgrader (279)7/10/2019
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (211)6/1/2019
buyerThank you for helping support a great causedryden29 (265)3/2/2019
buyerGood to deal with! Hope you enjoy the cards!prestomets (236)2/22/2019
buyerExcellent member. Glad to help.Tunis (190)2/12/2019
private signingthanksbluejay50 (488)12/5/2018
buyerA++ MemberSoxAutographs29 (350)11/15/2018
buyerThank you. j24g34 (253)10/28/2018
sellerGreat to deal with.xtrain000 (254)10/19/2018
buyerGreat buyer! Metrotheme (270)8/28/2018
buyerThanks!JBirk (94)8/22/2018
buyerYour welcome. Go Tigers!! Thanks for buying. imn875 (144)8/21/2018
buyerThanks very much! Cards maileddw1017 (669)8/1/2018
buyerFast payment AAA+midog (421)7/26/2018
buyerImmediate payment thank you. Card will be mailed 7/23/18Bernie (330)7/21/2018
buyerGlad to help. Thanks for making it so easyj24g34 (253)6/22/2018
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)5/3/2018
buyerFast payment! Glad I could help your collection.dugoutdug (684)4/1/2018
buyerThanks very much! Easy transactiondw1017 (669)3/22/2018
buyerSmooth transaction, two payments made as promised mtheotikos (130)3/21/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (758)2/5/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (758)2/5/2018
buyerGreat trader! Glad I could help w Lance Parrishpatsfangk (87)2/3/2018
50-50 / consignmentWish he showed up to the event!chickenlittle (612)2/2/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)1/23/2018
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)1/20/2018
buyerFast payment! Glad I could help your collection.dugoutdug (684)1/19/2018
tradeGreat to trade with. Asset to SCN site. imn875 (144)1/18/2018
sellerThanks!Cowtipper (48)1/12/2018
sellerGood as gold...thank you for the card.Oldschoolfan (29)1/11/2018
buyerGreat Member. Fast Payment. Thanks!!dabulls (641)1/7/2018
buyerGreat to deal with and a great buyer!azd-backs252003 (177)3/20/2017
buyerA great deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)3/9/2017
sellerWonderful to deal with, thank you for the smoothness....roosterrooh (292)3/2/2017
buyerAn assest to the site. Great transaction.sox1 (224)2/19/2017
50-50 / consignmentSmooth transaction , easy to work worth tplamer (324)2/13/2017
buyerPayment received....card to ship 2/11/17lostdart (197)2/10/2017
private signingPleasure to work with! Thanks for your support!valiantmann (122)12/30/2016
buyerFast payment, & an easy member to trade with! A++JayBruce32 (157)9/6/2016
buyerVery easy transaction with simple and great communication DodgerDog (758)9/1/2016
buyerAwesome member. . . glad I could help with the newest Tigers.justgreg (796)4/29/2016
buyerRight On! Glad I could help again.Duffman63 (126)9/30/2015
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)9/15/2015
sellerGreat deal with a unique itemPenguinblewis (163)9/8/2015
buyerfast payment, great member, thanks!ekendall (165)8/29/2015
buyerThank you! Card is in the mail.sheehy (229)8/29/2015
sellerPerfect and super fast thanks!Brewer_Andy (78)8/27/2015
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)8/17/2015
buyerquick and easy deal..thanks!thepil (338)8/5/2015
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)8/1/2015
50-50 / consignmentGlad we could help A++sooners28 (104)7/26/2015
tradePerfect!Therion (125)7/21/2015
tradethanks for the awesome cards drwinkie (261)7/18/2015
tradethank youjcq08 (551)7/14/2015
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (665)7/10/2015
sellerReceived a great looking signed card, prompt delivery. Thanks!greg2876 (180)7/7/2015
buyerquick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (773)6/29/2015
buyerThanks Jim! A++Time2Graph (269)6/28/2015
buyerA+++Time2Graph (269)6/22/2015
buyerThanks!hutch5831 (259)6/21/2015
buyerGreat Transaction!!! Thanks AgainRass83 (149)6/15/2015
buyergreat scn memberdlbiri1s (477)6/15/2015
buyerA+++! Great member!CubsWin82 (162)5/22/2015
buyerGreat Thanks!!!soundsfan0981 (-14)4/20/2015
buyerThanks for quick payment!jbsouth (693)4/13/2015
sellerthanksjeffnash (490)4/3/2015
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)3/20/2015
buyerExcellent SCN member highly recommended!!!munson1978 (341)3/11/2015
buyerThanks, Great Traderdralberino (166)2/25/2015
buyerGreat transaction! Fast payment & solid communication! A+hryb14 (171)2/12/2015
buyerFast payment excellent SCN.munson1978 (341)2/11/2015
buyerEasy to deal with, great transaction, good member of SCNeinho (502)2/11/2015
tradegreat member, easy trade. thnx!ekendall (165)2/6/2015
sellerA+++ great to deal withryansills (101)1/25/2015
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)1/23/2015
tradeGREAT trade....thanks for helping me w/ my 'boys collectionvdub6146 (39)1/21/2015
buyerQuick payment and great communication, thanks and enjoy! JustCrazy (931)1/17/2015
buyerthank you for trusting me with your collecting needs!!!jeserone (797)1/14/2015
buyerGlad I could help again.Duffman63 (126)12/26/2014
buyerenjoy!!!jcq08 (551)12/22/2014
buyerA+, no issues at alljbeiermann (685)12/18/2014
private signing$ & card arrivedrogich24 (47)8/17/2014
buyerQuick pay. Enjoy the card!fishlips (268)8/9/2014
50-50 / consignmentA+++ all the way!franco858 (658)7/24/2014
private signingGREAT transaction! Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (339)7/19/2014
buyerthanks for quick payment!Deadshot (82)6/30/2014
sellerThank you for a GREAT TRANSACTION!!!Vince_7 (132)6/18/2014
50-50 / consignmentGreat communication and trader! A++littlechina07 (254)6/10/2014
private signingGreat to work with!! Thanks for sending in!!ncc500 (632)5/13/2014
buyerGreat dealing withDodgerDog (758)5/9/2014
buyerFast payment....great to work with....A++morells86 (127)4/28/2014
buyerSmooth transaction. Good luck with your Tigers collection.Duffman63 (126)4/18/2014
buyerQuick payment. Thankstimbo05 (189)3/30/2014
buyerThanks very much! Easy and good transaction!dw1017 (669)3/15/2014
tradeJim is as great as Miguel Cabrera!!!Nails4 (117)3/13/2014
buyerThank you for the smooth deal. . . awesome to deal with.justgreg (796)3/12/2014
buyerGreat buyer. Fast payment and great communication.THEKID1 (184)3/6/2014
tradeClass act!! A++, would gladly deal with any time!!jbeiermann (685)3/5/2014
buyerEasy to deal with A+berniefan (120)2/5/2014
buyerQuick payment and great communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)1/5/2014
sellerGREAT GUY TO DEAL WITH! THANKS AGAINclotcrem (46)12/7/2013
buyerThanks! Glad I could help with your collection!sallylggrapher (67)10/21/2013
buyerthanks, in the mailmossy (273)10/2/2013
tradeThanks!yankeeno7 (212)9/15/2013
buyerA*jeterfan94 (195)8/15/2013
buyerGreat tradejdja1um (48)7/30/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat to deal with. Will deal with again. Thank you!soriano12 (147)7/25/2013
buyerGreat communication, a great scn member overallDodgerDog (758)7/25/2013
buyerThank you!invctrl (357)7/23/2013
buyerQuick Payment. Cards mailed today!BensonTim (349)7/15/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1597)6/7/2013
buyertha-rock sez thanks !tha-rock (665)4/26/2013
buyerGreat communication and quick payment. Thank you!stephanbennett (180)4/19/2013
buyerGreat Member! Quick Paymentbryangoreds (158)4/12/2013
buyerEasy transaction! Hope to work with again!!GoYanks52 (508)2/22/2013
buyerThank You!cdefoort (83)2/6/2013
buyerPaid and ready to sendBensonTim (349)1/10/2013
buyerThanks a ton!philly84 (498)12/19/2012
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (324)12/1/2012
buyerglad i could help you with a fewbryangoreds (158)11/30/2012
buyerGreat transaction, thanks!doggle3 (462)11/29/2012
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (985)8/8/2012
private signingThanks for participating in the Al Greene Signingdralberino (166)3/28/2012
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks!!vincev39 (294)3/25/2012
buyerquick payment thanksrifon (1248)1/1/2012
buyerAwesome for SCN! Thanks - Natewilds1 (191)11/27/2011
buyerthanks alot luckymike32 (305)11/24/2011
private signingEasy to work with - enjoy the Brian Hunter autos!JustCrazy (931)11/23/2011
buyerThanks James!frankhardy (184)11/11/2011
buyerGREAT communication! FAST payment! THANK YOU!!!kevin34 (436)9/27/2011
buyerThanks, Jimfrankhardy (184)9/12/2011
buyerPleasure to work with. Easy transaction. Thanks for the dealdocv28 (282)7/15/2011
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (722)6/30/2011
buyerFast payment! Great communication!graphage (122)6/28/2011
buyertha-rock sez thanks !!!!tha-rock (665)6/22/2011
buyerfast payment, card shipped today 12/31midog (421)12/31/2010
tradeGood trade. Quick ship and nicely packaged. Very fair.timbo05 (189)12/24/2010
buyerThanks, Jim. I appreciate it!Chelly86 (234)12/19/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)10/14/2010
tradegreat to deal with! highly recommendeddw1017 (669)8/17/2010
tradeQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (693)7/16/2010
tradefast payment, thankssugarcult2 (263)7/10/2010
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