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All positive feedback received: 243
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Breakdown - trades: 70 - buyer:117 - seller:31 - signings:4 - consignments:6 - offer signings:9 - offer consignments: 8
 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1575)2/1/2023
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1575)1/21/2023
buyerThanks!!!!dabulls (621)1/30/2021
sellerA++++++dwm7045 (206)12/30/2020
50-50 / consignmentthankspsugator01 (543)12/11/2020
buyerThanks!craigbnyman (508)11/11/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanksseaner (404)12/14/2019
50-50 / consignmentthanks!vinniemiller (678)2/4/2018
buyerthanks!vinniemiller (678)2/3/2018
buyerGreat to deal with! Thanks for a great transaction! zaid918 (155)10/1/2017
buyerGreat member, would happily deal with him again!nmculbreth (141)5/25/2017
buyerGreat communication, Fast payment!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)11/4/2016
buyerGreat Transaction!!! Thanks Again.Rass83 (149)5/13/2016
50-50 / consignmentThank you very much for sending in! A+cort10 (535)4/19/2016
buyerExcellent member to deal with! Thanks!MantleMaris61 (42)3/20/2016
buyerFast payment please to work with thank you very much. bravesfantaylor1 (53)2/20/2016
buyerThanks!pistol (190)12/9/2015
buyerGreat member - Hope to work with again!GoYanks52 (508)11/29/2015
buyersmooth as silk..thanks againpsugator01 (543)11/2/2015
sellerThank you for a GREAT TRANSACTION!!!Vince_7 (132)10/16/2015
sellerThank you for a GREAT TRANSACTION!!!Vince_7 (132)10/16/2015
buyerGREAT TRANSACTIONgunit2074 (58)10/14/2015
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!redwolf_b_03 (184)9/1/2015
buyerBest on this site!mpgobrowns (85)8/14/2015
sellerThanks for the quick turn around!juando19 (102)8/4/2015
sellerFast, friendly service. Highly recommend. Many thanks!berk275 (142)7/15/2015
sellerGreat transaction, thanks!Agl519 (75)6/30/2015
sellerball showed up yesterday and looks awesomeRossiMcgee71 (207)6/30/2015
sellerAWESOME baseball! Packaged PERFECTLY! Shipped LIGHTNING FAST! THANK YOU!!!kevin34 (435)6/28/2015
buyerLightning fast payment! Thanks for a smooth transaction!loumud (409)5/8/2015
buyerA smooth transaction - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)4/17/2015
buyergreat memberwscott (215)4/5/2015
buyerfast payment thanksjwm202 (244)3/30/2015
buyerfast payment, baseballs on the way tomorrow. royalsFan19 (478)3/24/2015
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!redwolf_b_03 (184)3/24/2015
buyerGreat to work with as always!capnsteve2 (264)3/13/2015
buyerGreat to work with as always!capnsteve2 (264)3/10/2015
buyerThanks for the deal!nymautocollector (117)11/17/2014
buyerGreat transaction. Thank you!doggle3 (461)11/1/2014
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks again!dan4235 (119)10/3/2014
buyerthankspsugator01 (543)8/16/2014
buyersmooth transactionRootforthebravos (86)8/8/2014
tradeeasy transaction. thanks!coclarkson (21)7/16/2014
buyerThanks for a great deal! A+capnsteve2 (264)6/26/2014
buyergood buyer thanks again!!!jwm202 (244)6/14/2014
buyerGreat SCN member. Thank you!doggle3 (461)5/10/2014
buyerthanks again. psugator01 (543)5/7/2014
buyerGood trader to deal with. Thanks! Hope you like the ball!packfan84 (175)5/3/2014
buyerAwesome to work with, thanks!capnsteve2 (264)4/7/2014
buyerGreat transaction. Thank you!doggle3 (461)4/1/2014
buyerVery easy to work with and instant payment! Thanks!noautopen88 (89)4/1/2014
tradeThanks!!mattboyd (117)3/27/2014
buyerthanks again!AHoffman814 (64)2/16/2014
buyerThanks!haj42002 (73)12/15/2013
buyerFast payment! Great to deal with!CCharles777 (52)12/2/2013
buyerGreat Memebr! Thank You!!abspimp99 (524)11/30/2013
buyerFast payment. Thanks!Linkinprk813 (400)11/22/2013
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks again!dan4235 (119)11/14/2013
buyergreat buyerjwm202 (244)10/25/2013
tradeThanks for your help getting this signaturemwmiller (111)10/21/2013
buyergreat membersimplysports1 (40)10/12/2013
buyerGreat! ThanksLapierreSports (47)10/5/2013
buyerTHANKS! eda025 (244)9/30/2013
buyerthankkS! eda025 (244)9/30/2013
tradeThank you for the signed cardmwmiller (111)9/6/2013
buyerthanks for the deal!tryfinski (529)8/26/2013
buyergreat to deal withhockeydan (263)7/31/2013
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks again!dan4235 (119)7/30/2013
buyerGood Deal-Thanksbryanwood (147)7/5/2013
buyerQuick payment, thanks!TheChad (464)6/29/2013
buyerLightning fast payment! A+ All the way!capnsteve2 (264)6/5/2013
buyerLightning fast payment! A+ All the way!capnsteve2 (264)6/5/2013
buyerGood Member To Deal With hankhelton1 (97)5/10/2013
buyerfast payment thanksjwm202 (244)5/6/2013
buyerPleasure to deal with Greg thanks and enjoy shipped mon 5/6 rileywfs (207)5/6/2013
private signingGlad we could help! Thanks for your business!!HtownGrapher (271)5/5/2013
buyerthanks fast paymentjwm202 (244)5/1/2013
buyerFast payment thank you. Mailed 4-6-13invctrl (355)4/6/2013
buyerthank you. psugator01 (543)3/29/2013
buyerAAA++++++++ member to deal withhockeydan (263)3/23/2013
buyersuper menber to deal withhockeydan (263)3/23/2013
private signingThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (725)2/7/2013
buyerfast payment thanksgleng2 (240)1/30/2013
50-50 / consignmentEasy to deal with. Sorry Chen won't be at Fanfest. cwwhitt (224)1/14/2013
buyerThank you for letting me help with your collection!!!jeserone (791)1/2/2013
buyerThanksgleng2 (240)12/10/2012
buyerGood guy. No problems.urmomluvsme (29)11/13/2012
buyerVery easy to work with, thanks so much!elchert13 (259)9/21/2012
buyerGreat A++felixpie2006 (199)9/17/2012
tradeThanksjared_dechantign (49)9/8/2012
tradethanksrondell22 (290)9/4/2012
buyerEasy to work with, thankselchert13 (259)8/27/2012
buyerA++++++++++LVgrapher (393)8/20/2012
buyerGreat to deal with.A+EWeebs (110)8/10/2012
tradeGreat transactionjcpowell76 (58)8/8/2012
buyerGreat transaction, Greg paid in a timely manner!Stormy (92)7/19/2012
buyergreat buyer....thanks for everything!!Detroitfan11 (120)6/30/2012
buyerGreat communication!TheKidHypno (64)6/16/2012
buyerGreat trader, quick communication and fast payment. Thanks! AbeK (78)6/11/2012
buyerThanks for the smooth transaction!pistol (190)5/20/2012
offer private signingA++ transactionjensckj (111)5/13/2012
offer private signingA++ transactionjensckj (111)5/13/2012
tradeGreat Trade Flawlesshankhelton1 (97)4/17/2012
50-50 / consignmentthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
buyerthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
buyerthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
buyerthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
buyerGreat to work with. Hope to do business again!AZGrapher8 (139)4/2/2012
buyerfast payment. Thanks alotjamieblye (1496)3/8/2012
buyerAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++rube26105 (234)3/7/2012
buyerAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++rube26105 (234)2/22/2012
offer private signingi will assume this was a lost card by the U S P S ill get VIDA blue next timearound an this was atonyt1957 (36)1/14/2012
buyerQuick payment thanksgleng2 (240)1/12/2012
buyergreat communication, thanksjamieblye (1496)1/1/2012
buyerSmooth transaction, would trade with again!GoYanks52 (508)12/18/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat Communication. Highly Recommend. AAA+++D-Rock (273)12/17/2011
sellerSigning didn't happen, but Greg was great to work with!prestomets (235)12/17/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat service !!!kcotsmoc (44)12/15/2011
buyerFast Payment thanksgleng2 (240)12/13/2011
buyerThanks as alwaysroyalsFan19 (478)12/12/2011
tradethank you for your help on my 86 topps jumbo setfelix4 (118)11/23/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat help - got my cards signed flawlesslygah76 (159)11/22/2011
buyerThanks for a smooth traderoyalsFan19 (478)11/20/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat work!! Thanks! jeffnash (477)11/19/2011
sellerA+++++++dwm7045 (206)11/19/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentTHANK YOU!drichards3 (187)11/18/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentItem looks great! Thanks so much!!! Highly recommended for signings!pnether32 (61)11/18/2011
buyerThank you for the smooth transaction!pistol (190)10/25/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with, thanks for the help!!jswieton (110)10/19/2011
buyerGreat Member!!! Thanks a lot!!! A+terrygw1120 (137)10/13/2011
offer private signingThank you for your professionalism in returning my card!!bnv2 (99)10/11/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentNever sent SASE like I had asked then complained about waitmnautographs3 (77)10/10/2011
buyerinstant payment...thanks!nstale (213)9/13/2011
buyerFast Payment...thanks for the smooth transaction!pistol (190)8/31/2011
buyerGreat SC Member a true pleasure to work with.hankhelton1 (97)8/19/2011
buyerGreat as always!AZGrapher8 (139)7/31/2011
buyerGood Transaction!!abspimp99 (524)7/29/2011
buyerGreat trade, fast payment, thanks so much! A+capnsteve2 (264)7/14/2011
buyerReceived payment quickly!!!JCute89 (44)6/28/2011
buyerquick paymentbigdaddy (55)6/21/2011
buyerfast payer, good to deal withjamieblye (1496)6/13/2011
tradethank you.. hope you liked your car...jeserone (791)5/30/2011
buyerAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++ great guyrube26105 (234)5/26/2011
offer private signinggreat communication & action. highly recommended!!mcbtrain929 (20)5/22/2011
tradeGreatbzito4life (333)5/21/2011
buyerthankssps23lab (235)5/17/2011
offer private signingA+ Trade and Trader!hrbaker (198)5/11/2011
sellerExcellent! So pleased - signed exactly as requested. Friendly and so helpful! Thanks again!stvivona (85)5/8/2011
offer private signingGreat looking card! ThanksDirkasaurus (94)5/7/2011
offer private signingGreg went above and beyond by helping to get other players for me. A+mwmiller (111)5/6/2011
offer private signingExcellent...thanks!yankeeno7 (212)5/5/2011
buyerAwesome! Thanks!Huskerfan88 (76)5/4/2011
buyergreat to work withKCshark31 (56)4/10/2011
buyerGreat guy super fast payment. Would deal with any time.CowboyKid (20)4/3/2011
buyerfast payment thank youinvctrl (355)4/3/2011
buyerfast payment thank youinvctrl (355)4/3/2011
buyerQuick payment. The fallout on the deal is completely on me.soxnation654 (74)4/1/2011
buyerGood person to deal with. Good communication and responsiveness. Twidow1984 (32)3/15/2011
buyerfast payment! hope to business with againflautosonline (336)3/11/2011
buyerquick payment, thank you!!!red_eye_rick (140)3/10/2011
sellerA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)2/22/2011
sellerNice cards. Smooth transaction -- thanks!bigdog24 (312)2/13/2011
sellerNice card...thanks Gregpncted (324)2/11/2011
sellerThanks againmedic-34 (707)2/10/2011
sellerAwesome cards! Easy Transaction!maddog (261)2/9/2011
sellerGreat to deal with. thanks!vincev39 (293)2/8/2011
sellergreat card, thanksgraphhound1 (336)2/8/2011
sellerThanks again!tryfinski (529)2/7/2011
sellerRecieved cards, Thanks!mnautographs3 (77)2/7/2011
sellerFast delivery, thanks!bebisaok (256)2/7/2011
buyerExceptional trader, great to work with, tremendous asset to this site...michaeland (477)2/2/2011
sellerNice item sent quick. Thanks!Liptorn (172)2/1/2011
sellerExcellent card and a good deal. A+++fozziedoodle (104)1/31/2011
sellergreat auto fast shipping, thanksbaseballexpert (262)1/31/2011
buyerEasy to deal with, good communication, thanks alot.netexan (66)1/26/2011
buyerFast payment - enjoy the photo!ia2ca (112)1/21/2011
sellerThank youthess01 (121)1/20/2011
sellerGreat to deal, love the trading cards, quick shipping, highly recommended.justgreg (783)1/19/2011
sellerGot my cards today. Thanks.charliehayes1974 (49)1/18/2011
sellerGood Communication & Fast Shipping! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)1/18/2011
sellerFast delivery, thanks!bebisaok (256)1/18/2011
sellerAwesome. Thanks!steveg (313)1/18/2011
sellerSmooth deal, nice cards. Thanks!schnepa (285)1/16/2011
buyerthanks again!thestork7 (160)1/7/2011
buyerGreat Traderjslaw (279)1/6/2011
buyerGreat Traderjslaw (279)12/7/2010
tradeA++++++jrv1 (90)11/25/2010
tradeA+++++++++++jrv1 (90)11/22/2010
tradeAnother excellent transaction with Greg. A+mwmiller (111)11/20/2010
tradeThanks so much for the help. Got my cards signed for me at a show asking nothing in return.sandman153 (114)11/18/2010
tradeGreat to work with! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)11/18/2010
tradeThank You for The Help!! Everything Looks Great!!searcy76 (111)11/18/2010
tradeReceived payment promptly. Enjoy the ball!Jwolfer (51)11/15/2010
tradeA++ Tradeteleman911 (303)9/13/2010
tradeAwesome baseballs, great packaging, A++automaster (436)8/28/2010
tradethanks for the purchasesps23lab (235)8/25/2010
tradeVery fast paymentbrandonspears (115)8/11/2010
tradefast payment!!jwm202 (244)7/25/2010
tradePerfect transaction!VitoCo1972 (234)7/22/2010
tradeGreat seller; smooth transaction. Thanks!ckirsch714 (18)7/20/2010
tradeFlawless transaction.djjunks (60)6/29/2010
tradegreat to do business with! Will do business with again! THANKSflautosonline (336)6/14/2010
tradeGreat to deal withTexasheat (38)6/14/2010
tradeGreat buyer, quick payment. jcowboy74 (35)6/10/2010
tradeSuper fast turnaroundmastrbassr31 (34)6/3/2010
tradeThanksTheTruth (49)6/3/2010
tradeGreat Trade! Thanks A+Royals_Chiefs (323)5/12/2010
tradeThank you. jeserone (791)4/21/2010
tradePerfect thank you!!!! A+invctrl (355)4/3/2010
tradequick payment, great to deal withnnsd (350)3/1/2010
tradegreat person to deal with. wish they were all like this one!!orr23mj (1575)2/26/2010
tradeGreat to do Business with.Ric4ky (326)2/24/2010
tradegreat to deal with thank you!abspimp99 (524)2/23/2010
tradegreat to deal with thank you!abspimp99 (524)2/23/2010
tradegreat transaction fast paymentNyJets91 (52)2/6/2010
tradeThanks for sending payment quickly!dcorr82 (35)2/5/2010
tradeThanks! Glad you liked the ball!AZGrapher8 (139)2/4/2010
tradeAwesome, Greg did a great job for me, sig and inscription is fantastic...highly recommend Gregmgomoll (44)2/4/2010
tradegreat deal, fast, good communication and sig and inscript looks greatmgomoll (44)2/4/2010
tradeeasy to deal withzrmen10 (37)2/3/2010
tradeGreat to deal with, would deal with againdukeman2685 (282)1/27/2010
tradeA+++ THANKS!skillz17 (69)1/23/2010
tradeThanks Greg. Appreciate itRic4ky (326)1/9/2010
tradeGreat trader fast paymentjslaw (279)12/29/2009
tradeGreat buyer!!!! Quick payment!!!jcowboy74 (35)12/5/2009
tradeI'm very happy with OMLBs done at signings. Thanks!!Macey225 (691)10/22/2009
tradegreat fantastic AAAtompats (9)10/21/2009
tradeAWESOME transaction! 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK! Thanks a bunch!hgreene24 (253)10/19/2009
tradeGreat autos. Thanks.depcs (79)10/14/2009
tradeA+ Excellent, great itemmwmiller (111)10/9/2009
tradeSo happy with this signing. Everything went very smoothly. Will do business with again!nuthead25 (15)10/9/2009
tradeReceived my John Denny Card, Thank You Very Muchdralberino (166)10/8/2009
tradeThanks!steveg (313)10/8/2009
tradeVery positive experience! Thanks!!eliseo707 (82)10/8/2009
tradeWow, much more than I expected. Thanks Greg!Macey225 (691)10/2/2009
tradecards look great....thanks deano (916)9/20/2009
tradethxgkoz316 (404)9/18/2009
tradeAWESOME!hgreene24 (253)9/15/2009
tradeLooking forward to working with you again! A+walkmen (177)9/12/2009
tradetha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (663)9/12/2009
tradeTrusted Trader!keithcloss (27)9/12/2009
tradeSmooth, fantastic trade. Totally recommended. Will do trades with again in the future!nuthead25 (15)9/10/2009
tradeGood stuff Greg, thanks again!purelypsa (137)9/8/2009
tradegood transaction!fran (8)9/5/2009
tradeGreat trader, timely shipping! Thanks a lot, hope to trade with again very soon!royalsfan07 (192)5/11/2009
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