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All positive feedback received: 288
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Breakdown - trades: 162 - buyer:38 - seller:3 - signings:71 - consignments:11 - offer signings:0 - offer consignments: 3
 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
private signinggood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1476)3/13/2023
tradeGreat to work with. Thanks for the set help!JNeel15 (159)2/24/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1570)2/10/2023
tradeGood member to trade withdodgerman55 (106)2/10/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1570)2/9/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1570)2/9/2023
tradeThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1570)2/2/2023
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1570)2/1/2023
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1570)2/1/2023
sellersmooth transaction, great communicationhenwo (10)1/12/2023
tradeGood deal, thanks!DFWGrapher (66)1/8/2023
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)11/11/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)11/11/2020
tradeAlong time ago but still a great transaction thehalk (697)8/3/2020
private signingAwesome thanks Silverbacksports (821)12/16/2019
private signingGreat thank you!Silverbacksports (821)12/16/2019
selleralways greatstat192 (250)5/18/2019
offer 50-50 / consignmentItems were returned in a timely manner! Sorry for the feedback dealy.jaycoutta (50)5/18/2017
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (707)6/13/2016
tradethanks very much. great to work with!dw1017 (665)10/20/2015
tradethanks very much. great to work with!dw1017 (665)10/20/2015
private signingBeautiful item, thanks for participatingthehalk (697)12/11/2014
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1570)11/28/2014
private signingGreat to work with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1570)10/8/2014
buyerGreat communication and quick payment - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (884)10/6/2014
private signingreceived card and payment. Thanks for jumping inthehalk (697)9/22/2014
private signingThanks for sending indeano (916)9/6/2014
private signingalways a pleasure to deal withrifon (1221)4/19/2014
50-50 / consignmentA++ Memberkasey3manatee (139)3/30/2014
50-50 / consignmentfast payment thank you.invctrl (355)3/29/2014
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)3/9/2014
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)3/9/2014
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)3/9/2014
buyeralways great!dw1017 (665)2/24/2014
tradethanks for a great trade!dersfan81 (88)12/26/2013
sellerawesome card. thank you felix. highly recommend this memberbobby25 (156)12/18/2013
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (916)12/15/2013
tradeAwesome pic, would be willing to trade againkvann (2)12/11/2013
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (685)12/10/2013
tradeNice trade! Awesome trader!GBessette (64)12/7/2013
tradeAwesome trader, great communication, easy to trade with, recommended!agee (185)12/6/2013
tradeA+++DodgerDog (735)11/30/2013
tradeGreat signature. Thanks a lot!GBessette (64)11/23/2013
private signingGreat Member - Gullickson signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
private signingGreat Member - Deer, S, Stewart signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
tradepositive transaction!dw1017 (665)9/10/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)9/5/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)8/27/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)5/25/2013
tradeThank you for the trade. . .justgreg (780)4/27/2013
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)3/27/2013
tradeAnother great trade. Thanks for the cards!MadHatter (88)3/22/2013
private signingGREAT transaction! Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)3/18/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
buyerThank youbrl212 (306)2/17/2013
tradeGreat card and Auto, always a smooth trade...thankslevi (229)2/15/2013
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (936)2/7/2013
buyerPleasure to deal withbrl212 (306)1/12/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat..............A++++++++++++==michaeland (472)12/24/2012
private signingsigning was canceledrifon (1221)12/19/2012
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1570)12/10/2012
private signinggreat to work with A++rifon (1221)12/7/2012
50-50 / consignmentGmichaeland (472)12/2/2012
tradeGreat auto, great trade, thanks again!bwk123 (102)11/25/2012
tradeAnother great trade with Felix. He is a reliable trading partneragee (185)11/19/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)11/19/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)11/19/2012
tradeVery good to trade withdodgerman55 (106)11/17/2012
tradecards received quickly, great signatures...thank youlevi (229)11/14/2012
private signingAwesome thanks alot!!!!Silverbacksports (821)10/15/2012
tradeAWESOME TRADE THANK YOUmesarosfamily (298)10/5/2012
tradegreat! Thanks!dw1017 (665)9/17/2012
private signingthanks!!!!deano (916)9/9/2012
tradeFelix is an awesome trading partner, always willing to help build my Red Sox collectionagee (185)9/5/2012
tradeReally happy with this trade!Cards are beautiful!Thanks Felix.tigernut (190)8/21/2012
private signinggreat to work with A++rifon (1221)8/20/2012
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1570)8/19/2012
buyerI hope you enjoy your cards! Great Transaction!bpaul2 (58)8/11/2012
50-50 / consignmentEnjoy the cardsoaklandfan (229)8/5/2012
tradeAnother successful trade with Felix, great communication, fast paymentagee (185)7/20/2012
private signingThanks, A+ good communicationroyalsFan19 (476)7/17/2012
private signingThanks for participating and enjoy the Daryl Boston auto!JustCrazy (884)7/1/2012
buyerthanks for taking partrifon (1221)6/14/2012
buyerfast payment thank you!!!!invctrl (355)6/10/2012
private signingThank you very much!! Mailed 6-5-12bnv2 (98)6/5/2012
private signingthanks!!!!deano (916)5/30/2012
buyerThanks Felix!frankhardy (180)5/25/2012
tradeAnother successful trade with Felix, I recommend Felix as a trading partneragee (185)5/19/2012
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)5/3/2012
private signingthankls for taking partrifon (1221)4/30/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)4/30/2012
buyerThanks a bunch!frankhardy (180)4/21/2012
tradeSWEET TRADE. ALWAYS GREAT TO DEAL WITHmesarosfamily (298)4/20/2012
buyergreat to deal withhockeydan (262)4/16/2012
buyergreat tradeniveklunar (138)4/15/2012
tradeGreat Trader..A++++++++++michaeland (472)4/1/2012
tradethanks for the trade!tryfinski (528)3/29/2012
buyerThanks for the lightening fast payment ;-)frankhardy (180)3/23/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentthanks, fast paymentroyalsFan19 (476)3/16/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentthank you, fast paymentroyalsFan19 (476)3/16/2012
private signingGreat MemberRip8cp1 (316)3/12/2012
tradegreat tradegestes72 (194)3/9/2012
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)2/26/2012
private signingGreat Member - Dempsey signingRip8cp1 (316)2/25/2012
buyerthanks for taking partrifon (1221)2/19/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)2/19/2012
tradePerfect trade - Thank you!boswell423 (235)2/17/2012
buyerGreat Transaction!graphage (121)2/10/2012
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)2/9/2012
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)2/9/2012
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)2/9/2012
private signingGreat trade thanksSilverbacksports (821)1/25/2012
tradegreat autographs, thank you!salsmanado (146)1/25/2012
tradeGreat to deal with - got some awesome cardsmichaeland (472)1/10/2012
tradeThank you for the trade, and for the extras!!!!!!Hitman97 (196)1/8/2012
tradeNice cards, very solid trader!ddtjman (374)1/3/2012
private signingThanks for participating in the signing - enjoy the Bobby Brown autos!JustCrazy (884)12/18/2011
50-50 / consignmentI did it for you, know its your turn to do it for methess01 (121)12/4/2011
buyerThanks, Felix!frankhardy (180)12/3/2011
tradeThanks for the great cards! Great trader.cardinalfan15 (238)12/2/2011
50-50 / consignmentthank youjeserone (778)12/1/2011
buyerA++++Great Trader Thanks!!!!!rileywfs (207)11/29/2011
private signingThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (720)11/19/2011
buyerGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)11/16/2011
tradeReally happy with the deal!Great trader to deal withtigernut (190)11/13/2011
private signingglad i could help.. great member A+rifon (1221)11/13/2011
private signingGreat member!christprotected (87)11/11/2011
private signingFelix is awesome! christprotected (87)11/10/2011
private signingThanks for your order!christprotected (87)11/10/2011
tradeGreat trade! A++++! Thanks so much!sg2002 (1)11/8/2011
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (319)10/28/2011
tradecard looks great, thanks Felix...jaygross (89)10/27/2011
buyerA+.military11b2001 (472)10/25/2011
tradeThanks Felix, great trade once again.AFILIA (166)10/18/2011
tradeGreat transaction, thank you.worldwideed (367)10/14/2011
private signingGreat Member - Dave Parker signingRip8cp1 (316)10/12/2011
tradethank youdryden29 (263)10/7/2011
private signingThanks!hofcs (965)9/30/2011
tradeGreat looking autograph!!! Thanks!!!!buscadorpr (72)9/29/2011
tradeGreat transaction.....thanks....A+bluejay50 (470)9/23/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat communication and trader! A++++littlechina07 (254)9/21/2011
private signingalways a pleasure to deal with. AAA+++orr23mj (1570)9/20/2011
buyerGreat to deal with quick payment great memberce1012 (757)9/14/2011
tradeA+++++ thanks kdubs (359)9/13/2011
buyerfast payment thank yousps23lab (235)9/13/2011
buyerGreatbzito4life (332)9/11/2011
tradeAnother great trade with Felix. . . thank you for the help!justgreg (780)9/10/2011
tradeGreat member - Hume SigningRip8cp1 (316)9/9/2011
private signingessy tranaction, great customercraigbnyman (508)9/3/2011
private signingAwesome thanks alot!!Silverbacksports (821)9/1/2011
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)8/30/2011
tradeA+++++++kdubs (359)8/29/2011
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1221)8/28/2011
buyerA+military11b2001 (472)8/28/2011
buyerLightning Fast Payment!! Asset to SCN!!!!!!!TuckerKCRoyals (365)8/26/2011
tradeNice cards and autographs, thanks!tommergun (87)8/19/2011
private signinga pleasure to deal with. AAA+++orr23mj (1570)8/16/2011
tradeNice card - great trade. Thanks!MadHatter (88)8/16/2011
buyerGreat Trader, Thank You Very Muchdralberino (166)8/15/2011
buyerThank you, Felix!frankhardy (180)8/6/2011
tradethank you!tryfinski (528)8/4/2011
buyerQuick payment. Easy transaction. Thanks again.docv28 (282)8/2/2011
buyerEasy transaction. Thanks again.docv28 (282)8/2/2011
tradeA++++++++++,Wonderfulmichaeland (472)8/1/2011
tradeWorkedout a good trade - thanksAFILIA (166)7/26/2011
50-50 / consignmentSend cards for 50/50 quickly, well organized, thank you!cor3y (569)7/24/2011
50-50 / consignmentNothing but praise for felix4GoYanks52 (508)7/21/2011
buyerThank you, Felix!frankhardy (180)7/15/2011
tradecards arrived quickly and in great shape...great traderlevi (229)7/8/2011
tradethanks for taking partrifon (1221)7/5/2011
private signingglad i could helprifon (1221)7/5/2011
50-50 / consignmentAnytime!metsfan09 (111)7/4/2011
private signingAwesome thanks alot!!Silverbacksports (821)6/27/2011
tradegreat transaction, great member. thanks againthetruth917 (54)6/20/2011
buyerfast payment, thanks, hope we can trade againroyalsFan19 (476)6/10/2011
tradeAwesome collector. Lets do it again soon.den7373 (233)6/9/2011
tradeAwesome collector. Lets do it again soon.den7373 (233)6/9/2011
tradeSigning was cancelled and items and refund returnedden7373 (233)6/9/2011
tradenice trade, thanksnoach2343 (318)6/8/2011
tradeglad i could helprifon (1221)5/28/2011
tradeAnother successful trade with Felix. Great communication, fast shippingagee (185)5/25/2011
tradeReceived. Thanksxtrain000 (251)5/8/2011
tradeGreat-looking card! Thanks for another awesome trade!!!Hitman97 (196)4/8/2011
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (936)4/5/2011
tradegood trader! Thanks.EarlyBird7 (125)3/28/2011
tradeNice cards - thanks for a great blind trade!MadHatter (88)3/21/2011
tradeAWESOME card! THANK YOU!kevin34 (432)3/9/2011
tradeAwesome trade! Great communication and excellent cards! Let's trade again!MadHatter (88)3/7/2011
tradegreat trader, very happy with the cardtommergun (87)3/7/2011
buyergreat transaction, great member. thanks againthetruth917 (54)3/5/2011
tradegreat transaction!dw1017 (665)3/2/2011
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)2/15/2011
tradevery nice trade . thanksmesarosfamily (298)2/11/2011
buyerPatient and prompt-thanksmedic-34 (707)2/10/2011
tradeExcellent trade, good communication. Would trade again!!agee (185)1/28/2011
tradeConsignment deal: Great transaction. Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)12/27/2010
tradeGreat transaction. Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (335)12/27/2010
buyerThanks!medic-34 (707)12/23/2010
buyerQuick payment. Pleasure to work with. Thanks again.docv28 (282)12/18/2010
tradeTHANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!den7373 (233)12/15/2010
tradewould work with againrifon (1221)12/7/2010
tradeThanks for sending your items!!Macey225 (650)12/5/2010
tradeThanks!Macey225 (650)12/5/2010
tradeGreat Member - Pete Incaviglia signingRip8cp1 (316)11/29/2010
tradethanks very much!medic-34 (707)11/29/2010
tradeNice autograph! Pleasure to deal with! Thank you!michaeland (472)11/23/2010
tradeNice autograph! Pleasure to deal with! Thank you!michaeland (472)11/23/2010
tradethanks for participating.. enjoy the card. jeserone (778)11/22/2010
tradeFast PMT! Enjoy the 87T Dave Smith!!mrsromek (263)11/20/2010
tradeA+ trade with a A+ trader!Hope to trade with again in futuretigernut (190)11/13/2010
tradethank you for participating... cards are in the mail...jeserone (778)11/8/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Billy Williams signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Mike Flanagan signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Ozzie Smith signingRip8cp1 (316)11/4/2010
tradeThanks!!!deano (916)10/28/2010
tradeThanks!!!deano (916)10/28/2010
tradeThanks!!!deano (916)10/27/2010
tradeThanks for the good tradegarylcampbell (40)10/10/2010
tradean asset to scn bg20001 (121)10/9/2010
tradeA+++++++++++++++++++++michaeland (472)9/28/2010
tradeGreat card! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!Hitman97 (196)9/28/2010
tradegreat transactionSIGNATURES (936)9/28/2010
tradegood traderzedsls (103)9/23/2010
tradeThanks for a GREAT transaction!hgreene24 (253)9/17/2010
tradeGreat to work with! Thanks!bigaj412 (59)9/14/2010
tradeVery fast trade and good communicationsethd (208)9/14/2010
tradeSierra signing, glad I could helprifon (1221)9/9/2010
tradeVery good trader dodgerman55 (106)9/7/2010
tradegreat SCN member A++ thanks!einho (477)8/20/2010
tradeAwesome packaging, successful trade. Recommended!!agee (185)8/17/2010
tradevery fast shipping and great cards, thanksj24g34 (253)8/11/2010
tradeGreat trader a+++++++++++kdubs (359)8/10/2010
tradefantastic member all the way!dw1017 (665)8/2/2010
tradea+traylorfan54 (68)7/30/2010
tradeNice trade. . . great communication, beautiful autograph. Thank you,justgreg (780)7/23/2010
tradeTHANKS!! Great card!shanehenning52 (102)7/20/2010
tradeGreat trade! thanks!shanehenning52 (102)7/11/2010
tradePerfect trade, thanksdinofire (4)6/24/2010
tradea real nice big trade 20 for 20mesarosfamily (298)6/17/2010
tradeFast Payment & Good Communication! Thank You!!Calpounder (405)3/24/2010
tradeGreat trader, thanks!!!rangersfan1982 (138)3/24/2010
tradefast, successful trade. Thanks!agee (185)3/13/2010
tradephoto looks greatzrmen10 (37)3/4/2010
tradeNice cards, nice autographs, great trader!tommergun (87)2/24/2010
tradeGorgeous Card! Thanks Much! Hope To Deal With Again Soon!mikevalic (125)2/12/2010
tradeWhat a great trader, Class act all the way, There are NONE Better!caseyg (51)2/12/2010
tradeGreat Trade!!!milkyworgen (31)2/9/2010
tradeGREAT TRADE THANKSmesarosfamily (298)2/1/2010
tradeAwesome cards, awesome trader.tommergun (87)1/27/2010
tradefantastic transaction!dw1017 (665)1/20/2010
tradeThankswildjimmy (4)1/15/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (660)1/13/2010
tradeNice cards a pleasure to trade with.hollywoodfootbal (25)1/4/2010
tradegreat trade, thankstplamer (319)12/21/2009
tradeFelix is one the best A+rockinace (404)12/4/2009
tradeGreat picture and fast transaction, THANKSsouthparksaur (68)11/25/2009
tradeAwesome to deal with; great autographs. . . thank youjustgreg (780)11/12/2009
tradegot the cards, thanks.toastwrpi (152)11/5/2009
tradegood trader...thanks!tryfinski (528)11/3/2009
tradeOne of the best rockinace (404)11/1/2009
tradegreat card thanksmesarosfamily (298)10/29/2009
tradefair, fast trade...thank you!ducky1978 (276)10/28/2009
tradeGreat card, wuick delivery, thankspotzie165 (61)10/17/2009
tradeThanks again for another great trade! A++martyesullivan (314)10/10/2009
tradeNice Trade Felix..ThanksPHENIAFILMS (83)10/8/2009
tradeGreat person to deal with, thank you! A++martyesullivan (314)9/26/2009
tradeanother amazing trade! you are the man!Elrod77 (15)9/14/2009
tradeAwesome cards, awesome trader.tommergun (87)9/2/2009
tradeSuper awesome trader! Fast too!Elrod77 (15)9/2/2009
tradeAnother GREAT trade. Fast! THANKS again!!!!!!Hitman97 (196)8/21/2009
tradeGreat card, great trade, happy with all!!! THANK YOU!!!!!Hitman97 (196)8/14/2009
tradeYour the man-Highly recommendedrockinace (404)8/6/2009
tradeGot the stuff for 50/50 Felix is awsome!!!caseyg (51)8/1/2009
tradeThank You for the great trade!caseyg (51)7/23/2009
tradeThank You for the great trade!caseyg (51)7/23/2009
tradeSuch a great trader! Thanks again!!!caseyg (51)7/20/2009
tradeAwsome trade! Super fast shipment!caseyg (51)7/6/2009
tradefantastic to deal with, thank you!dw1017 (665)6/12/2009
tradeExcellent Traderrockinace (404)4/28/2009
tradeGREAT TRADER!!!!!!milkyworgen (31)3/6/2009
tradeGREAT TRADE!!!milkyworgen (31)3/6/2009
tradeGreat auto!!!dangle54 (19)2/27/2009
tradeHighly recommend Felix as a trade partner. . . beautiful autographs.justgreg (780)2/17/2009
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