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offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat communication and fast ship!Danoman419 (57)6/7/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you for the opportunity. kyleyoung (14)6/6/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentSmooth consignment transaction plus card turned out great!koufax (148)6/5/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentWould work with again in a heartbeat. A+ membertobert123 (121)6/5/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentHOF Classic. Thanks.castleboys (366)6/5/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you for the help with Reddick, we really appreciate it!trapped213 (260)6/5/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentAwesome consign. THanks!jbsouth (690)6/4/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you!Dodgers66 (10)6/4/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat job, thanks Bostonjad (87)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat job!! Appreciate it.kvflahive (71)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for the help with my collection!dugoutdug (666)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentSmooth signing, thanks!!droidtrade (79)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat job! Thank you Michael A+++4donovans (501)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for all of your helpRonner18 (160)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentexcellent member to work with. Thank YouRonner18 (160)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat communication! Card turned out nice. Thanks!lharmon20 (139)6/3/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)6/1/2023
offer private signingPerfect, thanksclayb31 (6)5/31/2023
50-50 / consignmentThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)3/25/2023
50-50 / consignmentThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)3/25/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)3/25/2023
50-50 / consignmentThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)3/25/2023
buyerThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)3/25/2023
offer private signingGreat working with you! Thaks!slgreen67 (26)3/6/2023
offer private signingA++ RYonx (23)3/2/2023
sellerAwesome seller Thanks Again dlwoodard (226)2/26/2023
sellerThanks again! Nice card!Mahoney911 (62)2/16/2023
sellerMany thanks! A+berk275 (142)2/2/2023
sellerFast shipping. Thank you!jericholic44 (160)1/31/2023
sellershipped quick what else can I ask for? cal4redsox4 (119)1/30/2023
sellerAwesome to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (365)1/30/2023
sellerGreat piece. Super fast and secure shipping. Thanks A+++yanks39 (213)1/26/2023
offer private signingAwesome & thanks so much!!bandro (138)1/25/2023
sellerGreat looking lot of Curt Schilling signed cards - many thanks!fredmed (265)1/21/2023
offer private signingGreat transaction! Thanks!smitht31 (5)1/8/2023
offer private signingThank you!Vttrovato (48)12/29/2022
offer private signingThanks! another GREAT deal!postalcubbie (27)12/8/2022
offer private signingA++leeburtt (124)12/2/2022
offer private signingsuper, as requestedmikemaslona (41)11/24/2022
offer private signingas requested, prompt returnmikemaslona (41)11/24/2022
offer private signingThanks for getting my item taken care of!koufax (148)11/23/2022
offer private signingGreat signing. Thank you!hoops3790 (51)11/22/2022
offer private signingTook great care of my card. Many thanks!craryball (22)11/21/2022
offer private signingThx!!4jwilsons (130)11/20/2022
offer private signingExcellent Servicepkrumsiek (41)11/18/2022
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)11/18/2022
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)11/18/2022
offer private signingThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)11/18/2022
offer private signingThanks for the Curt Schilling signing! A+++lyonhart22 (56)11/17/2022
offer private signingGreat service.jimsoxnuts (26)11/17/2022
offer private signingThanks!Flatline1022 (40)11/17/2022
offer private signingGreat return timeWierz6367 (13)11/17/2022
offer private signingThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (667)11/2/2022
offer private signingperfectgregseeley (4)10/13/2022
offer private signingAmazing as alwaysScarface76 (104)10/10/2022
offer private signingEasy to work with, signature looks great!Derekasuras3 (3)9/17/2022
offer private signingA great transaction, thanks!jimtb (18)9/17/2022
offer private signingGood transaction. Card signed. ThxDLMulli (28)9/10/2022
offer private signingSmooth transaction. Item done as expected. A++ehutch1001 (59)9/9/2022
offer private signingthank you.roosterrooh (287)9/9/2022
offer private signingGreat seller, easy transaction. Thank you!kidhendrix (34)9/9/2022
sellerGreat cards!bkritz (567)9/4/2022
offer private signingWould use again!vande013 (26)8/13/2022
offer private signingAlways great to work with+++++1658 (208)8/9/2022
offer private signingFantastic signing, HIGHLY recommend!jbare24 (175)6/27/2022
offer private signingPerfectTurkeybucket (27)6/23/2022
offer private signingthanks for doing this signing!doublex (210)6/17/2022
offer private signingThank you! Perfectly done!oozingwsarcasm (149)6/13/2022
offer private signingThanksclseland (116)6/11/2022
offer private signingThanks for returning safe and sound!leeburtt (124)6/10/2022
offer private signingGreat easy guy to work with!paulisdappernow (30)6/6/2022
offer private signingGreat signing! Thank you!Steverino85 (50)5/31/2022
offer private signingAnother flawless signing. thx!4jwilsons (130)5/31/2022
offer private signingThank You !!!Marvelousgrader (273)5/30/2022
offer private signingLooks great! Thank you!bsnethen (6)5/26/2022
offer private signingA+++++timfrancis1 (41)5/24/2022
offer private signingA+ looks great!aaastew10 (33)5/24/2022
offer private signingThank youJeffkrafft (34)5/24/2022
offer private signingNice cards, thanks!bebisaok (256)5/24/2022
offer private signingas requested, even called me for clarification on itemmikemaslona (41)5/23/2022
offer private signingGreat Transaction!! A++++Vanslykefan (107)5/23/2022
offer private signingIt's all goodandruwg (32)5/22/2022
offer private signingCard turned out great! Thank you!DMatts23 (128)5/21/2022
offer private signingSmooth Schilling signing. Thanks!yankeesfan64 (254)5/21/2022
offer private signingThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)5/21/2022
offer private signingThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)5/21/2022
offer private signingAutograph looks great. Thanks!! slaneti (78)5/21/2022
offer private signingGreat signing!maschobs (37)5/21/2022
offer private signingThank Youwilben (57)5/19/2022
offer private signingGreat transaction. Thank youkatie17 (15)5/15/2022
sellera++RDS22 (314)4/26/2022
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanks again.seaner (404)4/21/2022
buyerFast payment, thank you!!!!4donovans (501)3/25/2022
offer private signingThanks for participating in my private signing!!TuckerKCRoyals (393)2/28/2022
offer private signingThanks for helping my collection circlecity22 (109)2/1/2022
sellerThanks Minors2Majors (311)1/28/2022
sellerAwesome seller Thanks Again dlwoodard (226)1/22/2022
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (762)1/16/2022
sellerThanks a ton! philly84 (496)1/12/2022
sellerThanks! Nice card jeffnash (477)1/11/2022
offer private signingExcellent, Thank you!!jensckj (111)1/10/2022
sellerfast shipping - great transaction Marchillo (54)1/10/2022
sellerSuper Fast Shipping! Thanks So Much!jen_paulse (21)1/8/2022
offer private signingThank you! A+cort10 (535)12/29/2021
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysjamieblye (1498)11/27/2021
buyerQuick payment! Thank you!SLNoble01 (515)11/22/2021
50-50 / consignmentMuch appreciatedamericannames (70)10/30/2021
offer private signingGreat experience. Cards came out great. Thanks Marchillo (54)10/15/2021
offer private signingThanks so much- great signing, great ball, very happy!!TripleRtheGAME04 (5)10/13/2021
offer private signingThanks for the signing!!1658 (208)10/13/2021
offer private signingThanks appreciate it Iggles73 (58)10/12/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
50-50 / consignmentAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2021
offer private signingGreat signing!maschobs (37)10/5/2021
offer private signingThanks!TheChad (464)10/1/2021
offer private signingThank you!pistol (190)9/20/2021
offer private signingSmooth transaction. Thank you for the help.jericholic44 (160)9/18/2021
offer private signingGreat transaction Robm322 (41)9/18/2021
offer private signingThxTurkeybucket (27)9/16/2021
offer private signingThanks great addition to my setmomo44 (337)9/15/2021
offer private signingThanks for packing it well!!psugator01 (543)9/10/2021
offer private signingGreat signature!! lex4430 (36)9/9/2021
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)9/7/2021
offer private signingThank you for the opportunity. NewHavenRavens (67)9/7/2021
offer private signingAwesome signing, thanks!Eddie08 (5)9/6/2021
offer private signingPerfect signing! Item came out great! Thanks Again!!orioleschef (56)9/5/2021
offer private signingGreat signing! Thanks for handling my program with care!hoops3790 (51)9/5/2021
offer private signingNice Job, Very Happymapienta (15)9/4/2021
offer private signingThank you very much!clseland (116)9/4/2021
offer private signingPerfect Schilling signing. Thank you.yankeesfan64 (254)9/4/2021
offer private signingThank you!jamesrfb (57)9/3/2021
offer private signingperfect job,thankshuntmil (52)9/3/2021
offer private signingThank you!Neilpollard (57)9/3/2021
offer private signingCard came out great. Thanks!carolinel (78)9/3/2021
offer private signingBeautiful job on a difficult piece. Thank youDuffman63 (124)9/2/2021
offer private signingNice work!jeffnash (477)9/2/2021
offer private signingExcellent Transaction!kahlerjeffrey (14)9/2/2021
offer private signingcard looks greatdon markle (65)9/2/2021
offer private signingDitto!4jwilsons (130)9/2/2021
offer private signingMichael, you did such an excellent job in every way. Thank you! dpingree (23)9/2/2021
offer private signingAwesome signing, thank you so much!bbbuddy18428 (96)9/2/2021
offer private signingYES!! Awesome Signing!!!! Thank You!!!!wpoppe (28)9/1/2021
offer private signingDid I say Awesome Signing? Absolutely!!! THANK YOU!!!wpoppe (28)9/1/2021
offer private signingAwesome Signing! THANK YOU!!!wpoppe (28)9/1/2021
offer private signingThank you! mbriggs23 (4)9/1/2021
offer private signingCards looks great. Thanks! Jontnally (94)9/1/2021
offer private signingCard was signed as asked and looks great. Great communication and returned promptly. Thank you.josh96 (380)9/1/2021
offer private signingExcellent signing! Thank youvolcanic25 (65)9/1/2021
offer private signingNice Schilling signatures, quick return shipment.ripfan008 (40)9/1/2021
offer private signingGreat communication and well done signing. Thx!4jwilsons (130)9/1/2021
offer private signingNice Signings. Thanks.Jeffkrafft (34)9/1/2021
offer private signingCard came back perfectly signed, and in great shape! Would do business with again!ejmalteza (119)9/1/2021
offer private signingGreat Transaction!! A++++Vanslykefan (107)9/1/2021
offer private signingGreat private signing, thank you!shortking98 (68)9/1/2021
offer private signingPerfect!!! Thank you!! A++++++++ jamieinla (31)9/1/2021
offer private signingThanks for the signingharrid4 (117)8/31/2021
offer private signingAwesome Curt Schilling auto!Jasene22 (55)8/31/2021
offer private signingThank you!fastlane5000 (23)8/31/2021
offer private signingCards look amazing! Thank you!bravesfantaylor1 (53)8/31/2021
offer private signingQuick turnaround w/ excellent attention to detail. RYonx (23)8/30/2021
offer private signingRecommended; smooth transaction; AAA+++monty615 (71)8/30/2021
offer private signingThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)8/30/2021
offer private signingThank you !!!!Marvelousgrader (273)8/30/2021
offer private signingThank you for the quick responsekmills32907 (27)8/10/2021
offer private signingthx for the helpchasperkie (157)5/22/2021
sellerThanks for an easy trade! The Best!Marisfoever (336)5/2/2021
tradeGreat trader!! Thank you!littlechina07 (254)3/23/2021
sellerSmooth as can be. Rec'd as described. Please leave feedback for me too!orioleschef (56)2/22/2021
tradeExcellent, thank you!ahs430 (68)2/10/2021
offer private signingAwesome!oozingwsarcasm (149)2/9/2021
private signingThanks for participating in the Big Hurt signing.alanmoore (344)2/5/2021
offer private signingGreat job with my consignmentscirclecity22 (109)1/14/2021
sellerThanks! Smooth trade01MikeP (112)1/5/2021
offer private signingExcellent transaction, would do business againkstateforever (228)1/5/2021
buyerThanks for the addition!trogers (353)1/4/2021
offer private signingThanksmomo44 (337)1/4/2021
50-50 / consignmentA+ thanks!military11b2001 (475)1/4/2021
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)1/4/2021
sellera++RDS22 (314)1/3/2021
50-50 / consignmenta++RDS22 (314)1/3/2021
offer private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks!lmcmahon (157)1/3/2021
offer 50-50 / consignmentExcellent job w Curt Schill!!kevintuve (149)1/2/2021
offer private signingThanks for the signing!!1658 (208)1/2/2021
offer private signingThanks for the signing!!1658 (208)1/2/2021
offer 50-50 / consignmentFAST shipping; highly recommended; A+monty615 (71)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
50-50 / consignmentAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
tradeAAA+++orr23mj (1578)1/2/2021
offer private signingA++++++dwm7045 (206)12/30/2020
50-50 / consignmentGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (961)12/30/2020
offer private signingThanks for the helpjericholic44 (160)12/29/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transcation.bandit11 (495)12/25/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transcation.bandit11 (495)12/25/2020
offer private signingThanks!TheChad (464)12/15/2020
sellerAmazing SCN Members87donruss (274)12/12/2020
offer private signingGreat to work with! Thank you!dw1017 (667)12/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (680)12/11/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (680)12/11/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (680)12/11/2020
private signingThankshofcs (974)12/10/2020
sellerthanks!!gkoz316 (404)12/10/2020
offer private signingThanksazgrapher85345 (217)12/10/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (680)12/8/2020
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat private signing. Thanks!jbsouth (690)12/6/2020
offer private signingGreat member to deal with, as always!skinsxvii (181)12/6/2020
offer private signingGot it greatScarface76 (104)9/17/2020
buyerThanks!pistol (190)8/12/2020
offer private signingThanks!pistol (190)8/12/2020
offer private signingThanks!pistol (190)8/12/2020
sellerGreat to deal with. Thank yourcphi466 (254)7/20/2020
offer private signingA++ Thanks for the great transaction!shanehenning52 (102)6/15/2020
buyerGreat transaction with this fine SCN member!mightyswede (418)6/1/2020
sellerGreat transaction with this fine SCN member!mightyswede (418)6/1/2020
buyerGreat guy as always!ChrisL999 (408)5/25/2020
buyerThank you for another easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/16/2020
50-50 / consignmentA+, great member, on the way back todayroyalsFan19 (478)5/13/2020
buyerFantastic member, would gladly deal with him again!nmculbreth (142)4/22/2020
sellerA+A+ASetsSports (90)4/18/2020
offer private signingGreat autos. Great price. sandman153 (114)3/30/2020
offer private signingSmooth transaction. Great to deal with!mtheotikos (128)3/27/2020
sellertha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (663)3/1/2020
offer private signingThxTurkeybucket (27)2/24/2020
offer private signingGreat to deal with. Recommended. A+stabilio (108)2/23/2020
offer private signingTurned out great! Thanks again!!bballboy25 (19)1/24/2020
offer private signingVery very pleased. A+++Wbarron3 (90)1/17/2020
offer private signingThx for the helpandybam (302)1/14/2020
offer private signingEasy to work with as always!Chavez78 (244)1/6/2020
offer private signingReally nice job on the Schilling, Michael. Thank you!dpingree (23)1/6/2020
offer private signingThanks for the help with Curt Schilling!billdo5420 (83)1/2/2020
offer private signingGreat looking Curt Schilling cards from signing - many thanks!fredmed (265)1/2/2020
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks so much for the hard work on the Schilling signing. A great member to work with.USNY81 (65)1/2/2020
offer private signingEverything turned out great. Great communication.RSTAND3 (106)1/1/2020
offer private signingA+ Trade and Trader!hrbaker (198)12/31/2019
offer private signingGreat to work withjoetucker21 (94)12/31/2019
offer private signingA+++ Thank youjb0404 (29)12/31/2019
offer private signingThank You!! Everything Looks Great!!searcy76 (111)12/31/2019
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)12/30/2019
offer private signingExcellent signing with Schilling. One more set card down.Schrutefarms (9)12/30/2019
offer private signingThank you! Great signing.jericholic44 (160)12/30/2019
offer private signingThanks !!Marvelousgrader (273)12/30/2019
offer private signingGot it done.graphwhisperer (50)12/30/2019
offer private signingAWESOME! ONE of my most FAVORITE items in my collection! THANK YOU!!!!kevin34 (435)12/30/2019
offer private signingWOW! AWESOME JOB WITH CURT SCHILLING! THANK YOU!!!kevin34 (435)12/30/2019
offer private signingTough one but great communication Wiggs30 (23)12/30/2019
offer private signingGreat member, thanks for the signing!!bronxbomber33 (270)12/30/2019
offer private signingA seller you can trust (thank you)!WRandolph (4)12/30/2019
offer private signingPersistence with Schilling pays off. Thank you. yankeesfan64 (254)12/30/2019
offer private signingGreat to work with!!pdg16 (279)12/5/2019
sellerThanks again for a easy going transaction. DodgerDog (740)11/29/2019
tradeShipped Today. Tracking # Uploaded. TFDJC2090 (221)11/26/2019
sellerGreat card and service.RSTAND3 (106)11/11/2019
offer private signingGreat signing, thank you very much! A+cort10 (535)10/24/2019
sellerExcellent to work with!acratertocoffin (115)10/15/2019
offer private signingThanks for the help with SchillingClubnuts (217)10/13/2019
offer private signingPromt return. Great addition to my collection.grubbsy (65)10/2/2019
sellerGreat seller. Smooth transaction. USNY81 (65)10/1/2019
sellerAwesome card!Chavez78 (244)10/1/2019
sellerSuper fast. Thanks for the dealpurplengold (274)9/29/2019
sellerThank you!Podcast2020 (128)9/23/2019
offer private signingGood memeber to work with.xtrain000 (251)9/5/2019
offer private signingGreat job!heartchamp (176)9/5/2019
offer private signingCards signed perfectly, smooth transaction.firemanfre (28)9/3/2019
50-50 / consignmentSorry, I couldn't get it signed for you.seaner (404)9/2/2019
offer private signingLooks greatLIEZELEJIM (69)8/29/2019
50-50 / consignmentSorry I could not get the autos.jhenderson1675 (262)8/28/2019
offer private signingGreat to work withkralik46 (129)7/30/2019
offer private signingtop notch communication and cards turned out greatheminger (47)7/28/2019
sellerGreat trader! Thanks so much!patsfangk (87)7/28/2019
offer private signingThey look great! Thanks!rstoewe (34)7/25/2019
sellerThanks very much!!dw1017 (667)7/24/2019
offer private signingDid an amazing job with this signing!jsto85 (35)7/22/2019
offer private signingThanks! Turned out Great!jbeckett19 (71)7/20/2019
offer private signingThanks for your hard work!!!car308 (146)7/18/2019
buyerThank you for an easy trasnaction.bandit11 (495)7/16/2019
offer private signingThank you Babio556xht (245)7/10/2019
offer private signingGreat communication and quick shipment.RSTAND3 (106)7/8/2019
offer private signingPromt return. Great addition to my collection.grubbsy (65)7/4/2019
offer private signingAmazing job taking this to the finish line. Super thrilled!!bballboy25 (19)7/3/2019
offer private signingExpertly conducted Schilling signing. Provided updates, nice sigs. Thanks you. yankeesfan64 (254)7/3/2019
offer private signingThank you!!FloridaGraphs (3)7/2/2019
offer private signingCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (345)7/2/2019
offer private signingGreat to work with!rjp85 (175)7/2/2019
offer private signingVery happy with results. Thanks86fan (157)7/2/2019
offer private signingFantastic!campryan (107)7/1/2019
offer private signingAwesome Signing, and great to work with!!tweeter167 (267)7/1/2019
offer private signingGreat looking lot of Curt Schilling signed cards- thanks! (Hope there is another one!) fredmed (265)6/29/2019
offer private signingawesome job mike!! thanksD7lane (77)6/29/2019
offer private signingTerrific signing. Thank you so much!brian2324 (165)6/29/2019
offer private signingGreat Signing!!! Perfect Results++++THANKS!!kang (149)6/28/2019
offer 50-50 / consignment1 of the best guys on this board! A++++++NorthStarBlinds (7)6/28/2019
offer private signingtha-rock sez thanks for tha-awesome job with this card! tha-rock (663)6/27/2019
offer private signingThanks for getting my set card done. A+++seaner (404)6/26/2019
offer private signingThank you!eykim21 (71)6/26/2019
offer private signingThank you so much! Truly a great member!!dprince (218)6/26/2019
offer private signingA++++++++++++JP82 (18)6/26/2019
offer private signingOustanding work , thank you.. Great membercosmo (578)6/25/2019
offer private signingThank you. A+jbholde (7)6/25/2019
offer private signingPerfect A++jb0404 (29)6/25/2019
offer private signingPhenomenal member! Very good with giving updates and getting the signing doneAZDbacks2027 (36)6/25/2019
offer private signingThank you so much for your hard work and communication!!!scottp (103)6/25/2019
offer private signingGreat transaction. Thank you so much A++++toddmc9136 (164)6/25/2019
offer private signingThank you very much. Incredible effort in taking care of my item!cardinalfan15 (238)6/25/2019
offer private signingVery happy with the results, communication and effort that was put into this signing.CenterFieldSport (78)6/25/2019
offer private signingExcellent service and delivery. Outstanding communication throughout!acratertocoffin (115)6/25/2019
offer private signingFantastic Schilling signing - thanks!JustCrazy (902)6/25/2019
offer private signingFantastic Schilling signing - thanks!JustCrazy (902)6/25/2019
offer private signingThanks!djeung (33)6/25/2019
offer private signingAmazing job of following through on the Schilling signing!ddtjman (374)6/25/2019
offer private signingCard turned out amazing thanksce1012 (762)6/24/2019
offer 50-50 / consignmentFantastic member, would gladly deal with him again!nmculbreth (142)6/24/2019
offer private signingYes! Thanks.justinsdada (16)6/24/2019
offer private signingAnother Great Return Jss0062 (51)6/24/2019
offer private signingGreat job with Curt Schilling signing for charity, thanks!cor3y (574)6/24/2019
offer private signingthanks for coming through!tryfinski (529)6/24/2019
offer private signingExcellent member! Will deal with anytime!kshotgun (82)6/24/2019
offer 50-50 / consignmentgreat member, went above and beyond to helpcbcc2233 (50)6/24/2019
offer private signingCard looks great. ThanksKsandle31 (86)6/24/2019
offer private signingOutstanding signing! Thanks.hartwick11 (175)6/24/2019
offer private signingthank you!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!jcq08 (551)6/24/2019
offer private signingAwesome to work with!!!oucats02 (158)6/24/2019
offer private signingA+landcontroller (202)6/24/2019
offer private signingMany thanks! Really good job of providing updates and getting a great signing done!johnp (163)6/24/2019
offer private signingThanks for following up! Nice Auto!!yapipo (35)6/24/2019
offer private signingAsset to SCN. Smooth transaction! A+Ginterdude (200)6/24/2019
offer private signingThanks !!Marvelousgrader (273)6/24/2019
offer private signingCompletely Satisified; A+; Professionalmonty615 (71)6/24/2019
offer private signingCard came out great. Thanks!carolinel (78)6/24/2019
offer private signingAwesome job seeing this thing through. Really appreciate it!navcop13 (14)6/24/2019
offer private signingFantastic job on the Curt Schilling signing. A+++yanks39 (213)6/24/2019
offer private signingCame out perfect. Thank you A+mcchamp33 (123)6/24/2019
offer private signingGreat signing at an awesome price! Thank you!hryb14 (168)6/24/2019
offer 50-50 / consignmentGreat results and tremendous communication. Thanks for getting this signing completed!GLAS (81)6/24/2019
offer private signingThanks for a great signing. A+ CopperJJ (285)6/24/2019
offer private signingCards look awesome! Thanks!buddha_51 (75)6/24/2019
offer private signingThank you Michael A+++4donovans (501)6/24/2019
offer private signing5 star great member to work withBostonjad (87)6/24/2019
offer private signingGreat transaction...Thanks!erba (254)6/24/2019
offer private signingGreat transaction...Thanks!erba (254)6/24/2019
offer private signinghappy with result of this consignment, thank youlevi (233)6/24/2019
offer private signingThanks!Mcholeinground (112)6/24/2019
offer private signingGreat job getting the card signed. Thanks for working so hard at getting the signing done. USNY81 (65)6/22/2019
buyerthanks for the quick payment!PadresApologist (345)6/11/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/31/2019
sellerGreat looking signed Ryne Sandberg card - thanks!fredmed (265)5/19/2019
selleralways greatstat192 (251)5/18/2019
sellerAwesome card. Great member. Thanks again.phillyfan44 (156)5/14/2019
buyerA++ Member Thanks!SoxAutographs29 (339)5/11/2019
buyerA++ Member Thanks!SoxAutographs29 (339)5/11/2019
buyerGreat to deal with. A+tweeter167 (267)5/1/2019
sellerAwesome card. Pumped to add Strawberry to my collection. Thanks.phillyfan44 (156)4/27/2019
sellerVery happy with results. Thanks86fan (157)4/27/2019
sellerA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (675)4/26/2019
sellerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)4/26/2019
sellerCool card. Fast shipping. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)4/26/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/10/2019
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sellerGreat price!campryan (107)2/21/2019
buyerA pleasure to do business with, highly recommend DodgerDog (740)2/19/2019
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buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)2/8/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)2/8/2019
sellerAwesome card. Great member. Thank you very much.phillyfan44 (156)2/8/2019
sellerAwesome cards! Thanks bro!Chavez78 (244)2/2/2019
sellerthanks2hotty (233)1/30/2019
sellerGreat SCN member. Fast shipping A+Crunk57 (149)1/28/2019
tradeMerry belated Xmas!grifnutz (24)1/24/2019
sellerGreat cardsjuando19 (102)1/22/2019
sellerA+ transaction!ohyeah29 (183)1/16/2019
buyerThank you for another easy transaction.bandit11 (495)1/15/2019
sellerEasy Transaction - Fantastic SCN Member !!!! - Thank YouFDJC2090 (221)12/31/2018
sellerGreat looking signed Ryne Sandberg A&G card - thanks!fredmed (265)12/27/2018
sellergreat deal from a great seller, shipped very quickly and securelydanielsb (32)12/22/2018
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50-50 / consignmentOne of the best around!franco858 (637)11/1/2018
sellerGreat transaction will do business with againqriggins (198)10/27/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/22/2018
sellerThank you! A+cort10 (535)10/15/2018
sellerQuick payment, smooth deal! Thanks! JocsLFHecklers (86)10/2/2018
tradegreat trader, hope to do it again. wlf3 (47)9/25/2018
buyerFast Payment! Great member!!SoxAutographs29 (339)9/4/2018
sellerNice card, thank youbenfrazier (98)8/21/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmenta true asset to the communitypooh528 (395)8/20/2018
sellerthanks so muchbrandonspears (115)8/14/2018
sellerFast & Safe Shipping A+++ Seller!PadresApologist (345)8/11/2018
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buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/5/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/5/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/5/2018
sellerGreat card, fast shipping benfrazier (98)6/28/2018
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private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/20/2018
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)6/20/2018
sellergreat seller, fast delivery,A+danielsb (32)6/16/2018
sellerSmooth transaction. Thank youjericholic44 (160)6/15/2018
tradePIF- Good Responsetrotfan33 (123)5/10/2018
tradeGreat SCN memberorutulsa (179)5/7/2018
tradeReceived card awesome tradeBigtbear2570 (13)4/30/2018
50-50 / consignmentSorry didn’t get done deano (916)4/4/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/4/2018
buyerExcellent guy to work with, enjoy!ChrisL999 (408)3/15/2018
sellera great salezedsls (103)2/13/2018
sellerThank youjcq08 (551)2/13/2018
sellerAwesome card, thanks!ddtjman (374)2/10/2018
50-50 / consignmentthanks!vinniemiller (680)2/3/2018
tradeHappy New Year and thanks for the Myers!ddtjman (374)1/7/2018
50-50 / consignmentthanks so much for taking part in the signing!FinFan1972 (375)12/5/2017
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could help! A++ member to work with!GoYanks52 (508)11/20/2017
sellerNice cards...thanks!andybam (302)11/18/2017
sellerAwesome!bkritz (567)10/31/2017
sellerGreat card. Thanks for listing. And fast delivery. circlecity22 (109)10/23/2017
sellerGreat signed Brooks Robinson cards, thank you!Bernie (328)10/23/2017
sellerThanks. Good communication and smooth transaction.johnp (163)10/19/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/29/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/21/2017
sellerFantastic guy to deal with. Thanks!rondell22 (290)8/26/2017
sellerFast & Safe Shipping A+++ Seller!PadresApologist (345)8/25/2017
sellerThanks again!medic-34 (707)8/7/2017
sellerthanks for the Larry Csonka signed card!devilsfan15 (406)8/2/2017
sellerthanks for the card!mike888 (182)7/19/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/13/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/13/2017
buyerExcellent member and a really great guy!ChrisL999 (408)7/10/2017
sellerreceived the cards, thank youmuddogs21 (275)7/8/2017
sellerExcellant Deal!!!!!!ytme2 (218)6/29/2017
sellerFast shipping. A+ seller. Thanks! skinsfan1 (63)6/24/2017
sellerNice and easy transaction. ironcity1979 (34)6/22/2017
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sellerCard Rcv'd 6/17/17 - Fantastic Job and Fantastic CAN FDJC2090 (221)6/17/2017
sellerAwesome card. Great member to work with. Thanks.phillyfan44 (156)6/10/2017
sellerNice autographs & quick shipping. Thanks!waterbill (179)6/2/2017
sellerthankspumbaa673 (211)6/2/2017
sellerGreat Card - Great to work with!!!!!!!udleg12 (29)5/30/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/22/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/22/2017
50-50 / consignmentSorry I couldn't help on this one!GoYanks52 (508)5/15/2017
sellerThank you! Would buy again. A+Ginterdude (200)5/9/2017
sellerCards receivedzedsls (103)5/6/2017
buyerThanks for participating in my BAS Sub!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)4/27/2017
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/15/2017
sellerA++++MantleMaris61 (42)3/13/2017
sellerGreat card, fast shipping. Thanks!rcphi466 (254)3/6/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)2/26/2017
buyerFast payment, thanks Michael!4donovans (501)2/25/2017
sellerGreat card and great price. Thankscirclecity22 (109)2/11/2017
50-50 / consignmentA+. No problems. Akoch (99)1/28/2017
buyerFast payment, thank youworldwideed (367)1/21/2017
sellerawesome card, fast shippingbenfrazier (98)1/18/2017
sellernice cards, thanksnoach2343 (319)1/14/2017
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sellerGreat seller! Thanks!zagski6 (147)11/17/2016
sellerExcellent thanks!ChrisL999 (408)11/12/2016
sellerCards received in condition as picturedtigsfan (45)10/24/2016
sellerthanks for the Colin Powell card!devilsfan15 (406)9/29/2016
sellerCard Rcvd: 09/23/16 - Fast Shipping, Well Packaged & Great Communication - Fantastic SCN Member !!FDJC2090 (221)9/26/2016
sellerAwesome, thanks!jeffklein (121)9/20/2016
sellerWow! Great Paul O'Neill signed card, thank you!!Bernie (328)9/20/2016
sellerGood seller, would defiantely do business with again!minors123 (63)9/19/2016
buyerThanks!1906Ultras (126)9/18/2016
sellernicePatrickD (153)9/16/2016
sellerGreat looking cards of Gossage & Marichal- smooth transaction- thanks!fredmed (265)8/13/2016
sellerfast shipping A+++ sellerPadresApologist (345)8/12/2016
sellerThanks shipped fast and as described appreciate itSPORTSMEM (82)8/5/2016
buyerA pleasure to work with, major asset to SCN!ChrisL999 (408)7/6/2016
tradegreat member, thank youJ_a_s_z (302)6/30/2016
sellerEasy to work with. Thank you.purplengold (274)6/5/2016
sellerExcellent. Fast shipping. Thanks philendris (244)5/23/2016
sellerThanks again!medic-34 (707)5/21/2016
buyerThank you for another esasy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/15/2016
sellerThank you very much! cort10 (535)4/14/2016
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/5/2016
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buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)3/2/2016
sellerSeller shipped fast. Great dealpurplengold (274)3/2/2016
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sellerGreat cards, thanks Michael4donovans (501)2/9/2016
sellerReceived both cards as described, Thanks!blee1 (72)2/5/2016
50-50 / consignmentThank you for trusting me with your collecting needs, look forward to helping you in the future.. jeserone (792)2/5/2016
50-50 / consignmentThank you very much! A++cort10 (535)1/21/2016
sellerGreat transaction, quick shipment, quality items!lczx02 (136)1/17/2016
sellerThanks Michael. Perfect transaction!!johnp (163)1/14/2016
sellerreceived card, thank you muddogs21 (275)1/8/2016
sellerThanks again!medic-34 (707)1/8/2016
sellerThanks A+Ritchietopps (126)1/6/2016
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sellerGreatbzito4life (333)1/5/2016
sellerA+++ Transaction, Thanks!!!teleman911 (303)1/5/2016
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sellerThanks a ton!philly84 (496)1/2/2016
sellerfast shipping!!! great seller!coltsfan1 (103)1/2/2016
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buyerinstant payment as usual. one of the bestjustin0467 (369)12/22/2015
sellerthanksmossy (271)12/7/2015
sellertha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (663)11/22/2015
sellerExcellent! Thank you! A+Ginterdude (200)10/19/2015
sellergreat to deal with, thanks for the cardsjamieblye (1498)9/20/2015
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/18/2015
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/18/2015
buyerQuick Payment thanksbowme1 (205)9/13/2015
sellercard nicer than expected, thanks!LSUby50 (441)9/12/2015
selleranother one off my list at a good price thank youmancini7481 (177)9/9/2015
sellerGreat SCN member!!! 5 stars!!! Thanks.A+++++z722 (262)9/9/2015
sellerAwesome ball, thanks!jeffklein (121)9/8/2015
sellerAlways a pleasure!philly84 (496)9/7/2015
sellerGreat Member! nwgraphs (193)8/19/2015
sellerThanks!!Macey225 (697)8/15/2015
tradeGreat member - thanks so much for participating!ucffans (237)8/11/2015
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)6/18/2015
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)6/18/2015
sellerCard looks great. Smooth transaction. Would definitely deal with again.RELWOB (24)6/12/2015
sellerAnother good trade with this SCN userStanesq (208)6/7/2015
buyerThank you for another easy transaction.bandit11 (495)6/2/2015
seller Great pic and sig. AWESOME TRADER! Thank you!patsfangk (87)5/30/2015
sellerA+landcontroller (202)5/11/2015
sellerthxcccp (284)5/9/2015
buyerA+++! In the mail!CubsWin82 (162)4/28/2015
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sellerA+ Trade and Trader!hrbaker (198)3/28/2015
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sellerExcellent, Thanksscottp (103)3/17/2015
sellerThanks! Very happy with the cardsdetroitfan84 (101)3/16/2015
sellerNice cards, thanks a lot!bebisaok (256)3/3/2015
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication, thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (902)2/28/2015
sellerthanks!LSUby50 (441)2/27/2015
sellerthanksmossy (271)2/18/2015
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)2/14/2015
50-50 / consignmentgreat memberwscott (215)2/12/2015
50-50 / consignmentgreat memberwscott (215)2/12/2015
sellerVery smooth transaction. I received my Boogs auto in a few days!jammin (125)2/11/2015
sellerGreat trade. Thanks!bwowls (309)2/2/2015
sellerGood deal and quick shipping, good seller, thanks!cor3y (574)2/1/2015
tradeAwesome memeber and thank you for the new additions to my collection!nickmuse (137)1/30/2015
tradeGreat cards!!! Thank you!cbry77 (47)1/28/2015
sellerNice card and fast shipping, thanks!JustCrazy (902)1/24/2015
tradegood trade. thanksjustin0467 (369)1/20/2015
private signingAmazing SCN member, a real asset!franco858 (637)1/3/2015
private signingA+, thanks!!franco858 (637)1/3/2015
50-50 / consignmentEasy to work with. Thank you.bandit11 (495)12/14/2014
sellerGreat Cards...thanks!grews31 (74)12/14/2014
50-50 / consignmentSent card back, was not able to get Michael's sig for himthehalk (709)12/11/2014
sellerNice looking cards!stymee316 (143)12/10/2014
buyerEasy member to work with. Thank you.bandit11 (495)11/26/2014
sellerEasy transaction; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)11/20/2014
sellerA++ Thank you!zaid918 (155)11/18/2014
sellerThanks a ton!philly84 (496)11/16/2014
sellerNicely signed cards and a flawless transaction- thanks!fredmed (265)11/15/2014
sellerThanks Michael! A++++4donovans (501)11/7/2014
sellerNice card and auto. Arrived fast. A+++cincinnatikid (54)11/6/2014
sellerThanks for the deal! Recommend!CPT_K (231)11/6/2014
sellerawesome to work with. Went out of his way for me. Thanks Michaelbobby25 (156)10/31/2014
buyerthanks for the paymenttryfinski (529)10/29/2014
buyerthanks for the paymenttryfinski (529)10/24/2014
sellerNicely signed PSA certified Topps Heritage Bogaerts cardfredmed (265)10/19/2014
sellerCard came quickly! Looks great!risingson51 (12)10/17/2014
sellerQuick! No issuesjbeiermann (675)10/10/2014
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50-50 / consignmentGreat to deal with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/6/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/1/2014
buyerThank you for the trade. . . easy to work with. Hope to work with you again.justgreg (783)9/24/2014
buyerA++++++++++++++gtomew (29)9/24/2014
sellerthanksmossy (271)9/22/2014
buyerGreat to work with!wilds1 (191)9/18/2014
buyerThanks jmm1611 (167)9/18/2014
buyerGreat for SCN. Thanks for the perfect transaction!wilds1 (191)9/16/2014
sellerGreat item; received prompt delivery. Thanks!greg2876 (176)9/16/2014
50-50 / consignmentGreat A++felixpie2006 (199)9/15/2014
sellerGreatbzito4life (333)9/15/2014
50-50 / consignmentanother great transaction with einho!!!! hheroes10 (365)9/15/2014
sellerGreat looking Buckner card, thank you!Ercelle619 (141)9/15/2014
buyergreat member fast payment!!!!!NC30715 (240)9/15/2014
sellerthx for the buxton cardcccp (284)9/13/2014
tradeawesome member to work with. highly recommended. bobby25 (156)9/5/2014
sellerTHANKS!!RDS22 (314)9/5/2014
buyerGreat memberHARRYBEAR (139)9/2/2014
sellerCard received as described. Would trade with againAlbert2011 (169)8/30/2014
sellerExcellent transaction, recommended trader - a real pleasure to do business with - class act!Newman (88)8/29/2014
sellerThanks!hutch5831 (259)8/28/2014
sellergreat card. as described. thanks.Cubs23Fan (160)8/28/2014
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)8/18/2014
tradegreat trade. A+mbrown2626 (38)8/12/2014
50-50 / consignmentAlways great to work with!capnsteve2 (264)8/11/2014
tradeThanks for the trade! zevonfan (21)8/9/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/28/2014
buyerQuickpayment. Thanks!jbsouth (690)7/25/2014
sellerThank you! Very fast ship. Great trader! A+Ginterdude (200)7/23/2014
buyerGreat transaction. Thank you!doggle3 (461)7/21/2014
offer 50-50 / consignmentThank you.bandit11 (495)6/30/2014
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (663)6/25/2014
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)5/27/2014
buyerA pleasure to deal with!!!Nails4 (116)5/19/2014
sellerThanks Michael!4donovans (501)5/19/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you very much! cort10 (535)5/17/2014
buyerGreat member. Hope to work with again.rba333 (95)5/14/2014
50-50 / consignmentThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/4/2014
sellerGreat transaction will do business with againqriggins (198)4/14/2014
sellerVery generous with two extra cards. Thank you and hope to deal again!CPT_K (231)4/11/2014
sellerSmooth transaction tplamer (321)4/8/2014
buyerthanksmossy (271)3/12/2014
50-50 / consignmentSorry I could not get this donextrain000 (251)3/4/2014
buyerSmooth transaction.... Thanks again....seaner (404)2/13/2014
buyerSmooth transaction.... Thanks again....seaner (404)2/13/2014
50-50 / consignmentsorry it didn't work outsalsmanado (146)1/7/2014
sellerGreat member, thank you!baseballexpert (262)12/28/2013
buyerQuick payment, Great member. Thanks!redwolf_b_03 (184)12/23/2013
buyergreat to work withbigmike0978 (1)12/11/2013
tradeThank you! pastimeauthentic (142)11/13/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/14/2013
50-50 / consignmentAAA+++orr23mj (1578)10/12/2013
buyerAlways great to work with. Thanks!pats1fan (365)10/2/2013
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (690)9/29/2013
buyergreat member! very fast payment!bronxbombers03 (81)9/28/2013
buyerThanks for a great transaction!roush6racing (204)9/26/2013
tradeThank you for the trade.dryden29 (264)9/24/2013
buyerfast payment. thanksjustin0467 (369)9/23/2013
buyerGreat member to deal with!!! Thanks again!backroadcat (268)9/22/2013
sellerThanks!!!!TheChad (464)9/20/2013
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)9/19/2013
sellerGreat to deal with, Thanksnnsd (350)9/15/2013
buyerExcellent transaction, would do business againkstateforever (228)9/14/2013
sellerAwesome Myers cards, Thanks!!J_a_s_z (302)9/13/2013
buyerquick payment. thanks!scfdff (128)9/12/2013
selleritem as promised. quick deliveryRDS22 (314)9/11/2013
sellerfast shipper, thanksred_eye_rick (140)9/9/2013
buyerglad to helpmomo44 (337)9/8/2013
sellerFast shipping. Thank you!justbored (54)9/5/2013
sellerThanks!bballabro (266)9/2/2013
sellerGreat Trade. Thanks!philendris (244)9/1/2013
sellerGreat Trade. Thanks!philendris (244)9/1/2013
sellerThanks. Came out great.xtrain000 (251)8/27/2013
sellerThanks. Came out great.xtrain000 (251)8/27/2013
sellerThanks!mike888 (182)8/27/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat member to work with!canttouchkg (108)8/27/2013
sellerA++ transaction. Highly recommendqriggins (198)8/22/2013
sellerGreat guy, easy to deal with, A+++ cincinnatikid (54)8/17/2013
sellerfast shipping thanksplease2me (33)7/30/2013
50-50 / consignmentthanks for your understanding. Hope I can make up for it another time.Papi34Pierce34 (86)7/19/2013
50-50 / consignmentthank youPapi34Pierce34 (86)7/19/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)7/14/2013
tradeThankshofcs (974)7/14/2013
sellerA+++++++++++ member, thank you!baseballexpert (262)7/3/2013
sellerGreat fast shipment! Also included a beautiful autographed Rob Dibble card for free!BrandonP4 (36)7/2/2013
sellerGreat to work with, prompted & fast shipping too, looking forward to our next trade, thank you!cosmo (578)6/29/2013
50-50 / consignmentA+++++SolacE (102)6/28/2013
buyerfast payment, thankssugarcult2 (263)6/24/2013
50-50 / consignmentPleasure to work with!TheKidHypno (64)6/10/2013
50-50 / consignmentEasy to work withrwilcox12 (142)6/8/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with!!voidedwarrenties (153)6/3/2013
sellerthankscccp (284)6/2/2013
sellergreat Matt Harvey card and fast shipping. Thanks.Lordstan (145)5/31/2013
50-50 / consignmentgreat user to deal with no issues pensboy66 (42)5/25/2013
sellerCards look great, sent quicklyFudukume (162)5/24/2013
buyerA+. Thanks!military11b2001 (475)5/16/2013
50-50 / consignmentGREAT TO WORK WITHtodd9hundley (122)5/15/2013
50-50 / consignmentOur Stephenson 50/50 is complete, card will mail Monday. Thanks!sheehy (228)4/28/2013
buyerGreat communication and quick payment. Thank you!stephanbennett (180)4/19/2013
private signingalways a pleasure to deal with!orr23mj (1578)4/12/2013
50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating, sorry KG wasnt signing many cards, Unable to get this done. jeserone (792)4/7/2013
50-50 / consignmentThanks for sending in! A++cort10 (535)4/4/2013
sellerThanks very much. Smooth transaction!rondell22 (290)2/8/2013
sellerGreat card, very fast shipping. Thanks again.shawnmcnair (349)2/7/2013
sellerGreat trade..Thanks for the extradlwoodard (226)2/5/2013
sellerThanks!elchert13 (259)2/4/2013
sellerGreat card at a great price!bmc441 (120)2/4/2013
sellerGreat cards. Thanks!andybam (302)2/2/2013
sellerquick delivery - nice autos - thanksdevilsfan15 (406)2/2/2013
buyerFast Payment. Thank You.SethDeyo (87)1/22/2013
private signingThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (725)1/18/2013
private signingThanks for sending in your items for my private signings!lutherlafy (725)1/11/2013
sellerThanks. Like the Diamond Sigs also!Tunis (190)1/11/2013
buyerglad to help out, AAA+++ member to deal withhockeydan (263)12/28/2012
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)12/9/2012
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1578)12/9/2012
sellergreat deal - thanks!devilsfan15 (406)11/30/2012
tradeThank you!PeteA (323)11/25/2012
sellerthanks. cards look great jeserone (792)11/19/2012
sellerGreat!!PatrickD (153)11/16/2012
sellerThanks again, great card. A+++midog (421)11/16/2012
sellerJust as described and extremely fast shipping!. A++ Member!sicknesseffect06 (168)11/16/2012
sellerA++++++++++++++gabegross (96)11/14/2012
sellergreat carddlwoodard (226)11/7/2012
sellerLooks great. Thanks much!bojack (32)10/13/2012
buyerInstant payment...thanks!nstale (213)10/7/2012
tradegreat trade...thanks so muchjmm1611 (167)9/10/2012
buyerglad you liked the deal!! A+ member to work withhockeydan (263)9/8/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat A+++felixpie2006 (199)9/7/2012
buyergreat member awesome to deal with quick paymentce1012 (762)9/1/2012
tradeA+++bballabro (266)8/31/2012
sellerReceived card and it looks great! Smooth transaction!SLNoble01 (515)8/29/2012
buyerFast payment & AMAZING communication. Couldn't ask for a better member to deal with.sicknesseffect06 (168)8/15/2012
tradeHope you enjoyed the card!chisoxcollector (182)8/9/2012
sellerNice card, thanksjdurdle (115)8/1/2012
sellerAwsome to deal withxtrain000 (251)7/13/2012
sellerthanks again.. jeserone (792)7/11/2012
sellerGreta card, super fast shipping, A +++++++++++++++++++++brentk (92)7/8/2012
sellerMember was great to work with. Thanks for the card!PadresApologist (345)7/6/2012
50-50 / consignmentHappy i could get this done for you. very good member to work with on this website.BamBam123 (82)6/13/2012
50-50 / consignmenthappy to helpBamBam123 (82)6/13/2012
buyerThanks Michael!1906Ultras (126)6/9/2012
50-50 / consignmentgreat transaction! thanksgraphhound1 (336)6/4/2012
tradeGreat trader! Highly recommended!SLNoble01 (515)5/31/2012
buyerThanks so much! Made the process super easy!1906Ultras (126)5/20/2012
sellerGreat Communication and Fast Shipping! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)5/11/2012
50-50 / consignmentsorry i tried, next time.. sorry for delay w feedbackhheroes10 (365)5/11/2012
sellerawesome guy to deal with.. sorry for delay with feedbackhheroes10 (365)5/11/2012
sellerthanks for the dealhheroes10 (365)5/11/2012
sellerthanks, great sellerLSUby50 (441)5/9/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1227)4/30/2012
sellerA++++jrv1 (90)4/29/2012
buyergreat trade thanks againsps23lab (235)4/24/2012
50-50 / consignmentThanks for sending in the card!doggle3 (461)4/21/2012
sellerNice cardTunis (190)4/19/2012
50-50 / consignmentthanks glad to help you out, if you need anything else for me to try i cannomarfan (149)4/13/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat person to deal with! A++CeppDizzle11 (128)4/10/2012
sellerAwesome signed card! Thanks so much for the help!loumud (409)4/2/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentthanks for participating... sorry I wasnt able to get this done.. jeserone (792)4/1/2012
50-50 / consignmentthank youluckymike32 (305)3/24/2012
50-50 / consignmentthanks a lotluckymike32 (305)3/24/2012
50-50 / consignmentthanks fast paymentroyalsFan19 (478)3/14/2012
buyerVery Quick Payment & Great Communicationcdefoort (83)3/11/2012
sellerGreat trade, thanks!yrocks2001 (249)3/1/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat to deal with as always!AZGrapher8 (139)2/16/2012
selleras advertised and added a virgil trucks auto too. Thanksscfdff (128)2/14/2012
sellersmooth transaction, great sellerLSUby50 (441)2/14/2012
50-50 / consignmentSorry that I could not get to Beltran!craigmurden (39)1/28/2012
buyergreat to deal with, hope you like the autoshockeydan (263)1/25/2012
tradeA+jp1bearsfan (244)1/12/2012
50-50 / consignmentThanks!Macey225 (697)1/8/2012
buyerFast Payment thanksdeano (916)1/2/2012
sellerThanks so much for the cards! A++++ Schwang17 (56)12/4/2011
buyerFast Payment Thanks!!!deano (916)11/15/2011
tradesmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (321)10/31/2011
50-50 / consignmentSent the card to be signed very quickly. All set to bring it to the signing.Bostnfn (201)10/23/2011
tradeCard looks great!!! Great trader!!!deano (916)10/11/2011
tradeGreat transaction, would not hesitate to work with again!GoYanks52 (508)10/8/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat member. Hope to work with again.rba333 (95)10/6/2011
tradeVery nice mix of cards-Thanksrockinace (404)10/2/2011
sellerGreat trade, Great member. Thank you!doa133920 (31)9/30/2011
sellerThank you very much!cardsfan41 (162)9/16/2011
sellerNice paper, thanks for the help!!sdotlewis (14)9/7/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat SCN member!!Royals_Chiefs (323)8/30/2011
sellerRec'd signed lot of Allen & Ginters. Thanks!dmcentaffer (76)8/29/2011
sellerAwesome A+++++Chode36 (315)8/28/2011
sellerQuick ship, easy to deal with Thanks Michael!bamarichard (182)8/27/2011
buyerFast Payment Thanks!!!!deano (916)8/26/2011
tradeawsome trader. sorry about the minor delay card is shipped out.nissan300zx (21)8/24/2011
sellergreat ball, thanksLSUby50 (441)8/22/2011
sellergreat cardjwm202 (244)8/21/2011
sellerGreat transaction! Thanks!polheiney (29)8/20/2011
sellerStand up guy, thanks manmnautographs3 (77)8/18/2011
sellerGreat to deal with...Fast Shippingphilendris (244)8/15/2011
sellerQuick shipment great guy! A+++bbqwinner (76)7/28/2011
sellerThanks!! Great member!lorry473 (30)7/26/2011
50-50 / consignmentThanks again!Phils4Life826 (80)7/2/2011
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanksnyel24 (76)6/29/2011
sellerreceived everything is GREAT!Babio556xht (245)6/27/2011
sellerGreat cards and a perfect trade!mightyswede (418)5/26/2011
tradeNice signed cards for a blind trade - thanks!rynohof23 (366)5/20/2011
50-50 / consignmentGlad you liked the card! Doesn't Pedro have a great autograph?translatordude (120)5/12/2011
tradeA+pasteyboy (23)5/7/2011
selleroutstanding member. thanks so much.thetruth917 (54)5/4/2011
50-50 / consignmentThanks for the consignments try!mightyswede (418)4/30/2011
tradeThanks for the consignments!mightyswede (418)4/30/2011
50-50 / consignmentThank you for the consignment try!mightyswede (418)4/30/2011
buyerVery fast payment. Thanks, and enjoy the items!jjaro01 (28)4/28/2011
50-50 / consignmentthank you... jeserone (792)4/27/2011
sellertha-rock sez thanks, Mike !!!!!tha-rock (663)4/21/2011
sellerthanksrlbdjones74 (272)4/16/2011
sellerGreat card, fast shipping. Smooth transaction. Thanks!droidtrade (79)4/12/2011
sellerGreat SC Member I really appreciate it.hankhelton1 (97)4/9/2011
tradeThanks for the sweet ball. A+DjangoShoots1st (44)4/9/2011
50-50 / consignmentthanks againjeserone (792)4/9/2011
sellerAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++ great guyrube26105 (234)3/31/2011
sellerGreat cards!!! Thanks again!!shanehenning52 (102)3/30/2011
sellerGreat to deal with. A+++ Thanks for the help!!!pastimeauthentic (142)3/24/2011
sellertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (663)3/23/2011
sellerGreat!Martin101 (160)3/22/2011
buyerthanks again my friend.. jeserone (792)3/22/2011
50-50 / consignmentPleasure to deal with, fast shipment and communication, wish I could've helped you out more!cor3y (574)3/16/2011
sellerCard received quickly, great to deal with, thanks!cor3y (574)3/9/2011
tradegreat Traderjslaw (279)2/28/2011
buyerGreat to work with. Enjoy the Card!drewa77 (48)2/26/2011
sellerGreat card. Thank you!rmw10 (217)2/25/2011
50-50 / consignmentgreat deal!translatordude (120)2/21/2011
sellerGreat cards, love to deal with again, DamienSin (56)2/19/2011
sellernice cards, thanksgraphhound1 (336)2/15/2011
sellerLoveeee the card! Thanks!!!DamienSin (56)2/3/2011
tradeAmazing stuff stand up guy and great to deal with!! A+++++bbhof07 (116)1/24/2011
sellergreat card!!! Thanks!!!shanehenning52 (102)1/17/2011
sellertha-rock sez thanks for the great deal! tha-rock (663)1/4/2011
selleramazing deal thank you...bbhof07 (116)12/27/2010
sellerGreat to trade with thanks2004ToppsTotal (107)12/18/2010
sellerGreat trader, thanks!ddtjman (374)12/13/2010
sellerGreat baseballs. Thanks again!dan4235 (119)12/10/2010
50-50 / consignmentgood deal, thanks .....pleasure to deal withskidds (19)12/10/2010
sellernice cards, thanksgraphhound1 (336)12/9/2010
sellerfast shipping!!! thank you!!!red_eye_rick (140)12/6/2010
sellerQuick Shipping. Great PhotoLinkinprk813 (400)12/5/2010
tradeVery nice, Thanks!dpick032 (4)12/1/2010
tradegreat to work with!!tommyjackley (366)11/23/2010
tradegreat trader. nice communicationmilitary11b2001 (475)11/18/2010
tradeU Da Man! Bababoey!kdunkin (32)11/10/2010
tradeLightning fast shipping. Great care in packaging. What more can you ask for?sox1 (224)11/8/2010
tradeGreat Card & Fast Delivery. Thanks.Eef979 (122)11/8/2010
tradeGood transactionbaseballexpert (262)11/6/2010
tradeGreat Cards/Signatures & Quick Shipping, Thanks again!baird34 (183)10/21/2010
tradegot the cards...thanks manmbecher (83)10/18/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)10/8/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks again!martyesullivan (314)10/8/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!tha-rock (663)10/7/2010
tradeGreat deal...thanks!pncted (324)10/1/2010
tradenice bobble! thanksjwm202 (244)9/30/2010
tradeOnce Again...Great! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)9/29/2010
tradefast delivery, thanks much!bebisaok (256)9/27/2010
tradeA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)9/27/2010
tradeAnother Great Transaction! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)9/24/2010
tradethank you jeserone (792)9/20/2010
tradeCard looks great. Thanks. A+++bbbuddy18428 (96)9/20/2010
tradeFast and Easy transcationsethd (208)9/20/2010
tradethank youjeserone (792)9/17/2010
tradeGreat cards Thanks a lotTravis7009 (58)9/17/2010
tradeGreat dealsps23lab (235)9/15/2010
tradeGreat trade, thanks!yrocks2001 (249)9/6/2010
tradeSweet cards!maddog (261)8/21/2010
tradenice autos thank youfelix4 (118)8/19/2010
tradeNice ball, fast shipping, thanks.shawnmcnair (349)8/8/2010
tradethanks!!!thestork7 (160)8/7/2010
tradeAwesome thanks!sethd (208)8/2/2010
tradeGreat to deal with+++THANKSkang (149)7/31/2010
tradeExcellent transactionkingrhino (34)7/29/2010
tradeTHXgkoz316 (404)7/29/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks.martyesullivan (314)7/28/2010
tradeThanks. Great trader. A+++rmw10 (217)7/24/2010
tradethxgkoz316 (404)7/22/2010
tradeCard received quickly and as described. Thanks!dmcentaffer (76)7/16/2010
tradeFast Shipping & Great Auto! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)7/16/2010
tradegreat cards thanksjake314658 (75)7/13/2010
tradeGreat trader. Glad to do business.xtrain000 (251)7/12/2010
tradeA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)7/12/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with. Thanks!TitanB5 (35)6/25/2010
tradethank yougkoz316 (404)6/15/2010
tradethank yougkoz316 (404)6/15/2010
tradegreat buyer and great to deal with!!!! A+++++++!!!!!!!!andrewseidel (52)6/4/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanks.bagsfan52 (152)5/23/2010
tradeOutstanding Communication & Quick Shipping!Calpounder (405)5/3/2010
tradeGreat cards thankssps23lab (235)4/30/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!tha-rock (663)4/25/2010
tradeGreat Cards, Awesome Trade, Very Nice! A+Eef979 (122)4/24/2010
tradefast payment and great communication!!!mcbtrain929 (20)4/9/2010
tradeFast payment. Pleasure to work with. Happy to help.docv28 (282)3/19/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, Thanks! A++martyesullivan (314)3/19/2010
tradecard looks great....thanksdeano (916)2/27/2010
traderecieved card thanksDaNotoriousNIC (93)2/25/2010
tradeGreat Communication & Fast Shipping! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)2/24/2010
tradeIt was my pleasure to help! Enjoy!!!!!!graph4ever (130)2/13/2010
tradeThanks!bigaj412 (59)2/11/2010
tradeGreat Transactionabspimp99 (524)2/6/2010
tradeGood to deal with, thanks!skillz17 (69)2/3/2010
tradegreat!!!!!!!!!!!!Bbautos (34)1/28/2010
tradeThanks for the trade!!!! bds258 (60)1/25/2010
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