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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerItems arrived on time, hoping to complete the next opportunitychiefholty (98)1/20/2022
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)12/21/2021
sellerThanks for the helpBensonTim (330)11/18/2021
sellerGreat deal. Thanks!wayne314 (57)11/9/2021
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1227)9/14/2021
sellerCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (345)5/21/2021
buyerGreat Transaction...Thanks!!!erba (254)4/7/2021
buyerGreat member, thanks A+midog (421)3/19/2021
sellerGreat transaction, thanksraynlib (114)12/12/2020
tradeA+, thanksjbeiermann (675)7/30/2020
buyerGlad I could help!Clubnuts (217)7/25/2020
50-50 / consignmentThanks for taking part in the Shawn Collins signing...glad I could helpClubnuts (217)7/25/2020
tradeA+, thanksjbeiermann (675)7/20/2020
sellerThank you for helping with my 49ers collection :) jeserone (791)7/16/2020
sellerGreat transaction. Thanks!Cubs1876 (7)7/15/2020
buyerPleasure to do business with, A++++Newman (88)7/7/2020
buyerThank you for trusting me with your collecting needs. Enjoy!!!jeserone (791)6/30/2020
tradeGreat trade! Thanks for your help!ohyeah29 (183)5/10/2020
50-50 / consignmentGreat to work with - thanks!JustCrazy (899)5/9/2020
tradeThank you Daviducffans (237)3/5/2020
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks!elpasodiablos (178)10/8/2019
tradeGreat trade...robzman (21)10/5/2019
tradeGreat trade....robzman (21)8/19/2019
tradeGreat trader... A++++robzman (21)7/30/2019
tradeA++++ robzman (21)7/30/2019
tradeGreat trader... A++++robzman (21)7/30/2019
tradeThanks for the trade!jsto85 (35)7/22/2019
sellerNice card... Great trader...robzman (21)7/2/2019
tradeGreat trade! Easy to work with. Thanks!jsto85 (35)5/14/2019
tradeAbsolutely awesome!TD30forHOF (80)4/28/2019
tradeAwesome deal! Thanks!TD30forHOF (80)4/28/2019
buyerExcellent transaction. Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)4/18/2019
tradeThanks for the trade.BensonTim (330)2/26/2019
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (960)2/10/2019
private signinggreat transaction, thank youjamieblye (1493)2/9/2019
buyerA+++ Member!!!kasey3manatee (139)1/27/2019
tradeThanks for the trade, David!ohyeah29 (183)1/16/2019
buyerExcellent transaction, Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)10/7/2018
private signingThank you Phillyconnection (169)6/4/2018
private signingAwesome thanks Silverbacksports (831)4/16/2018
tradeThanks!!Macey225 (691)12/17/2017
buyerGreat transactiondodgerdan (128)11/11/2017
buyerGreat Trade!!!!milkyworgen (31)9/28/2017
sellerThank you very much. Great to work with.Peppmeier (46)9/28/2017
sellerThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)9/27/2017
buyerExcellent transaction. Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)9/22/2017
sellerGreat deal, thank you!loringslegends (82)9/21/2017
sellerthanks!jcq08 (551)9/18/2017
sellerFast & Safe Shipping A+++ Seller!PadresApologist (345)9/15/2017
sellerGreat Deal and Great Cards! Thanks BrotherTD30forHOF (80)9/14/2017
tradeA+++autobryan (1)9/13/2017
sellerthanks!jcq08 (551)9/12/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)9/11/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)8/9/2017
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)8/8/2017
private signingThanks for taking part in our signing!basesareempty (142)8/1/2017
buyersmooth transactionA++Er21 (813)7/18/2017
buyerGreat Member. Enjoy your photo. Thanks!!dabulls (621)6/28/2017
tradeFast shipping great cardsBrandon99 (20)6/24/2017
tradeThank you Brandon99 (20)6/14/2017
tradeA+, painless, class act! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! NO ISSUES!jbeiermann (675)6/12/2017
private signingThanks alotjamieblye (1493)6/8/2017
buyerThanks! A perfect transaction!bkritz (565)2/28/2017
buyerThank you for helping with the Murray fundraiser.dryden29 (264)1/30/2017
buyerThank you!Babio556xht (244)12/10/2016
private signingThanks alotjamieblye (1493)11/14/2016
tradeNice cards. Thanks for the trade! loringslegends (82)11/8/2016
private signingThanks again for the support on the signing.Phillyconnection (169)11/3/2016
50-50 / consignmentThank you for the very smooth transaction! A+cosmo (578)10/17/2016
buyerSmooth transaction. Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)8/31/2016
tradeExcellent yet again! Thank you my friendTD30forHOF (80)8/1/2016
sellerAwesome as always! TD30forHOF (80)7/17/2016
tradeThanks for the deal look forward to working with you again. D-Rock (273)7/1/2016
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (960)6/29/2016
sellerSweet Deal! Thanks Brother!!TD30forHOF (80)6/27/2016
tradeA+, painless jbeiermann (675)6/25/2016
buyerA pleasure to deal withDodgerDog (739)6/1/2016
buyerExcellent member to deal with! Thanks!MantleMaris61 (42)3/20/2016
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1493)11/23/2015
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (273)11/2/2015
private signingthank you for the support on the signing.Phillyconnection (169)9/15/2015
buyerA++ THANK YOUjamieblye (1493)8/24/2015
buyerThank youinvctrl (355)8/19/2015
buyerThanks!derek2428 (30)8/8/2015
tradeThanks for the tradeucffans (237)8/7/2015
tradeThank youucffans (237)8/7/2015
private signingThanks!hofcs (970)7/31/2015
buyerThankstrav1105 (253)7/28/2015
buyerGoodbowers28 (198)7/23/2015
buyerFast payment, good communication A+++royboyct (164)7/20/2015
buyerFast payment, great communicationroyboyct (164)7/16/2015
buyerNo problems. Enjoybigwilt76 (109)7/11/2015
buyerGreat to work with anytime. Thanks.dodgerdan (128)7/3/2015
sellerGreat Transaction...Thanks!!erba (254)6/29/2015
tradeThank you for the trade!ohyeah29 (183)6/13/2015
buyerExcellent buyer. Fast payment. Shipped 6/3TitleTown (19)6/5/2015
private signingThanks for sending in your items to my private signing!lutherlafy (725)5/30/2015
buyerGreat to work with! AAA+midog (421)5/27/2015
buyerthankstomjoannmi (159)5/10/2015
buyerA+ SCNer!midog (421)4/23/2015
buyerGreat member! Quick payment! Would deal with againSLNoble01 (515)4/8/2015
buyerGreat member! Quick payment! Would deal with againSLNoble01 (515)4/8/2015
private signingthanks for sending into the signing.a+++++tiger7171 (68)3/10/2015
private signingThanks again for supporting the signing!Phillyconnection (169)3/10/2015
private signingThanks alotjamieblye (1493)2/19/2015
buyerFast payment thanks A++++++++Chode36 (315)12/20/2014
private signingThank you for particiapting in this signing! Great member!thinkblue21 (160)11/1/2014
buyerGreat person to work with! Highly satisfied!BigWenker (31)10/21/2014
buyerFast Payment.A++++ Memberdabulls (621)10/18/2014
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1493)10/11/2014
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1493)10/11/2014
buyerfast payment, thanksLSUby50 (441)9/16/2014
buyerthanksrifon (1227)9/1/2014
buyerThanks for an easy transaction!alexizhot (119)8/20/2014
buyerFast payments great communication!azd-backs252003 (177)8/18/2014
buyerThanks! Great member!campy (136)8/17/2014
private signingExcellent Trade! A+++basesareempty (142)4/10/2014
buyerFast paymentgestes72 (194)3/23/2014
buyerA+++++Mookie41 (190)3/22/2014
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1227)3/9/2014
buyerquick payment, great to work with!Emgee (78)2/17/2014
buyerThanks, & enjoy the photo!alexl (275)2/17/2014
buyerthanx againdrichards3 (187)2/8/2014
buyersmoothe dealdrichards3 (187)2/6/2014
buyeranother completed dealdrichards3 (187)2/6/2014
buyerThanks for the trade!ddtjman (374)1/31/2014
buyergood communication easy to deal withEmgee (78)1/26/2014
buyerGreat person to deal with ESD (190)1/21/2014
buyerA+, would gladly deal with againjbeiermann (675)1/11/2014
buyerfast payment....awesome to deal with dave...thxgunit2074 (58)1/9/2014
buyerthank youbiggez99 (282)12/23/2013
buyerFast paymentcolonyninja (87)12/17/2013
buyerExcellent member...thanks....mmadd29 (238)11/12/2013
buyergood buyerjwm202 (244)10/11/2013
private signingGreat member to work with. Thanks!ohyeah29 (183)10/11/2013
buyersmooth transaction , great to deal with ESD (190)10/5/2013
buyerAnother smooth transaction biggez99 (282)10/5/2013
buyerAnother smooth transaction, thanks biggez99 (282)10/5/2013
buyerA pleasure to deal with. Thanks!brl212 (307)10/5/2013
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)9/24/2013
buyerFast payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (899)9/22/2013
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)9/18/2013
buyerThanks for the trade!ohyeah29 (183)9/7/2013
buyerSuper fast payment , smooth transaction biggez99 (282)8/22/2013
buyerNice and easy, thanks biggez99 (282)8/22/2013
private signingThanks for participating and enjoy the Stanley Morgan autos!JustCrazy (899)7/28/2013
buyerInstant payment! Easy transaction!maddog (261)7/27/2013
sellergreat member to work with!skinsxvii (180)7/11/2013
buyerquick payment .. thanksrifon (1227)7/6/2013
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (899)6/21/2013
buyerthank you for letting me help with your collection. Enjoy!!!jeserone (791)5/26/2013
buyerthanks for letting me help w/ your collection. jeserone (791)5/26/2013
buyerfast payment ,thanks AAA+midog (421)5/7/2013
buyerThanks Dave, enjoy the cardstomjoannmi (159)4/29/2013
buyerthanks for the purchasegator11 (197)4/24/2013
buyerFast pay! Easy transaction,maddog (261)4/4/2013
buyerGREAT transaction! Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (337)3/18/2013
buyerThanks A+++++Chode36 (315)2/23/2013
buyerThanks A+++++++Chode36 (315)1/18/2013
buyerGreat member...Thanksmmadd29 (238)9/3/2012
buyerthanks for the purchase, good tradergator11 (197)7/5/2012
buyerquick payment, a pleasure to deal withpooh528 (395)6/20/2012
buyernice easy transaction, quick pay, thanks again!biggez99 (282)4/22/2012
buyerThanks!tnspro (29)4/19/2012
buyerAwesome!tnspro (29)4/19/2012
buyerquick payment, pleasure to do business withpooh528 (395)4/1/2012
buyerPerfect - Thank you!boswell423 (235)3/31/2012
buyerGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)3/24/2012
buyerGreat transaction!ohyeah29 (183)2/14/2012
buyerQuick payment via PayPal. A++++++ Second transaction.signatureworld (212)1/30/2012
buyerThanks, Dave!frankhardy (182)1/28/2012
buyerReceived payment today (10/11). 1st feedback on the SCN board. Thankssignatureworld (212)10/11/2011
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