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buyergreat member! dshader (56)5/30/2023
buyerGreat communication. Thank you!deskjockey730 (95)5/29/2023
buyerFast payment, thank you Brian!4donovans (501)5/21/2023
buyerEasy to deal with. Hope the card helps the collection Gris29 (219)5/20/2023
buyerA+A+robbielee (237)5/9/2023
buyerFast payment, thank you!!!!4donovans (501)5/1/2023
sellerAwesome as always!ChrisL999 (408)4/25/2023
buyerThanks!cardsfan41 (162)4/9/2023
buyerThanks!cardsfan41 (162)4/9/2023
tradeThank you for trusting me with your collecting needsMarvelousgrader (273)2/25/2023
buyerThank you for trusting me with your collecting needsMarvelousgrader (273)2/25/2023
buyerquick payment A+dshader (56)2/2/2023
buyerThank you for trusting me with your collecting needsMarvelousgrader (273)9/13/2022
buyerGreat to work with! Highly recommend!!!cardsfan41 (162)7/12/2022
buyerGreat member, glad I could help!bronxbomber33 (270)6/15/2022
buyerThank You!trav1105 (253)5/31/2022
buyerPaid immediately A+trav1105 (253)3/23/2022
buyerThanks again for the great transaction DodgerDog (740)2/22/2022
50-50 / consignmentThanks!vinniemiller (679)9/16/2021
buyerthanks dlbiri1s (477)8/27/2021
private signingThanks for sendingjhenderson1675 (262)8/12/2021
buyerReally great to work with. Thanks!elpasodiablos (178)7/27/2021
buyerThank you for taking part in the signing.bandit11 (495)6/15/2021
buyerGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)5/24/2021
buyerThanks, easy/fast scn dealmtanaka (183)5/20/2021
buyerThank you for the purchaseBostnfn (201)2/27/2021
buyerThanks!!!dabulls (622)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (622)2/10/2021
private signingOne of the best on SCN!franco858 (637)2/5/2021
buyerGreat transaction, thanksRushbabies (130)1/15/2021
tradeGreat to deal with! Thanksnnsd (350)1/2/2021
buyerThank you for an easy transcation.bandit11 (495)12/25/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transcation.bandit11 (495)12/25/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1227)12/14/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1227)12/13/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1227)12/13/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
buyerthanks!!gkoz316 (404)12/9/2020
buyerThank you, easy transaction. royalsFan19 (478)12/3/2020
buyerA+, one of the best members, thanks BrianroyalsFan19 (478)12/3/2020
buyerSmooth transaction...great member to deal with...thank you!biggez99 (282)11/1/2020
buyerSmooth transaction...great member to deal with...thank you!biggez99 (282)11/1/2020
buyerSmooth transaction...great member to deal with...thank you!biggez99 (282)11/1/2020
buyerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (675)10/21/2020
buyerThanks for trusting me with your collecting needs. Enjoy!!!jeserone (792)10/7/2020
50-50 / consignmentgreat member to work withmilb08 (337)9/10/2020
buyerGreat to deal withLionsfan1953 (63)9/9/2020
buyerGreat to deal withLionsfan1953 (63)9/9/2020
buyerA++ Member. Always Great to deal with. Thanks!!!dabulls (622)8/5/2020
buyerA+probe31 (148)7/31/2020
buyerQuick payment and great to work with!elpasodiablos (178)7/16/2020
buyerA+ memberbaseballexpert (262)7/8/2020
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)7/5/2020
tradeAnother great trade with Brian! Thank you!Desi (47)7/2/2020
buyerQuick payment, great asset to SCN! Thanks Newman (88)7/1/2020
buyerGreat to work with! A+++ ethanoah (349)6/30/2020
tradeGreat transaction and awesome guy to work with! Thanks for the swap!wahoo2719 (54)6/22/2020
buyerWonderful Communication. Highly Professional!powership (33)6/19/2020
buyersmooth transaction, great communication, highly recommend!powership (33)6/19/2020
buyerGreat communication, thanks a lot.aro13 (34)6/17/2020
tradeAlways fun trading with Brian! Just a good guy!Desi (47)6/6/2020
tradeQuick shipping and great communication. Thanks!Desi (47)6/6/2020
buyerPaid promptly. Thanks and enjoy.josh96 (380)6/3/2020
tradeFast, fair, generous. Thanks! RCJH!ducky1978 (278)6/3/2020
buyerQuick payment; great to deal with. Thanks!Nishi96793 (211)5/30/2020
buyerGreat to work with. Enjoy the card art.Cubs23Fan (160)5/20/2020
buyerShipped today ChrisGraphs (108)5/11/2020
buyerShipped thank you ChrisGraphs (108)5/11/2020
buyerThank you ChrisGraphs (108)5/7/2020
tradeGot it. Thank you.jeffplaysball (124)5/7/2020
buyerGreat communication, thanks a lot.aro13 (34)5/4/2020
buyerQuick payment thanksbowme1 (205)5/3/2020
buyerGreat guy to deal with!!!Tunis (190)5/1/2020
buyerTHXcccp (284)4/24/2020
buyerFantastic member, would gladly deal with him again!nmculbreth (141)4/21/2020
tradeAuto look great. Thanks Brian!!!dabulls (622)4/17/2020
tradeAlways great to deal with. Thanks!!!!!dabulls (622)4/17/2020
buyerThanks!philly84 (496)4/17/2020
buyerThanks Brian!! Hope you come back Enjoyed our talk!!thebug (82)4/14/2020
tradeThanks for the tradeharrid4 (117)4/13/2020
buyerGreat Member. Always great to deal with. Thanks!!dabulls (622)4/12/2020
tradeThanks as always!LSUby50 (441)4/8/2020
tradeGood deal, thanks buddyLSUby50 (441)4/8/2020
buyerA+++bigmike04 (337)4/6/2020
buyerGreat transaction. Thanks!rmw10 (217)4/5/2020
buyerFantastic as always, enjoy Brian!ChrisL999 (408)4/5/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with!! A+jbone17 (177)4/3/2020
tradeAlways Great To Deal With. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (622)4/2/2020
buyerThank you! A+cort10 (535)3/23/2020
buyerThanks a lot A+robbielee (237)3/22/2020
buyerThanks!rnpurdue (96)3/7/2020
buyerThanks again for a great transaction DodgerDog (740)2/20/2020
private signingGood deal thanks jamieblye (1498)2/19/2020
buyerThank you for an easy transaction bandit11 (495)1/22/2020
buyerThxcccp (284)1/8/2020
buyerQuickly paid. Thanks and enjoy.josh96 (380)1/7/2020
buyerThxcccp (284)11/16/2019
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could help!renaissancemanla (245)10/24/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/20/2019
50-50 / consignmentThanksdlbiri1s (477)8/20/2019
buyerFast payment. Thank youbigedmachine (212)8/18/2019
buyerGreat transaction!littleking83 (140)7/12/2019
buyerAwesome!bkritz (567)7/7/2019
private signingGreat member of SCN, a+ all around.einho (487)6/29/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/31/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/10/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/10/2019
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/10/2019
50-50 / consignmentOne of the best on SCN! A true asset!franco858 (637)3/13/2019
50-50 / consignmentA+ member! Glad I could help. Highly recommend!chickenlittle (550)1/27/2019
buyerFats payment! Thanks!elpasodiablos (178)1/13/2019
buyerAAA+++orr23mj (1577)1/1/2019
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1577)1/1/2019
tradeGreat transaction and communication. Thanks!!slaneti (78)12/8/2018
50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating in my signing! bballabro (266)11/2/2018
buyerNice and easy transaction. Thanks! br3ndl (102)10/29/2018
buyerFast Payment! Great member!!SoxAutographs29 (339)10/29/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/29/2018
buyerGreat member to work with. Thanks! vanslyke (42)10/28/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)10/22/2018
buyerAlways great to deal with. Enjoy the card. Thanks!!!dabulls (622)9/29/2018
buyerTHXcccp (284)9/25/2018
buyeralways a pleasure!cccp (284)9/4/2018
buyerGreat Buyer, Thanks!Stormy (92)7/20/2018
buyerGreat buyer. Thank you!luftmich (40)7/19/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)7/2/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)6/15/2018
buyerGreat to deal withjamieblye (1498)6/12/2018
buyerFast payment. Glad I could help your collection.dugoutdug (666)5/29/2018
50-50 / consignmentQuick payment! ThanksTime2Graph (257)5/15/2018
tradethanks as always! LSUby50 (441)5/8/2018
buyerthxcccp (284)5/1/2018
buyerTHXcccp (284)4/11/2018
buyerLightning fast payment! A+++loumud (409)4/6/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/4/2018
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)4/4/2018
buyergreat trader fast transactionsajovie (160)3/21/2018
buyerVery easy to deal with, perfect!azd-backs252003 (177)3/3/2018
tradeGreat member of the community!skinsxvii (181)2/28/2018
tradeGreat to work with. Item came quickly and was as described. Thanks.josh96 (380)2/21/2018
tradeThanks for the trade. Rock chalkehans83 (127)2/7/2018
buyerFantastic to deal with. Highly reconmend!jbare24 (175)1/31/2018
tradeGreat trade for both sides. Thanks!!!!dabulls (622)1/17/2018
tradeThanks Brian. Great to trade with. A++ Member!!dabulls (622)1/17/2018
buyerGreat to deal with DodgerDog (740)12/25/2017
tradeSmooth trade. Look forward to working with again. Akoch (99)12/13/2017
buyerQuickly paid. Pleasure to work with. Thanks and enjoyjosh96 (380)11/21/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)10/5/2017
buyerQuick payment and communication, great buyer, thanks!cor3y (574)9/29/2017
buyerGreat transaction. A+Ebanks14 (224)8/21/2017
tradeaways a pleasure, thanks for the tradeLSUby50 (441)8/18/2017
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)6/25/2017
buyerfast payment thx card on the waycccp (284)6/13/2017
tradeThanks for the trade! Brian is an A+ member in the SCN community!trav1105 (253)6/8/2017
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)5/22/2017
buyerthanksshawnmcnair (349)2/16/2017
buyerA++ transaction!! Thanksuaa5246 (65)2/10/2017
buyerA+franco858 (637)2/10/2017
buyerGreat trader, thanks!cor3y (574)1/14/2017
buyerQucik pay. Thanks.bagsfan52 (152)1/8/2017
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)1/6/2017
buyerGreat buyer. Easy and Smooth. Thanks!!sbfinley (61)1/2/2017
buyerA+cardsfan06 (202)1/2/2017
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)11/14/2016
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)11/14/2016
buyerGreat communication, and Super fast payment!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)10/24/2016
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)10/23/2016
buyerthanksshawnmcnair (349)10/17/2016
buyerGreat guy to deal with. A+gregm13 (160)10/15/2016
buyerThank you for another easy transaction.bandit11 (495)9/22/2016
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)8/11/2016
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)8/11/2016
buyerThank you for an easy transaction.bandit11 (495)8/11/2016
buyerA Pleasure to deal with Thanks much!!!!!rileywfs (207)7/5/2016
buyerThank you for an easy tranasction.bandit11 (495)6/19/2016
buyerThank you for an easy tranasction.bandit11 (495)6/19/2016
buyerAlways a great person to trade withvalvino (65)5/31/2016
buyerThanks!haj42002 (73)5/28/2016
tradeGood to trade with. Highly recommend toddmc9136 (164)5/16/2016
buyerQuickly paid and good communication. Thanks and enjoy.josh96 (380)5/3/2016
buyerfast pay thanks.cccp (284)4/29/2016
tradeGreat deal, excellent communications, items as described and shipped quickly. Thanks and enjoy.josh96 (380)3/29/2016
buyerfast payment and communication like always.cccp (284)3/26/2016
buyerGreat Guy!! Thank You!!!abspimp99 (524)3/18/2016
buyerFast payment, great communicationbenfrazier (98)3/4/2016
tradegood transaction as always, thanks buddyLSUby50 (441)2/12/2016
sellerGreat member!LDuckett23 (43)2/12/2016
buyerGreat member, and communication. Thanks!alexl (275)12/31/2015
buyerfast payment but i could not find the bad!cccp (284)12/15/2015
buyerSmooth TransactionAlbert2011 (169)12/9/2015
tradeAwesome trade. Thanks againRass83 (149)10/2/2015
tradeGreat trade. Thanks and enjoyjosh96 (380)9/8/2015
buyerfast payment, good scn member!LSUby50 (441)8/25/2015
buyerQuick payment easy transaction. Thanks!derek2428 (30)8/7/2015
buyerGreat member to work with. thanks!bwowls (309)6/11/2015
buyerGreat member to deal with. Thanks!bwowls (309)5/28/2015
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)5/26/2015
buyerrec'd quick payment. trusted buyerambigious777 (75)4/28/2015
buyerthank udavidmp (136)4/25/2015
buyerA+ membermbecher (83)2/2/2015
tradegreat trader, thanks!LSUby50 (441)1/23/2015
buyerThank You!!abspimp99 (524)11/29/2014
tradesmooth transaction, thanksKeith (29)10/11/2014
tradethanks again for the trade!LSUby50 (441)10/7/2014
buyerthanks!! ridiculousxdream (994)9/29/2014
buyerThanks!! Fast Payment.A++ memberdabulls (622)9/25/2014
buyerGreat transaction. Thanks alotDetroitfan11 (120)8/22/2014
buyerThanks for an easy transaction!alexizhot (119)8/20/2014
buyerExcellent communication and fast payment - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)8/19/2014
tradegreat trade, A+ memberLSUby50 (441)7/14/2014
buyerAlways a pleasure to work withpriesthunter (47)7/5/2014
buyerThanks for the quick payment!avadakedavra (39)6/6/2014
tradeGreat trader and SCN member, thanks!LSUby50 (441)5/7/2014
tradeGreat trader, fast shipping. Love the mini helmets!LSUby50 (441)5/2/2014
buyergood buyer thanks again!jwm202 (244)4/1/2014
buyerThanks againjoeed_10 (13)3/12/2014
buyerSmooth transactionRootforthebravos (86)2/20/2014
buyersmooth transactionRootforthebravos (86)2/9/2014
buyerAlways a great result. Thanks Brianjamieblye (1498)1/31/2014
buyerThanks gleng2 (240)1/11/2014
buyerGreat member!! Hope to work with again!Thanks for the quick payment!todddabod84 (43)12/9/2013
sellerFast shipping...great to work with...A++morells86 (127)11/13/2013
buyerGood!bowers28 (198)10/14/2013
buyerExcellentsethd (208)6/24/2013
sellerAwesome member to deal with!! One of the best. thanks again.backroadcat (268)6/14/2013
tradeAnother great trade with Brian. Thanks!Desi (47)5/27/2013
buyerBrian's a great member and trader!ddtjman (374)5/18/2013
buyerGreat member Perfect transaction. Thank you. SABRESFAN29 (88)5/17/2013
tradeBrian is a great guy to deal with.valvino (65)5/16/2013
buyerGreat person to deal with.valvino (65)4/29/2013
tradeGREAT TO DEAL WITHtodd9hundley (122)3/17/2013
buyerGreat to deal with!sjs779 (13)3/15/2013
tradeHighly recommended member, thanks againroyalsFan19 (478)3/12/2013
buyerawesome member!!! thanks!!eclipsealot (29)2/12/2013
buyerA++++ Quick payment, easy to communicate with!detbaskball (12)1/15/2013
buyerFast payment thanks gleng2 (240)10/11/2012
buyergreat transaction...thanksstevek1971 (44)10/2/2012
buyerThanks for the deal. Quick payment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AAA+++D-Rock (273)10/1/2012
tradeGreat trade!jsgmlb0909 (26)8/4/2012
buyerFast payment as always. Great Collector!T8Money (66)7/10/2012
buyerFast payment and great communication. Easy to work with.Derfw3 (50)6/28/2012
buyerQuick payment. Thanks.macoates (34)5/21/2012
tradeThanksdukeman2685 (282)5/16/2012
buyerThanks, enjoy!pjadd (202)5/15/2012
buyerThanks for the purchasetohasbo18 (47)4/9/2012
buyerfast payment thanksDaNotoriousNIC (93)3/5/2012
buyerThanks again!royalsfan07 (192)1/28/2012
buyerEnjoy! Great trader as alwaysgleng2 (240)12/30/2011
tradeSmooth transaction, would trade witha again!GoYanks52 (508)12/18/2011
tradeThanks for a great transaction!sciflyer (7)12/12/2011
tradeTrade worked out and items received as discussed. Thanks!Desi (47)11/12/2011
buyerGreat exchange. One of the good guys.T8Money (66)10/22/2011
buyerGreat To Deal With!!!abspimp99 (524)10/16/2011
buyervery east to deal with. enjoy the jerseyvegasink (80)7/17/2011
tradeawesome trader, thank youjamieblye (1498)5/30/2011
buyerGreat to deal with, Thank youjamieblye (1498)5/30/2011
buyervery easy to work withelchert13 (259)5/18/2011
tradeOne of the bestjeruzal (58)4/29/2011
buyerGreat Communication hankhelton1 (97)4/28/2011
buyerthanks alot luckymike32 (305)4/28/2011
tradeReceived the item today! Very nice! A+++++detbaskball (12)4/25/2011
tradethanks for the tradechefbrian1971 (42)3/19/2011
tradeEverything went good! Thankscardfan4ever (263)3/3/2011
tradeEverything looks Great!!! Thankscardfan4ever (263)3/3/2011
tradegreat transactionsps23lab (235)2/24/2011
tradeThanks for the trade!trav1105 (253)2/20/2011
buyerGreat buyer. Quick payment and excellent communication! ENJOY!hatryx8 (82)2/19/2011
tradeNice ball, good trade. Thanks!shawnmcnair (349)2/12/2011
buyerA+ as always. great member to our community. jermda1 (189)2/7/2011
buyerThanks again. royalsfan07 (192)1/16/2011
tradeShips Tomorrow. Thanks for quick payment!!!gleng2 (240)10/21/2010
tradeGood communication and great deal for both. Thanks again!Desi (47)10/5/2010
tradeThanks again.....jeruzal (58)10/2/2010
tradeGreat Transaction!!abspimp99 (524)9/30/2010
tradegot the jersey, thanks!LSUby50 (441)9/28/2010
tradeGreat trade, thanks Brianvalvino (65)9/26/2010
tradeQuick Payment, Great to deal with, Thanks again!baird34 (183)9/20/2010
tradeVery easy to work with. Thankselchert13 (259)9/7/2010
tradeThanks again!royalsfan07 (192)9/5/2010
tradeAnother great trade..Thanksjeruzal (58)9/2/2010
tradeOne of the best traders!!!jeruzal (58)8/26/2010
tradeGreat Traderjslaw (279)8/22/2010
tradeBall arrived quickly, and well packaged. He even threw in a ball cube. Thanks!jasonxmay (111)8/7/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradethank you, look forward to some more trades in the futureroyalsFan19 (478)7/10/2010
tradefast payment, great communication. enjoy the items! jermda1 (189)7/3/2010
tradeFast Payment, great trader! Thanksjeff7602 (8)6/4/2010
tradeexcellent traderj_esh (77)5/7/2010
tradeGreat guy. Pleasure doing business with. Definitely would trade with again!jake1123 (59)4/15/2010
tradeawesome dealob48026 (15)4/15/2010
tradegreat shipping...A+++rahrahbullcrap (28)4/5/2010
tradeexcellent traderj_esh (77)3/24/2010
tradeThanks again!bigaj412 (59)3/6/2010
tradegreat trader, fast shipping.LSUby50 (441)3/4/2010
tradeEASY TO DEAL WITHtodd9hundley (122)2/24/2010
tradegreat person to deal with. fast paymentNyJets91 (52)2/17/2010
tradeGreat member!rba333 (95)2/11/2010
tradefast payment. great buyerNyJets91 (52)2/6/2010
tradeGreat buyer, thanks.REDSOXFAN345818 (80)2/4/2010
tradeThanks for the great Hadl and Reesing autos!Liezert558 (72)2/3/2010
tradeWelcome to SCN. Good Traderjeruzal (58)2/2/2010
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