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buyerfast pay thanks.cccp (290)11/26/2023
tradeAwesome to deal with, fast ship, great communication bmarshfan (21)10/30/2023
buyerAwesome to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (370)10/30/2023
buyerThanks A++++++kdubs (362)10/27/2023
buyerFast payment, thank youworldwideed (371)10/10/2023
tradeGreat to trade with. Thanks for the set help!JNeel15 (167)10/3/2023
buyerThanks again DodgerDog (760)10/2/2023
tradeAwesome trade, quick ship, just as described, hoping to do more trades in the future!bmarshfan (21)9/13/2023
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (641)9/5/2023
tradeThanks!!!!dabulls (641)9/5/2023
buyerGreat Buyer. Fast payment. Thanks!sbfinley (64)9/5/2023
buyerThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1600)8/19/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1600)8/19/2023
buyerEasy deal. Thanks.dcpolak (389)8/12/2023
buyerEasy deal. Thanks.dcpolak (389)8/12/2023
private signingA+++++ (please leave me feedback if you haven't already!)chickenlittle (614)8/8/2023
buyerGreat transaction! Glad to help your collection!dugoutdug (684)7/31/2023
buyerPayment to ship 7/31/23lostdart (198)7/29/2023
buyerPayment received......card to ship 7/17/23lostdart (198)7/16/2023
buyerthanksjeffplaysball (129)7/11/2023
buyerthanksjeffplaysball (129)7/11/2023
tradeSmooth transaction.jericholic44 (162)6/23/2023
buyerTHANKScccp (290)6/21/2023
buyerAlways Great to deal with. Thanks!!!!dabulls (641)6/5/2023
private signingThanks alotjamieblye (1525)5/27/2023
buyerThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1600)5/25/2023
buyerThanks! Hope you enjoy.Mattingly4232 (84)4/28/2023
buyerThanks Brandon....card is on the way from Nebraska 4/22thepil (338)4/21/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1600)3/29/2023
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating in my PSA Submission!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)3/24/2023
buyerthanks for buying!camgraphs7 (90)3/19/2023
tradeGreat member to deal with great trademomo44 (342)3/12/2023
private signingThanks for taking part rifon (1250)3/11/2023
buyerTHXgkoz316 (407)1/29/2023
private signingThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1600)1/22/2023
buyerBall mailed today. Enjoy!ehans83 (131)1/18/2023
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (246)12/6/2022
tradeGreat member to deal withmomo44 (342)11/9/2022
buyerThanks very much! Great transaction!dw1017 (669)11/3/2022
tradeThanks great addition to my collection momo44 (342)10/30/2022
buyerGreat buyer. Fast payment. Thanks. Lordstan (145)10/14/2022
buyerThanks for taking part in my PSA Submission!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)9/29/2022
sellerGreat to work withleslierockstravi (236)9/27/2022
private signingVery easy to work with!Mac6185 (499)9/20/2022
private signingThanks for taking part rifon (1250)9/14/2022
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (389)9/9/2022
buyerGreat buyerwesley (61)9/2/2022
tradeThank you for another great trade!Bernie (330)8/19/2022
buyerThanks again...pleasure to work with.munson1978 (341)8/15/2022
buyerThank you!nexus8793 (68)8/5/2022
private signingA++ Thanksjamieblye (1525)7/27/2022
sellerThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. A+A+D-Rock (278)7/6/2022
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1525)7/6/2022
50-50 / consignmentgood deal, thanks alotjamieblye (1525)7/6/2022
buyerThanks B as usual !trav1105 (253)6/24/2022
tradeGreat trade partner!!tamu11 (42)6/5/2022
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (389)6/4/2022
buyerThank You!trav1105 (253)6/3/2022
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)5/19/2022
buyerBrandon is an A+ SCN member!trav1105 (253)4/29/2022
buyerThanks B! Another great deal! A+ SCN membertrav1105 (253)4/29/2022
buyerThankstrav1105 (253)4/27/2022
buyerThanks are on the way!thepil (338)4/22/2022
sellerThanks for the trade!!danrog (93)4/21/2022
tradeSmooth trade. Thanks!droidtrade (89)4/20/2022
sellerNice card!!!jeffnash (490)4/18/2022
sellergreat!Marchillo (56)4/18/2022
sellergreat!Marchillo (56)4/18/2022
buyerSmooth and easy to deal withmunson1978 (341)4/5/2022
buyerA+, no issuesjbeiermann (686)4/4/2022
tradeAlways great to deal with!!dabulls (641)4/1/2022
tradeAlways great to deal with. Thanks!!dabulls (641)4/1/2022
buyerFast payment, thank you!4donovans (518)3/23/2022
buyerFast payment, thank you!4donovans (518)3/23/2022
buyerThanks again Brandon!DodgerDog (760)2/17/2022
private signinggreat as always, thanksjamieblye (1525)2/9/2022
tradeAnother great trade with a great memberroyboyct (164)1/21/2022
tradeGreat trade, hope there are more to comeroyboyct (164)12/24/2021
tradeEasy trade, great communication and quick shipping!brentk (93)12/17/2021
buyerThanks a ton! Enjoy!philly84 (498)12/17/2021
sellerThanksGremedies (218)11/30/2021
tradeA great trade with a great trader - thank you!royboyct (164)11/22/2021
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (760)11/16/2021
buyerFast payment thanks deano (917)10/20/2021
buyerGreat transaction, highly recommendsverteramo (55)10/10/2021
buyerSuper quick payment. Thanks!jkb378 (45)10/8/2021
buyergood transaction. thanks!tdrsnake (63)9/14/2021
buyerThanks for purchasing the Willie Lanier auto 3CCollectibles (111)8/23/2021
tradeGreat to deal with. Thank you.tecumesh44 (76)8/10/2021
tradeGreat to deal with. Thank you.tecumesh44 (76)8/5/2021
tradeGreat trade. Thanks.tecumesh44 (76)7/23/2021
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (246)7/22/2021
tradeGreat transaction!!! Thanks AgainRass83 (149)6/30/2021
tradeThank you - Nice JobFDJC2090 (221)6/27/2021
tradeGreat to work with, excellent communication. Thx!!4jwilsons (141)6/9/2021
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (246)4/11/2021
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (389)4/3/2021
tradeGreat member, thanks A+midog (421)3/19/2021
tradeGreat member, thanks A+midog (421)3/19/2021
buyerThanks again Brandon!DodgerDog (760)3/15/2021
buyerEasy deal. Thanks!dcpolak (389)3/9/2021
tradethanks!!gkoz316 (407)2/18/2021
tradeThanks!!dabulls (641)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (641)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (641)2/10/2021
sellerThanks!!!dabulls (641)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!!dabulls (641)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!! dabulls (641)2/10/2021
tradeThanks!!! dabulls (641)2/10/2021
buyergreat dude to work with bowers28 (198)2/3/2021
sellergreat dude to work with bowers28 (198)2/3/2021
buyerThanks!!!!dabulls (641)2/3/2021
buyerAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (760)2/2/2021
sellerGreat!rschear (34)2/1/2021
tradeGreat signed cards, thank you!Bernie (330)1/29/2021
buyerGreat!bkritz (574)1/20/2021
tradeFantastic Member, Awesome to Trade with Hope to deal with again A++++++++Jshock80 (68)1/16/2021
tradeGreat!bkritz (574)1/10/2021
tradeGreatbkritz (574)1/10/2021
tradeFantastic Member, Awesome to Trade with Hope to deal with again A++++++++Jshock80 (68)1/8/2021
buyerGreat member of the SCN community! A+ experience!!einho (504)1/2/2021
tradeThanks again for doing this. Got my cards today jeserone (798)12/21/2020
tradethanksmossy (274)12/20/2020
buyerGreat communication!!!!!!!oucats02 (160)12/20/2020
sellerThank you!!! Great person to deal with hawaiianbambam (213)12/13/2020
buyerThanks gkoz316 (407)12/12/2020
buyerThanks gkoz316 (407)12/12/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
50-50 / consignmentAs always, a great member to work withGoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
tradeGreat to work with sccrow (121)12/11/2020
buyerGreat to work with sccrow (121)12/11/2020
tradethankspsugator01 (560)12/11/2020
buyerThanks!craigbnyman (508)12/10/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)12/10/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)12/10/2020
sellerGreat to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (370)12/10/2020
buyerSent today sorry for the delayChrisGraphs (109)12/9/2020
sellerEasy to work with as always!Chavez78 (246)12/8/2020
sellerThank you dukemiller (137)12/8/2020
buyerGreat to work with!pdg16 (281)12/7/2020
buyerQuick payment. Thank you !FrankM (186)11/30/2020
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (246)11/28/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)11/11/2020
buyerSmooth transaction...great member to deal with!biggez99 (290)11/1/2020
buyerA+++!CubsWin82 (162)10/22/2020
buyerTheses shipped today sorry for the delay ChrisGraphs (109)10/7/2020
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)9/22/2020
buyertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (665)9/19/2020
tradeExcellent to deal with, thanks very much!frosejr (298)9/17/2020
buyerGreat Buyer, fast payment. ThanksLTsui (42)9/14/2020
buyerGreat to deal withLionsfan1953 (69)9/8/2020
buyerThanks again!DodgerDog (760)8/23/2020
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship todaynoach2343 (320)8/11/2020
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (246)7/21/2020
buyerGreat transaction, would deal with again - thanks.Newman (88)7/5/2020
buyerSmooth transaction, enjoy the card!Newman (88)7/5/2020
buyerThanks!philly84 (498)6/25/2020
buyerGreat!bkritz (574)5/26/2020
buyerGreat member!!MantleMaris61 (42)5/16/2020
sellerThank you!!rlbdjones74 (273)4/29/2020
tradeSorry this is late. Thank you!loringslegends (82)4/29/2020
buyerThank you for another easy transaction :)Bernie (330)4/28/2020
tradeThanks!downway69 (70)4/23/2020
sellerGreat additions to the collection!Chavez78 (246)4/18/2020
tradeGreat to deal with, great communication!juando19 (109)4/18/2020
buyerQuick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (775)4/16/2020
tradeShipped extremely fast and good communication. Thanks for the tradejosh96 (387)4/13/2020
tradeGreat guy/trade! Thanks again!kdubs (362)4/11/2020
tradeGreat trade. Thanks!renaissancemanla (250)4/1/2020
tradeAlways a pleasure. One of the best!brian2324 (166)3/30/2020
tradeAnother great trade - as always - with LSUby50brian2324 (166)3/27/2020
tradeThanks for the trade bratz0021 (26)3/23/2020
tradeGreat signed cards, thank you!Bernie (330)3/14/2020
tradeGreat to work with. Thanks for everything. Hope to deal with again.cofoid (79)3/7/2020
tradeGreat to work with. Thanks for everything. Hope to deal with again.cofoid (79)3/7/2020
tradeGreat trader, enjoyed working with you and hope to again. Thanks much!wahoo2719 (55)3/6/2020
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (320)2/20/2020
buyerGreat trader. Thanks!timbo05 (189)2/15/2020
buyerAwesome thanks Silverbacksports (864)2/12/2020
buyerSorry about that, but always great communication DodgerDog (760)2/5/2020
buyerSmooth txn...thx!andybam (308)1/14/2020
buyerThanks very much!!dw1017 (669)12/23/2019
50-50 / consignmentThanks!newyorkmets575 (200)12/14/2019
buyerAlways great!bkritz (574)12/9/2019
tradePIF mojoTD30forHOF (81)12/8/2019
sellerCard looks great. Thanks so much!!j_bodensteiner (349)11/30/2019
tradeThanks for the great trade! Bernie (330)11/30/2019
buyerThanks again for a easy going transaction. DodgerDog (760)11/29/2019
tradeThank you!Bernie (330)11/16/2019
tradeCards enroute, thanks again!medic-34 (723)11/12/2019
sellerGreat cards...Thanks!!!WatsonBoys (165)11/11/2019
sellerGreat member to work with!dprince (222)11/11/2019
buyerThank You for your purchase. Enjoy your card. GreatNeddcardz (177)11/10/2019
buyerSmooth txn...thanks!andybam (308)11/3/2019
tradeThank youucffans (237)10/28/2019
buyerEnjoy jcq08 (551)10/28/2019
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)10/24/2019
buyerGreat member MantleMaris61 (42)10/16/2019
sellerFast shipping! Thankspastimeauthentic (142)10/16/2019
buyerNice doing business with you, Thanksrad32lefty (113)10/12/2019
sellerSuper smooth transaction, thank you!cosmo (580)10/9/2019
tradeEnjoy!chevimpala00 (47)10/9/2019
buyerFast payment! Thanks!philly84 (498)10/6/2019
tradeThanks for the auto. Excellent member drwinkie (261)10/3/2019
tradeThank you and enjoy your card.Neddcardz (177)10/3/2019
tradeGreat card. Thank you.Neddcardz (177)9/30/2019
tradePIFRass83 (149)9/29/2019
tradeExcellent as always! Thx! A ++ SCN Memberz722 (264)9/27/2019
tradeGreat card. Thank You .Neddcardz (177)9/14/2019
tradeExcellent as always! Thx! A ++ SCN Memberz722 (264)9/3/2019
buyerThank You for your purchase. Enjoy your card.Neddcardz (177)8/19/2019
buyerGreat dealing with you - thank you!erocmace (131)8/13/2019
50-50 / consignmentGot a few for you, enjoy!yanks39 (215)8/5/2019
tradeThanks for a great trade!littleking83 (140)7/23/2019
50-50 / consignmentfast payment, jersey is on its way back todayroyalsFan19 (483)7/22/2019
tradeA+, no issuesjbeiermann (686)7/19/2019
buyerQuick payment great to deal withce1012 (775)7/13/2019
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship Mondaynoach2343 (320)6/29/2019
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (320)6/24/2019
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (320)6/16/2019
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (320)6/11/2019
buyersmooth fast transaction! ship tomorrownoach2343 (320)6/10/2019
buyerGreat transaction! Glad to help your collection!dugoutdug (684)6/3/2019
buyerThxcccp (290)5/30/2019
tradeAwesome!bkritz (574)5/30/2019
buyerThank you very much, A+! cort10 (537)5/24/2019
buyerThxcccp (290)5/11/2019
tradesmooth transaction! Thanks!jen_paulse (21)5/7/2019
sellerToo bad we can't do more it was well worth it and funmancini7481 (178)5/6/2019
tradeAlways a pleasure!ddtjman (375)4/30/2019
buyerFast payment great member ekendall (165)4/29/2019
tradeThank You!!crsnyd (95)4/21/2019
tradeThank You!!crsnyd (95)4/21/2019
buyerSuper Fast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)4/19/2019
buyerGreat As Always!!!abspimp99 (525)4/15/2019
buyerSuper fast pay. Sorry for the delay on my part.timbo05 (189)4/12/2019
tradeGreat trade!!! Love these coins! Thanks! - Natewilds1 (191)4/6/2019
buyerSuper fast payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)3/29/2019
tradeGood trade. Thanks!gator11 (197)3/25/2019
buyerGreat as always DodgerDog (760)3/13/2019
sellerthanksmossy (274)2/27/2019
buyerFast Payment and great to deal with. munson1978 (341)2/26/2019
tradethanks for the Mussina & Yankees tradedevilsfan15 (412)2/19/2019
sellerperfect transaction, thanks!dw1017 (669)2/15/2019
tradeGreat member. Goes above and beyond to help out.wavefan1960 (102)1/22/2019
tradeSuper guy to deal withwavefan1960 (102)1/22/2019
tradeThe best! Thank you!cliffak (38)1/8/2019
sellerGreat transaction, trust this SCN member!stevkatz14 (134)1/3/2019
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks!pats1fan (370)12/26/2018
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)12/17/2018
sellerThanks very much, great transactiondw1017 (669)12/4/2018
buyerFast payment, great member to deal with. Thanks!jih11 (149)11/28/2018
buyerA++ MemberSoxAutographs29 (350)11/15/2018
buyerExcellent SCN member!! A++++z722 (264)10/31/2018
buyerGreat as always, thanks again!DodgerDog (760)10/28/2018
buyerSuper fast payment toddmc9136 (166)10/25/2018
buyerGreat to deal with.xtrain000 (254)10/19/2018
sellerReceived today Great transaction!!lmcmahon (161)9/27/2018
buyerthanksnyy42 (36)9/26/2018
sellerCool cards. Fast shipping. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)9/24/2018
sellerGreat member!jp1bearsfan (245)9/23/2018
sellerCool cards. Fast shipping! Thanks Haleysdaddy0304 (859)9/19/2018
sellerthanksscottdfran (325)9/19/2018
buyerGreat Transaction!!! Thanks AgainRass83 (149)9/15/2018
buyerPerfect!!bkritz (574)9/12/2018
tradeThank you so much for the trade and the extrasj24g34 (253)8/30/2018
tradeThanks for another great trademidog (421)8/30/2018
buyerFast Payment. A+++ BuyerPadresApologist (347)8/26/2018
buyerFast payment, thanks!schnepa (292)8/5/2018
tradeGreat to work with, excellent communication, thanks for the trade!brentk (93)8/2/2018
buyerGreatcccp (290)7/30/2018
sellerFantastic Member! Thank you!oucats02 (160)7/30/2018
buyerExcellent to deal with, thanks very much!frosejr (298)7/18/2018
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)7/16/2018
buyerGreat transaction - thanks!dpuccio (19)7/15/2018
buyersmooth fast transaction! shipped todaynoach2343 (320)7/9/2018
sellerGreat card and fast deliverycirclecity22 (112)7/7/2018
tradeThank you for the great trade! Nice to add a new autograph to my collection r0yals2012 (155)7/2/2018
buyerAwesome to deal with, really appreciate it!frosejr (298)6/29/2018
buyerQuick payment, great member.Pavelbure10x (65)6/25/2018
sellerthanks!jcq08 (551)6/4/2018
buyerThank You for your purchase. Enjoy your cards. Neddcardz (177)6/2/2018
buyerAwesomethebug (82)5/26/2018
buyerGreat as always DodgerDog (760)5/17/2018
buyera pleasure to deal withpooh528 (397)5/10/2018
buyerexcellent to deal with as always, thanks!dhawkinsva (215)5/9/2018
tradeThanks for the auto drwinkie (261)5/8/2018
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade, buy, sell, and chat with this guy.wavefan1960 (102)5/7/2018
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with. Thanks Brandonbrian2324 (166)5/7/2018
buyerAlways a pleasureDodgerDog (760)5/6/2018
sellerNice items - thanks!88raj88 (115)5/6/2018
sellertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (665)5/5/2018
tradeGood member!TD30forHOF (81)5/3/2018
sellerNIce cards. Thanks.bigjohn (103)4/28/2018
sellerGreat Transaction!! A+++nytope27 (22)4/22/2018
sellergood as gold!Oldschoolfan (29)4/22/2018
buyerSuper fast payment & easy to deal with! Thank youtrapped213 (266)4/22/2018
buyerThanks deano (917)4/17/2018
sellerGreat card, great price, fast and secure shipping. Thanks again.jih11 (149)4/16/2018
sellerGreat card shipped quickly - thanks!rynohof23 (366)4/16/2018
buyerThanks deano (917)4/16/2018
tradeThanks for the trade!buyerbrad (2)4/11/2018
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)4/7/2018
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)3/22/2018
sellerNice looking lot of HOF AL Barlick signed cards- thanks!fredmed (270)3/18/2018
sellerThanks a ton!philly84 (498)3/13/2018
sellerCard arrived on Saturday. Could not be happier.RSTAND3 (106)3/12/2018
buyerThank You for your purchase. Enjoy your cards. Great Buyer.Neddcardz (177)3/10/2018
buyerThanks for the great transaction! -Natewilds1 (191)3/3/2018
buyerGreat transaction. Pleasure to deal with!Chelly86 (234)3/2/2018
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysDodgerDog (760)2/21/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (760)2/7/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (760)2/6/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (760)2/5/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (760)2/5/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (760)2/5/2018
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)2/2/2018
sellerGreat transaction and snooth delivery! Thanks! JocsLFHecklers (86)2/2/2018
buyerGreat person to deal with, thanks!martyesullivan (314)1/22/2018
sellerSmooth transaction and great communication!skinsfan1 (63)1/21/2018
buyerPerfect!bkritz (574)1/17/2018
buyerGreat to deal with. A+++++dawgeers (121)1/14/2018
sellerGreat person to deal withvalvino (65)1/14/2018
buyerGreat transaction!!!BleedingBlue (90)1/10/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)1/9/2018
tradeA+, thanks so much for helping my son's collection!!jbeiermann (686)1/9/2018
sellerThank you for the cards....roosterrooh (292)1/9/2018
buyerQuickly paid. Thanks and enjoyjosh96 (387)1/8/2018
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)12/29/2017
buyerGreat as always DodgerDog (760)12/26/2017
tradeAlways great to trade with. Thanks dabulls (641)12/26/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)12/7/2017
buyerGreat thx Silverbacksports (864)11/27/2017
sellerA++++gabegross (96)11/27/2017
buyerThanks FeycoBexar (182)11/23/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)11/22/2017
sellerCards look great. Thanks!detroitfan84 (104)11/22/2017
sellerLooks great, thank you!WiseAndEck (117)11/20/2017
buyerthank you!BenB (149)11/17/2017
sellerFast shipping, great seller, thanks!!bronxbomber33 (286)11/13/2017
buyerFast payment. Thanks for the easy deal!PadresApologist (347)11/10/2017
tradeGreat trade thanksdeano (917)10/22/2017
buyerthxcccp (290)10/18/2017
buyerInstant payment! Great communication!maddog (261)10/14/2017
sellergreat autographjake314658 (75)10/6/2017
buyerThanksmunson1978 (341)10/5/2017
buyerThanksmunson1978 (341)10/5/2017
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)10/3/2017
sellerThanks for a quick and easy transaction on Hunter card! bmc441 (123)10/2/2017
sellerA+++++dmullen84 (89)9/27/2017
sellerGreat trader! Nice mini and thanks for the free shipping!patsfangk (87)9/23/2017
buyerA+++++dmullen84 (89)9/20/2017
sellerGreat to deal withendbox (175)9/17/2017
sellerThankx for the help, Smooth transactionpopbottleman (317)9/16/2017
sellerGreat card, fast shipping. Thanks A+++yanks39 (215)9/16/2017
buyerThankstrav1105 (253)9/15/2017
tradeThanks so much! A+++++oucats02 (160)9/1/2017
buyerA++++ Top Notch Member! Thanks for the purchase!mwparry123 (268)8/29/2017
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)8/29/2017
tradeTrust this member! Item as described & delivered quickly! Would trade with again!cpdinc (590)8/28/2017
buyerFast payment - thanks a ton!timdmillersax (33)8/24/2017
tradeOne of the very best on SCN! Thanks budbrian2324 (166)8/21/2017
sellerExcellant Deal!!!!!! Thanks!!!ytme2 (220)8/21/2017
sellerCard looks great. Thanks!j_bodensteiner (349)8/20/2017
buyerEasy to deal with for the transaction!azd-backs252003 (177)8/17/2017
sellerCard is great thankyouNickk96 (237)8/16/2017
buyerThanks a lot!walkmen (183)8/15/2017
buyergreat to deal with as usual!!azd-backs252003 (177)8/14/2017
tradetha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (665)8/5/2017
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)7/31/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)7/30/2017
tradethank you....roosterrooh (292)7/23/2017
buyerAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (760)7/18/2017
buyerFast payment, great member to deal with. jih11 (149)7/17/2017
sellerThanks!! Smooth Transaction A++Crunk57 (153)7/9/2017
buyerEasy transaction!!! maddog (261)7/9/2017
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)7/6/2017
buyerEasy Transaction! Instant Payment!maddog (261)7/4/2017
buyerExtremely easy to deal with great buyer!azd-backs252003 (177)7/2/2017
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)6/29/2017
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)6/24/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!DBesse27 (38)6/18/2017
sellerGreat SCN member, fast shipping, Thanks!!!lutherlafy (732)6/15/2017
buyerpaid immediately-what else can a seller ask for?! A+einho (504)6/14/2017
buyerGreat thank youSilverbacksports (864)6/12/2017
buyerFast Payment. Photo mailed 6-9-17.invctrl (357)6/10/2017
buyerExcellent to work with, quick pay and great communication, A +++brentk (93)6/10/2017
sellerGreat Card Thanks jmmagic1 (59)6/6/2017
tradeGood Deal! Thanks Brother!TD30forHOF (81)6/3/2017
tradeFar exceeded what was promised or expected .den7373 (233)5/27/2017
buyerGreat member! Thanks!pastimeauthentic (142)5/21/2017
tradeThanks for the trade!tryfinski (532)5/15/2017
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)5/14/2017
tradeFast communication and quick shipping, great trader as usual, thanks!cor3y (587)5/12/2017
sellerreceived, thank you muddogs21 (315)5/12/2017
sellerNice cards...thanks!andybam (308)5/8/2017
sellerGreat cards, thanks!4donovans (518)5/6/2017
sellertha-rock sez thanks for tha great card!tha-rock (665)5/4/2017
sellerVery happy with results. Thank you86fan (160)5/4/2017
buyerThanks for the very quick PayPal payment! A+trav1105 (253)4/26/2017
50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating in my BAS Sub!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)4/21/2017
buyerPerfect transaction. Thank you priesthunter (47)4/21/2017
buyerExtremely fast PayPal payment! LSUby50 is one of the best in the SCN community!trav1105 (253)4/21/2017
buyerA++ Thanks!pastimeauthentic (142)4/19/2017
buyercards mailed - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)4/14/2017
buyercards mailed - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)4/6/2017
tradeGreat transaction. Thanks!ohyeah29 (184)4/5/2017
buyerVery easy to deal with, perfect!azd-backs252003 (177)3/28/2017
tradeAlways great to trade with. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)3/24/2017
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sellerGreat Sellerqriggins (200)2/18/2017
tradeA+, The man, the legend, that is B WAX!jbeiermann (686)1/31/2017
tradeGreat cards; Great trade; Thanks!PogoCards (54)1/20/2017
buyerAlways a great transaction with BrandonDodgerDog (760)1/20/2017
buyerFast payment , thx !!!RDS22 (329)1/17/2017
tradeExceptional Communication - Fantastic SCN Member !!!!FDJC2090 (221)1/12/2017
sellerAnother flawless transaction !!! Great Job and Great SCN Member !!! Thank YouFDJC2090 (221)1/12/2017
buyerFast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)1/9/2017
buyereasy transaction thanks. justin0467 (375)1/9/2017
buyerA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (686)1/7/2017
buyerpleasure to deal with!sunsetmain (66)1/5/2017
sellerCards look great. Thanks a lot!j_bodensteiner (349)1/3/2017
buyerA+, Class act, prompt, fast, thanks for helping!!jbeiermann (686)12/30/2016
buyerPleasure to trade with. Thank yousunsetmain (66)12/29/2016
buyerThank you very much! cort10 (537)12/20/2016
sellerGreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)12/19/2016
tradeenjoy,happy holidays!cosmo (580)12/17/2016
sellerGreat addition to my collection momo44 (342)12/15/2016
sellerGreat autographed cards, thank you very much!Bernie (330)12/15/2016
sellerCards look great. Thanks a lot!j_bodensteiner (349)12/14/2016
tradeThank you very much, such an excellent member!roosterrooh (292)12/14/2016
sellerreceived the card, thank youmuddogs21 (315)12/13/2016
buyerThank you, Brandon!boswell423 (236)12/11/2016
buyerA plusbowers28 (198)12/8/2016
sellerThanks!gbober (243)12/6/2016
sellerthanks for the deal!tryfinski (532)12/5/2016
buyerthank you.2hotty (246)12/2/2016
buyerNice smooth transaction. Thank youtomseaver (157)11/29/2016
tradeA+, painless, class act!jbeiermann (686)11/19/2016
buyerGreat Communication! Instant Payment!maddog (261)11/17/2016
buyerA+cardsfan06 (202)11/7/2016
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buyerAlways a pleasure with BrandonDodgerDog (760)10/20/2016
tradeGreat member - one of the bestucffans (237)10/18/2016
buyerGreat transaction, thanks a lot!Cooptown (161)10/12/2016
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)9/20/2016
buyerThanks!!dabulls (641)8/30/2016
sellerAn absolute pleasure to deal with a great member of this site. thank you again!hawaiianbambam (213)8/29/2016
sellerreceived the cards, thank youmuddogs21 (315)8/20/2016
buyerFast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)8/19/2016
sellerCards Rcvd: 08/16/16 - Fast Shipping, Well Packaged & Great Communication - Fantastic SCN Member !!!FDJC2090 (221)8/18/2016
sellerCard Rcvd: 08/16/16 - Fast Shipping, Well Packaged & Great Communication - Fantastic SCN Member !!!FDJC2090 (221)8/18/2016
sellerGreat Transaction will do business with againqriggins (200)8/17/2016
sellerGreat purchase. Thanks!PastorN8 (169)8/16/2016
sellerThanks!!Andrew96 (111)8/14/2016
tradethanks for the awesome carddrwinkie (261)8/13/2016
buyerCard shipped 8/10lostdart (198)8/10/2016
sellerAwesome card at an awesome price, fast shipment A+baseballexpert (263)8/10/2016
tradeGreat!bewers91 (112)8/9/2016
sellerGreat!bewers91 (112)8/9/2016
sellerCards arrived quickly as described. Thankscaramelmonk (53)8/9/2016
sellerExcellent as always!! Thanks!!br549 (33)8/8/2016
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)8/8/2016
sellerThanks for the card!airreagan (81)8/8/2016
sellerGreat cards, A++crazybob60 (226)8/8/2016
tradeA+, painless jbeiermann (686)8/8/2016
buyerBrandon is always easy to deal with...A+walkmen (183)8/6/2016
buyerAlways easy to work with...thanks a lot!walkmen (183)8/6/2016
sellerthanksjcq08 (551)8/6/2016
buyerGreat As Always! Thanks! A+++++dawgeers (121)7/31/2016
buyerThank you for the purchase sps23lab (235)7/30/2016
buyertha-rock sez thanks!tha-rock (665)7/23/2016
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)7/17/2016
buyerThanks!hutch5831 (259)7/16/2016
buyerThanks for the purchase, fantastic to deal with!!jbare24 (176)7/16/2016
buyerGreat buyer, sent payment quickly, thanks!cor3y (587)7/8/2016
buyerThank youDeadshot (82)7/2/2016
buyerThank youDeadshot (82)7/2/2016
tradeExcellent member - cards arrived promptly and just as promised!ucffans (237)6/11/2016
tradeThanks for participating in the draft! zedsls (107)6/10/2016
sellerThanks for the cards!airreagan (81)6/7/2016
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)6/6/2016
buyerquick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (775)6/6/2016
buyerAwesome transaction everytimeDodgerDog (760)6/5/2016
buyerPerfect!!!bkritz (574)6/4/2016
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tradeFantastic to deal with. One of the best members on here.mecconn (119)6/2/2016
sellerGreat signed card lot, thank you!Bernie (330)6/1/2016
sellerThanks very much.GoBucs (148)5/31/2016
tradeA+++ great to deal withryansills (101)5/29/2016
tradeGreat trader, quick shipping, thanks!cor3y (587)5/28/2016
sellerNice card, easy dealdcpolak (389)5/28/2016
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sellerGreat Transaction, A++crazybob60 (226)5/27/2016
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)5/25/2016
tradethanks for the Dave Lloyd auto!devilsfan15 (412)5/23/2016
tradeSmoothe, easy, transaction.wavefan1960 (102)5/19/2016
buyerThanks for the purchase!midog (421)5/18/2016
buyerThanks for the purchase and fast payment!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)5/16/2016
buyerSmooth txn...Thanks!andybam (308)5/12/2016
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)5/10/2016
tradethanks. great add for my steelers collection. drwinkie (261)4/25/2016
buyerFast payment, thanks!TheChad (469)4/25/2016
buyerA+ buyercardsfan06 (202)4/25/2016
tradeReceived my Ron Smith today. Thank you very much!!!TD30forHOF (81)4/25/2016
buyerA+, painless jbeiermann (686)4/24/2016
tradeEnjoy the card!rynohof23 (366)4/22/2016
tradeThanks for PIFradconjohn (129)3/18/2016
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buyerfast payment thanksdeano (917)3/2/2016
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buyerThanks for a great trade. A++ Memberdabulls (641)2/19/2016
buyerAnother Great transaction. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)2/19/2016
sellerThank you for a GREAT TRANSACTION!!! AAA+++Vince_7 (132)2/19/2016
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)2/17/2016
tradeAlways a pleasure dealing with Brandon!brian2324 (166)2/11/2016
buyerthanks!FeycoBexar (182)2/6/2016
buyerthanks!FeycoBexar (182)2/6/2016
private signingGreat transaction! Thank you!WVU Rocks (339)2/3/2016
buyerQuick Payment thanksbowme1 (213)2/2/2016
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buyergreat dealing with you. thanks.Cubs23Fan (161)1/7/2016
buyergreat dealing with you. thanks.Cubs23Fan (161)1/7/2016
buyerExcellent Trade and SCN Membermunson1978 (341)1/7/2016
buyergreat buyer, easy to deal with AA+kenoshacub (70)1/6/2016
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buyerEnjoy the jersey and happy New Year 2016!ddtjman (375)12/31/2015
buyersmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (324)12/20/2015
buyerFast Payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (641)12/15/2015
buyerThanks!!!dabulls (641)12/15/2015
buyerQuick payment. Sorry for the late feedbackPenguinblewis (163)12/13/2015
private signingTrust this member! Items arrived in time & paid! Hope he sends in for another consignment!cpdinc (590)12/7/2015
buyerthanksmossy (274)12/7/2015
tradeGreat trader as usual, thanks!cor3y (587)11/25/2015
buyerthanksgkoz316 (407)11/22/2015
sellerNicely signed 55B Enos Slaughter card- thanks!fredmed (270)11/13/2015
private signingThanks for being a part of the signing...check back for more signings coming soonAutocardguy (210)11/12/2015
buyerGreat Transaction. Thanks again.Rass83 (149)11/9/2015
buyerAnother perfect transaction!!!Robtimms (139)11/6/2015
buyerImmediate payment! Thanks, cards are on the wayRobtimms (139)11/6/2015
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tradethanks for a great trade Mookie41 (190)10/28/2015
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buyerGREAT TRANSACTIONgunit2074 (58)10/14/2015
buyer Very quick payment and excellent deal! Thank youmunson1978 (341)10/13/2015
sellerA++++++gabegross (96)9/18/2015
tradeThanks for the quick shipment and awesome helmet!alexizhot (120)9/16/2015
buyerthank yougkoz316 (407)9/12/2015
buyerthank yougkoz316 (407)9/12/2015
tradeSmooth, wish they all happened this easy. Thanks!Brandon554 (38)9/9/2015
sellerawesome item, fast shipping, great member!dak190 (224)9/9/2015
buyerGreat member to deal with. Thanks!bwowls (309)9/6/2015
buyerPaid quick, what else can I ask for?? A+ in my book!einho (504)9/1/2015
sellerGreat Card Thanksred zone (6)9/1/2015
sellerAnother great deal with B-Waxbrian2324 (166)8/30/2015
buyergreat first time dealing. enjoy the cards.Cubs23Fan (161)8/25/2015
buyerGeaux tigers bowers28 (198)8/25/2015
buyerEasy Transaction. Thanks!derek2428 (30)8/24/2015
tradeTrade went wellFudukume (162)8/19/2015
tradeThank you for participating!ucffans (237)8/17/2015
buyerquick payment, thanks!!!radconjohn (129)8/15/2015
50-50 / consignmentGreat as usual!conner415 (54)8/13/2015
buyerThank youinvctrl (357)8/13/2015
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buyerImmediate payment. Thank you!!!!!!Robtimms (139)7/29/2015
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buyerGreat person to trade with.valvino (65)7/15/2015
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sellerThanks for the deal on the signed card! Great SCN member!lutherlafy (732)7/2/2015
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)6/30/2015
tradeAwesome member - look forward to deals in the future!ucffans (237)6/29/2015
sellerGreat transaction - Thanks!stem6891 (132)6/13/2015
tradeEverything looks great. Great communication. Thanks.for the tradejosh96 (387)6/11/2015
sellerExcellent dealgrapherhky (76)6/6/2015
tradeGreat trader as usual, thanks!cor3y (587)6/5/2015
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)6/4/2015
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)6/1/2015
tradeGreat Trade. One of the best!!!!Rass83 (149)5/31/2015
buyerPerfect!bkritz (574)5/30/2015
buyerA smooth transaction - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)5/30/2015
tradeA pleasure to work with. Looking forward to future dealsMbl740 (30)5/26/2015
50-50 / consignmentGreat transaction, top notch. Thanks!Brandon554 (38)5/22/2015
tradeA solid trade ! GREAT communication & handling . Thanks LSU maxthepupp (98)5/20/2015
tradeCards look great! Thank youconner415 (54)5/16/2015
buyerExcellent SCN. Pleasure to deal with.munson1978 (341)5/16/2015
tradeGreat member! Thanks for a great trade!!crsnyd (95)5/14/2015
buyerfast payment thank youdeano (917)5/9/2015
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (917)5/7/2015
sellerGood work bowers28 (198)5/5/2015
tradeA+landcontroller (202)4/24/2015
tradeThanks for the trade!midog (421)4/21/2015
tradeGreat trade - thank you very much!ucffans (237)4/18/2015
buyergreat to do business withrashonq (77)4/17/2015
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buyerfast payment great memberPadresApologist (347)4/3/2015
buyerfast payment great memberPadresApologist (347)4/3/2015
tradeballs look great, thanks so muchmbecher (83)3/31/2015
tradeballs look great, thanks so muchmbecher (83)3/31/2015
tradeFast Delivery and great communication. The helmets look great!chiefholty (113)3/3/2015
buyerThanks fJerrynick (68)3/2/2015
sellerGreat transaction! ant5254 (50)2/27/2015
tradeAwesome to work with...smooth trade, thanks!!!brentk (93)2/27/2015
buyerPaid quickly, what else cold I ask for?? Great member of SCN!einho (504)2/27/2015
private signingthanks for sending indeano (917)2/26/2015
buyerThanks for an easy transaction as usual! One of the best!GoYanks52 (508)2/26/2015
tradeQuick communication, good trader, thanks!cor3y (587)2/24/2015
tradeTerrific to deal with. Stay in touch.hartwick11 (179)2/23/2015
buyerGREAT TRANSACTION....GREAT BUYERvdub6146 (39)2/23/2015
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buyerthanks for sending indeano (917)2/7/2015
tradeFantastic Member, Asset to this hobby. Thanks bpetrusic (46)1/31/2015
sellerreceived as described. Great deal!jkb378 (45)1/28/2015
tradeexcellent, would do business again, A+++++fritzdan (98)1/19/2015
buyerthank yougkoz316 (407)1/18/2015
buyerQuick payment !cardsfan06 (202)1/12/2015
buyerTHanks! eda025 (244)1/11/2015
tradeThanks! eda025 (244)1/11/2015
tradeAlways a pleasure dealing with Brandonbrian2324 (166)1/9/2015
tradeAnother great trade with LSUby50!brian2324 (166)1/9/2015
buyerthank yousps23lab (235)1/6/2015
sellerThanks!fred85 (185)1/6/2015
tradeGreat transaction -- thanks.alennon (34)12/20/2014
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (917)12/16/2014
buyerGreat guy to deal with.gregm13 (160)12/14/2014
tradethanks!nstale (215)12/11/2014
buyerSuper fast payment and easy to work with - thanks!JustCrazy (931)12/10/2014
50-50 / consignmentGreat member to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)12/9/2014
buyerSolidbowers28 (198)12/6/2014
sellerBrandon's flawless yet again, much appreciated!!!mancini7481 (178)11/26/2014
tradethankscccp (290)11/25/2014
tradebwax rules. always the best.lugan329 (28)11/23/2014
sellerbwax rules. always the best.lugan329 (28)11/23/2014
tradebwax rules. always the best.lugan329 (28)11/23/2014
sellerEasy transaction; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)11/20/2014
tradegreat to deal withGOTGRS (61)11/18/2014
tradeThanks for the trade and photo!deron51 (29)11/14/2014
buyerA++++++++++dawgeers (121)11/13/2014
tradeGreat Membermichaeland (483)11/9/2014
sellerGraet SCN member...received my card and am pleased...great to deal with...Thanks!eracer24 (134)11/7/2014
sellerSuper Fast Delivery, A+crazybob60 (226)11/7/2014
sellerGreat card and communication, thanks!JustCrazy (931)11/6/2014
buyerfast payment AAA+ships 11/4midog (421)11/3/2014
sellermy apologies for the feedback delay great card super fast thank youmancini7481 (178)10/30/2014
tradeSolidbowers28 (198)10/29/2014
buyerThanks! Great member!campy (136)10/28/2014
buyerTracking # 9400 1096 9993 7987 5552 54alexizhot (120)10/25/2014
buyerQuick Payment! A pleasure as always! A+++dawgeers (121)10/22/2014
buyerQuick Payment! A pleasure as always! A+++dawgeers (121)10/22/2014
tradeAlways painless!!! One of the best on SCNjbeiermann (686)10/22/2014
sellerA+++++dmullen84 (89)10/17/2014
buyerQuick payment and great communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)10/13/2014
tradeNice trade, good communication and quick ship. Thanks!droidtrade (89)10/13/2014
tradeGood deal again bowers28 (198)10/13/2014
tradeAnother solid trade, thank you!!Brandon554 (38)10/11/2014
buyerSuper quick payment - thanks again!bart (112)10/11/2014
tradeThanks.A+++ Memberdabulls (641)10/7/2014
buyerGreat communication and quick payment - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)10/6/2014
buyerGreat to deal with!!! AAA+++orr23mj (1600)10/6/2014
tradeThanks for your generosity! Awesome addition to my collection.lczx02 (138)10/1/2014
tradeThanks a ton!philly84 (498)9/29/2014
buyerThank you!yankeeno7 (212)9/29/2014
buyerThank you!yankeeno7 (212)9/29/2014
tradeThanks for the awesome Trade! A+++midog (421)9/25/2014
tradeThanks for the deal.Lordstan (145)9/24/2014
buyerThanks for the deal.Lordstan (145)9/24/2014
buyerThanks so much!VitoCo1972 (234)9/24/2014
tradeGreat transaction... would do business with again.BleedingBlue (90)9/23/2014
tradeAlways great trading with Brandon!brian2324 (166)9/23/2014
tradeGreat trade! Very happy. Thanks!Liptorn (178)9/23/2014
tradeQuick! No issuesjbeiermann (686)9/20/2014
buyerSmooth txn. Thanks!andybam (308)9/19/2014
buyergreat member fast payment!!!!NC30715 (240)9/10/2014
buyerThanks!abcd123 (68)9/6/2014
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (665)8/29/2014
tradeAwesome to deal with. Great transaction.nyc1133mav (49)8/25/2014
sellerQuick shipping, Thanksnnsd (352)8/22/2014
sellernice mini thanksjwm202 (245)8/15/2014
tradeGreat to trade with. Highly recommended.nyc1133mav (49)8/12/2014
sellergreat to deal with. thanksEmgee (78)8/11/2014
sellerreceived quickly as described. A pleasure!jkb378 (45)8/6/2014
tradeFantastic to deal with. Sent extras too!buffbills1121 (6)8/4/2014
tradeGreat trade. Pay It Forwarddaveteach (160)7/25/2014
tradeAwesome, great communication and delivered safely. Thanks!Brandon554 (38)7/24/2014
buyerEasy transaction. Thanks againbfreese (195)7/22/2014
buyerShipped July 14alexizhot (120)7/14/2014
tradeGreat card - thanks for your generosity!MadHatter (88)7/14/2014
sellerThanks for the signed Kenn card, Brandon!Bernie (330)7/12/2014
tradeenjoy!justbored (54)7/11/2014
tradeWorked out great. bowers28 (198)7/10/2014
buyerGreat as always! Thanks!!!!dawgeers (121)7/8/2014
buyerQuick payment. Great Communication. A+++++dawgeers (121)7/7/2014
tradeEnjoy the signature.Glad I could add to your collection.tigernut (191)7/5/2014
buyerHighly recommended! Thank you,A+abcd123 (68)7/4/2014
buyerfast payment ,thanks AAA+midog (421)7/3/2014
buyerMailed July 2alexizhot (120)7/2/2014
sellerThanksCCharles777 (52)7/1/2014
buyerSuper fast payment and great communication! A+++dawgeers (121)7/1/2014
tradeSuper fast delivery! One of SCN's best!brian2324 (166)7/1/2014
sellerNice card shipped quickly, thanks. JimDrummer (94)6/30/2014
buyerFast payment, great buyer!chisoxcollector (182)6/29/2014
tradeThanks for the deal. Quick shippment. Good communication. Great to deal with. Highly Recommend. AA++D-Rock (278)6/24/2014
buyerFast payor. Thanks. Enjoy the Musial cardLordstan (145)6/18/2014
buyerGreat member, A+++++baseballexpert (263)6/18/2014
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)6/18/2014
sellerReceived a very nicely signed/authenicated card, prompt delivery. Thanksgreg2876 (180)6/17/2014
sellerLooks great, Thanks!fred85 (185)6/17/2014
buyerPerfect smooth transaction - thanks!ghooper33 (64)6/17/2014
buyerThanks gleng2 (240)6/15/2014
tradegoog to deal withcoaches (298)6/13/2014
buyerImmediate payment. Thanks Brandon!!Robtimms (139)6/12/2014
buyerGreat person to deal with. A+BigWenker (31)6/9/2014
sellerA+++CubsWin82 (162)6/6/2014
sellerThanks for the great Schmeling photo!devilsfan15 (412)6/5/2014
buyergreat buyer!!!!!vdub6146 (39)5/29/2014
sellerGreat transaction!Rootforthebravos (86)5/27/2014
sellerGreat transaction!Rootforthebravos (86)5/27/2014
tradeFantastic trader; thanks!orutulsa (181)5/24/2014
tradeFantastic trader; thanks!orutulsa (181)5/24/2014
buyerThank you! A++brl212 (308)5/23/2014
buyerThanks!haj42002 (73)5/20/2014
buyerThanks!!VitoCo1972 (234)5/15/2014
tradeAlways great dealing with Brandon -- one of SCN's very bestbrian2324 (166)5/7/2014
tradeAnother great trade with Brandon and he even tossed in some extras! Great guybrian2324 (166)5/7/2014
tradeA real pleasure to deal with, thanks and enjoy the cardsden7373 (233)5/5/2014
tradeA real pleasure to deal with, thanksden7373 (233)5/5/2014
buyerTHANKS! eda025 (244)5/2/2014
tradeGreat cards - thanks for your generosity!MadHatter (88)5/2/2014
buyerVery easy to work with. Thanks again!packfan84 (175)4/30/2014
tradeThanks for participating, enjoy the cards & pay it forward. Glad I could help add to your collectionD-Rock (278)4/30/2014
tradeGrear looking cards,received quickly.Hope to trade with again.Thanks.tigernut (191)4/30/2014
tradeGreat Cards, Thanks!!!teleman911 (303)4/26/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)4/25/2014
tradenice cards! thanks againjwm202 (245)4/24/2014
sellerFast shipping, thanks again.shawnmcnair (349)4/23/2014
buyerFast payment. Thank you! luhein24 (55)4/14/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)4/14/2014
buyerGreat user thanks A++++++yanoboxing (24)4/13/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)4/12/2014
buyerFast paymentgestes72 (194)4/11/2014
buyerGreat buyer easy to deal withkenoshacub (70)4/7/2014
buyerAlways Great To Work With!!abspimp99 (525)4/6/2014
auction winnerPayment received, thanksjaygross (91)4/3/2014
buyerthanks, on the waymossy (274)3/25/2014
50-50 / consignmentThanks fast payment, card was sent todayroyalsFan19 (483)3/11/2014
50-50 / consignmentfast payment, cards put in the mail todayroyalsFan19 (483)3/11/2014
buyerThanks a ton!philly84 (498)3/2/2014
buyerEasy to deal with...Great member....enjoymmadd29 (238)2/27/2014
50-50 / consignmentThanksgestes72 (194)2/25/2014
buyerfast payment thank youdeano (917)2/14/2014
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)2/7/2014
buyerAWESOME!!!bkritz (574)2/4/2014
private signingthanks alot, always great to deal withjamieblye (1525)2/3/2014
buyerFast payment...Thanks!andybam (308)2/2/2014
tradePleasure to deal with!!!!! A++++++++++++++++++basebalbob (49)1/27/2014
buyerThanks a ton!philly84 (498)1/25/2014
sellerGreat looking piece Thank youcolonyninja (87)1/16/2014
buyerFantastic!!Martin101 (164)12/11/2013
private signingthanksdeano (917)12/2/2013
tradeThank you for the trade. . .justgreg (796)11/26/2013
sellerA+ thanksjustin80 (66)11/22/2013
tradeVery quick shipment and super easy to deal with overall. Recommend. CPT_K (231)11/21/2013
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks again!dan4235 (119)11/14/2013
buyerGreat member, prompt trade, and fast payment, thanks againDodgerDog (760)11/9/2013
tradeGreat to deal with! Thanks!!CCharles777 (52)11/8/2013
buyerA+++++Mookie41 (190)10/30/2013
private signingGreat Member - Bobby Richardson signingRip8cp1 (316)10/29/2013
tradeThanks again!medic-34 (723)10/23/2013
tradeGreat looking cards, ThanksJ_a_s_z (302)10/18/2013
buyergreat buyerjwm202 (245)10/16/2013
buyergreat dude to deal withbowers28 (198)10/14/2013
buyerSuper fast payment. ThanksHaleysdaddy0304 (859)10/13/2013
tradeAwesome trader! Thanks!ddtjman (375)10/1/2013
buyerThanks for purchasegestes72 (194)9/30/2013
buyergreat thank uSilverbacksports (864)9/29/2013
buyerSuper fast payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)9/23/2013
buyerSuper fast payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (931)9/23/2013
buyerthank you!dw1017 (669)9/10/2013
buyergreat to work with , thanks again ESD (190)9/6/2013
buyerGREAT member to deal with. Transact with confidence!!!!sox1 (224)9/4/2013
buyeralways a great transaction, thanks Brandonjamieblye (1525)9/3/2013
buyerGreat Trade. Thanks!philendris (255)9/1/2013
buyerFast Payment & Good Communication! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)8/24/2013
buyerGreat guy to work with. Thanks man. Jts139 (52)8/20/2013
buyerFast payment - a pleasure to deal with!prestomets (236)8/18/2013
buyerSuper fast payment. Great to deal with toddmc9136 (166)8/13/2013
buyerthanksrifon (1250)8/1/2013
buyerFast payment..super easy deal..Thanksfrangig (29)7/31/2013
tradeThanks!lorry473 (30)7/28/2013
buyergreat transaction. thank youjamieblye (1525)7/26/2013
buyerThanks!hofcs (996)7/14/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (996)7/14/2013
buyerGood Deal-Thanksbryanwood (147)7/5/2013
buyergreat communication, fast payment. thanksjermda1 (189)6/22/2013
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanks for the fast payment!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)5/17/2013
buyerEnjoy the cards. Thanks for the fast payment!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)5/17/2013
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (665)4/18/2013
buyerEnjoy the cards!philly84 (498)4/13/2013
buyerAwesome buyer!pastimeauthentic (142)4/6/2013
buyer fast payment thanks,shipped 3/19/13midog (421)3/21/2013
tradethanks for the tradecccp (290)3/20/2013
buyerquickly paid and good communication. Thanks.josh96 (387)3/19/2013
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)3/19/2013
buyergreat to deal withhockeydan (267)3/10/2013
private signingGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
50-50 / consignmentGreat memberRip8cp1 (316)3/7/2013
tradeAwesome Plates! Fast Shippingmaddog (261)3/1/2013
buyergreat transactionMookie41 (190)2/28/2013
buyerEasy to deal with, Quick Payment ThanksMarisfoever (337)2/24/2013
buyerA pleasure to deal with. Thanks! A++brl212 (308)2/23/2013
buyerExcellentsethd (208)2/22/2013
sellergreat first baseball league. Good commish.blaize8378 (29)1/3/2013
buyerPerfect transaction!stlalways94 (89)12/25/2012
buyerPerfect transaction!stlalways94 (89)12/25/2012
buyerPleasure to deal with thanksrileywfs (207)12/10/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1250)11/19/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1250)11/19/2012
buyerA++++ pleasure to deal withrileywfs (207)11/13/2012
offer 50-50 / consignmentNice job getting my card signed!dcpolak (389)11/8/2012
buyerTracking # 9400 1096 9993 7265 6179 57alexizhot (120)10/31/2012
buyerA++++++++kdubs (362)10/29/2012
buyerGreat Member to Deal With!!! A+gsherban (205)10/23/2012
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1250)10/18/2012
buyerQuick and easy deal, thanksseanbear (141)10/15/2012
buyerA+jeterfan94 (195)10/10/2012
buyerA++++bkritz (574)10/6/2012
private signingGreat SCN Member - Thanks!brad0112 (260)9/24/2012
buyerQuick payment - thanks again!bart (112)9/6/2012
tradeThanks! Great looking bat added to my StL coll.rnpurdue (96)8/27/2012
buyerEasy to work with, thankselchert13 (260)8/27/2012
private signingthanks!!!!deano (917)8/27/2012
buyerQuick Payment! Great Member!nwgraphs (193)8/23/2012
buyerGreat member. Hope to work with again.rba333 (95)8/23/2012
buyerThanks again! On the waymedic-34 (723)8/22/2012
50-50 / consignmentExcellent transaction with a quality SCN member! Thanks!Kaneen (212)8/20/2012
tradeLook forward to trading with again.lowndes28 (85)8/18/2012
private signingthanksdeano (917)8/15/2012
buyerThanks!philly84 (498)8/14/2012
buyerGreat, as always. Thanks!martyesullivan (314)7/31/2012
50-50 / consignmentA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++joshgeorge28 (70)7/30/2012
buyerquick payment, a pleasure to do business withpooh528 (397)7/30/2012
tradegreat trade, thanks againtomjoannmi (159)7/18/2012
buyerFast Payment, A+++++++Chode36 (315)7/10/2012
tradeQuick shipping and friendly communication, great trader, thanks!cor3y (587)7/7/2012
buyertha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (665)6/25/2012
50-50 / consignmentSmooth transactionGoYanks52 (508)6/23/2012
buyerthanks great membersportscollecter (63)6/15/2012
buyerThanks A++++++++Chode36 (315)6/6/2012
buyerThanks again. One of the best around.Rass83 (149)6/6/2012
buyerFast payment. Great member. Thanksredwolf_b_03 (184)5/24/2012
buyerFast payment, enjoy the card!!dugoutdug (684)5/16/2012
buyerFlawless transaction!dw1017 (669)5/9/2012
tradeGreat member to the Community. Thank you. A++++++JKarbo214 (67)5/8/2012
buyerThanks Brandon!frankhardy (184)5/6/2012
buyergreat tradeniveklunar (138)5/2/2012
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (723)5/1/2012
buyerFast Payment, A+++++++Chode36 (315)4/28/2012
tradeBall came as described. Great trade.Metrotheme (270)4/28/2012
buyersuper fast payment-A+ great member of this site!!einho (504)4/15/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat transaction. Thanks.dodgerdan (129)4/12/2012
buyerGreat Member! Thanks!!!!terrygw1120 (137)4/7/2012
trade1990 NFL Pro Set, #197 was recieved in great shape.norsemanvike (4)4/5/2012
tradeAwesome jersey!! Thanks!lorry473 (30)4/5/2012
tradeOne of the best without a doubtjeruzal (58)3/23/2012
tradeGlad I could help; good luck with the project.byamrcn (112)3/23/2012
buyeryour welcomebg20001 (121)3/13/2012
tradegreat trade ,thanks A+midog (421)3/10/2012
tradegreat trade. fast shipping . included extra stufftiger7171 (68)3/8/2012
buyerGreat Transaction!!!!!!!!Rass83 (149)3/8/2012
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (665)3/8/2012
buyerGREAT BUYER!probe31 (148)2/25/2012
buyerFast payment, thanks.shawnmcnair (349)2/15/2012
tradeNice photo, fast shipping.shawnmcnair (349)2/15/2012
tradeThanks!havanamatt (63)2/11/2012
buyerfast payment, great member of the SCN crowd! sent 2/10/12einho (504)2/10/2012
buyerGreat member awesome to deal with quick paymentce1012 (775)2/8/2012
buyerfast pay, fast emails, easy to deal with thanksmtanaka (183)1/21/2012
tradeThanks!Macey225 (742)1/8/2012
tradeEasy to trade with Thanks Brandonbamarichard (182)1/3/2012
buyergood communication, easy to work with!!jimjones (62)1/3/2012
buyerCheck cleared. Thanks, Brandon!frankhardy (184)12/26/2011
tradeNice photo, great guy! Thanks, A++++alexl (281)12/21/2011
buyergreat to deal with. hockeydan (267)12/20/2011
buyerGood transaction. thanksjamieblye (1525)12/13/2011
tradeNice trade!Desi (47)12/10/2011
tradeGreat Trade! Thanks for the Helmets!windcity2atl (96)11/19/2011
tradegreat stuff always and stand up guybbhof07 (117)11/14/2011
buyerGreat member. Always good to deal withjermda1 (189)11/10/2011
buyereasy painless transactionbfreese (195)11/1/2011
tradeGreat to deal with ThanksAllan1031 (132)10/27/2011
buyerA+ Transaction, Thank Youteleman911 (303)9/28/2011
buyerGreat to work with, thanks!cardsfan41 (167)9/26/2011
buyerFast payer, Great communication. Thanksjamieblye (1525)8/31/2011
tradeGood communication. thanks jamieblye (1525)8/29/2011
sellerGreat to deal with thank you so muchbouyayak (65)8/25/2011
tradeReceived today. Thanks!jericholic44 (162)8/24/2011
buyerGreat buyerpabs82 (297)8/23/2011
buyerfast payment, great member of the SCN crowd!einho (504)8/22/2011
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)8/13/2011
buyereasy transaction; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)8/8/2011
buyerA+military11b2001 (477)8/6/2011
buyerGreat to deal with. Promptness and Communication A++gah76 (160)8/6/2011
buyerGreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (775)6/29/2011
buyergreat grapher fast paymentnissan300zx (21)6/25/2011
tradeGreat trader. Item arrived quickly and well packed!SolacE (102)6/24/2011
tradeLooks awesome!! Nice to work with again!lorry473 (30)6/24/2011
tradeAAAA++++++++++++++GREAT SCN'erryansills (101)6/10/2011
tradeGreat to work with, nice guy!!! Would trade with again!lorry473 (30)6/6/2011
sellerRecommended.thenavarro (88)6/4/2011
tradeglad i could helprifon (1250)5/28/2011
buyerThanksshawnmcnair (349)5/18/2011
tradeExcellent...thanks!yankeeno7 (212)5/17/2011
tradeGreat card, thank you very much!!yount19 (114)5/5/2011
tradeAlways a great trader!!!jeruzal (58)4/29/2011
tradeFantastic trade, very happy, Thanks!gmrose91 (108)4/18/2011
buyerThank you!frankhardy (184)4/18/2011
buyerGreat SCN'er. Thanks! FIVE ***** STARSEef979 (122)3/30/2011
buyergreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (775)3/25/2011
tradeAwesome!cardsfan06 (202)3/25/2011
buyerGreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (775)3/25/2011
sellerAwesome SCN'er! Great Trade.Eef979 (122)3/5/2011
buyerGreat to deal with! enjoy the photossimplysports1 (40)3/2/2011
tradeAlways Top Notch! Thanks!mikevalic (125)3/1/2011
buyerQuick payment. Great communication. Hope you enjoy the card. Thankstyfune818 (74)2/23/2011
tradeAAA++++++++++GREAT CARDS!!!!ryansills (101)2/10/2011
tradeGreat trader!!! AAAA++++++SJNComic (14)2/9/2011
sellernice cards thank youchefbrian1971 (42)2/9/2011
tradeNice magazine. Thanks!jmac25 (42)2/8/2011
tradeNice magazine. Thanks!jmac25 (42)2/8/2011
tradeSuper Fast, Awesome A+++++Chode36 (315)2/7/2011
tradeThank You!! Great To Deal With!!searcy76 (111)2/5/2011
buyerGreat Transaction!! Thank You!!searcy76 (111)2/5/2011
tradeGreat items, easy to deal with, thanks a lot!j_bodensteiner (349)1/31/2011
tradevery smooth! great transaction!jcaleo (21)1/28/2011
tradegreat stuff and well pack!! A++++ guy!bbhof07 (117)1/24/2011
tradeEasy Transaction!maddog (261)1/20/2011
tradecards recd all look great , thanks again ESD (190)12/22/2010
trademini recd looks great , thanks for the trade ESD (190)12/22/2010
buyerExcellent trase...Thanks !!!userwhite (51)12/20/2010
buyerQuick Payment-thanks!bart (112)12/18/2010
tradenice transaction!!noach2343 (320)12/4/2010
tradegreat items thankssps23lab (235)11/28/2010
tradePrompt Payment. Great Communication. Thank Youcofoid (79)11/22/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks.martyesullivan (314)11/22/2010
tradeGreat trade. Thanks!dmcentaffer (76)11/21/2010
tradeexcellent transactiontanner88 (221)11/20/2010
tradeThanks!jeffnash (490)11/18/2010
tradetha-rock sez thanks! tha-rock (665)11/15/2010
tradePleasure dealing withjeterfan94 (195)11/7/2010
tradeGreat items, quick communication and shipment... a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!cor3y (587)11/6/2010
tradeGreat to deal with, thanks!cor3y (587)11/6/2010
tradeVery fast payment and great communication!dhawkinsva (215)10/25/2010
tradeQuick payment, Thanks again!baird34 (183)10/5/2010
tradeGreat to Deal with Thank You!city (61)10/4/2010
tradeAlways a pleasure trading with Brandonbrian2324 (166)10/1/2010
tradeGreat to sell toWilliamTyndale09 (21)9/24/2010
tradegreat member awesome to deal withce1012 (775)9/10/2010
tradeA+++++++++gabegross (96)9/3/2010
tradethank you!tony09 (30)9/1/2010
tradeeasy n fast to deal with, went out mondaymtanaka (183)8/24/2010
tradeas always very goodbg20001 (121)8/5/2010
tradeFast fantasy football entry. =)T8Money (66)7/30/2010
tradeGreat to Deal with!!!ethanoah (351)7/26/2010
tradeReally fast trade. Thanks. gleng2 (240)7/23/2010
tradeVery easy to deal with, would certainly work with again.evansbp8875 (91)7/12/2010
tradeAwesome Helmet.Great trader. Highly recommendskorealot (20)7/10/2010
tradegreat to work withpabs82 (297)7/8/2010
tradeGreat to work with! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)7/2/2010
tradeFast payment, great to deal with.Derfw3 (50)6/30/2010
tradeAwesome trade!lugan329 (28)6/27/2010
tradeEasy, smooth transaction; great asset to SCNuclalumni (193)6/21/2010
tradeAlways Great Trading With Brandon! THANKS!mikevalic (125)6/17/2010
tradethank yougkoz316 (407)6/15/2010
tradeQuick payment. Thanks again.docv28 (282)6/14/2010
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the help with my set!!Macey225 (742)6/13/2010
tradethanks for the purchasesps23lab (235)6/6/2010
tradequick payment, great userthehalk (728)5/17/2010
tradequick paymentthehalk (728)5/17/2010
tradeperfect trade! Thanks!!shanehenning52 (102)5/14/2010
tradeperfect trade! Thanks!!shanehenning52 (102)5/14/2010
tradeglad it got there ,how ya like itmidog (421)4/14/2010
tradePaid quickly. A great member to deal with.jasonxmay (111)4/4/2010
tradeFast PMT! Enjoy the Sayers/Otto mini's!mrsromek (264)3/31/2010
tradeGreat Trade! Thanks!Royals_Chiefs (323)3/29/2010
tradeAlways a Pleasure! Thanks!mikevalic (125)3/22/2010
tradeThankssouthparksaur (68)3/20/2010
tradeJust as promised, thanks, looks greatCajun9201 (128)3/13/2010
tradegreat trade, quick turnaround!rahrahbullcrap (28)3/11/2010
tradeAlways awsome!caseyg (51)3/8/2010
tradeGreat to Deal with Thank You!abspimp99 (525)3/8/2010
tradecard look good thanksdeano (917)3/8/2010
tradeGreat trader. Thanks so much!brian2324 (166)3/5/2010
tradeOne of My Best Trading Experiences So Far! Can't Wait To Deal With Again!mikevalic (125)3/4/2010
tradeThanks again for a great trade, Doc!caseyg (51)2/28/2010
tradeGreat trade. Very easy to deal withkralik46 (129)2/21/2010
tradegood guy to trade and deal with...thanksgator11 (197)2/19/2010
tradethanks for the trade...jeserone (798)2/17/2010
tradequick payment!!!jmatthewhill (137)2/17/2010
tradeGreat to trade with.pikapp_128 (60)2/16/2010
tradeGreat To Work With Super Communication.Hope To Work With Again Thanks Brandon!!!bloomquist (1)2/16/2010
tradeGreat guy, thank you for your help!Liezert558 (72)2/11/2010
tradeFast payment. Pleasure to work with. Thanks.docv28 (282)2/11/2010
tradeGreat trader! Excellent communication and awesome cards!dhawkinsva (215)2/11/2010
tradegreat trade thankssps23lab (235)2/8/2010
tradegreat tradesps23lab (235)2/8/2010
tradethanks ,hope ya like 'emmidog (421)2/6/2010
tradeGreat trader... Thanks!88harrison88 (49)2/5/2010
tradeawsome as always! Great trader and a better person!caseyg (51)2/5/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thanks! A++martyesullivan (314)2/2/2010
tradeAlways a great trader!!!jeruzal (58)2/2/2010
tradeNice Items and great communication. thankssouthparksaur (68)1/28/2010
tradeNice work! great trade. hope to trade again. bowers28 (198)1/27/2010
tradeGreat cards with fast shipping. Thanks again!esiason14 (202)1/27/2010
tradeGreat communication. Pleasure to deal with!dan4235 (119)1/22/2010
tradethank yourlbdjones74 (273)1/19/2010
tradeGreat trader, highly recommended!jasonxmay (111)1/16/2010
tradeGreat Deal. Fast Shipping. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)1/11/2010
tradeGreat to deal with!!abspimp99 (525)1/2/2010
tradeThanks! Great trade! jeffnash (490)12/14/2009
tradeAwesome...jeruzal (58)12/8/2009
tradeWill trade with again....jeruzal (58)12/8/2009
tradefast payment thanksdeano (917)12/6/2009
tradefast shipment greatpackers04 (24)12/5/2009
tradeFast shipment good tradersld30 (27)12/2/2009
tradegreat trade...easy to deal with...thanksgator11 (197)11/24/2009
tradeQUICK TRADE THANKSescobar3980 (46)10/30/2009
tradeExcellent communication and very honest member.carter9250 (17)10/29/2009
tradedelivered as promisedcoaches (298)10/29/2009
tradeAwesome addition to the 1987 Tops set; great communication and patiencejustgreg (796)10/28/2009
tradeexcellent to do business withcoaches (298)10/14/2009
tradeSuper Fast Payment. Thanks so much!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (859)9/19/2009
tradeawesome item...thanks again!!!pnether32 (61)9/18/2009
tradeA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++j_esh (77)9/11/2009
tradeQuick Payment Good Transactiondabigticket (3)9/1/2009
tradeThanks a lot, I love the baseballs!royalsfan07 (192)8/29/2009
tradeSuper Fast Payment, Highly recommend.skorealot (20)8/18/2009
tradegreat trader willing lets get the next trade going thanksbg20001 (121)8/9/2009
tradeGreat trader! Thanks, I am sure we will trade again!caseyg (51)7/30/2009
tradeGreat to work with. Highly recommend. Thanks!!!pnether32 (61)7/30/2009
tradeQuick Payment, Thanks again and enjoy the photos!baird34 (183)7/22/2009
tradeVery Pleased! Awsome trader!caseyg (51)7/22/2009
tradeEverything arrived nice and secure. Great trader and I hope we do many more in the future!redbug70 (11)7/13/2009
tradeFast payment, top-notch member! A++++stlalways94 (89)6/8/2009
tradeGreat person to deal with. Highly recommended.jasonxmay (111)5/20/2009
tradeThanks for the trade!bart (112)5/9/2009
tradeGreat, thanks!chartran (22)5/4/2009
tradeFast Delivery! Great Communication!! Highly Recommended!!Calpounder (405)3/27/2009
tradetha-rock sez thanks !!!tha-rock (665)3/25/2009
tradegreat trade. thanks!dersfan81 (88)3/16/2009
tradegood dealdrichards3 (187)3/12/2009
tradeI really enjoyed this transaction and feel we'll do a great deal of trading. Smooth as silk!redbug70 (11)3/9/2009
tradethanks ,glad we could help each other out midog (421)3/3/2009
tradegreat card and trade, pleasure to trade withj24g34 (253)2/20/2009
tradegreat to deal with! great jersey!ColeL33 (40)2/16/2009
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