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 TypeComments On This MemberFromDate
buyerThanks and enjoy!!orr23mj (1577)5/25/2023
private signingExcellent member, Sorry I couldn't make this work. heat17 (87)2/22/2023
private signingThanks for the support! Great to work with! micmac (216)12/23/2022
private signingThanks for sending in!ridiculousxdream (994)12/19/2022
private signingThanks for sending in!ridiculousxdream (994)12/19/2022
buyerThank You trav1105 (253)4/23/2022
tradeGreat trade. Thanks!steveg (313)2/4/2022
buyerGreat buyer - jrt2121 (64)4/29/2021
buyerThanks for trusting me with your collecting needs. Enjoy. jeserone (792)3/9/2021
tradeThanks! Cards gave shipped! jeffnash (477)1/30/2021
buyerA+++++ great member thanksmmadd29 (238)12/28/2020
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks hofcs (974)12/13/2020
buyerThanks gkoz316 (404)12/12/2020
buyerAs always, a great member to work withGoYanks52 (508)12/12/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)12/10/2020
tradeGreat transaction, thanks!doggle3 (461)12/9/2020
tradeThank you!jeffplaysball (124)12/8/2020
private signingThanks!craigbnyman (508)11/11/2020
buyerGreat member to deal with! A+GoYanks52 (508)10/14/2020
buyerThank you for the purchase!boswell423 (235)9/23/2020
buyerThank you for the support! A+Ginterdude (200)9/3/2020
buyerThanks!pistol (190)8/12/2020
buyergreat buyer - great to work withjrt2121 (64)6/26/2020
buyerQuick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (762)6/11/2020
buyerThanks deano (916)6/8/2020
buyerQuick smooth transaction, enjoy, thank youMinors2Majors (311)6/8/2020
buyerAlways a pleasure to do business with Adam, highly recommend DodgerDog (740)5/20/2020
sellerQuick payment thanksbowme1 (205)5/3/2020
buyerA++++++bigmike04 (337)4/21/2020
buyerFast payment. Thank youbigedmachine (212)4/21/2020
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!jbsouth (690)3/19/2020
private signingthanks alot, great to deal withjamieblye (1497)2/28/2020
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1497)2/24/2020
buyerGreat transaction! Thanks. Cooptown (160)10/27/2019
buyerFast payment and great communication, thanks!azd-backs252003 (177)7/31/2019
buyerExcellent to deal with and highly recommended! Thank you!azpharmd1 (113)5/6/2019
buyerGreat member-easy to deal withTunis (190)12/3/2018
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)11/30/2018
buyerFast payment, thank you!jih11 (145)11/26/2018
buyerA++ MemberSoxAutographs29 (339)11/15/2018
buyerFast Payment! Awesome Member!!SoxAutographs29 (339)11/15/2018
buyerGreat buyer. Thank you!luftmich (40)7/19/2018
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks!hofcs (974)7/5/2018
buyerSuper fast payment! Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)6/7/2018
tradeGreat trade! Highly recommend this member!SLNoble01 (515)5/16/2018
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks again!stlalways94 (89)4/25/2018
buyerLightning fast shipping. Thanks for the deal! A+++loumud (409)4/6/2018
sellerpleasure doing a good deal with you.. A +bigmike04 (337)4/3/2018
buyerGreat to deal with as alwaysDodgerDog (740)2/21/2018
buyerGreat to work with. DodgerDog (740)2/8/2018
buyerGreat to work with. DodgerDog (740)2/8/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (740)2/7/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (740)2/5/2018
50-50 / consignmentthanks!vinniemiller (679)2/3/2018
buyerThank you for support! Mailed 12-29. Enjoy!Ginterdude (200)12/29/2017
buyerGreat transaction. Thanks a lot!j_bodensteiner (345)12/26/2017
buyerthxxtrain000 (251)12/18/2017
50-50 / consignmentGlad I could with your collection, great member cosmo (578)11/28/2017
buyerFast payment, thanks!jeffklein (121)11/24/2017
buyerThanks FeycoBexar (181)11/23/2017
buyerFast payment. Thanks for the easy deal!PadresApologist (345)11/10/2017
buyerthank you2hotty (233)10/18/2017
buyerFast payment thanks deano (916)10/15/2017
buyerEzcellwn memberChrisL999 (408)10/12/2017
buyerFantastic member a real pleasure to work with!ChrisL999 (408)10/8/2017
buyerThanks for the purchase!renaissancemanla (245)9/28/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)9/27/2017
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks!hofcs (974)9/8/2017
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)8/29/2017
buyerThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)7/26/2017
offer 50-50 / consignmentThanks for the help...seaner (404)7/23/2017
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)6/18/2017
buyerThanks for easy deal!TheChad (464)6/14/2017
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)6/5/2017
50-50 / consignmentGreat member to deal with.bwowls (309)6/4/2017
buyerThanks again!!! backroadcat (268)5/27/2017
tradethank you very much! A+cort10 (535)5/22/2017
buyercards mailed - thanks!bookwyrm3 (307)5/16/2017
buyerThank you for the very smooth transaction, enjoy the cards!cosmo (578)5/13/2017
buyerGreat guy to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)4/23/2017
buyerQuick payment great to deal withce1012 (762)4/12/2017
buyerfast payment, thankssugarcult2 (263)4/3/2017
private signingGreat Transactiontoddschafer (745)2/27/2017
buyerSmooth transaction. Thank youluftmich (40)2/9/2017
tradeRec'd card...thankspncted (324)1/30/2017
buyerWelcome great member to deal withmomo44 (337)12/15/2016
buyerThanks for your business!Haleysdaddy0304 (828)11/26/2016
buyerLighting quick payment, thank you for the very smooth transaction! cosmo (578)11/21/2016
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)11/21/2016
buyerLightning fast payment! Pleasure to deal with!loumud (409)11/14/2016
offer 50-50 / consignmentExcellent memberbwowls (309)9/19/2016
buyerQuick pay! thank you! tracking just added to TMdw1017 (667)8/24/2016
buyerthanks for the quick payment!PadresApologist (345)8/23/2016
buyerThanks!!bballabro (266)8/22/2016
buyerGreat communication and fast payment Kraft007 (94)7/25/2016
tradegood to deal withcoaches (290)7/23/2016
buyerGreat to work with, quick buyer! ThanksJayBruce32 (157)7/22/2016
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication - thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)7/18/2016
buyerfast payment thanksdeano (916)6/29/2016
private signingGreat transaction! Thank you!WVU Rocks (337)6/9/2016
buyerSmooth txn...thanks!andybam (302)5/17/2016
buyerGreat transaction. Thanks!jmac25 (42)4/10/2016
buyerThank you!ridiculousxdream (994)3/5/2016
tradeSWEET HELP THANKSmesarosfamily (298)2/26/2016
buyerthanksmossy (271)2/25/2016
buyerAlways great dealing with AfiliaDodgerDog (740)2/13/2016
sellerthanks for helping me outstat192 (251)2/13/2016
tradeThanks for the tradePeteA (322)2/12/2016
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks!!TheChad (464)2/11/2016
buyerThanks!FeycoBexar (181)2/6/2016
tradeThank you for the help with the Allen & Ginter's Flags. . .justgreg (783)2/4/2016
buyerquick payment thanks. ill try and get this out tomorrowjustin0467 (369)2/2/2016
tradeA+, painless jbeiermann (675)1/25/2016
buyerThanks a ton!philly84 (496)12/22/2015
tradeThanks for the trade! Great member!SLNoble01 (515)12/7/2015
buyerLightning fast payment! Thanks for a smooth transaction!loumud (409)12/6/2015
buyerLightning fast payment! Thanks for a smooth transaction!loumud (409)12/6/2015
private signingA++ I hope to work with again!gallagher (102)12/1/2015
buyerEnjoy the card. Thanks!fishlips (267)11/9/2015
buyerthanks very much. great to work with!dw1017 (667)10/20/2015
tradeThanks for the trade!Macey225 (695)8/15/2015
buyerquick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (762)7/28/2015
tradeThanks for the set card - great tradesooners28 (103)7/23/2015
buyerawesome member. thanks!chickenlittle (550)7/2/2015
buyerLightning quick payment!!bballabro (266)7/1/2015
buyergreat to do business withrashonq (77)4/17/2015
buyerGreat scn memberdlbiri1s (477)4/12/2015
buyerQuick payment and excellent communication, thanks and enjoy!JustCrazy (901)4/7/2015
buyerThank you for trusting me with your collecting needs!!!jeserone (792)2/2/2015
buyerThanks for the great communication and fast paymentstephanbennett (180)1/2/2015
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)12/24/2014
buyergreat scn memberdlbiri1s (477)12/24/2014
buyergreat scn memberdlbiri1s (477)12/24/2014
buyerGreat member to deal with. Thanks again.backroadcat (268)12/15/2014
buyerGreat member to work with! Thanks!GoYanks52 (508)12/9/2014
private signingGreat Member - Fielder signingRip8cp1 (316)11/27/2014
50-50 / consignmentThanks again for trusting me with your collecting needs!!!jeserone (792)11/17/2014
50-50 / consignmentthank you for trusting me with your collecting needs!!!jeserone (792)11/12/2014
buyerthanks for quick payment!Deadshot (81)10/3/2014
private signingGreat to work with and thanks for sending in!!!!ncc500 (606)9/19/2014
buyerThank you...jeserone (792)9/18/2014
tradeno issues at all, thanks!!jbeiermann (675)9/15/2014
buyerThanks for purchase!!TheChad (464)9/13/2014
private signingThank you for participating in this signing!thinkblue21 (160)8/11/2014
tradeThanks, no issues, good to deal with!jbeiermann (675)8/3/2014
private signingAwesome person to work with!franco858 (637)8/3/2014
tradegood tradercoaches (290)8/2/2014
private signingsorry he was a no showdeano (916)7/18/2014
private signingthanks for sending indeano (916)7/14/2014
buyerA+++++Mookie41 (190)7/4/2014
buyerfast payment....hope to deal with you againsdfan08 (143)7/1/2014
buyerFast payment, great buyer!chisoxcollector (182)6/29/2014
buyerprompt payment, thanks!ridiculousxdream (994)6/16/2014
buyerThanksgleng2 (240)6/15/2014
buyergreat member to deal with!jwm202 (244)6/14/2014
buyergreat buyer thanks!jwm202 (244)6/14/2014
buyerthanks againpsugator01 (543)6/9/2014
private signingThank you for participating in this signing!thinkblue21 (160)5/29/2014
buyerFast payment. Thanks againDetroitfan11 (120)5/1/2014
tradeAnother great transaction. Thankssatori157 (47)3/22/2014
buyerThanks! Great SCN member!dv82u (69)3/20/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)3/19/2014
private signingthanks alotjamieblye (1497)2/19/2014
private signingalways great to deal with, thanksjamieblye (1497)2/16/2014
tradeGreat Transaction! Thankssatori157 (47)2/13/2014
private signingGREAT transaction! Thank you! jpWVU Rocks (337)12/15/2013
private signingthanksdeano (916)12/2/2013
private signingI am glad that i could help. ThanksLinkinprk813 (400)11/24/2013
buyerGreat Member Thanks A+hankhelton1 (97)10/28/2013
buyerthanksmossy (271)10/20/2013
buyerExcellent transaction, would do business againkstateforever (228)10/14/2013
buyerLightning Fast Payment!bballabro (266)10/14/2013
buyerGreat trader. Good communication. Would repeat. Thank you!Ginterdude (200)9/27/2013
buyerGreat buyer!THEKID1 (184)9/21/2013
tradeBest trade ive made so far, thanks again!DodgerDog (740)9/17/2013
tradeThanks!MarinersFan (149)9/13/2013
buyerA+jeterfan94 (195)8/25/2013
buyerLightning fast payment! A+ All the way!capnsteve2 (264)7/29/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)7/14/2013
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)7/14/2013
buyerPrompt pay. Excellent communication. Thanks!timbo05 (188)2/16/2013
private signingThanks for participating & enjoy the Smoltz autos!JustCrazy (901)1/26/2013
buyerquick payment thanksrifon (1227)12/29/2012
buyerInstant Payment! Great communication! A++++maddog (261)12/4/2012
buyerTracking #9400109699939250530937 Sorry about the wait!alexizhot (119)11/15/2012
buyertha-rock sez thanks ! tha-rock (663)10/31/2012
private signingThanks!hofcs (974)5/26/2012
buyerThank you, good communication, an asset to the communityroyalsFan19 (478)4/26/2012
buyerThanks again!medic-34 (707)3/19/2012
buyertha-rock sez thanks !!tha-rock (663)2/16/2012
buyerFast Payment Thanksdeano (916)1/25/2012
buyerQuick payment, thanks!doggle3 (461)1/11/2012
buyerQuick payment, thanks!doggle3 (461)1/11/2012
buyerThankscardfan4ever (263)1/8/2012
buyerexcellent trade, thanks for the deal!frosejr (298)1/3/2012
buyerSmooth transaction, would trade with again!GoYanks52 (508)12/18/2011
buyerThanks!SethDeyo (87)11/28/2011
buyerA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)10/29/2011
buyergreat transaction. thanks.thestork7 (160)10/25/2011
tradethank you for trading with me hope we can do againfelix4 (118)10/18/2011
buyerA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)10/7/2011
buyerthanks.. cards mailed 10/03/11jeserone (792)10/3/2011
sellergreat auto; thankschasperkie (157)9/16/2011
buyerULTRA fast payment! GREAT communication! AWESOME SCN'er! THANK YOU!kevin34 (435)9/2/2011
buyerSuper Fast Payment, Thanks A+++++Chode36 (315)8/7/2011
buyerThanks man. Glad to helpvinniemiller (679)7/26/2011
tradethank you for helping me with my 86 topps setfelix4 (118)7/25/2011
buyerInstant payment & excellet communicationmillerps125 (27)7/22/2011
buyerGreat transaction. Thanks!rmw10 (217)7/7/2011
buyerEasy to work with. Quick payment. Thanks for the deal.docv28 (282)6/13/2011
private signingEasy to work with - enjoy the Desi Relaford autos!JustCrazy (901)6/13/2011
buyerThanks for an easy transaction!scdragon (163)5/31/2011
tradegreat card!!! A+ Thanks for the set help!shanehenning52 (102)5/31/2011
buyertha-rock sez thanks !!tha-rock (663)5/28/2011
buyerthank you.. cards are on the way...jeserone (792)5/22/2011
buyerPerfect transaction - Thank you!boswell423 (235)5/20/2011
buyerGreat trade, thank you very much! A+!capnsteve2 (264)5/7/2011
buyerGreat to deal with. Thanks!rmw10 (217)4/18/2011
tradeGreat trade. . . thank you, hope to trade againjustgreg (783)4/4/2011
tradeAlways a pleasure to trade with!jamflicker (100)4/3/2011
buyerFast payment!THEKID1 (184)2/11/2011
buyerGreat trade thanks!smanzari (225)2/5/2011
buyerPerfect from my end. Thanks - Nate2004ToppsTotal (107)1/11/2011
buyerThankspjadd (202)1/10/2011
tradeNice Card Quick Shippin Great Trader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!doyledl27 (71)12/7/2010
tradevery easy to work with. thanks so much.skinsxvii (181)12/6/2010
tradeNice trade! Thanks!MadHatter (88)12/4/2010
tradeNice cards, smooth trade. Thanks!schnepa (287)12/4/2010
tradeAwesome cards, thanks for the trade!jamflicker (100)12/4/2010
tradegreat deal!!! thanks!!shanehenning52 (102)10/26/2010
tradeExcellent cards, thanks for the trade.jamflicker (100)10/9/2010
tradefast paymentgestes72 (194)10/5/2010
tradeFast payment and a great trader!mightyswede (418)9/17/2010
tradeGreat deal, easy to work with, quick shipping..A++++JayBruce32 (157)8/13/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradequick payment, easy transaction, thanks a lot!jhawkfan79 (46)5/20/2010
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (74)5/3/2010
tradeA+military11b2001 (475)4/22/2010
tradeGood and fair trader. Thanksxtrain000 (251)4/8/2010
tradeFast, Great Card, Very Good Trader. A+Eef979 (122)2/9/2010
tradequick payment...enjoy the cardsgator11 (197)1/25/2010
tradequick and easy deal, much appreciated!seanbear (141)1/10/2010
tradeGreat buyer, immediate payer, thanks again!purelypsa (137)12/10/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)11/29/2009
tradeNice card and a pleasure as always to trade with.jamflicker (100)10/21/2009
tradeThanks!!bryanwood (147)9/29/2009
tradeGreat trader great to work withdoyledl27 (71)8/7/2009
tradeNice cards and included an extra one. Looking forward to trading with again, thanks!jamflicker (100)8/6/2009
tradeA+ Will Trade With Again87donruss (274)7/20/2009
tradeEverything went smooth, thanks!skillz17 (69)7/19/2009
tradeGREAT card! GREAT communication! This is how a 50/50 should work! THANK YOU!!!!kevin34 (435)7/9/2009
tradeFlawless Trade!Lonestreet (165)7/7/2009
tradeNice trade, would trade with again. Thanks!jamflicker (100)7/6/2009
tradegreat to deal with thanksce1012 (762)6/27/2009
tradea good traderzedsls (103)6/26/2009
tradeNice card, easy trade. Thanksschnepa (287)6/25/2009
tradecards came quick, thank you, a+royalsFan19 (478)6/25/2009
tradeGreat to deal with. Quick transaction and card well protected. Thanksgsherban (205)6/24/2009
tradeThanks! Excellent trader! A++kaskaar (60)6/20/2009
tradeVery quick payment good to deal withce1012 (762)6/4/2009
tradeawesomerlbdjones74 (272)6/2/2009
tradeQuick Payment, Great Buyer, Thanks again!baird34 (183)5/27/2009
tradeQUICK-thanksmedic-34 (707)5/8/2009
tradeThanks for quick responsemedic-34 (707)3/30/2009
tradeAWESOME trade, thanks Adam!!!rangersfan1982 (138)3/11/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)3/9/2009
tradeexcellent deal. thanks man.tony09 (30)2/26/2009
tradeGreat trader..Super To Deal with..Nice Cardmichaeland (477)2/24/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks again...seaner (404)2/24/2009
tradeNice card, easy trade. Thanks!!schnepa (287)2/24/2009
tradegreat thanksjdiscini (2)2/21/2009
tradegood tradezedsls (103)2/20/2009
tradeA pleasure to trade with, thanks!jayarasate (183)2/20/2009
tradeGreat deal...thanks!!!jw247305 (67)2/15/2009
tradeGreat to deal with! Thanks!jasonxmay (111)1/31/2009
tradePerfect!Lonestreet (165)1/29/2009
tradeFAST payment!! Thanks!FeycoBexar (181)1/22/2009
tradeGreat to work with, thanks!JuicedForLife (41)1/1/2009
tradeSuper Fast Payment!! Thanks Again!!!Calpounder (405)9/21/2008
tradeGreat trader! Sent payment asap! dcorr82 (35)6/17/2008
tradeSpeedy Payment!calleaguer (53)6/14/2008
tradegreat to deal with... thanksRCRAIG33 (117)6/12/2008
tradeVery Happy with transactionSethDeyo (87)5/27/2008
tradeawesome transactionchicago30 (85)2/6/2008
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