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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
22728CardBy MailI went through my entire collection and added players that I would like to trade. I have several cards of each player so if you have a specific request (i.e. Al Hrabosky in a Braves uniform), I may be able to accomodate it for you. I AM NOT looking to sell any of my autographs. I would like to trade for players that I do not have. Please send me a list of cards that you have available to trade. Thanks. -Tim premium members only
24459CardBy Mail1977 TOPPS BLUE RANGERS premium members only
90780CardBy Mail1981 Topps in blue sharpie. premium members only
123225CardTrade1980 Topps Blue Sharpie Angels premium members only
164731CardBy Mail90 Pacific Legends A's signed in black sharpie. Happy to send scan. premium members only
190570CardBy Mail1981 Topps #410 Blue Sharpie ANGELS premium members only
204065CardBought1979 Topps #620 (red mm), from ebay IP lot, scans available premium members only
235603CardBy Mail1969 Topps #495, black sharpie premium members only
235604CardBy Mail1989 Pacific Legends #157, blue sharpie premium members only
235605CardBy Mail1970 Topps #205, black sharpie premium members only
235606CardBy Mail1976 Topps #580, black sharpie premium members only
235607CardBy Mail1969 Topps Posters #2, blue sharpie premium members only
249992CardBy Mail1973 Topps - Oakland A'spremium members only
249993CardBy Mail1972 Topps - Oakland A'spremium members only
254809CardBy Mail1973 Topps #295 premium members only
254943CardIn Person1969 Topps #423, blue sharpie - Athletics premium members only
254959CardIn Person1977 Topps #373, blue sharpie - Rangers premium members only
254960CardIn Person1979 Topps #620, blue sharpie - Rangers premium members only
255979CardPrivate Signing1990 Pacific - Senior League (blue staedler) premium members only
255980CardPrivate Signing1984 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
255981CardPrivate Signing1982 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
255982CardPrivate Signing1981 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
255983CardPrivate Signing1982 Donruss (blue staedler) premium members only
255984CardPrivate Signing1984 Topps Stolen Base Leaders (blue staedler - only signed by Campaneris) premium members only
255985CardPrivate Signing1984 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
255986CardPrivate Signing1982 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
255987CardPrivate Signing1979 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
255988CardPrivate Signing1977 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
255989CardPrivate Signing1973 Topps Stolen Base Leaders (blue staedler - also signed by Brock) premium members only
274024CardBy Mail1984 Topps #711 **Rediscover Topps Silver Stamp** Black Steadtler YANKEES  premium members only
274398CardIn Person81 Topps black premium members only
277902CardBy Mail1973 Topps Bert Campaneris in blue sharpie. Card is creasedpremium members only
281392CardBy Mail1980 Topps premium members only
283079CardBoughtSenior League Pacific Blue premium members only
290332CardBy Mail1966 Topps #175 premium members only
290333CardBy Mail1969 Topps #495 premium members only
298783CardBy Mail84 Fleer signed in blue sharpie premium members only
303739CardTrade1980 O-Pee-Chee #264; Angels premium members only
316894CardBy Mail1966 Topps, 1973 Topps, 2002 Topps Super Teams Refractor (A's), 1982 Donruss (Angels), 1984 Fleer (Yankees)- signed in blue  premium members only
317762CardTrade1990 Elite #78 signed with a blue sharpiepremium members only
318821CardBy Mail1989 Pacific Baseball Legends 2nd Series #157; Athletics premium members only
319544CardBy Mail1990 Swell Baseball Greats #121; Athletics premium members only
324438CardBy Mail1974 Topps #155; Athletics premium members only
325172CardBy MailThis card is from the 1989 Topps Senior League set, #32. It is in blue sharpie. I will add a picture soon. premium members only
332952CardBy Mail1990 Pacific premium members only
333469CardBy Mail1973 Topps Stolen Base Leaders premium members only
333545CardBy Mail1984 AL Active Career Stolen Base Leaders signed with Omar Morenopremium members only
338684CardBy Mail1978 Topps #260 - blue sharpie premium members only
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