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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
10156CardBy Mail1976 Topps - blue premium members only
15323CardBy Mail1968 Topps - ink - soft corners premium members only
19377CardBought1971 Topps #434 - Blue Sharpie - VgEx premium members only
30197CardBought1968 Topps #98 - Philadelphia Phillies - blue ink - ex premium members only
30208CardBought1975 Topps #522 - Detroit Tigers -blue ink - vg - The Sports Page COA premium members only
69011CardBy Mail1974 Topps Traded #428T premium members only
106054CardBy Mail1977 Topps #307 blue sharpie premium members only
119946CardBought1972 Topps Expospremium members only
135629CardBy Mail1976 Topps #113 Blue Sharpie TIGERS  premium members only
153815CardBy Mail1971 Topps #434 premium members only
153817CardBy Mail1974 Topps Traded #428T premium members only
161969CardTrade1968 Topps 98 (Blue Faded Pen) premium members only
173999CardBy Mail1974 Topps 428 Black Sharpie premium members only
174084CardBy Mail1974 Topps 428T Black Sharpie premium members only
177439CardBy Mail1973 TOPPS #572 IN BLACK ASTROS premium members only
177440CardBy Mail1977 TOPPS #307 IN BLACK BREWERS premium members only
196124CardBy Mail1974 Topps Traded Gary Sutherland # 428T signed premium members only
196151CardBy Mail1975 Topps Gary Sutherland # 522 signed premium members only
208445CardBy Mail1974 TOPPS #428 IN BLUE ASTROS premium members only
208691CardBy Mail1976 Topps baseball card #113 Signed premium members only
218586CardBy Mail1976 Topps # 113 signed with a black sharpiepremium members only
251950CardBy Mail1974 Topps Traded - Detroit Tigerspremium members only
251951CardBy Mail1972 Topps - Montreal Expos - Defunct Teampremium members only
251952CardBy Mail1971 Topps - Montreal Expos - Defunct Teampremium members only
279605CardBy Mail74 Topps Traded #428-Tigers-blue sharpie premium members only
289655CardBy Mail1975 Topps 522 blue sharpie premium members only
310256CardBy Mail75 Topps #522-Tigers-blue sharpie premium members only
310257CardBy Mail76 Topps #113-Tigers-blue sharpie premium members only
318233CardBy Mail1977 Topps #307; Brewers premium members only
319572CardBy Mail1976 Topps #113; Tigers premium members only
320901CardBy Mail1974 Topps Traded #428T; Tigers premium members only
333938CardTradeAutographed 1974 Topps Traded trading card #428T. (Detroit Tigers)premium members only
337585CardBy Mail1973 Topps #572; Astros premium members only
338394CardBy Mail1968 Topps #98 - blue sharpie premium members only
338584CardBy Mail1971 Topps #434 - blue sharpie premium members only
338644CardBy Mail1975 Topps #522 - blue sharpie premium members only
339443CardBy Mail1972 Topps #211; Expos premium members only
347569CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #364; Tigers premium members only
348051CardBy Mail1972 Topps (Expos), 1974 Topps Traded (Tigers), 1977 Topps (Brewers)- signed in blue premium members only
352127CardBy Mail1977 TOpps blue Brewers premium members only
360554CardBy Mail1971 Topps #434; Expos (Blue Sharpie) premium members only
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