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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
50232CardIn Person1981 Topps 281 (Blue Sharpie) Yankees premium members only
72563CardBy Mail1980 Topps #387 Yankees black premium members only
76838CardBy Mail1978 TOPPS #664 IN BLUE YANKEES premium members only
76864CardBy Mail1981 Topps #281 premium members only
76865CardBy Mail1981 Donruss #585 premium members only
119940CardBought1972 Topps Indians #1premium members only
119941CardBought1972 Topps Indians #2premium members only
136921CardBy Mail1982 Topps in blue sharpie. premium members only
141801CardBy Mail1974 Topps, YANKEES, blue. premium members only
158252CardBy Mail1981 Donruss #585 premium members only
158253CardBy Mail1975 Topps #503 premium members only
158254CardBy Mail1978 Topps #664 premium members only
158255CardBy Mail1979 Topps #16 premium members only
160000CardBy Mail1978 Topps card# 664 signedpremium members only
173261CardBy Mail1982 Topps 787 Fred Stanley premium members only
173262CardBy Mail1981 Topps 281 Blue Sharpie premium members only
173263CardBy Mail1983 Topps 513 Blue Sharpie premium members only
195164CardBy Mail1994 Brewers 25th Ann premium members only
195165CardBy Mail1972 Topps #59 premium members only
195166CardBy Mail1982 Topps #787 premium members only
205003CardBy Mail1983 Topps #513 Blue Sharpie ATHLETICS premium members only
205343CardBy Mail1974 TOPPS #423 IN BLUE YANKEES premium members only
205344CardBy Mail1975 TOPPS #503 IN BLUE YANKEES premium members only
205346CardBy Mail1972 TOPPS #59 IN BLUE INDIANS premium members only
205904CardBy Mail81 donrusspremium members only
215206CardBy Mail1981 Topps Fred Stanley in blue sharpiepremium members only
215420CardBy Mail81 Topps #281-Yankees-black sharpie premium members only
217108CardTrade1972 Topps #59 Indians BL premium members only
219481CardTrade1976 Topps premium members only
270732CardBy Mail1981 Fleer - blue  premium members only
274477CardBy Mail1979 Topps Burger King Fred Stanley in black sharpiepremium members only
288536CardBy Mail1991 Donruss Yankees in blue sharpie premium members only
289869CardTrade1983 Donruss premium members only
290000CardBy MailYankees The Wiz '70s, blue sharpie premium members only
303727CardBy Mail1980 Topps #387; Yankees premium members only
304793CardBy Mail1982 Fleer #108 — Blue premium members only
307772CardIn Person1992 Yankees Wiz - blue sharpie premium members only
308253CardIn Person1981 Topps - blue sharpie YANKEES premium members only
310469CardBy Mail1974 Topps - New York Yankeespremium members only
310470CardBy Mail1983 Topps - Oakland A'spremium members only
310675CardBy Mail1978 Topps #664; Yankees premium members only
315863CardBought1982 Topps #787 - blue sharpie premium members only
318285CardBy Mail1977 Topps #123; Yankees premium members only
319548CardBy Mail1976 Topps #429; Yankees premium members only
320948CardBy Mail1983 Donruss in blue (Athletics) premium members only
326869CardBy Mail1978 Topps, 1981 Topps (Yankees), 1982 Donruss (A's)- signed in blue  premium members only
330768CardBy Mailindex card - blue sharpie premium members only
338709CardBy Mail1978 Topps #664 - blue fine ink premium members only
338714CardBy Mail1979 Topps #16 - blue fine ink premium members only
338834CardBy Mail1982 Donruss #449 - blue fine ink premium members only
347624CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #442; Yankees premium members only
348593CardBy Mail1979 Topps #16; Yankees premium members only
352521CardBy Mail1983 Fleer #534 premium members only
352522CardBy Mail1983 Donruss #197 premium members only
352523CardBy Mail1983 Topps #513 premium members only
354868CardBought1983 Topps # 513 black fine point premium members only
354939CardBy Mail1972 topps #59 signed blue premium members only
359524CardTrade83 Topps #513-A's-blue sharpie premium members only
264785Index CardBy MailWorld Series Champ 1977, 1978 ...... Seattle Pilots (1969) Milwaukee Brewers (1970) Cleveland Indians (1971–1972) San Diego Padres (1972) New York Yankees (1973–1980) Oakland Athletics (1981–1982)premium members only
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