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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
18951CardBought1980 Topps #53 - blue ink - vg premium members only
39698CardBy Mail1984 Fleer in black sharpie. premium members only
69676CardBy Mail1982 Donruss #484 Brewers black premium members only
101041CardBy Mail82 Topps #280 Brewers (black sharpie)  premium members only
112559CardIn Person1978 Topps #286 Tigers blue premium members only
114397CardBy Mail1984 Topps #190 Black Sharpie BREWERS premium members only
116113CardIn Person1978 Topps-blue sharpie-TIGERS premium members only
117289CardBy Mail1982 Fleer #151 pen sig premium members only
128903CardBy Mail83 Fleer #43 Brewers (black sharpie)  premium members only
156901CardBy Mail1979 Topps #519 premium members only
159286CardTrade1981 Topps 415 (Blue Sharpie Little Light) Brewers premium members only
160013CardBy Mail1976 Topps card# 659 signedpremium members only
172909CardBy Mail1975 Topps #344 premium members only
172910CardBy Mail1977 Topps #122 premium members only
172911CardBy Mail1987 Topps #586 premium members only
193175CardBy Mail  premium members only
193483CardBy Mail1987 Topps premium members only
195127CardBy Mail1984 Topps #190 premium members only
195930CardBy MailSigned 1986 Topps #372 and 1987 Topps #586 in black sharpie (Milwaukee Brewers)  premium members only
195931CardPrivate SigningSigned 1982 Donruss #484 in blue sharpie (from a Waukesha Sportscards signing) (Milwaukee Brewers)  premium members only
196142CardBy Mail1975 Topps Ben Oglivie # 344 signed premium members only
201896CardBy Mail1987 Topps #586 premium members only
203526CardBy Mail83T Brewers signed in blue sharpie. Happy to send scan. premium members only
204058CardBought1979 Topps #519 (red mm), from ebay IP lot, scans available premium members only
205839CardBy Mail86 topps - brewerspremium members only
217256CardBy Mail1982 Donruss # 484 signed with blue sharpiepremium members only
229068CardBy Mail1987 Topps - black premium members only
233145CardBy Mail1985 Topps - black premium members only
237620CardIn Person1981 Topps Scratch-Off #7, blue sharpie premium members only
250322CardBy Mail1982 Donruss signed with blue sharpiepremium members only
254496CardBy Mail1986 Fleer Blue Brewers premium members only
258654CardBy Mail1981 Fleer signed in red sharpie #508 premium members only
269481CardBy Mail82 Fleer #151 Brewers (black sharpie) premium members only
269482CardBy Mail84 O-Pee-Chee #190 Brewers (black sharpie)  premium members only
269483CardBy Mail84 Topps #190 Brewers (black sharpie) premium members only
290506CardBy Mail1975 SSPC #359 premium members only
291164CardBy Mail1981 Topps premium members only
299218CardIn Person1985 Topps in blue sharpie premium members only
301483CardBy Mail1986 Fleer; Brewers premium members only
303731CardBy Mail1980 Topps #53; Brewers premium members only
310678CardBy Mail1978 Topps #286; Tigers premium members only
311105CardBy Mail1987 fleer/ blue sharpie premium members only
313300CardBy Mail1987 Topps #586; Brewers premium members only
318580CardBy Mail1987 Topps #586, blue sharpie BREWERS  premium members only
320783CardBy Mail1985 Donruss #333; Brewers premium members only
322710CardIn Person1978 Topps #286 - signed in black sharpie - corners rounded some premium members only
329324CardBy Mail1977 Topps - Black Sharpie premium members only
334671CardIn Person1980 Topps #53 - Milwaukee Brewerspremium members only
334672CardIn Person1989 Topps #586 - Milwaukee Brewerspremium members only
338872CardBy Mail1984 Donruss #229 - blue sharpie premium members only
345955CardIn Person2000 Fleer Greats of the Game #98, blue sharpie - Milwaukee Brewers premium members only
347565CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #359; Tigers premium members only
349025CardBy Mail1979 Topps #519; Brewers premium members only
353991CardBought1985 Topps # 681 - blue sharpie premium members only
354294CardBought1982 Topps # 280 - blue sharpie premium members only
354406CardBought1984 Topps # 190 - blue sharpie premium members only
355488CardBy Mail1987 Donruss #419; Brewers (Black Sharpie) premium members only
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