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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
11102CardBy Mail1969 Topps - ink premium members only
55130CardBy Mail1975 TOPPS #11 IN BLACK WHITE SOX premium members only
86419CardBy Mail1975 Topps #11 premium members only
130163CardBy Mail1974 Topps #170 premium members only
130164CardBy Mail1976 Topps #309 premium members only
130165CardBy Mail1977 Topps #107 premium members only
153675CardIn Person1977 Topps #107 (Angels) premium members only
155887CardIn Person1975 Topps #11 (White Sox) premium members only
158263CardBy Mail1973 Topps #455 premium members only
158264CardBy Mail1969 Topps #481 premium members only
163933CardIn Person1977 Topps #107 (Angels) premium members only
174056CardBy Mail1974 Topps 170 Blue Ballpoint premium members only
194077CardBy Mail1972 Topps Boyhood Photo - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
196039CardBy Mail1971 Topps Bill Melton # 80 signed premium members only
202093CardBy Mail1970 Topps #518 premium members only
207084CardBy Mail1976 TOPPS #309 IN BLUE WHITE SOX premium members only
207085CardBy Mail1976 TOPPS TRADED #309T IN ANGELS premium members only
207086CardBy Mail1973 TOPPS #455 IN BLACK WHITE SOX premium members only
252275CardBy Mail1975 Topps - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
252276CardBy Mail1973 Topps - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
252277CardBy Mail1972 Topps - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
252278CardBy Mail1971 Topps - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
258092CardBy Mail1972 Topps In Action #184 signed in blue sharpie.  premium members only
258093CardBy Mail1972 Topps Boyhood Photos #495 signed in blue sharpie premium members only
258094CardBy Mail1972 Topps '71 home run leaders #90 signed in blue sharpie.  premium members only
258095CardBy Mail1972 Topps #183 signed in blue sharpie.  premium members only
268038CardBought1977 Topps #107, signed in ballpoint premium members only
278116CardBy Mail1971 Topps #80 premium members only
278117CardBy Mail1972 Topps #495 premium members only
278118CardBy Mail1976 Topps Traded #309T premium members only
300738CardBy Mail1972 Topps 183; 1976 Topps 309; 1976 Topps Traded 309T premium members only
310603CardBy Mail1971 topps #80 in blue White Sox premium members only
315664CardIn Person'69T premium members only
316720CardBy Mail1972 Topps #90 premium members only
316721CardBy Mail1972 Topps #184 premium members only
318251CardBy Mail1977 Topps #107; Angels premium members only
319469CardBy Mail1976 Topps Traded #309T; Angels premium members only
319556CardBy Mail1976 Topps #309; White Sox premium members only
324420CardBy Mail1974 Topps #170; White Sox premium members only
333534CardBy Mail1972 Topps AL Home Run Leaders premium members only
336818CardBy Mail1977 Topps - California Angelspremium members only
336819CardBy Mail1974 Topps - Chicago White Soxpremium members only
336820CardBy Mail1976 Topps Traded - California Angelspremium members only
337577CardBy Mail1973 Topps #455; White Sox premium members only
338510CardBy Mail1971 Topps #80 - black sharpie premium members only
338599CardBy Mail1972 Topps #90 - black sharpie - League Leaders card premium members only
339517CardBy Mail1972 Topps Boyhood Photos #495; White Sox premium members only
339518CardBy Mail1972 Topps In Action #184; White Sox (have 2) premium members only
347739CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #155; Angels (pictured in White Sox uniform) premium members only
350875CardBy Mail1976 Topps Traded premium members only
359521CardBy Mail77 Topps #107-Angels-blue sharpie premium members only
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