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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
6923CardBy Mail1988 Donruss premium members only
30235CardBy Mail1984 Topps #322 - Minnesota Twins - black sharpie - nmmt premium members only
32325CardBy Mail1987 Topps #635 (Indians) premium members only
45506CardBy Mail86T blue sharpie Twins uniform premium members only
75215CardBy Mail1981 Topps #577(R) premium members only
79000CardBy Mail1987 Topps #635 blue sharpie Indians premium members only
103750CardBy Mail1981 Fleer #425 blue sharpie premium members only
108052CardBy Mail1984 TOPPS #322 IN BLUE TWINS premium members only
108056CardBy Mail1988 TOPPS #256 IN BLUE INDIANS premium members only
108874CardBy Mail1984 Topps #322 Blue Sharpie TWINS premium members only
124810CardTrade87 Topps (Indians) thin blue sharpie premium members only
128032CardBy Mail86 Topps Traded #100T Indians (blue sharpie) premium members only
140381CardTradeAutographed 1988 Donruss trading card #501. (Cleveland Indians)premium members only
160826CardBy Mail1985 Fleer #288 Twins black premium members only
167793CardBy Mail1987 Topps #635 Indians black premium members only
167794CardBy Mail1988 Donruss #501 Indians black premium members only
167795CardBy Mail1988 Topps #256 Indians black  premium members only
168355CardBy Mail1988 Score - Blue Sharpie - Indians premium members only
173221CardBy Mail1987 Fleer 258 Blue Sharpie premium members only
173222CardBy Mail1986 Donruss 635 Blue Sharpie premium members only
173452CardBy Mail1985 Donruss 486 Blue Sharpie  premium members only
173463CardBy Mail1986 Donruss 635 Blue Sharpie  premium members only
173527CardBy Mail1981 Fleer 425 Blue Sharpie premium members only
174640CardBought1988 Topps #256 in blue (Indians) 1987 Topps #635 Indians BL  premium members only
179827CardBy MailDonruss 1984 (Twins) blue Sharpie. premium members only
179828CardBy Mail1985 Donruss (Twins) blue Sharpie. premium members only
188437CardBy Mail1984 Fleer - Blue Sharpie - Twins premium members only
192170CardTrade1981 Fleer Bluejays Blue premium members only
205892CardBy Mail86 topps - twinspremium members only
205897CardBy Mail87 fleer - indians premium members only
212327CardBy Mail1986 Topps Traded #100T premium members only
233310CardBy Mail1987 Topps signed in blue sharpie premium members only
257227CardTrade1985 Topps - black - Twins premium members only
257734CardIn Person1985 Topps #161, blue sharpie - Minnesota Twins premium members only
258852CardBy Mail1988 topps #256 blue sharpie Cleveland Indians premium members only
265805CardBy Mail1988 topps #256 blue sharpie cleveland indians premium members only
272986CardBy Mail1987 Topps #635 in blue sharpie premium members only
272987CardBy Mail1988 Fleer #614 in blue sharpie premium members only
273040CardBy MailBlue sharpie. Toronto Blue jays. 1981 fleer #425. 1981 topps #577 (unsigned luis neal & brian miller) premium members only
281872CardBy Mail81 Fleer #425-Blue Jays-black sharpie premium members only
281873CardBy Mail86 Topps Traded #100-Indians-blue sharpie premium members only
291839CardBy Mail1985 Topps premium members only
295514CardBy Mail1985 Donruss #486 premium members only
295515CardBy Mail1988 Score #574 premium members only
295516CardBy Mail1988 Fleer #614 premium members only
304262CardBy Mail1988 Topps #256 Indians Signed in Blue premium members only
306216CardBy Mail1984 Topps signed in blue sharpie premium members only
309913CardBy Mail1986 Donruss #635; Twins premium members only
310975CardTrade1987 topps #635 Cleveland Indians blue sharpie  premium members only
315872CardBy Mail1984 Topps, 1985 Donruss (Twins), 1988 Score (Indians)- signed in blue  premium members only
318571CardBy Mail84 Donruss #72 Twins (black sharpie)  premium members only
318572CardBy Mail84 Fleer #572 Twins (black sharpie)  premium members only
318573CardBy Mail85 Donruss #486 Twins (blue sharpie)  premium members only
318574CardBy Mail86 Topps Traded #100T Indians (blue sharpie)  premium members only
319209CardBy Mail1987 Donruss premium members only
319310CardBy Mail1987 Topps blue Indians premium members only
319449CardBy Mail1987 Fleer #258; Indians premium members only
320801CardBy Mail1985 Donruss #486; Twins premium members only
321576CardBy Mail1987 Topps #635, blue sharpie INDIANS premium members only
329842CardBy Mail88F #614 Twins uniform black sharpie premium members only
335191CardBy Mail1988 Topps premium members only
342308CardBy Mail1986 Topps Traded in blue (Indians) premium members only
351344CardBy Mail85T Twins card and 88F Indians card signed in fine blue. Happy to send scans. premium members only
353342CardBy Mail1984 Fleer in blue (Twins) premium members only
353343CardBy Mail1988 Fleer in blue (Indians) premium members only
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