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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
340813CardBy Mail1973 Topps premium members only
249537CardBy Mail1972 Topps - Milwaukee Brewerspremium members only
303971CardBy Mail1979 Topps #446; Phillies (have 2) premium members only
310669CardBy Mail1978 Topps #52; Phillies premium members only
318780CardBy Mail1990 Swell Baseball Greats #124; Red Sox premium members only
318814CardBy Mail1988 Pacific Baseball Legends #80; Red Sox premium members only
337506CardBy Mail1973 Topps #3; Phillies (have 2) premium members only
347678CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #462; Phillies premium members only
263333CardBy Mail1969 Topps - Signed in blue premium members only
188025CardBy Mail1987 Topps - Blue Sharpie - Phillies premium members only
268071CardBought1977 Topps #569, signed in blue ultra fine premium members only
143461CardIn Person1993 TED WILLIAMS #3 REDSOX premium members only
143587CardIn Person1969 topps 109 redsox premium members only
185952CardBy Mail69 Topps Jim Lonborg in blue sharpie. I'd say card is vg-expremium members only
263833CardBy Mail1979 Topps Jim Lonborg in thin blue sharpie. Card has a light crease running down the middle of the card.premium members only
281138CardBy Mail1968 Topps Jim Lonborg in blue sharpie. Card has some surface damage on the lower left corner and a crease in the lower right cornerpremium members only
166927CardBought1972 Topps #255 Brewers - pen sig premium members only
69013CardBy Mail1975 Topps #94 premium members only
69302CardBy Mail1989 Swell Baseball Greats #48 premium members only
88115CardBy Mail1975 SSPC #462 premium members only
88117CardBy Mail1976 Topps #271 premium members only
116512CardBy Mail1971 Topps #577 blue sharpie premium members only
137780CardBy Mail1973 Topps #3 premium members only
137781CardBy Mail1966 Topps #93 premium members only
142349CardBy Mail1974 Topps #342 premium members only
142350CardBy Mail1978 Topps #52 premium members only
172904CardBy Mail1972 Topps #255 premium members only
172905CardBy Mail1988 Pacific Legends #88 premium members only
195090CardBy Mail1972 Topps #12 premium members only
195091CardBy Mail1969 Topps #109 premium members only
221042CardBy Mail1979 Topps #446 premium members only
295443CardBy Mail1968 Topps #155 premium members only
22983CardBy MailI went through my entire collection and added players that I would like to trade. I have several cards of each player so if you have a specific request (i.e. Al Hrabosky in a Braves uniform), I may be able to accomodate it for you. I AM NOT looking to sell any of my autographs. I would like to trade for players that I do not have. Please send me a list of cards that you have available to trade. Thanks. -Tim premium members only
299696CardBy Mail89 Swell signed in blue sharpie premium members only
333517CardBy Mail1968 Topps AL Strikout Leaders premium members only
315242CardBy Mail1966 Topps, 1968 Topps (Red Sox with "67 Cy Young" inscription), 1979 Topps (Phillies)- all signed in thin blue.  premium members only
280299CardBy Mail2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites #69 signed in Blue Sharpie (1967/Boston Red Sox) premium members only
141812CardBy Mail1972 Topps, BREWERS, blue. premium members only
165609CardBy Mail1974 Topps, PHILLIES, blue. premium members only
165610CardBy Mail1992 Action Packed, RED SOX, blue. premium members only
164128CardBy Mail89 Swell signed in blue sharpie. Happy to send scan premium members only
164732CardBy Mail78T Phillies signed in blue sharpie. Happy to send scan. premium members only
82373CardBy Mail1969 Topps, thin blue sharpie, VG, Red Sox premium members only
82374CardBy Mail1968 Topps #12 AL SO Leaders, thin blue sharpie, lightly creased, not signed by McDowell or Chance premium members only
90159CardBy Mail79 Topps #446 Phillies (blue sharpie)  premium members only
173332CardBy Mail1976 Topps 271 Fine Blue Sharpie premium members only
173333CardBy Mail1973 Topps 3 Fine Blue Sharpie premium members only
173334CardBy Mail1975 Topps 94 Fine Blue Sharpie premium members only
173335CardBy Mail1972 Topps 255 Fine Blue Sharpie premium members only
174039CardBy Mail1974 Topps 342 Blue Sharpie. premium members only
50730CardBy Mail1975 75 Topps Jim Lonborg #94 signed in thin blue insc. "Cy Young '67" premium members only
340244CardBy Mail1974 topps #342 signed blue premium members only
332169CardTradeAutographed 1976 Topps trading card #271. (Philadelphia Phillies)premium members only
119848CardBought1973 Topps Philliespremium members only
345792CardBy Mail1973 Topps Philadelphia Phillies in Blue premium members only
345793CardBy Mail1977 Topps Philadelphia Phillies in Blue premium members only
345794CardBy Mail1979 Topps Philadelphia Phillies in Blue premium members only
297280CardBy Mail1969 topps premium members only
135622CardBy Mail1976 Topps #271 Thin Blue Sharpie PHILLIES premium members only
76330CardBy Mail1973 TOPPS #3 IN THIN BLUE PHILLIES premium members only
231918CardBy Mail1969 TOPPS #109 IN BLUE RED SOX premium members only
30969CardBy Mail1978 Topps #52 (Phillies)- Inscribed Cy Young 67 premium members only
214121CardTrade1993 Ted Williams #3 / Red Sox / blue sharpie premium members only
253076CardIn Person1969 Topps #109, blue sharpie - Red Sox premium members only
253077CardIn Person1993 Ted Williams #3, blue sharpie - Red Sox premium members only
328997CardBy Mail775T in pen premium members only
338377CardBy Mail1967 Topps #371 - blue sharpie - VG, "Cy Young 67" inscription premium members only
338668CardBy Mail1977 Topps #569 - blue sharpie premium members only
334384CardBy Mail2001 Fleer Red Sox 15 of 20 blue premium members only
163899CardBy Mail1965 Topps reprint card signed with a blue sharpiepremium members only
205519CardBy Mail1978 Topps - Phillies - Blue Sharpie premium members only
205520CardBy Mail1979 Topps - Phillies - Blue Sharpie premium members only
205869CardBy Mail93 ud bat - red soxpremium members only
246290CardPrivate Signing1978 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
246291CardPrivate Signing1975 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
246292CardPrivate Signing1972 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
270481CardBy Mail1968 Topps game card - blue premium members only
271977Index CardBy Mailunlined side - magazine clipping glued to back side premium members only
47245Index CardBy MailIndex card signed in blue sharpie with Cy Young '67 inscriptionpremium members only
76332Index CardBy MailIC SIGNED IN THIN BLUE SHARPIE ON BLANK SIDE 1965-1979 RED SOX BREWERS PHILLIES premium members only
26905Index CardBy Mail3x5 - blue sharpie - unlined side - ex premium members only
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