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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
3682CardBy Mail1988 Donruss premium members only
18025CardBought1987 Topps #721 - ink - nm premium members only
30795CardBy Mail1987 Topps #721 (Cardinals) premium members only
32502CardBought89 Topps Traded #49T Phillies (black pen) premium members only
36192CardBy Mail1986 topps #550 in blue CARDINALS premium members only
54650CardBy Mail1989 Donruss - black premium members only
76359CardBy Mail1989 Topps signed in black sharpie MInnesota Twins premium members only
79978CardBy Mail1982 Fleer #115 premium members only
98927CardBought1984 Topps black sharpie Cardinalspremium members only
114693CardBy Mail1990 fleer #560 black phillies premium members only
115847CardBy Mail1990 donruss #75 blue phillies premium members only
130520CardBy Mail1984 Fleer #325 premium members only
136316CardIn Person1988 score premium members only
141762CardTradeAutographed 1988 Donruss trading card #208. (St. Louis Cardinals)premium members only
142556CardBy Mail1990 Donruss #75 premium members only
161604CardBy Mail1989 Topps #709 Blue Sharpie TWINS premium members only
179945CardBy MailDonruss 1989 (Twins) blue Sharpie premium members only
179946CardBy Mail1989 Topps (Twins) blue Sharpie premium members only
184593CardBy Mail1988 Topps in black sharpie/ Cardinals premium members only
184594CardBy Mail1990 Topps in black sharpie/ Phillies premium members only
189715CardBy Mail1989 donruss premium members only
193569CardBy Mail1991 Topps premium members only
193689CardBy Mail1987 Fleer premium members only
212545CardBy Mail1988 Score Black Cardinals premium members only
214128CardTrade1983 Fleer #9 / Cardinals / blue sharpie premium members only
238396CardIn Person1983 Fleer #9, blue sharpie premium members only
238397CardIn Person1984 Fleer #325, blue sharpie premium members only
238398CardIn Person1984 Topps #649, blue sharpie premium members only
238399CardIn Person1981 Topps #266, black sharpie premium members only
238400CardIn Person1981 Donruss #68, blue sharpie premium members only
238401CardIn Person1986 Sportflics #28, black sharpie premium members only
238402CardIn Person1987 Topps #721, blue sharpie premium members only
243888CardIn Person1991 Fleer #149, blue sharpie premium members only
245334CardPrivate Signing1987 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
246989CardIn Person1990 Bowman #159, blue sharpie premium members only
257128CardBy Mail1987 Topps premium members only
257129CardBy Mail1981 Topps premium members only
257130CardBy Mail1991 Topps premium members only
257131CardBy Mail1991 Fleer (2) premium members only
257132CardBy Mail1989 Topps premium members only
266693CardBy Mail1986 Donruss premium members only
266694CardBy Mail1981 Topps premium members only
266696CardBy Mail1981 Donruss premium members only
267402CardBought1991 Topps #64 - blue sharpie premium members only
268469CardBought1984 Topps #649; St. Louis Cardinals; signed in blue sharpie premium members only
268605CardBought1986 Topps #702; St. Louis Cardinals All-Star; signed in black premium members only
268686CardBought1987 Topps #721; St. Louis Cardinals; signed in blue sharpie premium members only
269478CardBy Mail1987 Topps - St. Louis Cardinalspremium members only
269479CardBy Mail1990 Bowman - St. Louis Cardinalspremium members only
274313CardBy Mail85 Donruss #425-Cardinals-black sharpie premium members only
278442CardBy Mail1990 Leaf - Phillies - Blue premium members only
282755CardBy Mail1984 Fleer premium members only
282756CardBy Mail1990 Donruss DK premium members only
282758CardBy Mail1988 Topps Traded premium members only
284037CardBy Mail89 Donruss #301-Twins-black sharpie premium members only
285041CardBy Mail1983 topps, 1988 topps premium members only
285817CardBy Mail1982 Topps #27 (blue) - Cardinals premium members only
286254CardBy Mail1990 Upper Deck #488 (black) - Phillies premium members only
288872CardPrivate Signing1986 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
288873CardPrivate Signing1986 Topps All Star (blue staedler) premium members only
288874CardPrivate Signing1988 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
288875CardPrivate Signing1988 Topps Traded (blue staedler) premium members only
288876CardPrivate Signing1989 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
288877CardPrivate Signing1989 Topps Traded (blue staedler) premium members only
288878CardPrivate Signing1990 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
288879CardPrivate Signing1991 Topps (blue staedler) premium members only
288880CardPrivate Signing1988 Donruss (blue staedler) premium members only
288881CardPrivate Signing1990 Donruss Diamond Kings (blue staedler) premium members only
288882CardPrivate Signing1990 Donruss (blue staedler) premium members only
288883CardPrivate Signing1987 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
288884CardPrivate Signing1989 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
288885CardPrivate Signing1986 Fleer Mini (blue staedler) premium members only
288886CardPrivate Signing1991 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
288887CardPrivate Signing1987 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
288888CardPrivate Signing1983 Fleer (blue staedler) premium members only
288889CardPrivate Signing1986 Donruss (blue staedler) premium members only
290430CardBy Mail1989 Score #191 premium members only
290431CardBy Mail2006 Fleer GOTG #89 premium members only
291834CardTrade1982 Donruss #530 / Cardinals / black sharpie / "82 World Champs" insc premium members only
295894CardBy Mail1987 Donruss premium members only
295895CardBy Mail1983 Topps premium members only
297715CardBy Mail1988 Topps Traded premium members only
301622CardBought1985 Topps cardpremium members only
303004CardBought1988 Topps card #310 signed in bluepremium members only
305932CardPrivate Signing1981 Topps signed in Blue Sharpie premium members only
305933CardPrivate Signing1983 Topps Signed in Blue Sharpie premium members only
312010CardBy Mail1986 Topps All Star Cardinals blue premium members only
313319CardBy Mail1987 Topps #721; Cardinals premium members only
314287CardBy Mail1990 Topps #297 Phillies  premium members only
314288CardBy Mail1988 Donruss #208 Cardinals premium members only
314289CardBy Mail1989 Donruss #301 Twins premium members only
315230CardBy Mail1982 Donruss, 1984 Topps, 1985 Donruss, 1988 Fleer, 1988 Score (Cardinals), 1990 Fleer, 1990 Donruss Diamond Kings (Phillies), 1991 Topps (Mets)- all signed in blue. premium members only
315573CardIn Person'90T premium members only
315974CardBy Mail1988 Score Black Sharpie premium members only
316856CardBy Mail1990 Donruss Diamond King #21; Phillies premium members only
319147CardBy Mail1987 Fleer #296; Cardinals premium members only
320855CardBy Mail1985 Donruss #425; Cardinals premium members only
339031CardBy Mail1990 Donruss #21 - blue sharpie - Diamond King premium members only
354089CardBy Mail1985 Topps # 113 - blue sharpie  premium members only
354589CardBought1984 Topps # 649 blue sharpie premium members only
357714CardBy Mail1987 Donruss #140; Cardinals (Black Sharpie) premium members only
359254CardBy Mail1992 Fleer #149 Mets premium members only
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