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IDItem TypeAcquiredCommentsImageMember 
202506CardBy MailSigned 1986 Topps #592 (w "John 3:36" inscription) and his own testimony card in blue sharpie (Detroit Tigers) premium members only
323960CardBy Mail1989 Topps 603, 1986 Topps 592, and 1992 Topps 458 in blue sharpie, all with John 3:16 inscription  premium members only
123966CardTrade1990 Upperdeck Blue Sharpie Tigers premium members only
234483CardBy Mail1981 Topps #369, black sharpie premium members only
234484CardBy Mail1977 Topps #200, blue sharpie premium members only
234485CardBy Mail1976 Topps #490, blue sharpie premium members only
234486CardBy Mail1975 Topps Mini #16, black sharpie premium members only
249465CardBy Mail1983 Donruss #447, blue sharpie - Rangers premium members only
249466CardBy Mail1983 Topps #272, blue sharpie - Rangers premium members only
249467CardBy Mail1984 Topps #479, blue sharpie - Rangers premium members only
256316CardBy Mail1989 Topps #603 Tigers premium members only
90223CardBy Mail1985 DonRuss (Rangers) signed in blue sharpie w/bible verse premium members only
286839CardBy Mail1990 Upper Deck #516 (blue) - Tigers premium members only
173362CardBy Mail1981 Upper Deck 369 Black Ballpoint. premium members only
173460CardBy Mail1985 Donruss 220 Black Ballpoint premium members only
139509CardBy Mail1981 Topps #369 Blue Sharpie ANGELS premium members only
139528CardBy Mail1992 Fleer #145 Blue Sharpie TIGERS premium members only
139529CardBy Mail1989 Donruss #90 Blue Sharpie TIGERS premium members only
100814CardBy Mail1991 Studio Signed in Blue Ink, inscribed John 14:6 premium members only
304040CardBy Mail1983 Topps Rangers Blue 1983 Fleers Rangers Blue 1981 Topps Red Sox - BP Pen premium members only
334572CardBy Mail1988 Score blue Tigers premium members only
364490CardBought1992 Donruss Tigers blue premium members only
364491CardBought1990 Donruss Tigers blue premium members only
364492CardBought1989 Donruss Tigers blue premium members only
364493CardBought1991 Score Tigers blue premium members only
364494CardBought1992 Topps Tigers blue premium members only
364495CardBought1984 Topps Rangers blue premium members only
365072CardBy MailThe Goal Blue Tigers premium members only
196128CardBy Mail1975 Topps Frank Tanana # 16 signed premium members only
361252CardBy Mail1984 topps #479 signed blue premium members only
176719CardTrade1987 Topps #726 in blue (Tigers) premium members only
277146CardBy Mail90F Tigers card signed and inscribed in fine black. Testimonial card signed with Bible verse. Happy to send scans. premium members only
201881CardBy Mail1987 Topps #726 premium members only
338650CardBy Mail1976 Topps #204 - blue sharpie - League Leaders card premium members only
338657CardBy Mail1976 Topps #490 - blue sharpie premium members only
338703CardBy Mail1978 Topps #600 - blue sharpie premium members only
338868CardBy Mail1984 Donruss #98 - blue sharpie premium members only
338915CardBy Mail1986 Donruss #491 - blue sharpie premium members only
338952CardBy Mail1987 Topps #726 - blue sharpie premium members only
339044CardBy Mail1990 Leaf #87 - blue sharpie premium members only
339574CardBy Mail1981 Donruss #171 - blue sharpie premium members only
255235CardBy Mail1979 Topps #530premium members only
255236CardBy Mail1980 Topps #105premium members only
249173CardBy Mail1987 Topps premium members only
249426CardBy Mail1990 Topps premium members only
249433CardBy Mail1991 Topps premium members only
269983CardBy Mail1988 Topps premium members only
269984CardBy Mail1984 Donruss premium members only
269985CardBy Mail1991 Fleer premium members only
277754CardBy Mail88 Donruss, 88 Fleer premium members only
277755CardBy Mail89T, 91T premium members only
300318CardBy Mail1988 Fleer premium members only
300351CardBy Mail1990 Score premium members only
300400CardBy Mail1990 Topps premium members only
300526CardBy Mail1990 Leaf premium members only
300876CardBy Mail1993 Upper Deck  premium members only
301053CardBy Mail1990 Upper Deck  premium members only
315758CardIn Person86T, 84F premium members only
302538CardBy Mail1985 Topps #55 Rangers signed in blue sharpie premium members only
302539CardBy Mail1988 Topps #177 Tigers signed in blue sharpie premium members only
302540CardBy Mail1989 Topps #603 Tigers signed in blue sharpie premium members only
302541CardBy Mail1990 Upper Deck #516 Tigers signed in blue sharpie premium members only
285943CardBy Mail1976 topps, 1990 bowman, 1989 upper deck premium members only
306121CardBy Mail1984 Topps signed in blue sharpie premium members only
306122CardBy Mail1988 Fleer signed in blue sharpie premium members only
306123CardBy Mail1988 Donruss signed in blue sharpie premium members only
306124CardBy Mail1989 Donruss signed in blue sharpie premium members only
306125CardBy Mail1989 Upper Deck signed in blue sharpie premium members only
306280CardBy Mail1987 Topps signed in blue sharpie premium members only
329325CardBy Mail1977 Topps - Blue Sharpie premium members only
315398CardBy Mail1982 Donruss (Red Sox), 1984 Topps, 1985 Donruss (Rangers), 1988 Score, 1989 Topps, 1990 Score (Tigers)- signed in blue  premium members only
333478CardBy Mail1978 Topps ERA Leaders with John Candelariapremium members only
366514CardBy Mail1974 Topps premium members only
366579CardBy Mail1975 Topps premium members only
366648CardBy Mail1976 Topps premium members only
366941CardBy Mail1979 Topps premium members only
367067CardBy Mail1980 Topps premium members only
367362CardBy Mail1984 Topps #479 premium members only
29444CardBy Mail78 Topps #207 Angels (blue sharpie) premium members only
52141CardBy Mail84 Donruss #98 Rangers (black sharpie) premium members only
52142CardBy Mail90 Donruss #180 Tigers (blue sharpie) premium members only
52143CardBy Mail92 Fleer #145 Tigers (blue sharpie) premium members only
52144CardBy Mail01 Topps Archives #416 Tigers (blue sharpie) premium members only
59320CardBy Mail93 Fleer #611 Tigers (blue sharpie) premium members only
66614CardBy Mail87 Topps #726 Tigers (blue sharpie premium members only
74162CardBy Mail88 Score #490 Tigers (blue sharpie) premium members only
84108CardBy Mail78 Topps #600 Angels (blue sharpie)  premium members only
84109CardBy Mail79 Topps #530 Angels (blue sharpie)  premium members only
170944CardBy Mail92 Donruss #111 Tigers (black sharpie)  premium members only
202671CardBy Mail91 Studio #57 Tigers (blue sharpie)  premium members only
202672CardBy Mail93 Leaf #365 Mets (blue sharpie)  premium members only
274427CardBy Mail88 Donruss #461 Tigers (black sharpie) premium members only
274428CardBy Mail89 Score #112 Tigers (blue sharpie)  premium members only
274429CardBy Mail12 Panini Golden Age #120 Angels (blue sharpie) premium members only
3684CardBy Mail1991 Topps with bible inscription. premium members only
314735CardBy Mail1989 Score #112 Tigers premium members only
314736CardBy Mail1988 Topps #177 Tigers premium members only
314737CardBy Mail1990 Fleer #616 Tigers premium members only
314738CardBy Mail1991 Donruss #508 Tigers premium members only
314739CardBy Mail1993 Upper Deck #626 Mets premium members only
79897CardBy Mail1975 SSPC #189 premium members only
92608CardBy Mail1981 Donruss #171 thin blue sharpie premium members only
114043CardBy Mail1978 Topps #600 sharpie premium members only
114053CardBy Mail1982 Topps #792 sharpie premium members only
114059CardBy Mail1989 Topps #603 sharpie premium members only
114060CardBy Mail1989 Topps #609 sharpie premium members only
114071CardBy Mail1984 Donruss #98 sharpie premium members only
138081CardBy Mail1978 Topps #207 premium members only
138082CardBy Mail1981 Topps #369 premium members only
138083CardBy Mail1984 Topps #479 premium members only
138084CardBy Mail1981 Topps Traded #841 premium members only
221043CardBy Mail1991 Fleer #354 premium members only
221044CardBy Mail1975 Topps #16 creased premium members only
352549CardBy Mail1988 Score #490 premium members only
303964CardBy Mail1979 Topps #530; Angels premium members only
320808CardBy Mail1985 Donruss DK #9; Rangers premium members only
347657CardBy Mail1976 SSPC #189; Angels premium members only
349013CardBy Mail1979 Topps #530; Angels premium members only
360063CardBy Mail1987 Donruss #152; Tigers (ballpoint) premium members only
369548CardBy Mail1992 Fleer #145; Tigers (Blue Sharpie) premium members only
74408CardBy Mail1990 Topps premium members only
32348CardBy Mail1987 Topps #726 (Tigers), Bible card (Tigers) premium members only
23038CardBy MailI went through my entire collection and added players that I would like to trade. I have several cards of each player so if you have a specific request (i.e. Al Hrabosky in a Braves uniform), I may be able to accomodate it for you. I AM NOT looking to sell any of my autographs. I would like to trade for players that I do not have. Please send me a list of cards that you have available to trade. Thanks. -Tim premium members only
194092CardBy MailBible Card booklet - Detroit Tigerspremium members only
251889CardBy Mail1990 Bowman - Detroit Tigerspremium members only
251891CardBy Mail1978 Topps (1977 ERA Leaders) - California Angelspremium members only
205117CardBy Mail1985 Topps - Rangerspremium members only
205138CardBy Mail1978 Topps - Angelspremium members only
205142CardBy MailReligous - Tigerspremium members only
205845CardBy Mail78 topps leaders - angelspremium members only
205861CardBy Mail90 ud - tigerspremium members only
205864CardBy Mail80 topps - angelspremium members only
205877CardBy Mailreligouspremium members only
205882CardBy Mail86 donruss - tigerspremium members only
279337CardBy MailReligious card "The Goal" signed in blue sharpie Tanana on front picture in Detroit Tigers uniform premium members only
325059CardBy Mail1978 Topps signed in blue sharpie Anaheim Angels premium members only
143767CardBy MailOWN CARD BIBLE TIGERS  premium members only
369191CardBy Mail1974 topps rookie card #605 angels premium members only
369192CardBy Mail1985 donruss #9 rangers premium members only
784CardBy MailBible card premium members only
54587CardIn PersonThe Goal Card (Blue Staedtler) Tigers 2 Available  premium members only
261424CardIn Person1992 Donruss 111 (Blue Sharpie) Tigers premium members only
261457CardTrade1989 Topps 603 (Blue Sharpie) Tigers premium members only
71588CardIn Person1992 Upper Deck #605 Tigers black premium members only
71590CardIn Person1992 Score #271 Tigers blue premium members only
71603CardIn Person1989 Donruss #90 Tigers black premium members only
71614CardIn Person1990 Upper Deck #516 Tigers black  premium members only
124513CardIn Person1992 Upper Deck #605 Tigers black ink pen premium members only
134663CardBy Mail1990 Fleer #616 Tigers blue premium members only
134664CardBy Mail1988 Topps #177 Tigers blue premium members only
134665CardBy Mail1992 Upper Deck #605 Tigers blue premium members only
111419CardBy Mail1981 Donruss, Angels, blue premium members only
111465CardBy Mail1989 Donruss #90, Tigers, Blue premium members only
257915CardBy Mail1987 Topps - blue - Tigers premium members only
257916CardBy Mail1982 Topps - blue - Red Sox premium members only
257917CardBy Mail1982 Fleer - blue - Red Sox premium members only
140018CardBy MailAutographed 2004 Fleer Great of the Game trading card #75. (California Angels)premium members only
140019CardBy MailAutographed 1993 Leaf trading card #365. (New York Mets)premium members only
83994CardBy Mail1990 donruss #180 black ballpoint john 14:6 inscription premium members only
83995CardBy Mail1990 fleer #616 black ballpoint john 3:16 inscription premium members only
104774CardIn Person1990 fleer #616 blue tigers premium members only
104775CardIn Person1986 fleer #239 blue tigers premium members only
104776CardIn Person1981 topps #369 blue angels premium members only
104777CardIn Person1982 fleer #309 blue red sox premium members only
104778CardIn Person1988 score #490 blue tigers premium members only
104779CardIn Person1981 donruss #171 blue angels premium members only
104780CardIn Person1986 topps #592 blue tigers premium members only
104781CardIn Person1988 donruss #461 blue tigers premium members only
104782CardIn Person1988 donruss #461 blue tigers premium members only
211837CardIn Person1982 TOPPS TRADED #117T RANGERS BLUE SHARPIE SLIGHT SMUDGE premium members only
211838CardIn Person1993 TOPPS GOLD FOIL #53 TIGERS BLUE SHARPIE premium members only
260739CardIn Person1975 SSPC #189 ANGELS IN BLUE SHARPIE premium members only
260740CardIn Person1981 DONRUSS #171 ANGELS IN BLUE SHARPIE SMUDGE premium members only
24788CardBy MailPAO card - ink premium members only
42129CardTrade1987 Donruss - ink premium members only
110280CardBy Mail1990 Score - black premium members only
224431CardBy Mail1990 Fleer - blue premium members only
266498CardBy Mail1990 Topps - blue  premium members only
270471CardBy MailTheGoal card - blue premium members only
270717CardBy Mail1985 Topps - black premium members only
271073CardBy Mail1986 Topps - ink premium members only
271074CardBy Mail1986 Fleer - ink premium members only
305216CardBy Mail1990 Donruss - ink premium members only
305217CardBy Mail1987 Donruss - ink premium members only
305218CardBy Mail1987 Donruss - blue  premium members only
116618CardBy Mail1975 SSPC #40 IN BLUE ANGELS premium members only
116619CardBy MailMINI BOOKLET THE GOAL  premium members only
310505CardBy Mail1993 Fleer Ultra - blue sharpie METS premium members only
16114CardBy Mail premium members only
92991CardBy Mail89 Topps #603 Tigers premium members only
95670CardBy Mail1988 Topps #177 Tigers  premium members only
302805CardIn Person1978 Topps 600, 1983 Topps 272, 1985 Donruss Super DKs 9, 1985 Fleer 570, 1986 Topps 592, 1987 Topps 726, 1989 Donruss 90, 1990 Bowman 343, 1990 Donruss 180, 1990 Topps 343, 1991 Score 328, 1991 Upper Deck 369, 1992 Topps 458, 1993 Topps 53 premium members only
47240CardBy Mail1989 Donruss #90 signed in black sharpie with John 3:36 inscriptionpremium members only
52632CardBy MailTestimony card autographed in black sharpiepremium members only
87484CardBy Mail1992 Topps #458 signed in blue sharpiepremium members only
344879CardBy Mail‘84T and ‘84 Fleer signed in blue sharpie. premium members only
124958CardBy Mail1986 topps 592 tigers premium members only
124959CardBy Mail1987 topps 726 tigers premium members only
27052CardBought1980 Topps #105 - California Angels - blue ink - nex - added bible inscription "JOHN 3:16" premium members only
291606CardTrade1987 Topps #726 / TIgers/ blue sharpie premium members only
353833CardBought1985 Topps # 55 fine blue sharpie premium members only
354238CardBought1982 Topps # 792 blue sharpie premium members only
354510CardBought1984 Topps # 479 blue sharpie premium members only
336339CardBy Mail91D premium members only
336340CardBy Mail79T premium members only
28091PhotoBought8x10 color photo Tigers uniform premium members only
336974Other ItemTradeAutographed Religious two-fold 'The Goal' promotional item. (Detroit Tigers)premium members only
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