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buyerAlways a pleasure to work with, thanks again DodgerDog (771)5/4/2024
buyerAlways great to deal with, highly recommend DodgerDog (771)2/3/2024
tradegood to deal withcoaches (301)12/14/2023
private signingThank you for sending in!Rls2239 (265)12/10/2023
buyerThanks again as always, one of the better members on hereDodgerDog (771)10/7/2023
buyerThanks JaysonRic4ky (363)9/23/2023
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (301)8/18/2023
buyerThanks again as always DodgerDog (771)8/2/2023
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (301)7/24/2023
buyerThanks JasonRic4ky (363)5/9/2023
sellerCards look great. Thanks so much!j_bodensteiner (352)4/25/2023
buyerThanks again Jay, one of the better members on hereDodgerDog (771)3/19/2023
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (261)2/11/2023
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (261)12/13/2022
buyerQuick paymenttigerking (25)11/14/2022
sellerGreat card!rangersinthenigh (33)11/10/2022
buyerFast payment thanks deano (918)10/18/2022
sellerThx!!4jwilsons (165)8/31/2022
buyerThanks again as alwaysDodgerDog (771)8/15/2022
sellerGreat and Easy to work withcwm10a (23)7/22/2022
50-50 / consignmentThanks for participating in my PSA/DNA Sub!Haleysdaddy0304 (864)7/2/2022
buyerThanks A++++++kdubs (362)5/20/2022
private signingGreat Transaction! Thanks for sending in! toddschafer (794)1/27/2022
sellerThanks for the 90 AS Magrane!frankhardy (185)1/6/2022
tradeGreat to work with!rjp85 (182)12/11/2021
private signingThanks for wanting to be part of this signing.hofcs (1018)10/10/2021
private signingAAA+++ Thanksorr23mj (1650)9/14/2021
tradeGood to deal withcoaches (301)8/7/2021
buyerFast payment, prompt communication, I highly recommend this member.baseballexpert (263)7/27/2021
tradeAnother smooth trade with this member. Thanks!JNeel15 (172)6/21/2021
sellerThanks for helping with the 88T set! pleclare2 (126)5/28/2021
sellerThx for helping w my 87F set!4jwilsons (165)5/12/2021
buyerA+EffectivelyWild (261)5/1/2021
private signingThanks for sending in! Appreciate the business!ridiculousxdream (1074)4/29/2021
buyerExactly as stated. THANKSmsdean16 (54)4/22/2021
private signingA+ all around!!chickenlittle (641)4/20/2021
sellerThanks for the deal!jeterfan94 (195)3/7/2021
private signingThanksthehalk (750)2/27/2021
sellerGreat deal!!pdg16 (281)2/21/2021
tradeAnother great trade with jayarasate. Thanks!JNeel15 (172)2/20/2021
private signingMagglio Ordonez signing. Thank you for participating. castleboys (373)2/17/2021
buyerThanks!!!dabulls (664)2/3/2021
tradeFast trade. Thank you!JNeel15 (172)2/2/2021
buyerThank you for your support. A+Ginterdude (201)1/24/2021
sellerCards arrived ThanksIggles73 (66)1/21/2021
sellerThank you dukemiller (140)1/15/2021
50-50 / consignmentThanks!elpasodiablos (186)1/13/2021
sellerExcellent seller, thank youmuddogs21 (317)1/12/2021
sellerLooks great. Fast Ship! Thanks!Danoman419 (64)1/7/2021
sellerSmooth and seamless transaction mtheotikos (134)1/5/2021
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1650)1/4/2021
sellercard was great..thank you!thepil (343)12/19/2020
buyerThanks again for another great transaction DodgerDog (771)12/15/2020
private signingGreat to work with. Thank you bigedmachine (214)12/14/2020
private signingAwesome great buyer nosamm (554)12/10/2020
buyerThank you for your purchases.dryden29 (267)12/7/2020
private signingThanks for taking partrifon (1281)12/7/2020
sellerThanksGremedies (219)11/3/2020
private signingThank you!!ridiculousxdream (1074)10/5/2020
buyerGreat SCN member! Thank you, Jay!Ebanks14 (234)9/18/2020
sellerA+ thanks!military11b2001 (481)9/8/2020
tradegood tradercoaches (301)8/20/2020
buyerA+rbuckalew (28)8/11/2020
buyerThank you, A+!cort10 (538)6/16/2020
private signingAAA+++orr23mj (1650)6/9/2020
tradeThanks!!!military11b2001 (481)6/6/2020
private signingGREAT TRANSACTIONSIGNATURES (1015)5/8/2020
tradeThank you! A+cort10 (538)4/13/2020
buyerAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (771)3/11/2020
buyerQuick payment. Thanks!clarkzac (109)2/17/2020
buyerThank you as always, highly recommend dealing with DodgerDog (771)2/7/2020
buyerA++++++++ Thankskdubs (362)1/6/2020
buyerThanks again for another great transaction DodgerDog (771)12/1/2019
sellerTerrific, thanks for helping me out!Mattingly4232 (86)11/29/2019
buyerThanks again for a easy going transaction. DodgerDog (771)11/29/2019
sellerThanks for the easy sale.BensonTim (356)9/30/2019
sellerThank You For Helping me With my Setdanlaw74 (84)7/21/2019
buyerA++++++ GREAT TO WORK WITH!!! 10/10ethanoah (352)7/6/2019
buyerA++ Member Thanks!SoxAutographs29 (353)5/11/2019
buyerA++ Member Thanks!SoxAutographs29 (353)5/11/2019
buyerSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!Haleysdaddy0304 (864)4/8/2019
buyerFast Payment. A+++ BuyerPadresApologist (347)3/20/2019
tradeAlways a great memberDodgerDog (771)3/11/2019
buyerA+++ great member!!!CeppDizzle11 (129)3/9/2019
buyerAlways a pleasure.DodgerDog (771)2/8/2019
tradeQuick and fast trade and delivery. Thanks.kgwatson (41)2/5/2019
buyerThanks A++++++++++kdubs (362)1/26/2019
buyerhope u like the signed cardkthudmon002000 (211)1/25/2019
sellerThanks!FeycoBexar (182)1/11/2019
tradegood to deal withcoaches (301)1/11/2019
buyerGreat transaction thank you!!!Milbgrapher (39)1/8/2019
tradeGreat member to trade with !!!dodgerman55 (110)12/29/2018
buyerEnjoy the cards. Thanks again.seaner (429)12/14/2018
sellerSuper fast and safe shipping. Thanks!BensonTim (356)11/24/2018
buyerJason is great as always, thanks again!DodgerDog (771)11/2/2018
tradegreat trade, thanks!ajrose (17)10/23/2018
tradegood tradercoaches (301)9/17/2018
sellerGreat lot of cards, thanksCopperJJ (291)8/30/2018
sellerquick shipping awesome cards great to deal withce1012 (782)8/20/2018
sellerThanks for the Dodgers minors help, A+ CopperJJ (291)8/18/2018
buyergreat deal - thanks!bookwyrm3 (308)7/19/2018
buyerThank you for the purchase!thesouthsiders (149)7/2/2018
tradeGreat trade, thanks for the cardsbaseballgenius80 (140)6/24/2018
buyerAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (771)6/17/2018
buyerAlways a pleasure, will always recommend DodgerDog (771)6/15/2018
sellerquick shipping awesome card great to deal withce1012 (782)6/3/2018
buyerAlways a pleasure DodgerDog (771)4/27/2018
buyerAlways a easy transaction!DodgerDog (771)4/10/2018
sellerNice cards, thanks! Closing in on my set!jeffklein (135)3/24/2018
sellerThanks very much! Easy transactiondw1017 (672)3/22/2018
buyerGreat Transaction! Thanks!yrocks2001 (250)3/16/2018
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)3/15/2018
sellerAwesome Member, Smooth TransactionJshock80 (68)2/11/2018
buyerGreat to work with. DodgerDog (771)2/8/2018
buyerGreat to work with. DodgerDog (771)2/8/2018
buyerGreat to work with. DodgerDog (771)2/8/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (771)2/7/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (771)2/7/2018
buyerGreat to work with.DodgerDog (771)2/7/2018
buyerthanks!vinniemiller (687)2/3/2018
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)12/5/2017
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)12/3/2017
buyerTHXcccp (295)11/25/2017
tradealways good to deal withcoaches (301)11/20/2017
buyerThanks for the purchase!andybam (322)11/18/2017
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)11/17/2017
tradegood tradercoaches (301)11/2/2017
buyerhope u like the signed cards kthudmon002000 (211)10/28/2017
sellerPiece of cake transaction. Thanks again!!!pdm68 (39)8/2/2017
buyerAlways a pleasure dealing with JayDodgerDog (771)7/13/2017
buyerGreat member - easy to work withucffans (237)5/15/2017
tradeGreat cards, great trade. Thank you! loringslegends (82)2/25/2017
sellerQuick shipping great to deal withce1012 (782)2/24/2017
buyerAlways great dealing with Jay.DodgerDog (771)2/1/2017
buyerEasy member to work with A+GoYanks52 (508)1/13/2017
sellerquick shipping awesome card great to deal withce1012 (782)1/12/2017
buyermy pleasure-enjoy! thanks 2hotty (250)12/8/2016
tradegood tradercoaches (301)11/30/2016
buyerThank you! 2hotty (250)11/21/2016
sellerAwesome cards great to deal withce1012 (782)10/17/2016
buyerQuick, easy deal!clarkzac (109)10/15/2016
sellerThank You! A+nymautocollector (117)9/9/2016
buyerGreat and easy to deal with DodgerDog (771)8/24/2016
sellerGREAT member of SCN, trustworthy and solid. A++einho (505)8/15/2016
tradeas usual good to deal withcoaches (301)8/10/2016
sellerquick shipping awesome cards great to deal withce1012 (782)7/30/2016
sellerAAAAA+++++++ben84dog (32)7/23/2016
sellerFast shipping. Good transaction. Thanksben84dog (32)7/20/2016
sellerThanks for the help.BensonTim (356)7/5/2016
sellerquick shipping awesome cards great to deal withce1012 (782)6/3/2016
sellerExcellent. Fast shipping. Thanks philendris (262)5/23/2016
sellerGreat trade, thanks!sharmon_78 (43)5/20/2016
sellerawesome card great to deal with ce1012 (782)5/2/2016
tradeA+ member. Looking forward to future trades.1906Ultras (126)4/26/2016
tradeThanks Jay! Looking forward to working with you again.1906Ultras (126)4/25/2016
sellerawesome card great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)4/16/2016
sellerSuper easy to deal with, fast shipping, great trader!cryptofterror (102)4/11/2016
sellerThanks for the autographed ICs! Great seller- highly recommended!RJRECCH13 (85)4/10/2016
buyerquick pay!!noach2343 (320)4/6/2016
sellerQuick shipping awesome cards always great to deal withce1012 (782)3/19/2016
buyerSuper fast payment...thank you!biggez99 (303)3/8/2016
sellerHe likes the auto's very glad to do deal with youbigmike04 (360)3/4/2016
sellerawesome card great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)2/26/2016
sellerAwesome cards great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)2/12/2016
buyerthanks!FeycoBexar (182)2/6/2016
buyerthanks!FeycoBexar (182)2/6/2016
tradeexcellent to deal withcoaches (301)2/2/2016
sellerawesome cards great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)1/17/2016
sellerThis guy is GREATAutocardguy (211)1/14/2016
sellerawesome cards great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)1/2/2016
sellerAwesome cards quick shipping great to deal withce1012 (782)1/2/2016
sellerAwesome cards quick shipping great to deal withce1012 (782)12/25/2015
sellerawesome cards great to deal with ce1012 (782)12/17/2015
sellerQuick shipping awesome cards always great to deal withce1012 (782)12/4/2015
buyerSuper fast payment. A++ Member. Thanks!!dabulls (664)11/28/2015
sellerThanks!!bballabro (266)10/16/2015
sellerThanks!nbnorcross (89)9/22/2015
buyerquick payment great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)9/20/2015
sellerThanks again!medic-34 (737)8/1/2015
sellerExcellant transaction..........Super Dealer!!!!ytme2 (223)7/6/2015
sellerAwesome card quick shipping great to deal withce1012 (782)7/3/2015
tradeThanks for the trade!bigslimdog (61)6/29/2015
sellerThanks for the helpBensonTim (356)6/18/2015
tradeexcellent to deal withcoaches (301)5/21/2015
sellerawesome card great to deal with as alwaysce1012 (782)5/17/2015
sellerThanksBillyocean (118)5/11/2015
sellerGood SCN member. Thanks for helping me with my collection!rnpurdue (96)5/5/2015
tradegood to deal withcoaches (301)4/14/2015
tradegood tradercoaches (301)2/18/2015
sellergreat trade! Thanks!Billyocean (118)2/13/2015
sellerthanks for the help!jcq08 (557)2/9/2015
sellerPerfect Service, Will work with againgallagher (103)1/25/2015
sellerA+, asset to SCN. Always easy to deal with!jbeiermann (690)12/22/2014
tradeexcellent to deal withcoaches (301)12/16/2014
sellerawesome to deal with, great dealEarlyBird7 (129)10/23/2014
sellerNice cards, thanks!schnepa (293)9/27/2014
tradegood to deal withcoaches (301)9/17/2014
tradePerfectpadmbfan (89)9/16/2014
tradegood to deal withcoaches (301)9/12/2014
sellerNice card. Thanks for helpingTunis (190)9/9/2014
sellerA pleasure to deal with. Thanks!doublej305 (11)7/31/2014
tradeGreat Stuff from a great guy!shawnmjacklitch (53)7/25/2014
sellerThank you!hutch5831 (260)7/24/2014
tradeGreat card, communication, and fast!!jbeiermann (690)7/17/2014
tradeGreat as alwaysrockinace (407)7/14/2014
selleroutstanding! thanks!dw1017 (672)7/11/2014
sellerFantastic! Thank you Jay!dw1017 (672)6/28/2014
buyerQuick payment. Thanks again!fishlips (268)6/23/2014
buyerAwesome to deal with. Thanks!luhein24 (55)5/20/2014
sellerWould deal with again!pdg16 (281)4/19/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)4/16/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)4/10/2014
buyergreat!ahmartin (150)3/27/2014
buyerVery easy to deal with. Thank again!!mrmain18 (80)3/15/2014
buyergreat trader quick paysajovie (161)3/9/2014
buyervery easy to work with and quick paymentDodgerDog (771)3/8/2014
buyerThank you!doggle3 (462)2/24/2014
buyerGreat SCN memberdlbiri1s (484)2/10/2014
tradeA+++, highly recommended to all. Thanks so muchjbeiermann (690)1/25/2014
buyerA pleasure to work withjp1bearsfan (246)1/16/2014
buyerthank youbiggez99 (303)12/23/2013
buyerThanks Jasonwoods1999 (235)11/29/2013
sellerGreat to work withrwilcox12 (145)11/8/2013
sellerGreat to work withrwilcox12 (145)11/8/2013
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (407)9/28/2013
tradekiller trade thanks a millionmesarosfamily (298)8/27/2013
buyerA+jeterfan94 (195)8/25/2013
tradeGreat card, quick shipment, thanks a lotpotzie165 (61)8/1/2013
buyerAAAAAA+++++++++memberhockeydan (270)6/21/2013
buyerQuick payment via PayPal. Thanks! A++++++++ =Dsignatureworld (215)6/19/2013
buyervery good trader!1906Ultras (126)6/13/2013
sellerGreat deal. Thanks A+nymautocollector (117)6/4/2013
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (407)4/14/2013
tradeGreat trader, thankspjadd (203)3/18/2013
tradeThank you for the trade. . . great to work with.justgreg (804)3/15/2013
sellerCards look nice & a good deal. Thanks!thepil (343)3/13/2013
sellerThanks for the sale and quick shippingBensonTim (356)1/8/2013
sellerThanks! Card looks great! - Natewilds1 (191)12/21/2012
tradegreat trader!calunitas1 (303)12/5/2012
tradeThanks for the trade..Great Cards!jasonw37 (25)10/26/2012
buyerGreat member quick payment awesome to deal withce1012 (782)10/11/2012
tradegreat trader A+jcq08 (557)9/4/2012
sellerThanks for the helprwilcox12 (145)9/4/2012
sellerThanks!steveg (313)8/11/2012
buyerGreat to deal with A+EWeebs (110)8/9/2012
tradeAwesome additions to the all-time roster project. . . thank you again! justgreg (804)7/14/2012
tradeAwesome a great guy to trade withrockinace (407)6/27/2012
sellerThanks! jeffnash (495)6/15/2012
sellervery pleased, hope to do business again.bill15217 (84)6/2/2012
sellergreat trade thanks for help with the 1990 score set, hope to trade againniveklunar (138)5/8/2012
sellerquick shipment, a pleasure to deal withpooh528 (401)5/8/2012
sellerSweet cards, quickly shipped - many thanks!!!jimmyrow (345)5/4/2012
buyerGreat sportscollectorzachco (70)3/22/2012
tradeGreat trade. Thanks again.potzie165 (61)1/14/2012
buyerFast Payment Thanks!!!deano (918)1/6/2012
buyerGreat to work with!!ethanoah (352)12/25/2011
buyerFast payment thanksdeano (918)12/22/2011
buyerFast payment. Thanksdan5 (118)12/7/2011
sellerGreat to deal with - awesome cards!gah76 (163)11/22/2011
tradeA + trader-Thanksrockinace (407)11/15/2011
buyerA+ Will Trade Again In The Future87donruss (274)10/10/2011
tradeAlways excellent to trade withrockinace (407)9/19/2011
sellerSent payment quickly. Excellent to deal with.Metrotheme (276)8/28/2011
sellersmooth transaction, easy to work withtplamer (325)8/23/2011
sellerGreat Trader thanksMarisfoever (337)8/19/2011
sellergreat deal, thanksbaseballexpert (263)8/18/2011
sellerGreat card and super Fast shipping! One of the best to deal with. Thanks again!backroadcat (283)8/15/2011
buyerfast payment, thanks sugarcult2 (263)7/22/2011
buyerLightning Fast Payment -- THANK YOUHOTLANTA (96)7/16/2011
sellerGreat item - Thanks a lot!!j_bodensteiner (352)6/30/2011
sellerGreat autographs, thanks!dilferules (10)6/13/2011
sellerGreat transactionjp1bearsfan (246)6/12/2011
sellerNice cards. Thanks much.twinsnut (62)6/9/2011
tradeGreat cards, thanks for the help!Macey225 (761)5/28/2011
buyerEasy trade! Thanks!mightyswede (418)5/27/2011
tradeA+, one of the best on the siterockinace (407)5/17/2011
tradeAwesome to trade with!tryfinski (532)5/9/2011
sellernice cards, thanksgraphhound1 (338)5/5/2011
sellerthanksrlbdjones74 (273)5/4/2011
sellerThank you very much!philendris (262)5/3/2011
sellerFast shipping! Excellent trader! Highly recommend!azpharmd1 (115)4/30/2011
tradeAlways awesome to trade withrockinace (407)4/28/2011
sellerFast Delivery. Great Traderbennyauto (35)4/23/2011
sellergreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (782)4/18/2011
sellerThanks for the card.woods1999 (235)4/11/2011
sellergreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (782)4/9/2011
sellergreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (782)4/5/2011
sellerA pleasure to deal with ManyThanks!!!!!!!!!!!!rileywfs (207)4/3/2011
buyerAwesome SCN Member87donruss (274)4/1/2011
sellerA++ Seller! I got my Barfield today! GO GIANTS!olliefu (50)3/29/2011
sellergreat cards awesome to deal withce1012 (782)3/28/2011
sellerOnce again a flawless transaction. A++ SCN'erDamienSin (56)3/26/2011
sellerFast turnaround. Thanks for a great transaction.lharmon20 (140)3/25/2011
tradeGreat trader! Cards recieved in good condition, and very quick shipper. Thanks again!EarlyBird7 (129)3/25/2011
seller$ tough to get autos, nicely signed, and sent to me quickly. Tks. ricke2 (240)3/18/2011
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (407)3/11/2011
sellerThanks a ton!philly84 (500)2/22/2011
sellerTop Notch Scner, Thanks Jay!DamienSin (56)2/16/2011
sellerQuick painless transaction, thanks.GoBucs (148)2/8/2011
sellerThank you, as advertised. . .justgreg (804)2/7/2011
sellerAwesome to deal, super easy transaction. . . quick shipping.justgreg (804)2/7/2011
sellerThanks....well done...quick ship.lostdart (202)2/2/2011
tradegreat trade, A+ highly recommend! thanks!hryb14 (171)1/6/2011
tradeGreat trade! Very fast shipping, highly recommend!hryb14 (171)12/29/2010
buyerGreat buyer, thanks!REDSOXFAN345818 (80)12/3/2010
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (407)10/26/2010
tradethanks for the good tradegarylcampbell (40)10/25/2010
tradealways a pleasure to deal withmesarosfamily (298)10/1/2010
tradeCards look great, thanks!yrocks2001 (250)8/24/2010
tradea+traylorfan54 (68)8/15/2010
tradeFast shipping.....Great to Work With......A+++++morells86 (127)7/31/2010
tradeThanks Jay A+rockinace (407)7/26/2010
tradegreat looking cards, very happy with the tradesalsmanado (146)7/22/2010
tradeGreat cards. Great trader. A+rmw10 (223)7/19/2010
tradeI am super psyched about this one!tryfinski (532)7/15/2010
tradeQuick payment and a great trader!mightyswede (418)7/14/2010
tradeThanks for the great trade!doggle3 (462)6/7/2010
tradeJAY THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE HELP. GREAT TRADERmesarosfamily (298)5/21/2010
tradeNice cards-great traderockinace (407)5/1/2010
tradeanother great trade. thanksmesarosfamily (298)4/29/2010
tradeGreat Trader..Fast Delivery!!jasonw37 (25)3/22/2010
tradeGood trader and good communicationgarylcampbell (40)3/5/2010
tradeAwesome card, awesome trader.tommergun (87)2/18/2010
tradeGreat to work with, smooth trade, great communication.justgreg (804)2/17/2010
tradeAlways great to trade withrockinace (407)2/10/2010
tradeGREAT TRADE AS ALWAYS. THANKSmesarosfamily (298)2/8/2010
tradeNice cards, nice autographs, thanks!tommergun (87)2/1/2010
tradeGreat communication, fast shippingagee (185)1/30/2010
tradean asset to scn bg20001 (121)1/13/2010
tradeOne of the best traders I knowrockinace (407)12/26/2009
tradeAwesome to deal with. Thanks!!!32Ford (48)12/14/2009
tradeexcellant trader as alwaysmesarosfamily (298)12/2/2009
tradeThanks!jeterfan94 (195)11/30/2009
tradegreat trader as alwaystryfinski (532)11/2/2009
tradeVery nice card. Thank you for the deal.worldwideed (373)10/30/2009
tradeAnother great trade, thanks!!rangersfan1982 (138)10/8/2009
tradeGREAT TRADE. THANKSmesarosfamily (298)9/8/2009
tradeAnother awesome trade with one of the bestrockinace (407)9/3/2009
tradeFantastic turn-around! Highly recommendedtryfinski (532)8/11/2009
tradeThanks Jay-Your one of the bestrockinace (407)7/30/2009
tradeA+ Quick Paymentteleman911 (303)7/28/2009
tradea fantastic trader, thanks again!tryfinski (532)7/14/2009
tradeThanks for another great traderockinace (407)7/9/2009
tradeFast Transaction & Delivery/Card protected and in great shape. Would definitely deal with again.gsherban (205)6/4/2009
tradegreat cards thanksce1012 (782)5/28/2009
tradeOne of the best in the communityrockinace (407)4/28/2009
tradegreat cards thanksmesarosfamily (298)4/16/2009
tradePaid promptly, appreciate the quick sale Jay...enjoy the cards!seanbear (141)3/25/2009
tradeAwesome trader, hope to trade with again!rangersfan1982 (138)2/28/2009
tradeGreat trade, thanks!rangersfan1982 (138)2/26/2009
tradeGreat trader, very happy. A+AFILIA (167)2/24/2009
tradeThanks for another great trade Jayrockinace (407)2/19/2009
tradegreat looking card thanksce1012 (782)1/29/2009
tradegreat card thanksce1012 (782)1/20/2009
tradeas listedDOSH77 (36)1/6/2009
tradeVery quick response, card looks great, highly recommend as a trade partner.sweetal (25)1/5/2009
tradethanks jay. nice cardsmesarosfamily (298)12/18/2008
tradeSUPER HAPPY! Thanks Jay!tommergun (87)12/3/2008
tradeYour one of the best in the community Jay-Thanksrockinace (407)11/28/2008
tradeGreat Card. Excellent Traderrockinace (407)11/7/2008
tradeAnother great trade Jay-Thanks rockinace (407)9/18/2008
tradeExcellent trader A+rockinace (407)8/5/2008
tradeNIce cards and an easy trade. Thanksschnepa (293)8/4/2008
tradeGreat Trader A+rockinace (407)4/24/2008
tradeNice trade; quick response; great traderjustgreg (804)3/6/2008
tradeThanks! A+kaskaar (60)3/3/2008
tradeGreat Card Great Trader!dcj79 (1)2/10/2008
tradeGreat trader - quick and accurate. Thanks!kcroyalty29 (111)1/21/2008
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