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offer private signingThanks for the attemptrwilcox12 (145)6/7/2023
offer private signing+1 Spectacular !siggy (107)10/20/2021
offer private signing+1 Spectacular !siggy (107)10/20/2021
offer private signingGreat member, thanks A+midog (421)3/19/2021
offer private signing+1 Spectacular !siggy (107)2/3/2021
offer private signingwell done, thanksdoublex (212)12/9/2020
offer private signingthanks for a great signing!doublex (212)12/9/2020
offer private signingThanks MBMiller25 (24)7/28/2019
offer private signingGreat zone (6)7/21/2018
offer private signing+1 Awesome thanks again ! siggy (107)3/7/2018
offer private signing+1 Awesome thanks, great signing + Welcome back !siggy (107)3/7/2018
buyerThanks!GOOGLE (59)7/30/2015
tradeThanks for getting Tittle!doa133920 (31)3/9/2014
buyerGreatbzito4life (333)2/19/2014
tradeThank you, A++cort10 (537)12/14/2013
buyerThank you very much! A+++cort10 (537)12/14/2013
buyerThank you very much! A++cort10 (537)12/14/2013
tradeGreat! ThanksLapierreSports (51)10/5/2013
50-50 / consignmentThank you.dryden29 (267)9/7/2013
tradeNice signature, thanksmwmiller (111)9/6/2013
offer private signingGreat Trade. Thanks! MOSES MALONEphilendris (255)9/1/2013
offer private signingI received my card very quickly and as described. Thanks!ghooper33 (64)8/27/2013
tradeGood Deal-Thanksbryanwood (147)7/5/2013
tradeGood Deal-Thanksbryanwood (147)7/5/2013
offer private signingAAAtonyt1957 (36)6/13/2013
offer private signingthanks for getting this done!leathtech (59)4/11/2013
offer private signingthanksnalamolly5 (9)1/31/2013
tradegreat!dk14 (143)12/6/2012
offer private signingUnfortunately, Heidi appears to have... disappeared. Was always great to deal w/ in the past.cor3y (587)10/8/2012
tradeGreat Deal. Thank YouHaleysdaddy0304 (862)8/9/2012
tradeGreat transactionjcpowell76 (58)8/8/2012
offer private signingAnother great private signing. A+noautopen88 (89)6/4/2012
offer private signingThanks!noautopen88 (89)6/4/2012
offer private signingA + Trade and Trader!hrbaker (198)5/14/2012
offer private signingA++ transactionjensckj (111)5/13/2012
offer private signingA++ transactionjensckj (111)5/13/2012
buyerGreat SC Member I really appreciate it.hankhelton1 (97)5/13/2012
50-50 / consignmentSorry Vernon Cancelled His Camp!! abspimp99 (525)5/12/2012
offer private signingVery Nice. Well Done!!!portishead (6)5/8/2012
offer private signingGreat as Always A+++bigwilt76 (112)4/29/2012
buyerAlways a pleasure to deal with Heidi...enjoy them!Elijah (42)4/29/2012
offer private signinggreat deal, thanks as always!leathtech (59)4/10/2012
50-50 / consignmentthank you!luckymike32 (305)4/6/2012
offer private signingRec'd card and check back. Thanks for tryingricke2 (240)3/30/2012
offer private signingThank you for setting up the Earl Campbell signing. Will use take part in others you have.siksyko (5)3/27/2012
offer private signingAlways Great to Work With+++Thanks Again!!!kang (149)3/24/2012
offer private signingSigning was cx but Heidi is GREAT to deal with! Thanks anyways!patsfangk (87)3/24/2012
offer private signingGreat to work with! Item came back very quickly.limnoid (31)3/22/2012
offer private signingThe best! As usual.VitoCo1972 (234)3/22/2012
offer private signingPerfect transaction, the best, A++++sabresfan (123)3/21/2012
offer private signingThank you very much!Juice_Tiger (37)3/21/2012
offer private signingSigning was canceled. Kept me informed and returned promptly.josh96 (391)3/18/2012
offer private signingSigning fell through, but handled professionally, thanks!cor3y (587)3/17/2012
offer private signingMy magazine was signed perfectly. Thanks!greg2876 (181)3/7/2012
50-50 / consignmentHope you enjoy!voidedwarrenties (153)2/23/2012
buyerGood guy!! Great to work withonitiam (37)2/13/2012
50-50 / consignmentGreat As always! Thank You!abspimp99 (525)2/10/2012
50-50 / consignmentFantastic Member! Thank You!!abspimp99 (525)2/10/2012
buyerSmooth transaction. Thanksefoster923 (24)2/9/2012
tradeThanks For Playingmichaeland (488)2/6/2012
offer private signingEverything looks good. ThanksCajun9201 (130)2/5/2012
buyerQuick payment and communication as always, thanks!cor3y (587)2/3/2012
buyerAwesome as Always!!abspimp99 (525)2/2/2012
offer private signingGreat signing with a legend!!!Liptorn (180)1/20/2012
offer private signingThanks for another great signing!!Liptorn (180)1/20/2012
offer private signingVery happy to get full name on Rudy T. Thanks!!Liptorn (180)1/20/2012
offer private signingAnother great signing. Thanks!Liptorn (180)1/20/2012
offer private signingGreat signing. Thanks!!Liptorn (180)1/20/2012
offer private signingthanksthess01 (121)1/10/2012
offer private signingThank you.Juice_Tiger (37)1/10/2012
offer private signingGood communication and quick responses. All cards received as promised/expected. Thanks!Bshbb (26)1/9/2012
offer private signingReceived my items...Thanks!!!!dawg3232 (8)1/3/2012
offer private signingAlways Great. A+leathtech (59)12/31/2011
sellergood deal, thanksJayBruce32 (157)12/31/2011
offer private signingAs always a smooth signing with a great looking sigosslyn (34)12/29/2011
offer private signingFast and friendly service. Highly recommend.berk275 (176)12/29/2011
offer private signingSimply the best, highly recommend, thanks, A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++billy crystal (80)12/28/2011
offer private signingTwo cards signed exactly as I wanted them. Thanks!!megaberry (50)12/27/2011
offer private signingA+++ GREAT SINGING AND VERY EASY TO WORK WITHbigwilt76 (112)12/26/2011
offer private signingA+++ GREAT TO WORK WITHbigwilt76 (112)12/26/2011
offer private signingYour the best. Thanks HeidiAllan1031 (132)12/23/2011
buyerThanks!joebenson5 (35)12/23/2011
offer private signingGreat Member++Perfect Signing Again--THANKS!!kang (149)12/19/2011
offer private signingBeautiful! Thanks.depcs (79)12/19/2011
offer private signingInteresting autograph for big card, but cool that he added number; thankskoufax (165)12/17/2011
offer private signingCards look great! Thank you!koufax (165)12/17/2011
offer private signingFantastic!Martin101 (165)12/16/2011
sellerThank you! My Y.A. Tittle card looks great!GoPhillies1123 (25)12/16/2011
offer private signingGreat communication, easy to work with. Would deal with againcarolinel (83)12/15/2011
offer private signinggreat signing ,thanksmidog (421)12/15/2011
offer private signingGreat job Heidi with YA TittleLordstan (149)12/15/2011
offer private signingGreat signatures, thanks for a great eventthayden (17)12/15/2011
offer private signinglooks great, Thanks agian!!!probowler (44)12/15/2011
offer private signingYA Tittle - private signing. Nice deal for me on the HOFer. Thank you. ricke2 (240)12/15/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentNice job getting my card signed!dcpolak (424)12/14/2011
offer private signingGreat transaction, thankssabresfan (123)12/14/2011
sellerGreat communication, quick shipping, great auto! Top notch! Tittle signingbigpog (121)12/14/2011
tradeMoney received promptly. Easy to work with.tp4ham (16)12/13/2011
buyerAnother great transaction. Thanks Heidijamieblye (1547)12/11/2011
tradeAlways awesome, thanks so much for a great trade!! capnsteve2 (264)12/3/2011
buyerA+++ Great Communication Super Fast Paymentlawandorder (70)12/1/2011
buyerquick payment good traderbowers28 (198)12/1/2011
buyeranother great transaction thanks alot!!!jamieblye (1547)11/24/2011
offer private signingThanks Heidi! My Kevin Porter card looks great!GoPhillies1123 (25)11/23/2011
offer private signingGreat job, Heidi--Thanks1658 (213)11/23/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentThe best!VitoCo1972 (234)11/23/2011
offer private signingWow...great signing! Thanks a lot!!walkmen (184)11/22/2011
offer private signingThanks again! Great card!schrageg (27)11/21/2011
offer private signingReceived my (2) multi signed bkball cards back from Kevin Porter signing. A+++ Thanks =)signatureworld (214)11/21/2011
offer private signingPerfect as always you are great thank you so muchbouyayak (65)11/21/2011
50-50 / consignmentcouldn't get brown, sent 4 hultzen as requestedhockeydan (270)11/20/2011
offer private signingAnother outstanding private signing, very happy with Kevin Porterj24g34 (258)11/19/2011
buyerAlways a pleasure, great comm & easy to work with. Thank you so much!capnsteve2 (264)11/9/2011
buyerGreat Member to work with!!!abspimp99 (525)11/8/2011
buyerFantastic member and super fast payment. Enjoy the baseball!JustCrazy (954)11/6/2011
offer private signingSMOOTH TRANSACTION...QUICK RETURN AFTER SIGNING...THANK YOUblaize8378 (29)10/21/2011
offer private signingfantastic work with the Tomjanovich signing, thanks!ducky1978 (280)10/21/2011
buyersmooth sailingKCshark31 (56)10/18/2011
buyerawesome to deal withKCshark31 (56)10/18/2011
offer private signingAlways a pleasure to work with Heidimwmiller (111)10/18/2011
offer private signingalways above and beyond one of the greatest on this site always Thank youbouyayak (65)10/18/2011
offer private signingAnother Perfect Signing!!! THANKS+++++kang (149)10/17/2011
offer private signingAs always, provided great autographs - Thanks!willyben (74)10/17/2011
offer private signingThanks for getting my rudy t jersey signed... A+++ as usual!!!jp559 (43)10/16/2011
offer private signingYet another perfect signing!ghooper33 (64)10/16/2011
offer private signingAlways perfect transactions with Heidi.VitoCo1972 (234)10/15/2011
offer private signingawesome job setting this up!VitoCo1972 (234)10/15/2011
offer private signinganother great signing - thanks!devilsfan15 (415)10/14/2011
50-50 / consignmentTHANKS AGAINpumbaa673 (222)10/14/2011
offer private signingGreat signing thanks for taking care of this !!!HoustonJG (20)10/14/2011
offer private signingThanks for putting this together. His full auto on my card looks great!koufax (165)10/13/2011
offer private signingThanks...moses malone Jersey looks awesome so does jersey numbersjp559 (43)10/12/2011
tradeGreat guy to deal with.gregm13 (160)10/8/2011
private signingthanks for taking partrifon (1276)10/7/2011
buyerGreatbzito4life (333)10/7/2011
buyerfast pay, great to deal with as always. thank youjamieblye (1547)10/5/2011
offer private signingThanks againjeserone (800)10/3/2011
offer private signingGreat signature thanks as always you are greatbouyayak (65)9/30/2011
buyerAlways a pleasure, thanks so much!capnsteve2 (264)9/29/2011
buyerSuper fast payment, another great deal. thanksjamieblye (1547)9/29/2011
offer private signingAlways Class Act!car308 (146)9/28/2011
buyeralways good to deal withhockeydan (270)9/27/2011
offer private signingGreat signing, card received back quickly and perfectly signed, thanks!cor3y (587)9/24/2011
buyerThanks againroyalsfan07 (192)9/23/2011
offer private signingGreat to deal with, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more signings!baird34 (183)9/22/2011
offer private signinggreat private signing; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)9/22/2011
offer private signingFantastic! True pleasure to deal with.stabilio (110)9/20/2011
offer private signingThank You!!!!ivforlife (60)9/20/2011
buyerVery easy to work with, Thankselchert13 (260)9/19/2011
offer private signinggot the Thurmond card today, Heidi is the best of SCN...jaygross (93)9/17/2011
buyerQuick payment and communication, pleasure to deal with as usual, thanks!cor3y (587)9/16/2011
offer private signingThanks for getting my Nate Thurmonds signed!!!dmcentaffer (76)9/15/2011
offer private signingThanks for a great signing!!soupscards (42)9/14/2011
offer private signingAlways a great transaction!!soupscards (42)9/14/2011
offer private signingThanks for the Moses Malone autograph! Its Great!Rushbabies (136)9/14/2011
offer private signingGreat transaction thanks.bhipol (67)9/14/2011
buyerGreat to deal with, thanks alot!!jamieblye (1547)9/13/2011
offer private signingvery pleasant to work withpaleepa (79)9/12/2011
buyerGreat trade, fast payment, thanks! A+capnsteve2 (264)9/8/2011
50-50 / consignmentGreat Member!! Quick Payment!!!nwgraphs (193)9/5/2011
buyerQuick payment and communication, thanks!cor3y (587)9/5/2011
buyerAnother great trade, thanks so much!capnsteve2 (264)9/3/2011
offer private signingGreat to deal with thank you so muchbouyayak (65)8/25/2011
offer private signingGreat to deal with thank you so muchbouyayak (65)8/25/2011
buyerGreat buyerpabs82 (298)8/23/2011
offer private signingExcellent all around!!soupscards (42)8/22/2011
offer private signingExcellent!!soupscards (42)8/22/2011
buyerquick payment, thanks!!!red_eye_rick (140)8/21/2011
buyerAlways a pleasure, thanks so much!capnsteve2 (264)8/21/2011
buyerFast payment thankssps23lab (236)8/16/2011
buyerAlways Great To Work With!!!abspimp99 (525)8/13/2011
buyerQuick payment!metsfan09 (111)8/12/2011
buyerA+++ All the way!franco858 (660)8/10/2011
offer private signingthank you. card looks great!mjbujaky (61)8/10/2011
offer private signingGreat deal Thanks+++++++++kang (149)8/8/2011
offer private signingvery nice. great transaction internationally. :)portishead (6)8/8/2011
offer private signingmy fault item did not arrive in time. paleepa (79)8/7/2011
sellersmooth transaction, thanks for the set helptinofan (47)8/3/2011
buyerA true asset to SCN! Great member, thanks!capnsteve2 (264)8/2/2011
offer private signingThank you! Perfect!juviebest (50)8/1/2011
offer private signingThank you! Perfect!juviebest (50)8/1/2011
offer private signingeasy transaction; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)8/1/2011
buyerAwesome as always! A++capnsteve2 (264)7/31/2011
sellerinstant payment, thank you!red_eye_rick (140)7/31/2011
buyerAlways a pleasure, great comm & easy to work with. Thank you so much!capnsteve2 (264)7/30/2011
buyerA+ Thanks a ton!!franco858 (660)7/30/2011
offer private signingGreat work, Heidi!!1658 (213)7/28/2011
tradenice autograph. mike.meadow1 (63)7/27/2011
offer private signingAwesome autographs. Thanks for your efforts in obtaining the autographs!willyben (74)7/27/2011
buyerGreat member! Easy and Quick TransactionPoseyCollector28 (14)7/26/2011
offer private signingAnother great signing, thanks Heidi!cor3y (587)7/25/2011
offer private signingAnother great signing, thanks Heidi!cor3y (587)7/25/2011
offer private signingthanks - another smooth transaction with Heidi jpy3 (190)7/25/2011
buyerGreat SCN member, great communication, overall a great experience...Thank You.Elijah (42)7/25/2011
offer private signingGreat Member!!!!!!! A++++++++nwgraphs (193)7/25/2011
offer private signingGreat persistence getting this done!!dcpolak (424)7/25/2011
offer private signingTotally happy with this signing, didn't think it would happenj24g34 (258)7/24/2011
offer private signingAwesome A+++++Chode36 (315)7/23/2011
sellerSimply the best!!eddiemoney (122)7/22/2011
offer private signingGot my Moses Malone cards! Thanks for the help with this one Heidi!!!dmcentaffer (76)7/22/2011
offer private signingGot my '70 Topps Hayes! Thanks again Heidi!dmcentaffer (76)7/22/2011
buyerGreat as always, thanks so much! capnsteve2 (264)7/22/2011
buyerAlways a pleasure, great comm & easy to work with. Thank you so much!capnsteve2 (264)7/22/2011
offer private signingThank you, Heidi-you're one of the best!edubbs (51)7/22/2011
offer private signingGreat to work with! Tjoetucker21 (94)7/22/2011
offer private signingVery Pleased. Thanks!!!probowler (44)7/22/2011
offer private signinggreat job as always!probowler (44)7/22/2011
offer private signingHeidi is my favorite promoter for signings.Great players, awesome prices, better communication.jaygross (93)7/22/2011
offer private signingYet another perfect transaction - thanks Heidi!ghooper33 (64)7/21/2011
offer private signingYet another perfect transaction - thanks Heidi!ghooper33 (64)7/21/2011
offer private signingThanks again!medic-34 (730)7/21/2011
offer private signingthanks for getting this done great value!leathtech (59)7/21/2011
offer private signingHighly reliable, highly recommended!!!bobw (9)7/21/2011
offer private signingHighly reliable, highly recommended!!!bobw (9)7/21/2011
offer private signingGot my cards today! Great signing! Thanks so much for your persistence!schrageg (27)7/21/2011
offer private signingGot my Hayes card today! Thank you very much!schrageg (27)7/21/2011
offer private signingThanks again Heidi!devilsfan15 (415)7/21/2011
offer private signingYet another smooth signing. Nice work!!madcaddy (146)7/21/2011
offer private signingMy Malone cards look great! THANK YOUjswieton (110)7/21/2011
offer private signinggreat looking basketball - thanks againjpy3 (190)7/21/2011
offer private signingAnother perfect signing...Thank you so much!!!Kaneen (212)7/21/2011
offer private signingAbsolutely perfect handling of this signing!! Thanks for your hard work!!!Kaneen (212)7/21/2011
offer private signingJust Awesome! Thanks Heidi! A+++++hrbaker (198)7/20/2011
offer private signingtop notch member!!!! great work with malone signing,thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!zquick (116)7/19/2011
buyerGreat trade, fast payment, thanks so much! A+capnsteve2 (264)7/19/2011
buyerFast, easy, smooth trade. Thanks! Would do it again.capnsteve2 (264)7/18/2011
buyerFast payer, thanks and enjoy the photojamieblye (1547)7/16/2011
tradeGreat Transaction....Thanks!erba (256)7/16/2011
buyerGreat transactionmidnighthour12 (22)7/10/2011
offer private signingGood transactiondarren (3)7/9/2011
buyerglad you liked the ball. smooth transactionhockeydan (270)7/8/2011
buyerSuper-fast payment. A pleasure to deal with.pats1fan (374)7/8/2011
offer private signingAnother great private signing. Very pleased.noautopen88 (89)7/1/2011
buyerGreat Buyer; A+++++++++++++sprtsstar4 (34)6/30/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentAwesome! Great to deal with!nightstalker (12)6/30/2011
offer private signingNice cards. Another great signing. Thanks!!Liptorn (180)6/28/2011
offer private signingEasy transaction! Thanks!brett1234 (16)6/26/2011
offer private signingOJ Anderson - private signing went well. Looking forward to next time. Tksricke2 (240)6/26/2011
offer private signingItem as described, thanksJmhockey23 (39)6/24/2011
tradenice autograph. thanks for your help. mike.meadow1 (63)6/23/2011
offer private signingGreat transactionsoupscards (42)6/10/2011
tradegreat trader bg20001 (121)5/31/2011
50-50 / consignmentsorry i couldnt get these done but thanks for participating. jeserone (800)5/30/2011
tradethanks Heidi.. look forward to working with you again. jeserone (800)5/30/2011
buyerAwesome Thanks!Huskerfan88 (76)5/26/2011
offer private signingReceived!! Thanks Again!! Great to deal this!!mikemusc (50)5/23/2011
tradeGreat person to deal with platinumplus02 (44)5/20/2011
sellerGreat signing with the HOF umpire..nice onePHENIAFILMS (83)5/19/2011
offer private signingGreat job getting my cards signeddcpolak (424)5/17/2011
offer private signingThanks Heidi. Great job on my Barry itemsLordstan (149)5/17/2011
offer private signingMy card looks great,THANKS!!!jswieton (110)5/12/2011
tradeAnother great smooth signing - thanks Heidi!ghooper33 (64)5/12/2011
offer private signing+1 thankssiggy (107)5/12/2011
buyerGreat member to trade withBebomoney (82)5/11/2011
offer private signingAnother Perfect Signing++++THANKS!!!!kang (149)5/9/2011
offer private signingThanks Heidi, perfect againmwmiller (111)5/8/2011
offer private signingAnother great signing - thanks Heidi!ghooper33 (64)5/8/2011
offer private signingThanks again Heidi!devilsfan15 (415)5/7/2011
buyerThankstrogers (367)5/6/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentA pleasure to work with. Thanks for the helppurplengold (280)5/6/2011
50-50 / consignmentthanks again for participating - hope you enjoy the autographsjpy3 (190)5/6/2011
offer private signinghappy on this end hope to buy moretonyt1957 (36)5/5/2011
offer private signingThanks, Card Looks GreatVict0rr187 (21)5/5/2011
sellerRcved a Harvey ball TTM before the signing, Heidi sent my ball and check back promptly. bqueen1 (80)5/5/2011
tradeA++++++++++.Wonderfulmichaeland (488)5/5/2011
buyerThanks again! Always a pleasurethestork7 (160)5/4/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentGREAT SCN Member!!!! Thanks!!!!!sox1 (224)4/22/2011
sellerItem signed as desired. Highly recommended.flash80 (62)4/17/2011
tradeGreat As Always...A++++++++michaeland (488)4/16/2011
offer private signingAwesome A+++++Chode36 (315)4/12/2011
buyerFast Payment. Thanks!!voidedwarrenties (153)4/11/2011
offer private signingSmooth signing, picture looks great, thanks!droidtrade (95)4/8/2011
offer private signingThanks!Rocketman12 (37)4/5/2011
offer private signingAnother Perfect Signing++++THANKS!!!!kang (149)4/5/2011
offer private signingGreat signing, Thanks!cardsfan06 (202)3/25/2011
offer private signingThanks, Heidi on another great transaction. A+mwmiller (111)3/21/2011
offer private signingA+++ A pleasure to work withbigwilt76 (112)3/21/2011
offer private signingAnother great transaction with Heidi.rotnwlr (90)3/19/2011
offer private signingEasy transaction. K. Winslow mini came out great. Thanks so much! Would work with anytime.StroudFanClub (12)3/19/2011
offer private signingPerfect Transaction in every way- could not be happier. Thankstugboat2648 (90)3/19/2011
offer private signingsimply amazing. she shipped thing back better than I sent them!! Thanksazd-backs252003 (177)3/19/2011
offer private signingItem as described A++Jmhockey23 (39)3/17/2011
sellerRecieved signed Kellen Winslow card. Thanks!SDBoltfan73 (12)3/17/2011
offer private signingKellen Winslow - Private signing very well run. Nice auto. Tks.ricke2 (240)3/16/2011
offer private signingReceived my signed Kellen Winslow RCs today. Thanks for the help!dmcentaffer (76)3/16/2011
offer private signingTHANK YOU so much Heidi you are the best. You do the best private signings and a great member on SCNKevChargersSDSU (5)3/16/2011
offer private signingthanks for your help. mike.meadow1 (63)3/14/2011
tradeThanks!rusnakjd (188)2/28/2011
buyerThanks and I hope you enjoy! jeffnash (495)2/26/2011
buyerFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)2/26/2011
buyerGreat to deal with, Thanks againpurplengold (280)2/25/2011
offer private signingthanks for your helpgkoz316 (420)2/24/2011
buyerSmooth transaction, great user A++midnighthour12 (22)2/22/2011
offer private signingSigning never happened but got $$ back quickly.aro13 (34)2/22/2011
buyerGreat To Deal With Thank You!!!!abspimp99 (525)2/11/2011
offer private signingA+++THanks for trying++++kang (149)2/11/2011
offer private signingThanks for the great effort and communication!limnoid (31)2/9/2011
offer private signingBummer this didn't work out but thanks for trying and keeping us posted.limnoid (31)2/9/2011
tradeA+++++++++++++++++++++michaeland (488)2/7/2011
sellerClass act - went above and beyond. Although Moses cancelled on her, sent cards back at own expense.willyben (74)2/7/2011
offer private signingThanks for all your effort++++1658 (213)2/5/2011
sellerTruly one of SCNs finest, highly recommendbilly crystal (80)2/5/2011
offer private signingGreat effort to get items done, a pleasure to work with, very trustworthy... thanks!!!cor3y (587)2/5/2011
offer private signingThanks for trying. I'm sorry it worked out the way it did.j24g34 (258)2/5/2011
offer private signingThanks A+++++Chode36 (315)2/5/2011
offer private signingGreat service and communication with failed signing. Will keep dealing with her.edubbs (51)2/5/2011
offer private signingsorry it didn't work out; cheerschasperkie (168)2/5/2011
sellerGreat to Deal with Thank You!abspimp99 (525)2/4/2011
offer private signingcan we give her a +1 and Moses a -1?devilsfan15 (415)2/4/2011
offer 50-50 / consignmentNo sig, but prompt return on consign-thanksmedic-34 (730)2/4/2011
offer private signingThanks for your basketball signings....mtanaka (183)2/3/2011
sellerThanks for trying. Look forward to future signings.Liptorn (180)2/2/2011
sellerHeidi handled this with class, Moses needs to reimburse your airfare and timeprobowler (44)2/1/2011
sellergreat autograph of Elvin Hayes. Thanyou!!!probowler (44)2/1/2011
sellerThanks!!eddiemoney (122)2/1/2011
offer private signingeasy transaction; thanks; a++uclalumni (193)1/31/2011
offer private signingMoses missed the Promised Land, thanks anywaybigdaddy (59)1/29/2011
offer private signingLove working with this gal. She's top notch!bigsmooth433430 (67)1/29/2011
offer private signingThank You for always helping!Allan1031 (132)1/29/2011
tradeSmooth transaction!coachl (51)1/27/2011
trade+1 awesome !siggy (107)1/16/2011
buyerQuick payment, thanks!0666 (56)1/14/2011
sellerSigned CC Sabathia 8x10 looks great, thank you!Ercelle619 (146)1/12/2011
offer private signingAnother Perfect Signing++++THANKS!!!!kang (149)1/4/2011
sellerGreat item..thanksdlwoodard (238)12/29/2010
50-50 / consignmentGreat friend of the hobby to work with! Go Twins!kevin34 (439)12/21/2010
buyerGreat Fast Payment, Thank Youdralberino (168)12/21/2010
offer private signingGot my Bill Sharman RC signed. Thanks for the help!dmcentaffer (76)12/10/2010
tradeThanks!FeycoBexar (182)11/30/2010
tradeGreat to Deal with Thank You!abspimp99 (525)11/9/2010
tradeGreat signed Attles card - thanks!!!scott6043 (36)11/6/2010
tradeGreat signed Attles card - thanks!!!scott6043 (36)11/6/2010
tradeGreat to Deal Withjerseys4me (88)11/2/2010
tradeThe best!VitoCo1972 (234)11/2/2010
tradeGreat Wes Unseld Auto - Thanksscott6043 (36)11/1/2010
tradeGreat person to deal with, thank you!martyesullivan (315)10/29/2010
tradeA+ transaction. Highly recommended to do deals withjermda1 (189)10/28/2010
tradeVery happy with another great signing. Thanks HeidiLiptorn (180)10/26/2010
tradeAwesome A+++++Chode36 (315)10/25/2010
tradeGreat looking auto. Thanks.depcs (79)10/24/2010
tradeSweet signature. Perfect. Thanks again Heidi!mwmiller (111)10/24/2010
tradeAlways a great transaction, Heidi is great!! Thanks!bebisaok (263)10/23/2010
tradeAnother grade trade! Thanks for the great signing!ghooper33 (64)10/23/2010
tradeThanks so much!VitoCo1972 (234)10/5/2010
tradePerfect private signing!!noautopen88 (89)10/3/2010
tradebasketball looks great - thanksjpy3 (190)9/29/2010
tradeAutos turned out great. Thanks!greg2876 (181)9/29/2010
tradeThanks!haj42002 (74)9/25/2010
tradeVery pleased, thanks!mwmiller (111)9/25/2010
tradeThanks A+++++Chode36 (315)9/24/2010
tradeAnother great private signing that was smooth. Thanks!!Liptorn (180)9/24/2010
tradeThe items look great. Thanks a lot!j_bodensteiner (350)9/23/2010
tradefast payment great to deal withgestes72 (194)9/22/2010
tradeReceived my Nate Thurmond RC signed. Thanks once again!dmcentaffer (76)9/21/2010
tradeAwesome Signing, Well handled, Very Professionalscott6043 (36)9/21/2010
tradethanks again!devilsfan15 (415)9/21/2010
tradeGreat signing (Nate Thurmond) thanks for letting me participaterachelsdad (52)9/21/2010
tradeA+++ Best of the bestuaa5246 (66)9/21/2010
tradeanother successful private signing, thanks Heidij24g34 (258)9/20/2010
tradenice auto thanksfelix4 (119)9/20/2010
tradePerfect as always!!! THANKS++++kang (149)9/20/2010
tradeGreat card! Will definely trade with again. ghooper33 (64)9/20/2010
tradeEasy to deal with! A great transaction! A++++++tommy78c2 (99)9/20/2010
tradeGreat communication, Quick ship. Thanks Heidi!!!osslyn (34)9/20/2010
tradeThanks Heidi--perfect1658 (213)9/20/2010
tradeThanks for running a great private signing! A++++madcaddy (146)9/20/2010
tradeReceived Card Today!! Very Pleased With The Way It Turned Out!! Thanks!!searcy76 (111)9/20/2010
tradeSuper! Great to Work with!joetucker21 (94)9/18/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanksbagsfan52 (152)9/16/2010
tradeGreat to deal with. Thanksbagsfan52 (152)9/16/2010
tradeOnce again, top notch!! No problems here!!2000rad (230)9/8/2010
tradeQuick payment, simple easy transaction. bfreese (195)9/6/2010
tradeGreat Traderjslaw (280)8/22/2010
tradeThanks and I hope you enjoy! jeffnash (495)8/16/2010
tradeas always the best bg20001 (121)8/12/2010
tradeGreat TradeTexasheat (38)8/10/2010
tradegreat job with this signing, thanks for the great autos!ducky1978 (280)7/30/2010
tradeFast payment, thanks again.shawnmcnair (349)7/28/2010
tradethank you Heidi!outsider74 (207)7/27/2010
tradePERFECT Again!!! Always the best!!!THANKSkang (149)7/22/2010
tradeThanks, appreciate it!coachl (51)7/22/2010
tradeFantastic to do Buisness with! ThanksAllan1031 (132)7/18/2010
tradeFantastic to do buisness with! ThanksAllan1031 (132)7/18/2010
tradeAutos came as promised, very happy.jaygross (93)7/17/2010
tradesimply fantastic, great job on all your signingsj24g34 (258)7/16/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradeGreat transaction! --//GoYanks52\\--GoYanks52 (508)7/12/2010
tradeGreat trader!!!metsfan09 (111)7/7/2010
tradeAutograph and service just as expected. Thanks for your hard work!!uconnnut (12)7/1/2010
tradeAnother Flawless Transaction! Top Notch + Well Trusted++THANKS!kang (149)6/30/2010
tradeVery nicely signed. Great person to deal with. Thanks!!Liptorn (180)6/29/2010
tradeThanks A+Chode36 (315)6/28/2010
tradeThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)6/26/2010
tradecards look great, thanksj24g34 (258)6/25/2010
tradeReceived my Elvin Hayes RC back signed today. Looks great! Thanks!dmcentaffer (76)6/24/2010
tradeThanks for the quick payment!trav1105 (253)6/19/2010
tradeThanks as always Heidi! dcorr82 (35)6/7/2010
tradeGreat Looking Card!! Thank You for Your Help!!searcy76 (111)6/4/2010
tradeThanks!metsfan09 (111)5/28/2010
tradethanks blazing fast paymet A+++luckymike32 (305)5/26/2010
tradegreat trade, thanksnnsd (354)5/26/2010
tradeHeidi = awesome! thanks for you help on an elusive autographoutsider74 (207)5/25/2010
tradeFast payment! Thanks again!AZGrapher8 (141)5/25/2010
tradeQuick payment. Pleasure to work with. Thanks again.docv28 (283)5/24/2010
tradeGreat person to trade withBebomoney (82)5/22/2010
tradeA+++ Card Looks Greatbigwilt76 (112)5/21/2010
tradeGreat as always!! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)5/17/2010
tradeGreat communication and trader!littlechina07 (254)5/15/2010
tradeGreat cards Thanks.rotnwlr (90)5/15/2010
tradegreat card thanks!Babio556xht (249)5/13/2010
tradegreat card thanks!Babio556xht (249)5/13/2010
tradethank youBabio556xht (249)5/11/2010
tradeeasy transactionvinniemiller (686)5/10/2010
tradeGreat customer. Prompt payment and great to work with. A+Indyautographs (63)5/9/2010
tradeThis was a great deal! Thanks Heidi for working so hard!!! I highly appreciate it!!!mwparry123 (268)5/8/2010
tradeGreat to Deal with Thank You!abspimp99 (525)5/5/2010
tradeGreat transaction - very fast and good pricegah76 (163)5/5/2010
tradeExcellent as always!!! Thanks!!!! A++++z722 (265)5/3/2010
tradeAWESOME!!!! Thanks!sumosid (70)5/3/2010
tradethanks very much!medic-34 (730)5/1/2010
tradeThanks so much for your help. Outstanding person to deal with.twinsnut (62)5/1/2010
tradeAwesome! THANK YOU! Got the Brian Harper card today! Great stuff!kevin34 (439)4/30/2010
tradefast delivery, thanks much!bebisaok (263)4/29/2010
tradeAutos look great,Very fast turnaround,Hope you have more signingsnajupa (55)4/29/2010
tradeA+military11b2001 (479)4/28/2010
tradeFast delivery, thanks!bebisaok (263)4/23/2010
tradeThanks for the fast payment!!invctrl (357)4/22/2010
tradeExcellent person to deal with. Thank You!tardy (42)4/20/2010
tradeThank you for setting up the Brian Harper Signing!!! Cards look Great!!!twinsfan34 (130)4/20/2010
tradeReceived a super quick payment!bkritz (582)4/14/2010
tradeWonderful deal, great communication!!2000rad (230)4/12/2010
tradeEnjoy the photo. Thanks.nyel24 (76)4/10/2010
tradeQuick Payment, Thanks again!baird34 (183)4/9/2010
trademy first NBA private signing..well done HeidiPHENIAFILMS (83)3/28/2010
tradeKevin Porter card came today and it's awesome! Thanks.jaygross (93)3/27/2010
trademy first NBA private signing..well done HeidiPHENIAFILMS (83)3/26/2010
tradeGreat Signing!!! A+++++THANKS!!!!!!!kang (149)3/25/2010
tradeFast Payment & Great Communication! Thanks!Calpounder (405)3/14/2010
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (77)3/1/2010
tradeThanks for the excellent transaction!chisoxcollector (182)2/24/2010
tradeAnother great transaction! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)2/24/2010
tradePurchase an Elvin Hayes auto from Heidi and received it very quick!dmcentaffer (76)2/20/2010
tradegood traderkevind (73)2/19/2010
tradeI can try again next year. Thanks!!!graph4ever (130)2/18/2010
tradeSmooth transaction as always, thankssabresfan (123)2/18/2010
tradeGreat person to trade withBebomoney (82)2/14/2010
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)2/10/2010
tradesame to you, thanks.cookie80157 (41)2/8/2010
tradeGreat ttransaction. Thanks.haj42002 (74)2/6/2010
tradeVery fast payment. Thank You!!!luhein24 (55)2/6/2010
tradeThanks! jeffnash (495)2/5/2010
tradeFast payment, thank you.shawnmcnair (349)2/5/2010
tradeThanks!medic-34 (730)2/5/2010
tradeThanks! Ball ships out tomorrow! Enjoy!AZGrapher8 (141)2/4/2010
tradeGreat transactions, looking forward to more. Thanks!mpr933 (5)2/4/2010
tradefast payment thankstanner88 (221)2/3/2010
tradeGreat Guy To Work With, Will Deal With Againcardfan4ever (263)2/3/2010
tradethanksjeserone (800)2/3/2010
tradeSuper Fast Payment. Thanks!!!Haleysdaddy0304 (862)2/1/2010
tradeawesome! went above and beyond getting me elvin hayes.jaygross (93)1/30/2010
tradeQuick payment. Great transaction. Thanks!!!Liptorn (180)1/26/2010
tradeVery fast payment. Thanks!SethDeyo (87)1/18/2010
tradeVery fast payment. Thanks!SethDeyo (87)1/18/2010
tradeGreat Deal.....Thanks!!!bryanwood (147)1/11/2010
tradeGREAT MEMBER - Dean Chance signingRip8cp1 (317)1/11/2010
tradeThanks!!bryanwood (147)12/22/2009
tradeSuper quick paymentdjjunks (60)12/12/2009
tradeThanks Heidi!! dcorr82 (35)12/7/2009
tradeReceived payment right awaytrav1105 (253)12/6/2009
tradeThanks for purchase!!!jw247305 (67)12/3/2009
tradefast payment...easy to deal with...thanksgator11 (197)11/24/2009
tradequick payment great to deal withce1012 (780)11/22/2009
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (77)11/17/2009
tradethanks again Heidi! Added tracking # to manager, leave feedback for me when you get em!seanbear (141)11/7/2009
tradeEASY AND FAST TRADE...THANKSmtanaka (183)11/7/2009
tradeLightning fast payment. A pleasure to deal with!pats1fan (374)11/7/2009
tradegreat tradermort1007 (21)11/3/2009
tradehope u enjoy the photos u r truly awesome bg20001 (121)10/31/2009
tradeGreat person to deal with. Fast payment.gregm13 (160)10/31/2009
tradegreat transactiondukeman2685 (282)10/26/2009
tradeNice transaction!!!yankeesfan1 (58)10/25/2009
tradegood to work with anytimegwbaseball (166)10/21/2009
tradegreat!Kingman15 (47)10/21/2009
tradeGreat to work withpikapp_128 (60)10/18/2009
tradeAnother great transaction! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)10/18/2009
tradegreat trader. and fast payment.bizarregoldenone (102)10/17/2009
tradequick and easy deal, going out Monday, leave feedback when you get themseanbear (141)10/15/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)10/14/2009
tradefast payment...thanksdeano (918)10/13/2009
tradeQuick Payment....easy to deal withbryanwood (147)10/7/2009
tradeexcellent transaction. quick & easy. thx Heidi!!deanr34 (110)10/7/2009
tradeHeidi is always great to deal with.. jeserone (800)10/5/2009
tradeThanks!mattboyd (117)10/5/2009
tradeThank you!newyorkmets575 (200)10/3/2009
tradeAnother smooth transaction. Thanks again!thestork7 (160)10/1/2009
tradeExcellent trader! A++++++nesolley (34)10/1/2009
tradeHeidi is excellent to deal with. Would definitely deal with again! nesolley (34)10/1/2009
tradeAN ASSET TO THIS SITE bg20001 (121)10/1/2009
tradeThis was a great experience!Stormy (92)9/30/2009
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (77)9/29/2009
tradeFAST PAYMENT!!! EXCELLENT!!! AAA+++keith12345 (77)9/29/2009
tradeAwesome A+++++michaeland (488)9/28/2009
tradegood tradergwbaseball (166)9/16/2009
tradeAnother great transaction! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)9/6/2009
tradegreat to deal withKCshark31 (56)7/29/2009
tradeGreat buyer.rba333 (95)7/22/2009
tradeSuper fast payment thanks alotnezzer08 (14)7/16/2009
tradeHeidi Rocks Many Thanks and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rileywfs (207)7/10/2009
tradeThanks!nstale (216)6/29/2009
tradeGreat 50/50; nice to work with, would recommend Heidi as a fair and honest trader.justgreg (803)6/22/2009
tradeThanks again!! bigcruzer (141)6/22/2009
tradeGreat to deal with as always!!bigcruzer (141)6/16/2009
tradeFast payment! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)6/12/2009
tradegreat cards thanksce1012 (780)6/4/2009
tradeGreat to work with! Thanks!!bigcruzer (141)5/28/2009
tradeFast payment, thank you.shawnmcnair (349)5/4/2009
tradeGreat Communication & Fast Shipping!! Even Better Deal!! Thanks!!Calpounder (405)4/22/2009
tradeQuick Payment, Always Great to deal withjslaw (280)4/19/2009
tradePaid immediately, good communication. Great SCN member!doggle3 (462)4/17/2009
tradeVery nice ball and fast shipping. I hope we can do another deal soon. j24g34 (258)4/13/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)4/9/2009
tradeQuick payment... no prolbmes... A++ryan92s (29)4/7/2009
tradeFast Payment. Great Communication. Thankscofoid (85)3/28/2009
tradeGreat Communication & Fast Payment! Thanks Again!!Calpounder (405)3/27/2009
tradegreat person to deal with!!!!!ColeL33 (41)3/25/2009
tradeThanks alot, enjoy your Hamm cards. jeserone (800)3/4/2009
tradeFast Payment, Thanks A+Chode36 (315)2/8/2009
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